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Found 3 results

  1. The waves crashed and roared, and the heavy smoke of the combat still hung low in the atmosphere, as the sinking Shuriken, torn and splintered by the iron rain it had just received, sent its bow high up into the air. Captain Gryple took one last glance at his ship as the waves seemed to leap up greedily to swallow their prize, and looked away, while the musketeer still kept up a scattering fire after the victorious pirates. Ever since Captain Whiffo had taken possession of the Shooting Shuriken from the Monezterrel shipyards in name of the ETWC, Captain Gryple had been in command and had turned over some good profit for the company in his work. But now, on what was likely its most important voyage yet, the ETWC ship had found itself set upon in the vicinity of Terraversa by the infamous pirate captain Unrigged Nordau, who had fired upon the ship with such hot haste that in almost less than ten minutes there was nothing of the wreck remaining, except a few loose pieces of wreckage and the jollyboat with the crew floating on the rolling ocean. Captain Gryple frowned, and turned the boat's head towards Kings Port... Couldn't pass up a good sinking! My MRCA result build from... the MRCA before the last, if I'm correct (I'll just be submitting it as a freebuild, anyways). This is pretty obviously what I was supposed to be building when the Midnight's Mist happened, but two is better than one, you know! And yes, I do know that the sails are annoyingly blocky - I wish I could have done better with those, but really wanted to include the dark green sails of the original ship, and didn't have any other material to make them with than the brick! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  2. Previous chapters: Captain Whiffo's Duel... Sailor Leon's Letter... "Well!" Captain Whiffo went on, "while that oaf was busy getting himself in trouble over in Elysabethtown, I was out a bit more... reasonably occupied..." -=- -=- -=- January, 617, at sea near Elysabethtown "Sail ho!" sang out the sailor in the crow's nest one early morning. Captain Whiffo leaned out over the railing of the White Doubloon and pulled out his telescope. Eslandola had now been at war with Mardier for a few months over some unwarrented predatory attacks on Eslandolan shipping, and the captain was out with his shiny new ship (well, new to him at least - it had belonged to a sea rat before that...) and a Letter of Marque, and he was very much up and ready for the fight. He brought the telescope into focus, and scanned the horizon. "Aha, we've caught sight of those villains at last! Prepare the cannons!" "Er, captain?" queried the first mate; "looks like the Mardierian battle fleet, don't it now?" Captain Whiffo continued gazing through his telescope. "Mmm, that's what I said, wasn't it?" "But sir," added the stuttering mate, "you do know we're just in a tiny Class 2, don't you? Looks to me like that there flagship's got to be a 6 at least, and a couple of 5s with it too." Captain Whiffo put down his telescope and looked over at the mate. "Why, my fellow, we'll just go for the flagship, then! There's nothing like loosing your flagship to a Class 2 to strike terror into a battle fleet! All sail, and set course to intercept them!" ... ... ... "Yarr, you piratical scoundrels! Theives! Villains! You'll pay for this, you will! A pretty lot you Mardierians are, to steal a ship like that! I'll be even with you yet!" Captain Whiffo ejaculated from the little raft he and his little crew had been tossed onto. As it turned out, he had never even made it to the flagship - the second largest ship of the fleet had cut him off before he had come within firing distance with it, and there really wasn't a whole lot the White Doubloon could do against a ship three times its size anyways, to tell the truth. Captain Whiffo's eyes narrowed as he glared at the Mardierian Admiral - the Admiral smirking back in mocking triumph all the while. Whiffo's first mate moaned out loud. The Captain glared. The Admiral glared back, neither moving a muscle as the ship slowly slid farther and farther away, leaving the raft astern. The skull and crossbones- -=- -=- -=- "Captain-" interrupted the first mate, who was listening to the Captain's tale with the others in the inn, with a sigh - "there were no skull and crossbones." "Well, there may as well as have been!" returned the Captain. "If the Mardierian shan't show their true piratical colours it only makes them more the villains for it!" "Well then, no skull and crossbones. But as I was saying, I glared at that scrupulous villain until my eyes nearly popped out o' my sockets, while we were slowly left farther and farther behind..." -=- -=- -=- A few minutes more, and the raft rolled along alone on the bosom of the great blue sea... To be continued... The next installment of that duel collab with Titus which has been in the works for way too long! This was an MRCA result build I always wanted to do (ever since last January ) but never got around to until now. A couple more pictures of the microships (some of the designs stolen pretty ruthlessly from some of KB's great designs!): And a shot of the whole other build, for the curious (no, the sky definitely was not photoshopped ): Kudos to anyone who can guess what famous event/picture the second build here was (roughly) inspired by! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  3. According to the Kings Port Advertiser : Puerto Alijo 4 0 0 Raided by MAR privateer "Le Penguin". Jasmyn Cuervo taken prisoner In those times of war there is no port safe for the Eslandolan realm. Even little hamlets such Puerto Alijo have been raided by the Mardieran fleet ! The mighty Empire used all its power by sea in order to pillage every town its fleet could reach. The sea was covered by Yellow and Orange Armadas ! They entered and pillaged at will every eslandolan spot on the outer seas... It was perceived in Mardier as a good way to finance the war and a way to hit Eslandola directly to where it hurts : the wallet ! The problem is what to do when you're landing to a little port like Puerto Alijo, just a nice little cove hamlet secured by a straight pass on Torach Bonn ? The Mardier privateer named "Le pingouin" thought it could be a good spot to pillage. No security and no Eslandolan army presence. A piece of cake ! The vessel of the Privateer entered in the cove but all its heavy escort made by strongly armed Mardieran vessels had to wait outside the port due to a lack of place to manoeuvre. The port is small and there is not enough place for a large vessel ! Nevertheless, "Le Pingouin" landed alone with some of his Mardier friends but they encountered resistance in the person of Lady Jazmyn Cuervo. Swift and at ease with a rapier, Lady Jazmyn put on difficulty some mardieran soldiers but "Le Pingouin" stopped her by threatening her by his pistol ! She finished firmly tied up and she was put aboard the ship of "Le Pingouin" with the (very) light loot the Privateers could find. This build is the first part of the Adventures of Lady Cuervo. I made this MOC to show a view of Puerto Alijo and to help @Stash2Sixx. I am leaving him the right to licence my build as a MRCA result for this month.