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Found 9 results

  1. Hey everyone, I thought this would belong here, please move this thread if it’s wrong. I could find only one similar thread which had its last comment in 2014 so I preferred creating a new one than reviving a four year old topic. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s a similar alive thread Just thought it would be interesting to create a topic where people can share how and when they got back into Lego/came out of their Dark Ages. Here’s how I got back into Lego: In August 2017, I started to want to get some bricks for making a remote control car and I discovered the great PAB service at S@H but I didn’t know which bricks in which quantities I needed to buy. Then, I looked at the Classic sets for getting big amounts of bricks for a reasonable price at S@H and saw that the price per piece ratio was much lower than that of the bricks in the PAB service. But I was wrapped up in something that includes cute smiley faces and has an incredible amount of details packed in its interior: the Parisian Restaurant! I was absolutely blown with the possibilities Lego had! I really wanted to get it but it was way too expensive for my budget- I ended up buying two Classic sets even if I wasn’t totally convinced. I tried to MOC a modular as my interest came to them but I didn’t have the skills and the bricks variety. After a while, I discovered other modulars available (the Palace Cinema, Detective’s Office, Brick Bank and Assembly Square) and I started to really like the AS as it has a European Architecture. The AS became a modular that I started to want to get too but the other modulars didn’t interest me, I didn’t like their architecture. They of course did grow on me and I don’t remember anymore how and which one: I discovered one of the retired modulars, following by all the other retired ones of the series! I became very familiar with all and then discovered Ideas, a couple of weeks later, discovered MOCs and the AFOL community... So how did you guys got back into Lego?
  2. I'm an employed 22 year old graphic designer, and I bought my last LEGO sets in 2013. I moved for college (left all my lego sets behind) and lost interest in it, except for the disney minifigures which was like a small comeback for me and it's the only LEGO I have with me now. However, this year I feel a biit different, all of a sudden I find myself searching this forum for new stuff, and I noticed my taste has changed too. I only like licensed sets (and focus less on figs although I only like the very detailed ones) and feel something nice when looking at pictures of sets, I don't know if "desire" to get them but I just feel something burst inside me, like trying to find a reason to be closer to LEGO. Makes me wish I could be 9 years old again and spend endless hours playing with the sets, it was an amazing feeling. Of course, as I grew up the excitement decreased and the only reason I kept purchasing lego sets from 7th grade to high school was to make stop motions, I wouldn't do anything with it outside of it. I know (or at least I'm 90% sure) that if I start purchasing sets I'm going to have a blast building the sets but I will likely leave them aside after a little while and end up feeling veery guilty for spending so much money on something I don't use. What do you young adults/adults like to do with your LEGO toys? Have any of you gone through something similar? Is this called the "dark ages"? Many of you will probably find this pointless, but I just wanted to share how I feel and probably get some opinions on it.
  3. jorgeopesi

    What precedes a dark ages?

    Maybe I'm talking about me or not, I already suffered mine for 15 years and on that occasion there was no warning. This time I notice things, I find it hard to spend time building, I find less things that make me excited to build, my level of demand Is such that nothing seems to me enough, every time I appreciate less surprising what I see and less what Lego does, but everything is not bad, building things for my children excites me, my little son sleeps with a truck that I built . This is the question at the end, what things precede a dark ages?, lack of time, inspiration, what do you think?.
  4. Since we just opened our Christmas presents and we are still in the holidays mood, today I want to talk to you about something very special and dear to me. As you may imagine from the title, this story is about me and LEGO, about becoming an AFOL, MOCs, LUGs and communities, the people and the creativity behind the bricks, the LEGO story, fun facts, sources and resources. I invite you to read it on my blog and I hope that you will find it interesting Have a good read, thank you! :)
  5. Hello World! I am Marcos "Takeshi" Miranda! I used to live in the USA and now living in the Philippines! On July 21, 2017, I will be celebrating 20 years of GNU/Linux experiences. On January 18, 2017, I officially escaped the Dark Ages for not working LEGO in four decades, when I bought the LEGO® Classic Large Creative Brick Box (10698) and LEGO® City Prison Guard Key Chain (853568). I also have the LEGO® Brick Calendar (853195) since January 2013, however, my wife builds & rebuilds it (the calendar) almost every month. My first, physical LEGO MOC build was on January 19, 2017, and was done during my second visit to Singapore. I've done two more before returning to the Philippines. Then, on February 5, 2017, I bought the LEGO® Bionicle Lord of Skull Spiders (70790) and LEGO® City Police Starter Set (60136). My wife built 60136 and I built 70790 at 2AM the next morning. I think I have done nine (9) physical LEGO MOCs by now and they're posted in my DeviantArt LEGO gallery. I know people don't like clicking on URLs (links) but that is the only site where I am publishing my LEGO MOCs, both physical and virtual builds. Though I am already building LEGO® MOCs (from my LEGO® Classic Large Creative Brick Box), I am not a LEGO® Addict! I'm just a simple LEGO® Purist that randomly builds for the sole purpose of making digitized LEGO® Art. Though I have countless hours available, producing a LEGO® MOC (physical/virtual) is not a priority. I have recently added LEGO® Digital Designer and LeoCAD to my collection of digital art development tools. For those building LEGO® MOC police themes, please let me know by using the tools available on Eurobricks. Thank You! Law enforcement is one of my multitude of interests. Marcos "Takeshi" Miranda
  6. ... excitement! (seems my topic title was too long!) I'm a longtime lurker at Eurobricks, pretty much the only Lego site I visit. At 37, I'm old enough to have had Lego pirates ("Classic Pirates") as a memorable part of my childhood... I only had the earliest sets they made, but one of my favourite Lego sets was the "big pirate ship" (which I only now know was the "Black Seas Barracuda"). Like many others, once I'd got older, my Lego remained in an old chest and was moved around from house to house, to finally the garage, and left there, forgotten. I came out of my Lego "dark age" several years ago thanks to Heroica and Alien Conquest, two themes I discovered by chance and that made me fall in love with Lego all over again. I've bought other sets since, but when Lego released the 2015 Pirates wave I was hit with a shocking amount of nostalgia. Buying them, building that pirate ship (the "Brick Bounty"), assembling "bluecoats" with the backpacks and seeing those shark and cannon pieces just brought back *so* many memories for me. Even though I felt the sets were slightly underwhelming compared to some of the recent elaborate modern sets I'd bought from other themes (Star Wars, AC, Galaxy Squad, LOTR), it was nonetheless amazing to have brand new Pirate Lego in my adult hands! Of course, it didn't take long for me to discover that I'd missed out on a whole ton of older Pirate Lego stuff since I was a kid... I was so sad especially that I'd not come out of my "dark age" earlier to discover the Imperial Flagship, the even older Islander and Spanish sets and even the impressive ships of the POTC line. :( Though many of those were likely too old, rare or expensive to track down, I knew I needed more Pirate Lego than the current sets, so I set out to see if I could at least get hold of some of the 2009 "Pirates II" wave. Well, thanks to the miracles of Bricklink, yesterday I opened up several parcels to reveal good-as-new, mint-in-box Loot Island, Kracken Attackin', Cannon Battle, Pirate Survival, Soldier's Fort, and Battle Pack, as well as the 2011 (I think?) standalone Battle Pack. The "collector" in me feels rather guilty opening these wonderfully well-kept old sets up (is that odd?), but so far I've had *such* fun building those I have. I do wonder now though if I should have done some kind of "review/unboxing", from a less typical perspective, or at least taken photos? Regardless, it's so interesting to see the improvements and changes in the 2015 sets compared to these, particularly as many of the new sets are somewhat "updates" of the 2009 ones. I'm not sorry I got the older sets, though... the castaway minifig in Loot Island is my favourite Pirate figure so far, and having only ever owned "bluecoats" as a kid, the attraction of completely new "redcoats" was huge enough that I've ended up getting doubles of some of the smaller sets just to "army build" them and pit them against my 2015 bluecoat forces! :) Now I'm strongly thinking about tracking down the last couple of 2009 sets, including the ship ("Brickbeard's Bounty"), though I'm not sure if it will be worth the expectedly-high price; from what I can see, the 2015 "Brick Bounty" is actually very similar but superior in most ways (especially sails/masts/rigging). I would *really* like to get that Imperial Flagship... but I don't know if I have much of a chance nowadays. Do other Pirates fans here know if it's as expensive and rare to find (boxed) as I anticipate? Oh, and yeah, I got all these "MISB" even though I'm building not reselling them, because early on in my emergence from my "dark age", I thought it would be cheaper to buy "used" sets I'd missed, only to discover that nearly every time what I bought was in worse shape than the remains of my own childhood Lego, so I decided that it was worth spending the extra to meet my own (probably excessive) standards of quality... as well as to best recapture the feeling of opening a "brand new set" even if it's from many years ago. The downside is obviously that I'm already a lot poorer now! :( Finally, for those who've bothered to read my excited rambling this far (thanks!), I got another parcel today that made me feel like I was eight years old all over again. I didn't know Lego did "re-releases", but it seems they DID re-release my beloved childhood favourite: the "Black Seas Barracuda"! So yeah, I bought that too for probably way too much money, and now I'm looking at that gorgeously retro, sealed box and wondering if it's considered a crime in the eyes of Lego fandom to open her up and revisit my childhood by building that beautiful baby...? :) (sorry for the long post!)
  7. Hi! First off, I apologise if this has been asked before or if there is a topic somewhere that I haven't spotted! If so, feel free to close this mods! I just wondered how long people had spent in the LEGO-less (No LOTR similarity intended) world? and also what it was that drew people back to the thing that we all love? Personally I was addicted to LEGO as a kid. I played with it and built new creations up until I was 14/15ish. My parents also bought be "Lego Studios" which got me interested in brickflicking (although that was obviously very primitive and looking back they were awful the ones I made!) At around 15 however, I grew out of LEGO - or certainly forced myself to decide I was too old for it and so I ended up spending the time that I used to play with LEGO on some computer game or other (I lived in a small village so my social life wasn't great until I hit the late teens!) Back in 2009 at 22-23 me and my girlfriend were shopping and went into a toy store for a laugh. Looking at the LEGO I remenised about my old days of playing with it (although might have played down the extent a little!). When we got back to mine I showed her some which I had to hand which we had fun looking through and building with... and I showed her my brickflicks. She thought they were cool and a couple of days later we made one together which was fun. And that could have been an end to it - but then I started searching in the evening for LEGO type things and came across and ultimately this forum... and then I was hooked again! I found a new stopmotion program and bought a new webcam - and created my first youtube video "Lego Pirates: Rafting, Battling and Commandeering" which received very positive feedback. I then set to work on a brickflick series "Brickington Sails Forth" which again got generally good feedback... and that's been me back into LEGO and Brickflicking ever since! In short, my dark ages were from 2001ish to 2009 so around eight years - how long were yours? Or did you not have any!? P.S. I'm still with my girlfriend and now share a flat with her. The LEGO occupies a large amount of it... much to her annoyance! She's going to do some voices for my latest brickflick later tonight though, so I think I'm converting her!
  8. Hi, first time poster here. Just signed up today, after lurking for a bit. A quick little blurb about me, I'm 35 and my Dark Age(s) lasted from the late 90s until about a month or so ago. The last set I bought was the Bandit Hideout 6761 around the time that came out. My mom has still sent me random Lego she finds in her thrift shopping, and I recently started getting into the minifigs, once I found out they existed. Like I said, only recently have I gotten back into the hobby, and it's been crazy. I'm by no means rich, but I have a job that allows me to get Lego sets before I head home from a hard day's work. It's a bit dangerous, since it's so easy to order sets on my breaks and have them waiting for me at the front desk. Anyway, my main goal has been piece accumulation, primarily from the Star Wars, LOTR, Castle, and Lone Ranger sets. I would say it's due to the lack of gray/black/brown/tan elements from my childhood. I always wanted to build castles, but I never had a bunch of the older Castle sets. I mostly got Pirates sets as a kid, but I'm not complaining. I have Eldorado Fortress 6271-1 and Imperial Trading Post 6277-1, after all, and in my lurking I've seen those to be sought-after by those around here. I also picked up the 2012 & 2013 Star Wars advent calenders, and the 2013 City one as well. Those have been great fun, but hard to resist opening more than one day at a time! Plus I just scored the Architecture Studio 21050, brand new and sealed, for 80 bucks on Craigslist. My original plan was to sell it online, hopefully for a nice profit, but the urge to keep it won out. My interests so far in terms of builds would be castles, western themes, microbuilds, and perhaps space/undersea vessels at some point. I'm sure that list will expand at some point very soon. One of the first ideas I had was to recreate Custer's Seventh Cavalry, all 650-odd soldiers, civilians, and scouts, based on their strength and disposition in 1876. While I still would like to do that, the sheer logistics of such a project would require so much more money and space than I have at the time. But it's probably my holy grail build. Ok, onto the question I signed up to ask. I have no clue how to store my pieces, which also includes how to separate them. I have a few Rubbermaid tubs that my collection originally lived in, but I'd like to separate the collection to make for easier building. I have already begun the process of filtering out minifigs and accessories, but I could use some ideas or suggestions on how to separate the rest of the pieces. Some initial ideas I've tried are grouping by similar pieces, like all arches and curved elements together. I've also been putting all foliage and green elements together. I know it's all in how you want your collection, but I'm at a loss for how detailed I want the groupings to be, or what to get to put them in. I am leaning towards a solution of basic elements being grouped by style only, and certain elements being grouped by color. Or even primary colors being kept together, while having the shade elements being grouped by color scheme (blacks, grays, browns, etc). And while I do like the idea of easily finding what I need (or knowing I don't have it right away), a part of me wants to still have some of "the thrill of the hunt" aspect of my childhood builds left in my storage methods. The fiancée actually was on board with buying me 5 or 6 of the large stackable brick storage bins, but while that seemed like an awesomely Lego thing to do, it doesn't seem practical. I might take her up on one or two for storing a few things, like instructions and baseplates and what-not, but it didn't seem like an across-the-board solution. So I turn to you folks for ideas. Also, I've heard about a few ways to clean older Lego to remove the yellowing, and would love a bit more info on that. My older pieces sure could use the love. Thanks to those who read this and those who reply! I look forward to being a part of this community, and sometime soon I'll start sharing my builds.
  9. Axle

    The Grimm Galleon

    This here is a ship I built just before my dark ages, about 5 or 6 years ago. I'm calling it the Grimm Galleon because it is a very depressing looking ship :P With it originally, the only minifigure was the Bluecoat with the Morion helmet, on a lonely 6 year voyage through the dark ages. Grim! Also, sorry for the bad image quality, I have yet to set up a proper place to take photos of things. Here's a view of the back of the boat, it seems the sail supports are slightly off :s there's 3 chests in behind the steering wheel, ready for pillaging! Here's a view into the cannons and the lower deck. Again, this ship isn't exactly a work of art, it's the last thing I made before my dark ages :p This is the Captain, who is just the Shakesperian actor from the collectible minifig series, with a peg leg and bicorne. He looks despairingly out across the blue oceans, Here's the final shot of the ship,... where it looks it's best. Pretend the Jolly Roger is a different flag, please! Anyways, I just wanted to get some pictures of this up here before I take it apart and build a different ship, probably based off the Carribean Clipper. Thanks for looking :) Please give me some constructive criticism!