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Found 7 results

  1. This set was one of my favorites when i was young. It was my first "big" lego set and Orient Expedition was one of my favorite themes. Therefore i started to recreate this set in and maybe I'm gonna get the parts to build it. I started with Sam Sinisters (or Baron von Barons) biplane, this is my first prototype: Doppeldecker, auf Flickr Doppeldecker_2, auf Flickr Doppeldecker_3, auf Flickr Doppeldecker_4, auf Flickr Let me now if you have any suggestions. The next part is going to be the ropebridge.
  2. Hi, i’ve been tracking down parts of the orient expedition story for a while now and know the general idea of what happens. However 2 things are yet unknown to me, 1 the purpose of the gems guarded by tygurah, the yeti, jun-chi and the one present in the mount everest temple set 7417 2. the actual content and order of the more specific events for example dr kilroy’s encounter with tygurah as the german cd that i found a translation disagrees with the web comic etc... any help is much appreciated and it would be great to have a complete idea of what was going on (the confusing gems in particular) main events the team meet at marco polos house in venice and find a map they go to india and sail down a river they see lord sinister forcing babloo to work for him the adventurers then free him dr killroy steals sunstone from tygurah elephant chase scorpion palace- gets shield goes to mount everest with guide in the aero nomad shrine of yeti temple of everest - sword ends up on the emperors ship enters dragon temple through a passage (jun-chi) gets golden helmet and finds the dragon disputed conclusion
  3. Hello all together! A month ago I promised a freind of mine that I would build something for the Orient Expedition Contest over on Roguebricks. So I did! And I also wanted to share it with you all here on Eurobricks too: After Johnny Thunder and his friends had arrived in India, they were just on their way into the enchanted jungle. As a journalist, Pippin, beside the search for the treasure of Marco Polo, also wanted to take pictures of the flora and fauna with their new Camera to present them after their return to Europe. Dr. Kilroy instead wanted not only cinematographic but living examples, especially of rare butterflies. Their companion was Babloo, a young Indian. He knew all the jungle and the overgrown paths in it. So the four friends along with Pippins dog "Indi" and Babloos monkeys started their adventure. The group had to stop at a beautiful idyllic waterfall. Puppin sets up her camera and Dr. Kilroy climbed with Babloo's help, loaded with boxes and bags full of specimens and equipment to the top of the Waterfall to catch butterflies and dragonflies. But suddenly a noise broke through the air. It was the shouting of monkeys who had snatched Pippin's camera and taken it to the tops of the trees. Pippin and Johnny Thunder started to laugh because of the absurdity of the spectacle. Babloo just headed downhill to help his new friends, as he discovered something that let him freeze: He spotted the evil guards of the Scorpion Palace on the other side of the waterfall. Worse, it was obvious that it they had discovered Johnny and Pippin. One of the guards was already aiming his rifle towards Johnny and luckily the path of the bullet was blocked by a tree hanging over the waterfall. Farther up, at the top of the waterfall, the situation became dramatic too. The boat of Maharaja Lallu was nearly falling down the waterfall, but was kept in place by one of the guards on the shore. The shake on landing woke up Lord Sinister in the back of the boat. He was waking up from his nap and could not believe his eyes. There, on the other bank standing on a stone was Dr. Kilroy. Lord Sinister pulled himself up and quickly pulled his revolver but could not concentrate on aiming because Maharaja Lallu was cursing annoyingly. How will our heroes escape these dangerous situations? (Sadly I only have my mobile here to take pictures so the quali is not that great...) Inspired by Mark of Falworth - The Temple of the Twin Jaguars Also bonus pics of the figures: I hope you enjoy what you see. Best Skalldyr
  4. Kasjmir, 1938 My dearest Lester, The news has reached me that you are about to embark on an adventure, how wonderful! It seems you have inherited your father's wanderlust after all, which joys me greatly. He would have been so proud, and so am I. It has been a while since I last saw you, when was it again; before I left for Nepal I suppose? In any case, your uncle is looking forward to explore haunted tombs with you! Alright, enough with the chitter-chatter. You are in need of proper equipment. Travelling India is like a walk in the park, except there are no benches, no paths, more bushes, more mud pools, and all dogs are replaced by tigers and venomous snakes. In all honesty, it matters not what I write down here, I cannot prepare you for all that lies ahead of you. Yet, I do happen to have acquired a globe-worthy vehicle, a Mehadja Inspector no less, from an acquaintance in Delhi. It will get to you in little more than a month, so I advise you to start packing your luggage... See you soon! Kindest regards, your Uncle, Samuel Eon Hi everyone, here is my entry to the Lester contest! It was fun to once again step out of my genre and try something different. I interpreted the content guidelines quite freely: a vehicle that can travel the world, roughly the same theme and scale as the example vehicles. As you can see, it's sort of a jeep-truck. The 7-wide wheelbase and working suspension make this a very terrain-worthy machine, it can do slopes of 40 degrees without tipping over, by far the most fun feature here in my opinion! I hope this is a qualifying entry! More pictures can be found here on Flickr: Thanks for looking!
  5. Hello all- long time peruser but first time poster! This is also the first MOC I've done since my dark ages. Currently I live in China, so most of my sets are back in the US, but over the summer I brought some back with me because I had the following idea. I love Chinese culture, architecture, and history! When I found out they had done an adventurers orient series a few years ago, I found some pretty sweet deals and was able to pick up the main orient sets. While I loved the 7416 Emperor's Ship, I thought it was a bit lame not to include the emperor himself, and that it was more like a smuggler's ship than an emperor's ship. I combined a few of those sets along with some others (although unfortunately left my Emperor Chang Wu back home), and came up with the ship below. Let me know your thoughts, and suggestions/etc.! Thanks Here are some more pictures I took:
  6. Twelve years ago, when I was fourteen years old and about a year away from entering my Dark Age, I received the set 7417: Temple of Mount Everest. I still have all the pieces, with the exception of one minifigure head, and I rebuilt the biplane over a year ago. However, since I now have a full-time Lego cave, I decided I wanted to rebuild the set. But before I started, I realized that there were things I wanted to change about it--including improving the landscaping and making the structure itself look more authentically Tibetan. I also wanted to display my Lego Movie Johnny Thunder minifigure (as well as my Dr. Kilroy and modified Pippin Reed minifigures) around my newly acquired 70751: Temple of Airjitzu. I decided to tackle both issues by making a MOC that would explain our intrepid Adventurers' arrival in the land of Ninjago and use 7417 as a template. I decided to present the aspects of my creation in loose story form (hope this is OK--if not, a mod can let me know and I'll delete most of the text). So, without further ado, I present to you my MOC/modified 7417. "My good friends," said Sherpa Sangye Dorje, "the way to the Temple of Passage is easy from here. I regret that I must part ways with you, after all he help you gave me last time you were in Tibet, but this chorten is not allowed to be passed by any of my people." The three adventurers expressed their gratitude and, after gifts were exchanged, the Sherpa headed back the way that he had come. As they watched him disappear into the blinding whiteness, Johnny shook his head. "Local superstitions." "Johnny," said Pippin, "you've stopped a magic ruby from falling into military hands. You've returned a sacred sun disk to its owner, you've discovered an island of dinosaurs, you've seen a yeti and a living stone lion--and so much more. Sometimes I wish you'd put a little more trust in local superstitions!" "Right you are, Miss Reed! But I have a feeling that this one is something special. Kilroy! Do you think you can find the way to this temple, mate?" "No doubt about it, Johnny! If this map is accurate, it shouldn't be too far away at all! And indeed, before too long at all, the three adventurers beheld the Temple of Passage. Though the rope bridge looked precarious, the adventurers began to cross it, with Johnny at the lead. All was going well, until. . . . "Stop right there, Thunder, and listen to me--or I'll cut the ropes!" It was Lord Sinister! Although it had appeared for quite some time that he had reformed, the adventurers knew he would eventually pop up again with one of his villainous schemes. "This temple is sure to be booby trapped, with the great treasure it holds! I want you to be the one to open the doors and step inside first--and then make way for me!" Johnny couldn't help but agree--after all, he might still have a chance this way, but it would be over for them all if Sinister cut the ropes. When they had crossed the bridge, Johnny removed the heavy wooden lock, opened the door, and stepped inside, only to find. . . . "It's just a monk!" shouted Sinister. "Just a monk, some candles, and a jar! Blast! There must be some mistake! Move aside, while I make this fool tell me what he's done with the treasure!" He shoved Johnny out of the way and ran in brandishing his knife, ready to do whatever he could in order to find what he sought. But as soon as he ran inside, the monk rose from his meditation pillow . . . . . . catapulting Sinister into the air and outside of the temple! He beckoned Johnny and his friends: "Come in, and do not be afraid! I know that you are supposed to be here. My messengers have already told me of your discussions with the Sherpa. Let me show you the location of what you seek." The monk pulled a small lever underneath his meditation mat. Just like that, the floor lowered. The monk lowered himself down and invited the adventurers to do the same. They were pleased to find cushions at the bottom. They also found . . . "The passage between two worlds!" Kilroy gasped. "Behold!" said the monk. "The flames are being drawn inwards. This means that you may enter the passageway. When you are ready, you may step beyond the candles and you will be pulled into another world. But beware: you will not be able to return until the passageway switches directions once again. It could take minutes . . . or it could take months. There was one stretch of time when the passage did not reverse for three years. Are you truly prepared for what you may find?" "Thank you for the warning, mate--err, lama. It's a serious undertaking, that's for sure. But there's adventure to be had and discoveries to be made on the other side of that passage, and it's calling our names!" "So be it, Johnny Thunder. I hope to see you again soon, when you are ready to return." And with that, the three friends stepped out of their world and into a new one. Here's one more shot of the temple for good measure (in case the outdoor shots were too distracting): Thanks for looking!
  7. I'm sorry, I don't know where else to put this, so if it's wrong forgive me! I'm guessing this is mostly interesting for those from The Netherlands btw By coincidence I found this guys website, and turns out he's selling his (dozens!) new in box sets for reasonable prices! Including some old Star Wars sets (from 2002), ninjago polybags, mini figures, and loads more! Even sweaters and lights! Some boxes are damaged he says, and those are reduced in price. There is nothing of interest to me, but there might be some treasures in there for you guys! Go have a look! (the links to his Lego are at the bottom of the menu on the left) You can send the guy an email and have it delivered by mail or you can pick it up in Amsterdam Some of what he's selling: Let us know if you find something!