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  1. Garmadon

    Lego Retro Arcade MOC

    Really nice! Those arcades and games are fantastic, and the roof is pretty sweet as well! Supported!
  2. Garmadon

    [MOC] Under Jolly Roger! Estrella - Frigate

    Excellent ship, mate! The yellow lines are gorgeous, and the shaping and rear cabin are very nicely done as well. Great work with those brickbuilt sails too!
  3. Garmadon

    [OL - FB] Vineyard of Light Warehouse

    Excellent idea with a carriage house, and really nicely executed! I'm quite curious what piece you used for the box seats on the ones stored inside (don't think I've seen that before), but the rooms and stables are all great! Beautiful final result on your vineyard builds too - definitely ambitious, but you've pulled it off famously!
  4. As it's the middle of the month now, we'll go ahead and end the fourth freebuild period here and start off with the fifth. So please remember to make a new post in this topic for your builds after Jan. 15th! Yep, the rest of us are going to have to up our game here! It's just as well that Kali wasn't in the lead before or we'd all really be left in the dust sand!
  5. Garmadon

    [GoC] HMS Forbearance

    Those raked masts are fantastic, and the top-down view of the deck is just beautiful! I was about to mention that I thought it was a good move to go without minifigs when I read Bregir's comment and your response and spotted them in there, - the sleekness of your vessel had really set me off thinking that it was quite a bit smaller than it really is, and they do look quite appropriate in there! Very nice work, and clever PU on the rear windows
  6. I quite like this - the stone wall is superb, and while it's certainly not something we see a lot in the brick, I'm really liking the low cliff walls too. Maybe a few more slopes along the flattest part would help make it a little more interesting there, but overall I think it's definitely a success! Great job with the landscape colors and gate too, and if I've got one nitpick it'd actually be the cottage walls, which look a little bit too much like vinyl siding to me, But maybe that's just because I live in a house that's got white vinyl siding all the way around Great job overall - keep up the great work!
  7. Very nicely done! The vegetation is just fantastic (that native lying in wait is perfect ), and the step-temple is excellent. Great job with the building on top and the stairs especially, although they do look a bit steep!
  8. Garmadon

    [COR - FB] Establishment of Wullham

    Excellent landing scene - the buckets and chests are perfect, and I love those little rock outcroppings too Great color-scheme as well - definitely impressed by how well that water works!
  9. Garmadon

    Shield Shop of Batuhan

    Seconded! The built-in shield technique is perfect here, and you've got the perfect amount of action going on as well Excellent move with the brown arches too!
  10. Yeah, that's not easy to pull off - I would think you'd have to dig pretty far into the base and SNOT the ground right around/beneath it, then use either cheese or a scattered stud/1x1 tile technique inside to get the edges right. The way you've got it right now works pretty well though - the pop of color from the direct blue brightens the whole build up really well!
  11. Really nicely done! The layout is fantastic, and I'll echo the others on the fountain and stone courtyard Great job with the Port Woodhouse style too, and I can't miss mentioning those ground colors - excellent work all around!
  12. Garmadon

    [COR-FB] Some Port and Stargazing

    That's an ingenious idea with the tree-tops perspective, and I think you've managed it quite well! That lengthy telescope and the footman's attire are great as well, and like the Professor, I'm liking those windows too!
  13. Garmadon

    [ESL] Watermill, OtoƱo

    It's been really fun to watch this develop, Ayrlego, and the result is certainly worth the wait! The woodwork (love that d-brown section on the back) and waterwheel are superb, and it's always awesome to see an appropriately sized tree - especially a fall-colored one! The ground colors are probably my favorite detail though - those are just stunning! If it's possible to nitpick on such a lovely build, I think a few loose leafs (like these) on the pathway around back where the postman is would spice up the slightly empty space a bit; and something about the 2x1 brick right above the log brick tells me that it ought to be an inverted slope, maybe lifted up a plate so you could get a cheese slope underneath, to match the way the tree kind of weaves towards the right higher up. I know how tough it is to build natural-looking trunks though and you've done a fantastic job, so please feel free to the random feeling I've got about that brick! You're whole postal series (including this one cause it's got the postman, ) has been beautifully executed, and we owe both you and The Neighborhood Merchant for coming together to give the settlement some love! And I love fall colors - what can I say?
  14. Garmadon

    [COR-FB] Same Stars, Different Names

    Very clever idea and very nicely executed! I'm quite surprised by how good those stars look, and those printed stump parts are just awesome as well
  15. Garmadon

    [MOC] Egrett VV

    Fantastic shaping, man! The headlight offsets along the winds and tail are sweet, and those angles on the cockpit look like they couldn't have been that easy either! Very impressive stuff, and super quick work