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  1. Three "Aye's" from the ETWC bench! Willoughby would also like to interject the suggestion that while making our friendship clear, of course, we make no promises one way or the other in the letter in order to retain the right to proceed as the citizens and council of Eslandola see fit in reply to Archduke Oldis's response.
  2. Great find, Doctor, that skeleton is pretty fantastic! Very nice work with the sand castle and the beach too, and it's always fun to see the crew of the Jolly Roger at their business!
  3. Garmadon

    [OL - FB] A Patron in Eltina

    Ooh, things are getting hot in Terraversa! Nice work, merc - those dark red uniforms are excellent, and I'm the earthworks and cannons in the second build! The double arch on the bridge is great too!
  4. Willoughby lifted his hand (it was a hand, I'm pretty sure - might have been a foot...) and, through Agent Guelds, assented to the good Governor's proposal. "Seconded, sir! Yes, I believe a formal letter of inquiry into the desires of the Terraversans and the state of the matters there would be in order. At the moment all is merely conjecture and confusion - the Corries and the Oleanders are mutually annoying each other, and we have yet to hear from the actual residents of the island, and can make no decision before knowing their will in this affair. They are a self-governing, independent country, and as such it is their place, and not ours, to primarily defend their own interests and sovereignty. If they are continually leaning upon Corrington and Eslandola for their independence, they, frankly, are not independent at all - and simply intruding and prodding into foreign affairs with perhaps unwanted, certainly unsolicited, dubitable aid is not a trait of the fair and level-headed citizens and leaders of Eslandola." "Unlike those of some other countries..." muttered the rather non-tactful Lieutenant H. - "Remember Nova Malto!? War, I say - it is time for war!" Agent Guelds nodded emphatically. "Well, once we are done with the good Governor's proposition, I suggest we vote on that declaration of war on Corrington! Do I have a second?" He glanced around the room, then turned and whispered to Lieutenant H, "That is what we're here for, right??" Willoughby rolled his eyes.
  5. Garmadon


    Fantastic stuff as always, Actionfigure! Not sure how you do it, but you've once again nailed the shaping and proportions here. Those hinges under the eyes are just ingenious as well - excellent work, mate!
  6. Garmadon

    Pizza to Go

    Hilarious idea and great execution, Jt! The red roofs and cobblestone are excellent, and I'll echo the others on that donkey! And it's a recipe from Varlyrio? Why am I not surprised - that's where all the good stuff comes from, right?
  7. Garmadon

    The "why did they not put this out earlier?"

    Nope  Be careful what you wish for...
  8. Garmadon

    MOC: Theo's Tailoring

    That is a very stylish shop you have, snaillad, interior and exterior! The gold dome parts and the use of arches around the windows in the semi-circular part in front are a couple of my favorite details, but everything here is really masterfully done. The stairs and floor and shelves in the interior are all fantastic as well! Very nicely done, mate!
  9. Aye! from the three on the ETWC bench! Willoughby was still glancing at the door in expectation, though...
  10. Garmadon

    The "why did they not put this out earlier?"

    Very nice work, Captain! - the gold around the windows and on the back lanterns is a great addition, and good job changing up the rest of the color-scheme a bit too. The addition of the Norwegian Blue is fantastic though! And thank you once again for offering this to the ETWC - I will try to thank you properly soon, and I hope she will have some great smooth sailing on the Brick Seas! And by the way, would you like me to actually name her, The Why-did-they-not-put-this-out-earlier? Because I could... More!!
  11. Garmadon

    The De Cioto Family

    Great to see your family showing up, Navarre! The are several very nice minifigs in there, and the descriptions, especially for the last half of the family, are just hilarious! Looking forward to seeing what this characters will be up to in the (hopefully) pretty near future!
  12. Fantastic job, team! It was definitely a pleasure building and planning this out with you, and seeing all the final builds together here is even better! And yes, of course I saved the best for last! @Puvel Very nice work with the canal and facade here - I'm a fan of those stripes of half rounded tiles! The curved tiles over the door and windows are great too, and if there's one thing I'd suggest, it'd be throwing in a bit of color with some vines or flowers or maybe a few brightly colored passersby. The floor on the interior is very good though, as well as the barrel, tables and chairs! And I honestly really enjoyed writing your part of the story - it was way more interesting than mine! @Ayrlego You've nailed the Varlyrian colors! The lantern, balcony using the wands and sprues, and treasure chest tops for window baskets are great as well, and your assassin's pose and placement is perfect - though if I were him, I'd think about hiding that very shiny knife a bit farther out of sight! The arch over the canal was an excellent idea too (and very well executed), and very nice job with your section of the story! @kahir88 Great job with your ships and with depicting your story, mate! The sides of the Golden Fortune are very nicely done, and the unconventional rig and the lanterns are some awesome details. That raven figurehead on the pirate's ship is excellent too, and once again, thanks very much for all your input and work on the story here! You really helped a lot both coming up with ideas and fleshing it out into its final form! Thanks Bas! Exciting times indeed! I'm looking forward to seeing how this all ends up getting sorted out when the results are ready, and to all the repercussions and builds the challenge ends up producing as a result! I think I already replied to your question (though I can't remember where ); basically, though, just like when we first started our alliance, I still didn't want to be the next one to take the throne myself since it's meant to be a place opened to all Varlyrians who want to aim for it and I would rather hang back for a while and let someone else take the Rego's position... and since we had been talking over Luca becoming Rego - quite a while ago now, actually! - I just went for it without ever really reconsidering it! Whatever would make you think so?! ... Alright, maybe just a little... Thanks mate! Glad you liked it - I was happy to put some of all my random white pieces to some good use here! Thanks man! And we'll see about that! Luca hasn't exactly been suing for a long life since he came into the position, haha! Thanks Kai! That floor was where I got started (naturally ), and is certainly one of my favorite things in the build! Thanks Grover, glad you like it, and kudos to Ayrlego and Kahir who wrote up their parts of the story and helped get everything fit together just right! And since we knew that Luca and Navarre's team was going to be diving into the intrigue side (though no idea just how deep, obviously! ), we decided to take it on and hit the challenge right between the eyes! We'll have to see how it all ends up and who has the hold of the power once all the smoke clears, though - but Navarre's team certainly had their story well played! Thank you! My inspiration was almost certainly a cathedral building - this could be, or could be any kind of coronation dome, and the relief work was definitely not easy to deal with! Glad it works for you though, and yep - having the sun setting right behind the build as I was taking pictures for the light through the windows kind of made a bit of bleed inevitable, but I was pretty happy with how that turned out! The floor was actually pretty simple and came together almost by accident - the brick circles, that is. No way all the cheese slopes lined up accidentally As a matter of fact is wasn't all that difficult though - getting the windows to stick without falling out was a bit harder! Thank you! I'm glad the lighting paid off! I'd wanted to build this ever since I saw the picture that inspired it, and I may go back and revisit it sometime when I have more time to polish off the build, but I'm pretty happy with how it turned out all things considered! I'll need to get some more arches before I try it again, though - or maybe I should say Kai needs to get some more, considering that most of the ones here were borrowed from her for the build!
  13. You may definitely color me impressed by your use of space here, mrcp6d! - same goes for all your team, but you have managed an all-LEGO exterior scene on a 32x32, and that is downright crazy! The canal and water plants are great here, as in all your team's entries, and the tile corner and roofs are excellent as well! Very nice work with all the activity in the scene too, and the fisherman toppling into the canal is a great detail! Re: the story - hey Navarre! I had like three builds completely figured out in response to this after Part III, and you had to go mess them all up here! Very nice job with the entire story though; that is exactly the kind of intrigue the whole concept of Varlyrian politics is meant for, and even if it backfired in part for the De Fiori's, I'm still certainly glad I gave you the opportunity to get it all started! And I believe you should be hearing from a De Fiori or two before too long...
  14. Garmadon

    CHALLENGE V: Category B: La Cospirazione: Part III

    Superb! Amazing job with this build, Zlatan - your textures, arches (it's insane how smooth each and every one of those are!), and colors are all masterfully done, and nobody has mentioned that ascending street yet - fantastic stuff, man! I'm delighted to have you in the guild and very glad you could find time to enter this challenge. The water (I love that color! ) and your beautiful vines make for some excellent contrast against the more tempered color of the buildings, and your sides of the canal (gorgeously smooth angles there! ) make me with I had a couple thousand ingots right now And I would be remiss not to call out your minifigures, and not just the ones in front - great combos and posing on everyone here, from the girl in the balcony and the gentlemen coming out of his house (that Viking CMF is amazing) to the guy lying on the bench and Arama de Cioto signaturely peeping out from the upper story window. Fantastic job, sir! And that is the way for a De Fiori to go - dueling it out honorably for the family credit! This is certainly one of my favorite sections of the story - very nice job with it, Navarre!
  15. Very nice work with this, Kevin! - the water and sides of the canal are fantastic, and great idea to use those curved tiles to get a smooth arch on the bridge! I really like the sand green roofs and the vines crawling up the canal and buildings as well - those leaf parts just work beautifully for that. My favorite details though are probably the assassin's pose as he crouches on the bridge - you can almost feel his muscles tensed for the attack there! - and the horns as supports for the little wooden section. Speaking of which, that's my Alesio! I'm proud of you, sir! And that is one dedicated assassin if he was just repeating his employers words with his last breath! (I assume it's entirely possible that he only did know the Cioto's were behind it though ) Great job with this entry, man!