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  1. The graduation in the water is really very well done here, and as I mentioned on Ross', the docking space with the sand spilling over into the water gives the whole build a great dash of color Great job with the barge and combos on the fishmonger too!
  2. Very nice entry, Ross - all the minifig activity going on really brings the scene alive, but I've got to admit the animals make it for me! Well, and that guy playing the flute Excellent colors throughout too, and the sand by the docking spot adds a lot to the scene
  3. Garmadon

    [MOC] La Flora

    That is some fantastic rigging and hull work, mate, great to see another ship from you! The golden bits and details (especially in the bow) are excellent too! Awesome stuff
  4. Garmadon

    Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Seconded! Well deserved indeed, and cheers to all those involved in the Oleon invasion of Kings Port/Terraversa! It totally made my day when the first KPA announcement came out, and y'all have really spiced the forum up and (while not meaning to do detriment to anyone else, I have to say) incontestably made yourselves the most interesting and exciting faction around for the last few months. Captain Nordau has you all down on his list of honor of the few who have been bold and/or mad enough to pull of a successful raid in the Brick Seas (though he'll have to do some work on building up his fleet before he can legitimately compare his achievements to yours )! Congratulations on bringing your endeavor to a successful termination!
  5. Garmadon

    [COR - FB] Wullham Quarry

    Very nice work with the chiseled rock, Ayrlego, and with getting it to fit so naturally into the landscape! The filter/shoot is quite clever, and (while all your minifigures are good) I'm very much a fan of that guy in front!
  6. Garmadon

    Cedrica City Block(Picture heavy(A))

    The idea of a Ninjago city style guilds build is brilliant and you've done an amazing job with it, Ecc! Everything about this is really nice (especially all those interiors!), and I love the upside-down lanterns and the use of those two-sided cheese slopes on the battlements and roof! Very nice color choices as well, and great work all around!
  7. Garmadon

    Alnya Mountain Lodge

    Love those stairs and the overhanging rock and icicles, SK! The windblown tree and presentation are on point too!
  8. Garmadon

    [COR -FB] Unexpected Orders

    That is one impressive regiment - the file of muskets and bayonets is gorgeous, and I always love seeing the dark green and red color combinations on your troops!
  9. So much to like about this! As I mentioned on Flickr, the fountain and the slightly angled buildings are fantastic, and for some reason I'm simply loving those little cannon batteries! The rocky cliffs and palm trees were great choices for some elevation in the build, and the water is beautiful as well. Awesome job all around!
  10. Agent Gilles Guelds awoke and listened attentively to the conversation for a moment before speaking (an unusual proceeding on his part). But as soon as he had processed Governor Guilder's proposition the fire came into his eyes and he leapt up to his feet. "War, war, war!!!" he exclaimed. Willoughby pulled him down into his seat and whispered for a minute. "Ah, okay - no war but we can attack Oleon whenever we want?" he shrugged. "Sounds like a fair compromise to me," he grinned. "Count on my vote, Governor!"
  11. Garmadon

    [SR - FB] Silversmith

    Very nice - lovely interior and great job with the windows and siding to give this an awesome 1700s colonial feel! Excellent presentation as well
  12. Garmadon

    Lego Retro Arcade MOC

    Really nice! Those arcades and games are fantastic, and the roof is pretty sweet as well! Supported!
  13. Garmadon

    [MOC] Under Jolly Roger! Estrella - Frigate

    Excellent ship, mate! The yellow lines are gorgeous, and the shaping and rear cabin are very nicely done as well. Great work with those brickbuilt sails too!
  14. Garmadon

    [OL - FB] Vineyard of Light Warehouse

    Excellent idea with a carriage house, and really nicely executed! I'm quite curious what piece you used for the box seats on the ones stored inside (don't think I've seen that before), but the rooms and stables are all great! Beautiful final result on your vineyard builds too - definitely ambitious, but you've pulled it off famously!
  15. As it's the middle of the month now, we'll go ahead and end the fourth freebuild period here and start off with the fifth. So please remember to make a new post in this topic for your builds after Jan. 15th! Yep, the rest of us are going to have to up our game here! It's just as well that Kali wasn't in the lead before or we'd all really be left in the dust sand!