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  1. [TSotEP] 6 - Splish Splash & Fish

    Nicely done on both builds Captain - that splash is great! Awesome job packing the details into that neat cabin interior too, and I like the story of that fish! I'm going to look up mSiamese fighting fish now
  2. [COR] The Green Dragon, Quinnsville

    Very clever use of those bamboo leaves on the dragon, I'm going to have to remember that! Nice work with the vegetation and interior too, and the tables outside give a kind of picnic vibe
  3. An Eslandolan wharf in Quinnsville, licenced as a medium commerce (by the ETWC) -
  4. Very funny story, Professor, and an excellent ship too! Shape and colors are on spot, and I'm loving the addition of all those great details like the winding stairs and railings
  5. [COR-FB-ML] Flying Fish Fountain

    Nicely done - the water effects are just about perfect Great use of those new curved tiles and the fish statues too!
  6. Episode 1 Episode 2 Episode 3 Episode 4 Episode 5 (you are here) As soon as he had heard about the Red Fandago (also known as Flynn Stewart) being found, Colonel Greybeard had gathered a band of his troop with all haste and dashed of to the docks where Sergeant Salt had spotted the highwayman. Well wait a second, allow me to correct that - the first thing he did was find a cab, and then he dashed off with the troop to the docks. But unfortunately, it took so long to find a carriage that in the end not much time was saved anyhow... Be that as it may, they were just tearing up the wharf when Sergeant Salt caught sight of the Red Fandago. "We've got him, Colonel!" he exclaimed - a bit prematurely, as Colonel Greybeard thought. Flynn Stewart was darting down the dock with all haste, carrying the last of his ill-gotten gains with him. Colonel Greybeard spotted a ship's gangplank resting up against the wood, Captain Blofeld waiting for his last crewman at the top of it and ready to depart. "Oh snap! - that chap!" exclaimed the Colonel under his breath. "We must catch this rascal - coach master, faster!" The troop leapt of the carriage and raced to the dock, reaching it just after the gangplank was pulled back and the Surprise began to move. Were they too late? To be continued... A couple last pictures without the carriage: The whole build: Next installment of the storyline - keep your weather eye(s) opened for more soon! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  7. Night Outing in NINJAGO City

    Thanks Agent, great to hear that! Yes I know it's not exactly the way it happened, but Flintlocke is such a nice fig I couldn't leave him out! Thank you! Thanks guys! I don't think I've seen a background forced perspective city-scape like this in LEGO before, but it really seemed to belong here, so I went ahead and took the plunge!
  8. [TSotEP] 4 - Hiring the Crew

    Nicely done Captain B, great job showing the hiring of the crew, which is something very important but which we don't see in BoBS very often! I'm liking that green dandy too And fantastic job rebuilding my inn - very impressively well done! I'll have to try that for one of your builds sometime!
  9. Eslandolean Black Suede Shoes

    Looks like it is called a "Bionicle 1 x 3 Tooth with Axle Hole"
  10. [COR - FB] Quinnsville Monument

    Nice build commemorating the founder of Quinnsville, I'm really liking that statue and the stairs!
  11. Willoughby picked up his coin, turned it back and forth, shrugged, tossed it up and swallowed it. Then he promptly swiped the other two on the desk in front of him and bolted them too. Agent Guelds jumped towards his as Willoughby grabbed it, but was too slow, and he leaned back in his seat chagrined. He'd figured they might someday become collectables. The Lieutenant, as usual when there was nothing going on to let him talk about war, was sound asleep.
  12. [TSotEP] 3 - An Inn in Quinnsville

    Dear me, I knew I'd forgot something! It's probably hiding under the table or something like that I stand reproved - I'll make sure not to make the same blunder next time!
  13. [TSotEP] 3 - An Inn in Quinnsville

    Thanks all! Thanks for getting me into this, Captain! Really glad you liked it! (And actually, I'm ending up using that floor technique again in my next build too ) Thanks Kai! I was kinda going off on a limb with the goblets in the wall, but I think it turned out well! Mom thought it was some kind of silver cordwood thing, though All credit for making Colonel Graybeard awesome goes to Captain B - I'm just trying to keep up with his dude! Thanks mate! Interiors like this are one of the staples of my MOC life
  14. Hey y'all! Here's a recent build of mine, inspired (pretty obviously!) by New Ninjago City and the recent biker gang season. I kind of went out of my comfort zone with this - at any rate, it was a completely new theme for me! And unedited pic for those interested: And a closeup, And figless shot: This was my first build for the ongoing ABS Season 2 Finale using the Silver Goblet of Destiny - for those interested, you can find my second one on EB here. Credit to these two bikes especially for inspiration and some techniques, and all credit goes to Kai NRG/Geneva for the awesome edits! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome!
  15. So Far Away From Home

    Poor Alberto! We will have to remind Captain Whiffo that he'd better not bring his parrot into Pontelli... Very nice build - awesome work with the layout and architecture of the house, it looks very neat! And just out of curiosity - is it just me, or is the Asma April scene actually inside the house there?