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  1. Garmadon

    [MOC] Medieval Countryside Layout

    Lovely! Fantastic layout, and the colors work beautifully - just somber enough for a very realistic feel, but still colorful enough, with the paths, flowers, and Tudor, to keep the eye interested and to make it overall look cozy and nice to visit. Really love those roofs (gonna have to try that someday! ) and the Tudor-work, which is superb, and the presentation with the video is excellent as well. I wholeheartedly approve of your musical tastes here too! Beautiful work.
  2. A waterwheel mill (medium factory) for Port Wilks, licenced by me
  3. Port Wilks, June, 621 It has been some time since we've seen our young first mate - now captain of the Fog-Breaker - Myles Bowditch, but in the last few years he managed to build up a little fortune in trading both for himself and for the ETWC, and now with a part of that - inspired, possibly, by the activity around the new ETWC agent just arrived in the area - he had just built and outfitted a new flour mill on the river that skirts the Port Wilks settlement. It was bright and early one morning soon after the mill had been fitted out and begun to run that Myles stood awaiting the arrival of a certain well-known and eccentric Eslandolan captain, and as the sound of a coach's wheels rattling along the path met his ears he looked up to see Captain Whiffo rolling up in a carriage that probably belonged to the mayor (if you know why then kudos for following the storyline and having a crazy good memory! ). "Well, Captain Bowditch - so things have been sailing fairly with you, mate?" inquired Captain Whiffo after the first cordialities were dispensed with. "Excellently indeed, captain," reply our hero, "but I'm afraid the sinking of our one company's ship seems to have been a bit of a damper on the general spirits." "Oh right - the WSWHPTOE. 'Twas a most unfortunate turn for it to go down on its first expedition," Captain Whiffo stroked his chin thoughtfully. "I think it was the WDTPTOE?" "Right," replied Captain Whiffo, shaking his head - "the WDTSTOP. At any rate, whatever they named it we really ought to sistership it promptly, and the Henri as well. Arr, but have I been out of a ship for too long!" "Indeed," replied Myles pensively (thinking, perhaps, about how difficult it would be to spell the WDTPTOE II - of was it the WDTSTOE II?) "I heard you bought some tulips recently, Capt'n?" "Oh yes, quite the rage," replied Captain Whiffo contentedly, quite happy to hear that the news had got about. "Now there is a notion for the cargo of the WDTPTOS II!" "Not a bad idea at all," Myles answered, beginning to pace up and down, "I might have to buy a cargo hold of it for the Fog-Breaker's next voyage as well." "A capital idea," and Captain Whiffo began to clang his saber in his hook, as he always did when excited upon the subject of capital, "just the thing once we get the ETWC once more to its rightful place plying the trading seas!" "Have you heard of the new currency in Corrington?" asked Captain Bowditch after some more details had been satisfactorily settled. "No." "You wouldn't like to," laughed Myles, his mind running on schillings and six-pnence. The clanging stopped and Captain Whiffo's face grew serious, for the topic of money always was extraordinarily important to him - but ask as he would he could get no more out of Myles about it, for the young captain had decided he'd rather not be around when that explosion took place. A few more details later the two parted ways amiably, the one to prepare his vessel for its next voyage and the other to ask everyone he met about the new currency until he had gotten to the bottom of it. But unbeknownst to them, a small, unseen pair of ears had been listening carefully all this while. "Pieces of eight!" ejaculated Captain Nordau's parrot softly in surprise, with a low whistle... Hey y'all! Another build from me - I really wanted to use this waterwheel for BoBS after building it for the Summer Joust and am really happy with how the scene came together! So fun to use a bunch of Kai's yellow leaves as well! Otherwise just a medium mill for Port Wilks and a list of all the stuff I need to build for my convenience (and to help me remember)! Haven't forgot about Captain Whiffo's duel storyline either, but it's about time that one way or another we finally get our captain back on the seas! Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  4. Yeah, no problem at all! The topic titles are mostly to help find entries easier/to attract attention to the challenge, so it should be completely fine for you to add some details to the titles there. Beautiful build too!
  5. Garmadon

    [MOC] Admiral's Outpost on Azure Coast

    Those are some gorgeous colors that you've got here, and you used them beautifully too! Love that olive vine creeping up to the balcony, and despite the more polished style and updated color scheme, the layout has a very classic feel to it that is great! And as the others have mentioned, sweet job with that flag/banner!
  6. Garmadon

    [COR-FB] inspection of the new troops

    Nice, those custom torsos look lovely! Great little platoon of Corries. Is that a custom scabbard too? I don't think I'd ever seen one with that stud on the back before
  7. Garmadon

    [Freebuild] Skaldar Port

    Fantastic job indeed - wonderful layout, as Ayrlego said; it all looks so natural, but at the same time it's just perfect to be able to see everything and enjoy all the details without getting lost in the busy-ness! Your signature sideways stonework is great in the walls here, and the dark green and black looks lovely as the swampy water fades into the border. Excellent work all around, sir!
  8. Ah!!! Your colors are soo nice here - I just love that first pic with the Kali colors, the tan (which should also count as a Kali color ), brown, and light and dark blue blended together The curved pillars around the fire and the dark tan in the rockwork are great as well, and when you scroll down and see the real height of this thing it is very impressive! Very nice work!
  9. Garmadon

    [Freebuild] The Druid Tower

    Those large rock boulders for the tower really do look great! The light blue water makes for a very peaceful and colorful feeling to the build as well as Ayrlego mentioned, and I love that you went the extra mile with the interior all the way through the tower! Really nice job on that portal too!
  10. This one is really good! I like it - the colors work well (although green and gold are of course better ), and the shaping and sails are quite good as well. Nicely done!
  11. Garmadon

    What is he doing here?

    Great story - now we finally know what this new Corrie currency is all about... The honey pot and cash register are great - can it do pnence?
  12. Very funny scene! The vegetation and irregular base are great, and the posing is excellent as well I'll second Kai about the quarter tiles too - great idea there!
  13. An entry for Eslandola! It's about time Captain Whiffo showed up again (and Captain Nordau)! Now to get them back in ships
  14. Abe Gray's Universal Store was one of the most popular shops in Pontelli. His oldest daughter usually watched the shop and his younger daughter usually watched her little baby brother and ate cookies while she thought her sister wasn't looking. But how well it went with the business was testified by the fact that both his girls were always dressed in the lattest elegant fashion, frills and puffed sleeves and all. Sadie saw to that, although some detractors said sometimes that her sister looked like she was dressed in a sack - but that was ridiculous. Pirates do not window-shop. That's just not a pirate thing. But it must be admitted that when Captain Nordau saw some tulips in the window of Gray's Universal Store he did a very un-pirate-like thing and walked in. He had heard just a little bit ago that Captain Cookie had bought some of Pontelli's new tulips. And he was not one to be behind other pirate captains for long - it would never do. "Arr, did I see some tulips in the winder of this 'ere 'stablishment, miss?" "Yes you did, sir," replied Sadie. "Those are Mondials - they are one of the rarest kinds around. Here you see." "Ay, indeed. I hear that Captain Cookie has bought some Pontelli tulips." "Oh yes, sir, indeed he did. Everybody heard of that. But he bought some of the Orange Emperor tulips. These are Mondials." "Aha, much better, I shall outdo him yet," exclaimed Captain Nordau triumphantly. "Now how much are these? They're better than his, of course, right? I wouldn't pay less than Captain Cookie did for some." "No fear of that," said Sadie to herself. But all she did was smile up at Captain Nordau and think that he was clearly not an Eslandolan. "Yes, of course. These are three-quarters of a doubloon. Captain Cookie's was only a half-doubloon." "Oh yes, excellent. Here you are. And these are one of the rarest kinds you say?" "Certainly, thank you." "No problem miss, anyday," said Captain Nordau as he walked out with his new purchase. He had only just left and Sadie was just pulling out another bunch of the "rare" tulips when Captain Whiffo entered Gray's store. He was a regular costumer there and didn't care if everybody knew it. Abe Gray was a member of the ETWC after all too. Captain Whiffo considered Sadie Gray to be a very Eslandian girl - and that was about the highest compliment anybody could want from him. "Hello, Captain!" said Sadie as he came in. "Captain Nordau was just here and he bought some of these Mondial tulips." "What?! Captain Nordau here?? And what did he want with the tulips?" "Well, he heard that Captain Cookie had just bought some too." "What, him too? Well, I guess it won't do to be left out. How much do they cost? Half a doubloon?" "What, no. Of course not - that's what Captain Cookie paid for them. They're going for four-fifths of a doubloon now." "What? What extravegance!" "Captain Nordau paid three-quarters of a doubloon for them," Sadie smiled. "You wouldn't want to do worse than him. And it's my last one. Extra proceeds for the ETWC, you know, Captain," and she held up the flowers in front of her pretty face. Captain Whiffo sighed. "Okay, give me them for four-fifths then." "A pleasure to see you again, Captain," said Sadie, taking the gold coins, which as Captain Whiffo thought - like a good Eslandolan - looked even better against an Eslandolan girl's pretty face. "Jackie, come show Captain Whiffo your little brother," said Sadie, calling over her little sister - "and stop snitching cookies or I really will take the next one out of your allowance." And Captain Whiffo left saying to himself, "why, how does she manage it? She always does me like this, I don't know how she does it." And he concluded as he had often concluded before, "someday I'm going to marry that girl." And as soon as he walked out the door Sadie said, "Jackie dear, bring out the Royal Blue now, will you please? And I'll pardon you that cookie." ---------------------------------------------- The story so far: Something for a Lady Buying Some Flowers Captain Cookies next move
  15. Ooh, we've got 'til the third? Why did I think it was just until the end of the month? This is information procrastinators like me shouldn't know until their builds are at least half done