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  1. Gladensong (A Fairy Tree House)

    Wow - gorgeous work with that foliage and vegetation; the huge flowers are incredible, and I'm really liking the use of the trans-green on the tree! My favorite bit has got to be that little boat though - too cute Those bees and butterflies are too good to miss mentioning as well!
  2. [OL-FB] An old two-decker

    That stern...! Great work with this, Bodi, those planks on the sides are great, and the Silent Mary's turrets are incorporated very well here too! And of course, I can't fail to mention the ship's interior!
  3. BoBS CMF - Series 8

    A great collection of some of your best minifigures, Captain B! - some of my favorites are Captain Cookie and the Marquis from Oleon (of course ), along with the swashbuckler, highwayman, and Eslandolan piper, but there are a lot of other nice ones as well (can't miss Alberto da Pontelli!) Nicely done, and I'm looking forward in suspense to the rest of your story!
  4. [COR-FB] Tomahawk Makers Longhouse

    That tomahawk in process with the skate on the end is some seriously great part usage! Neat build all arouind - the minifig posing and that grindstone are quite nice, and this is a topic we haven't seen before, if I'm not mistaken. Well done!
  5. This! She's really turning out nicely, and that cabin interior is very nicely done! Looking forward to more!
  6. BoBS CMF - Serie 7

    Nicely done, Faladrin! The Alexport fellow is quite neat, and the MCTC mercenary and banana farmer are great figs as well! I'm liking the plant with that Oleander colonist too!
  7. I'd figured the same thing as SilentWolf, but the four different sides connecting makes this way cooler! A very accurate portrayal of Oleon's naval affairs Some great micro-ships here, that admiral's flagship has got to be my favorite of the bunch - the checkered sides are excellent!
  8. Your beaches are always superb, and this one's no exception - awesome build, Puvel, and great job depicting the flora here! Looking forward to seeing more!
  9. [OL - Ship-Levels] Still Better Than Taxes

    That's Oleon for you! Yes, I do realize all the nations have had a huge increase of paperwork recently... Very nice room, and a neat set of furniture - the chest at the end of the bed was an excellent addition That stack of paperwork though...
  10. [OL - Ship-Levels] Deadlines!!!

    This! Great to see the minions showing up again too!
  11. [OL - Ship-Levels] The Duke's Delightful Dream

    That shopping cart! Great little vig, KB, the hammock is excellent indeed and that's a neat group of micro-ships too!
  12. Poaching

    Very nice job on that boar, and the rest of the little scene is great as well! Not to mention those wolfpack figs!
  13. BoBS CMF - Series 5

    What to say? - another great series! The Corrington Cop, Pirate Captain, Hangman, and Tribal Drummer are some of my favorites, but there are a lot of other neat ones as well! Really like that Pirate Captain's quip too! The first is Sensei Wu's here, and the other is Cole ZX's - both are really awesome, though!
  14. [Esl - FB] SHIP : The Lady Hawk

    A classic Faladrin ship - love your colorscheme, I'm so going to have to try that some day! The sailplan and aftcastle are very tasteful as well, and very clever idea with those train tracks!
  15. BoBs CMF series 4

    Woo! Another excellent series here, Sir Stig, too many great figs to even mention them all! The butterfly collector, chocolatier, broomstickman, Garvey trader, and Sea Rat Occultist are some of my favorites, and like the others, I really like how some of the less cliche'd occupations get a lot of love here! Both these descriptions,