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  3. Garmadon

    [COR-FB] Tavern, Queenston

    Ach, this is gorgeous! I absolutely love the split levels and the effort you went through to give the entire thing some amazing interiors, and the sheer size and scale of it all are simply epic! The burnt orange and dark red are superb as well, and - yeah, I love it, I just love it all, Stunning work, mate - this'll surely be the tavern to go to in BoBS for a whole long time to come!
  4. Garmadon

    HMS Indefatigable

    That is a lovely frigate you've got there, mate! The lines and stern are beautiful, and the deck details take it up to the next level. Really gorgeous work I want one!
  5. Garmadon

    [ESL-FB] Eslandolan Cavalry

    Ooh, really great figs! - that dragoon hat is sweet
  6. Ah, that poem is soo perfect! If the council was going to go the way of history I can't imagine a better way to send it off - you're making me sad already Seriously though, as a good American there's no way I can't love this Great rendition of the council room too, and the darkened picture looks sweet and so in keeping with your story here!
  7. So this is where everything was going? I have to say I was not expecting that! Lessiarty picked the wrong duo to go up against Really fun build and I especially love that final party version! . I see even the gorilla master made it to the celebration. And of course, never give drums to monkeys or children!
  8. Long live King Fernando!
  9. Dexus Rolander (after witnessing the epic showdown between the King and Count Lewisham) made up his mind pretty quickly. And he decided to show his support for King Fernando and his own leadership capabilities for the party in rather unusual fashion. But there's no denying the efficacy of it on the masses - who wouldn't want to support whatever faction this guy does? This was fun, A 12x12 "prominently featuring the color green," so, after a few failures it occurred to me, of course, crocodiles! And also, 12x12 is awfully small, hahaha! I had forgot how tiny that is! Not eligible for prizes, of course, but built for the Return of the King mini-challenge! C&C welcome as always!
  10. This is really nice - those outrigger (maybe? ) canoes work great, and the sail is really awesome! And it looked even better in real life Of course - everyone knows a catamaran sails on its stomach. They seem to have enough chilis for quite a long voyage too
  11. Garmadon

    [OL-FB] Ice in the New World

    Ah, I love this idea and you've done a great job doing it justice - and then you've packed so much into such a small space! Great storytelling and idea, I'd love to see this expanded on even more!
  12. These kids look good, go make Pontelli proud! Eslandola for the win! Also, excellent mascots,
  13. Fun one again, Captain! The Oleon inquisition looks great, and the night melody making with Professor Thaum is really nicely done too - and, a goat!!! I thought you said you didn't know about the Marquis' pecuniary position,
  14. Garmadon

    [OL-FB] Where a goat can go…

    Ah, I love that quote! Very nice work here, I'm intrigued by what will come next, and that definitely does look like some painful terrain to be dragging heavy guns across!
  15. I know that joke and it still got me! This is good - the Marquis really gets around; I'm sure he didn't make much money on the flower fiasco, of course... And I've been wondering what to read recently, maybe I'll have to pick up another of the books by Donan Coyle.