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  1. Lovely vignette and introduction, @stria, those scroll ends are inspired! Excellent backstory, I can't wait to see more of your family of bookmongerers
  2. And so, the great Laeknir has made it here at last! Something about this band looks just a little familiar Welcome to the best guild of them all, Professor (at least, the best before Varlyrio was a thing ) Can't wait to see what adventures your merry band finds heading their way!
  3. Garmadon

    [MOC] North Tower

    Wow! Crazy cool technique and absolutely lovely effect! The crenallations up top look wonderful as well, especially those lower corners with the 45° cutout curved slopes! Great job, man!
  4. Garmadon

    Book III - Challenge 11: Trading Posts

    *vainly searches for a slap emoji* Get back to building man! (Medieval obviously, I mean - what other kind of building is there worth mentioning?)
  5. So clean, really pretty. Flawless combination of technic and system, really well done!
  6. Hey all! Era II has been an exciting adventure for all of us, but all good things must come to an end - buuut... that's just because Era III is just around the corner!! We've been working on some exciting new ideas and plans behind the scenes, but we're also looking for a new team of leaders to take up the reins for the new Era! We want you, the players and members, flesh and blood of the Brick Seas, to take what you find fun and engaging about our RPG and steer the course into the next stage of adventure. The fate of BoBS is in your hands - will you step up to meet the challenge? Please let us know here or in a PM to @Garmadon (yes that's me ) or other current leadership if you'd be interested in taking on the responsibilty and pleasure of running BoBS in the next Era. And even if you're not, we'd love to hear what attracted and keeps you in BoBS, and what you want to see more of in the upcoming years! So here's to another 8 years of BoBS (woah, has it been so long already!?) and to an epic Era III!!
  7. Shiver me timbers!! Has the invincible Captain Nordau lost another gunboat?! Dumpossible. Well, not too bad, all things considered, but I think the good pirate Captain may have to invest on filling his hold with pirate scallywags if he's going to raid Jameston again (which you know, he probably will )! Keep an eye out for gilded aftcastles and ex-Corrie sloops, redbacks, this isn't over!
  8. My entry to the 25 years of Adventure contest! Johnny Thunder has gotten himself and his team pretty deep into the jungle on their riverboat for this one... On a 48x48 baseplate: Neither of us had much time so @Kai NRG and I collabed on this one! Thanks for viewing, C&C welcome as always!
  9. Oh my! What a time to be alive a pirate! Many have wondered how Captain Nordau achieves his many famous (and infamous) naval victories. Turns out the answer is more surprising than expected...
  10. Garmadon

    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 9

    Ooh, that is a great basement, and an amazing looking aparatus, I hope we get to see how it works I'm very curious now though, if this is the false Dr. Thinkslow Shootwell (a) does he think fast and shoot poorly, and (b) when did he take over the good doctor's basement so thoroughly
  11. Garmadon

    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 8

    He was wearing boots! Of course. Love that organ too, I expect that's what the marquis is actually there for (I have the idea we've seen him playing before, haven't we?). The question is, where (and who!) is the fake Dr. Thinkslow-Shootfast is now...
  12. Garmadon

    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 6

    I knew I liked that dog! Also, glad to see the Marquis making his appearance! As others have mentioned, that 9 3/4 sign is fantastic, and the goat and new gwuinee (as someone who had to arrange those in a pile of gold in close quarters I can affirm that when those land (quite often ) on their edges it is indeed one of 'those days' ) are hilarious! Can't wait to see where this story's going!
  13. Garmadon

    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 5

    Ah! Love the Crab and Lobster club! (And that lobster in general - I need to get one ) Also the dog!
  14. Garmadon

    Herlock Sholmes - TAOFTHRM 2

    Ooh, the plot begins to unfold - that's a lovely room, by the way! (well both of them, but I meant the blue one ) The windows are great, and the quarter tiles work so nicely as well, so great that you angled the walls for a better scene too! It's almost unnoticeable, but it makes it so much more alive than ninety degree angles