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  1. Garmadon

    [BTV1-OL] Kingsport Peekaboo

    That. ramrod. is. brilliant! Excellent job with the ruined/war-torn buildings as well (sweet bullet holes), and the presentation is top-notch as usual! I really like your Terraversan uniforms/colors, and the studs out base approach works perfectly with the collapsing environment. Keep these invasion/counter invasion builds up, y'all!
  2. Excellent micro-building and FP - the scattered stud approach works great here - but the story is what makes this something I couldn't miss commenting on! It's awesome when the game mechanics influence the stories we tell, and then those are turned into builds and plot twists and - and it just makes the world alive. I'm definitely hoping you'll come back to Jack and Kate soon, because you can't end here! Great stuff, Capt!
  3. Garmadon

    [OL - FB] A Proclamation

    Always love it when you give us another look at the Societé - and this vig is the perfect way to show the reason why! The crates and mottled wall match perfectly with the drab uniforms and red scarfs of the Heraclists, and the graffiti and posters on the wall (as well as the others!) are spot-on too! Excellent work as always, mate!
  4. Another gorgeous build, Ayrlego - the wall texture is spot-on and the roofs, though simple, are just plain epic! Those bands of light grey half-rounded tiles and the layout are great as well, and that's a really nice cannon design And though a small detail, the stone knobs on the corners are really the icing on the cake for me - they give the whole scene an undeniable feeling of elegance. Excellent stuff, mate!
  5. You know how to do roofs, mate! Those, along with the curved gables and stone corners give the architecture some definite character, and the red shutters and mottling are fantastic as well. The greenery in the corners - especially the palm tree and the creepers climbing the wall on the right - are the perfect pop of color, and the cart of fodder is a great design. All around excellent work as always!
  6. Garmadon

    [MOC] Dwarven Barber Shop

    I've been wanting to take the time to come back and comment on this for a long time (as you can tell ) - I loved seeing the builds coming out of this category and this is undoubtedly one of the best! The wooden arches and curved roof are fantastic, as is the interior (that mirror is ingenious! ) The signs and those beard examples on the inside definitely deserve mention as well. But my favorite thing might have to be that you took a friends set and transformed it into such a perfect Mitgardian barber's shop - still loving it!
  7. That's a fantastic Terraversan scene right there, Ayrlego - so much to like about this, from the cottage to the terrain (excellent use of tiles) to those superb brown uniforms! The repeated dark orange hints give this a great dash of color, but somber enough that it matches the purpose of the build very nicely. And, blu-tack or not, that slung rifle is just sweet! With this kind of start on both sides, I can't wait to see what we'll be getting coming out of the events on TER!
  8. Woot woot! I love Letters of Marque - now just got some thinking to do weighing the alternatives here, And maybe time to build up the fleet a bit too - Captain Nordau's still waiting on his new ship...
  9. Garmadon

    Tobacco Plantation

    Those double-tri-leaf plants are really pretty from a top-down view, especially in lime green! The lime-green pathway looks fantastic as well (as Mab mentioned, the slopes really help make it look natural), and the palms are an excellent way to fill up the corner and get some height into the scene If you'd like some constructive criticism for future builds, think of the fact that in a real plantation things aren't always so spick and span - the dirt lines get kicked around a little and a pebble or two show up here and there; some palm trees lean over at weird angles, and maybe a coconut or two drop off and roll around on the ground. You've done an excellent job with this build, but the more little details you get thinking about the more you can tell a story with your pictures and attract attention where you keep coming back to see more and more in a build! Can't wait to see what you'll be coming up with for BoBS! I've been following your story and builds so far and am looking forward to watching you continue - it's always great to see new players jumping in here!
  10. Garmadon

    Troop rules and land combat

    Woot! Yes! - kudos to the leadership for coming out with these rules - it's obvious at a glance that a lot of thought went into them and I'm really liking what I'm seeing! Looking forward to watching these get some testing here
  11. Garmadon

    [BTV1-TER] Midnight raid

    Excellent little build - the way you've sunk those rowboats into the water adds so much realism and interest to the build, and that's quite a stack of rifles the TVsans have captured! I feel for those poor Oleanders just getting a bit of a nap though On an aside, I'm loving all the builds and action and smack going on recently with the invasion and all on both sides here! I've had too little time to be commenting as much as I should have here, but know that I've been definitely enjoying it all!
  12. Garmadon

    [COR-Ship] armed cog City of Lisreagh

    Nicely done, mate! Love seeing row-boats used as the hulls of larger ships, and that aft-castle is simple but ingenious! Great job
  13. ...And the corresponding update to the Family Rankings! And now with everything (hopefully ) made pretty clear, let's get this guild alive again! Quite a few loose ends to take care of
  14. Garmadon

    Varlyrian Family Intrigue Thread

    The general tension and subdued excitement in the guild did not disappoint. In a sudden flurry of intrigue and discoveries, the guild has exploded with life. Led by Mychel Conzaga, a group of adventures in the western badlands made their way into the underground Kolgari domains and uncovered the tyranny of the Rego toward his underworldly subjects, sending to the east for the families to band themselves together against him. Meanwhile, however, the Rego - whose soldiers to be sent to the Queen's aid had been mishandled by his nephews and consumed by a giant werewolf in the mountains - hearing of unrest on all sides -- the families, the Kolgari, and the dwarves -- and out of favor with the Queen, set out for Avalonia by stealth, intending to win over her majesty and to wait until the storm blew over. But the sailors of the Golden Fortune arrived in Avalonia only weeks later, without the Rego, telling terrible tales of pirates and fighting. The anti-Rego alliance, now firmly in control of the situation - or so they thought - replied by setting Luca di Carlo in the place of the disgraced and vanished Rego to rule "in their interests." No sooner had this been done, however, then the new Rego, drunk with his new-found power, turned upon his alliance, assassinating Staffen Conzaga and holding his youngest daughter captive in Kaliphlin, ridding himself of the de Fiori Captain of the Guard in Tergiversa and nearly of Alesio de Fiori as well. When the latter came ringing to his doorstep Luca di Carlo had his back-up plan ready though, and throwing his allies and fellow-conspirators the De Cioto's into the villain's position, he raided the De Cioto palace and helped to recover Capri de Fiori and restore her to her family. In doing so the new Rego successfully maintained his popularity with the populace and a few of the leading families, although some certainly look on him with suspicion or outright enmity. But despite the death of their family's head, the Conzaga's grew in the public esteem for their roll in freeing the Kolgari and ousting the Rego. The Amancios, on the other hand, suffered quite heavily in their fall and, while still a powerful family - now in the hands of Supano's nephews - are disgraced and disliked almost universally. But that was not all. Up in the mountains dividing eastern and western Varlyrio the dwarves and the Baiamontes have been finding themselves in a tangle, coming to its climax in the appearance of Rufus, the heir of the Baiamonte's title and estate, riding stark mad into the capital on a dragon to avenge his dead father. His brief reign of terror ended (temporarily, at least) with the dragon flying his mad rider out to the west of Varlyrio where all such madness belongs - but needless to say, the episode did not greatly contribute to the public's appreciation of the already frown-worthy name of -- Baiamonte. Varlyrian Family Ranking (update): Leading Family (Rego): di Carlo, Rego of Varlyrio, merchants (@ZlatanXVIGustaf) Secondary Families: Conzaga, wine-makers (@Basiliscus), De Fiori, sword-makers (@Garmadon)Third rank: Amancio, shipmasters (@Rogue Angel), Lords of Baiamonte, soldiery (unclaimed family), Chiaro, merchants (unclaimed family), De Cioto, aristocrats and gold-hunters (@W Navarre)Fourth rank: Khaor, cloth and leather merchants, tailors (@narbilu)Fifth rank: D'Gatto, artists and antiquarians (@mccoyed)Sixth rank: Waythe, judge and mercenary (@Judge of the Wastelands) Also notice - Staffen Conzaga, head of the family, and Cadgie de Fiori, Captain of the Guard of Tergiversa, have been assassinated by the machinations of the di Carlo and De Cioto families, and Poppa Conzaga is currently held by the di Carlos in Kaliphlin, their avowed intention being to marry her off politically when she comes of age. General Juan Baiamonte has also met his end at the hands of the mountain (dragon ), and the former Rego of the guild, Supano Amancio, has been taken and possibly killed by the notorious Varlyrian pirate Xari Spadro (de Fiori). First post updated as well!
  15. @kahir88 You'd have to ask the judges for their particular reasons for ranking the entries that way, but coming in second in a challenge in the guilds isn't bad at all, however many entries there are! I didn't make nearly that in Category B, But yes - story and build are both part of the judging criteria, and I think part of it is that you might have missed how Louis' story was actually all tied together. I for one loved your story though, and in the end it will always come down to some degree to a question of taste with the judges since which is the better entry won't always be perfectly objective. And of course, that's why we try to get as many judges as we can so that any unavoidable personal biases are canceled out as much as possible We definitely enjoyed having you on the Cat. B team though, and your ideas and story planning were a huge bonus for us behind the scenes! Yes and yes. I will indeed be posting a quick summary in the Intrigue thread soon (hopefully later today), but the couple of paragraphs above were meant to deal with the loose ends/conflicts created by the different story-lines. I'm afraid you won't be getting a collected story from our end since that would just be too long, but yes, you're right that as far as possible each story is canon except where it conflicts with/doesn't really fit well with the winning story. So for example, as in the summary above, Mad Rufus did indeed ride a dragon into the streets of Illyrian, but instead of becoming Rego right afterwards it flew off with him to the badlands for now, and whether we hear from him again or not will be up to you and anybody else who'd like to build in Varlyrio That would be @ZlatanXVIGustaf's job, but hopefully yes! That's a valid request, but in this case I can assure you that none of the judges had anything to do with the front-pagings, so it was essentially coincidence. To be honest though, I think we all know that the three of them really blew it out of the water this time, so I don't think it's too surprising to anyone to see them on top But I get where your coming from and that's a good idea in a challenge like this, though of course the ultimate decision making there is up to the Regs and Mods who can actually do such things