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  1. That blue! How could you hid the full picture of this thing in a spoiler? Gorgeous build, man - very nice layout of the buildings, and excellent idea to use the blue again! The blue Tudor and the roof on that part is probably my favorite section of the build, but the other Tudor section, the doors, and the tower are all quite fabulous as well If there's one thing I could critique it'd be the landscaping - the colors there just look thrown around a bit randomly (the light tan especially), and the large dark tan areas might be able to use a bit more variation - a few tiles or smaller plates or patches of lighter sand or something. That's just to nitpick on this otherwise wonderful build, though - keep it up!
  2. Garmadon

    Kaliphlin at work - Day 13: Sculptor

    Amazing fig and excellent sculpture, Gabe, you're making this look way easier than it is! The bandana and sail are especially clever, and I'll second the request for a giant Kaliphlinian chessboard
  3. Wow! Somebody's really learning to master interior lighting here! Excellent build and fantastic lighting, Henjin - really nice use of smooth lines and arches throughout as well! Goes to show that excessive texture and greebling are not at all necessary for a great scene!
  4. Nicely done mate, I really like the colors and detailing on the tower - probably my favorite of your Kali at Work builds so far!
  5. Well, somebody looks a bit familiar Welcome to Varlyrio, Mesabi - you've picked the right place for the havoc-wreaking count, I think - be sure to check out the Intrigue thread if you haven't yet! Don't expect to survive the visit, though...
  6. Excellent facade, mate! The figs and story are nicely done as well - makes me happy when side characters are thought of like this instead of just forgotten the instant they're unnecessary - and the use of those long tiles for ground texture looks remarkably good This part was especially good: I'm going to have to get myself a BoBS bookkeeper to blame
  7. Garmadon

    Trade Hub in Mesozoic

    One of these days I'm just going to have to bit the bullet and get myself some dinos! Another very nice build, dG, and the Mesozoic vibe is very recognizable! Great job making all your builds there nicely cohesive
  8. Garmadon

    Kaliphlin at Work - Day 8: Peddler

    Awesome irregular landscape, Kai, love that light yellow there! Great job with the cart as well, although I was thinking the same thing as Captain Dee about the wind probably being usually more of a problem than a help most of the time with only one wheel on the thing
  9. Garmadon

    Harburg Kitchen

    Sweet interior, Isaac! Well-done busy castle kitchens are always fun to see I'll second the others about all the stuff hanging from the rafters, and the use of the medium flesh throughout works really well!
  10. Garmadon

    Equos Valley [Avalonia Task 3]

    Very nice micro - I'll echo the others in saying that the simple studs approach works quite nicely here The waterfall and settlement are great, and I'm liking those stairs as well
  11. Garmadon

    [SR - FB] Fast Fish

    Very clever and fun build, mate! Love that boat roof and the sign!
  12. I've got a family vig ready for pics and another one on the way... but I'm afraid it got transformed from a vig to a much larger scene by CCC, so it might take me a while Looking forward to what all the rest of you've got in the works!
  13. Garmadon

    The Isle of Druidham [Avalonia Task III]

    Another gorgeous micro-build, HQ - that pink is fantastic! Beautiful water and photography, and great job incorporating the towers and walls into the landscape as well
  14. Garmadon

    Casualties of War

    Well, somebody's got a lot of light tan poles! Clever roof solution and neat little cottage, Full Plate, and the vegetation is nicely laid out as usual too I also really appreciate the thoughtfulness that goes into your stories here - keep it up!
  15. Garmadon

    Dark Secrets on the Île d'Or - resolved

    Excellent write-up, Captain! I must admit you got me with that spoiler there! And congrats to all the winners, Captain B and Keymonius in particular! Very impressive, guys!