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  1. Hahaha, I must say, I quite like what you've done here! I might just have to install something similar in Port Wilks (when it gets a little bigger... ) I think it's definitely a sign of success if instituting port taxes makes me want to visit a port I haven't been to before instead of trying to avoid it!
  2. Garmadon

    Book II - Mitgardia: Guild sign-up and Discussion

    Wow, we've had more Mitgardian builders for Book II than I remembered! Great job putting these together, SK, thanks a lot! Plenty of great memories, you all have done Mitgardia proud!
  3. Come on - he's a pirate, he's not required to have proper spelling (and is totally allowed to make up words )!
  4. Actually... I think I can match that... Captain Nordau - black flag captain - (just because he simply likes this kind of thing ) hereby officially offers the Sea Rats 8000 DBs upon the condition that they destroy the state of Prio and wipe it off the face of the Brick Seas - to be paid in cash, 5000 upfront, 1500 more if necessary during the course of the attack, and the last 1500 upon completion. And he might throw in a few hundred more for good measure if y'all get it done with some bizaz, Edit: He will also pledge his Class 1, the Frisking Dart, to assist in the annihilation of Prio/Romantica!
  5. Nice, really love these palms here - give the build a fabulous jungle atmosphere! Looks great even when reduced to the smaller size
  6. Hmm - what is the procedure if I want to change your mind about a (totally worthless, ) ally? Honestly, I think that'd be a fabulous idea! Such a classic move for an imperial power to slip in while nobody else is looking! And this is a great opportunity, as nobody really cares about Prio (except for Maxim ) - anyways, I will most happily sit by the sidelines and let y'all take over if you want - I take credit for the idea, though Come on - it'll be a service to the Brick Seas to prevent it from falling to the Sea Rats' hands!
  7. Garmadon

    Avalonian House

    Love this one! The light grey trimming looks great, as do the roofs, and the stained glass windows just fit in perfectly as well!
  8. Sounds about right - now I was never in favour of helping those losers Wait, are they really that bad off? Maybe Eslandola should get in on this and just swallow them (Or is it someone else's turn? )
  9. Nicely done, mate, I'm liking the depiction of the canoe-carving process - very clever! The smooth angles against the beach are great as well
  10. Very nicely done, man! Excellent interior scene, and that window is just great! Great to see you keep on improving!
  11. Garmadon

    [SR-FB] The Rosa Lee (WIP)

    He's back! Another great atmospheric shot, and I'm excited to see that you're keeping this series and ship going! Looking forward to more
  12. Garmadon

    [TSotEP] 16 - Epilogue

    Nicely done, Captain Blofeldraunsfeld! Great way to transform the beach into something more... lucrative - very Eslandolan of Captain Blofeld there The dock and the anchor and other ship parts lying around are great, and I like what you did with that roof!
  13. Garmadon

    [SR - FB2 June] Sea Dolphins

    Nice!! Fantastic use of those capes as the splash - I'll totally have to remember that!
  14. Garmadon

    [COR - FB] Lady Belson - Class 4

    Wow - now that ship is just beautiful! Love both the colors and the curves, and although I do agree that the sails could use a bit more of a curve, the overall build is just very nice!
  15. Welcome to BoBS, mate! - excellent little intro build, the waves in the background work very well Great intro, and I await where you'll be going with this story! Glad to be of inspiration, too! (I was actually busy rebuilding that very ship this morning )