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  1. That's a beautiful coat of arms... and a great idea and neat looking ball room so far! Figs of mine who would be happy to show up if you can build them - in the spoiler: Of course I don't expect you to be able to fit all of those guys in there, but I figured I'd throw them out there in case you had the parts for one or two! If you want you could let me know if you settle on one or another, and I may be able to do a build or two of story for them getting there... I shan't promise anything, though, as my building schedule's really rather packed already!
  2. [ESL] Blood Diamond

    Really nice ship, Capt Wolf, and very clearly from your shipyards! I'll echo SJ on the colors - and on the question Is that a stripe of dark red there? I can't quite make it out - it looks great either way, though! And your sails look fabulous as always, too!
  3. That roof!!! Very cool - great concept and capital execution! The colors are really nicely chosen and your depiction of the cannon-molding process is excellent Love all those cranes and the cannon hanging out front! And that is some phenomenal photography too - I was debating with myself whether it was an LDD rendering or not, and only was swayed over by the tiniest particle of dust in one of the pics Captain Dee's precarious pose balanced on those flagstones almost had me convinced that there wasn't any real gravity effect here though Very nicely done all around!
  4. [COR WTC] Fort Mesabi

    Nice work with this! - the classic colors work really well, and I'm liking the interiors and modularity of it too! The palm tree and masonry bricks serve to spice things up a bit as well
  5. Burglars!!

    Thanks blackdeath! I enjoy packing these smaller builds with as many details as I can - feel free to use away! Thanks Bart! Glad you liked the story too!
  6. "An excellent idea!" exclaimed the Lieutenant quickly, jumping up. "We ought to send a huge joint Corrington and Eslandolan force to Fuerte Unido, I maintain, to catch all those scoundrels as they come out!" and he sat down abruptly. Agent Guelds rolled his eyes at him - he clearly hadn't been paying any attention to what the Gov. was saying. "That affair's taken care of already," he whispered to his neighbor - "though it was rather... phh, lamely and tamely taken care of, if you ask me" ("or me," added the Lieutenant) - and then, raising his voice to an audible tone, added, "I'll second the motion, then, Gov.!" "Thirded!" exclaimed the Lieutenant, before Willoughby smacked him over the head with his slate. Three votes in favor of the measure from the ETWC bench (though they all wish it could have been something more... drastic...)
  7. Burglars!!

    Thanks Elostirion, glad you like it! Sleeping Uncle's pose was definitely inspired by @Faladrin's awesome pose for his recent pirate cabin scene!
  8. [Cocovia Wagonway] Majestic Gulch

    Typical Captain Dee goodness here - very recognizably in your style, and all the gold and the well-ordered vegetation look great as usual too! Nice job with all the carts and the Express, and I must confess that I'm loving that medium dark flesh!
  9. [SR-FB1] Feb '18 - Power Shifts

    Oh-ho - developments! Great to see something moving over in Charlatan Bay again, and can't wait to see where things keep going from here! As to the build: the bars seem quite appropriate for a town like CB and add some nice flair to the build, and I like the use of the printed tiles on the table there!
  10. [COR-FB] The HMS Beagle

    Very nice work, Bregir, as others have said, the sails and rigging look great, and, although I do agree with the Captain that it sits a little high out of the water, the rest is quite well built too Also, the bit of a base for a ship like this is often overlooked, but it really does add a lot!
  11. It's All in the Hairdo

    Nice build and story, Kai! - I particularly like that upside-down canoe shot The ruins and vegetation are really well done too, and, whether it looks like an orchid or not, that flower definitely isn't bad!
  12. Woot! Love that black flag thingy! Expect a barrage of pirates the moment I can get the time to build some! Oh sorry, I didn't just say that. Eslandolan, right... But there is that pirate character of mine I've always wanted to be able to licence a side-ship for, so...
  13. Love how that first build there pops, Ayrlego! - excellent choice of colors and textures, I'll have to try out that interspersed stud wall texture sometime as it works really well here. That's a nice recreation of the build by Bodi too - and I'm glad to see that he doesn't have as many broken tiles as you do! I must admit that they really do make your roofs stand out (in a good way, that is!) when you include them, though! That ship is really great too - awesome work with the colors, shaping, rigging, and sails; just about everything, that is! I also particularly happen to like the fact that you (Bodi, I mean ) managed to get a ship's boat in there, which is not very easy with the very limited space on a LEGO ship!
  14. Doing it Right (Ch. I Cat A)

    Fantastic job with this, Kai, you're work definitely paid off! The treehouse is really nicely done, but the landscaping and vegetation take the cake - the rock-work, waterfall, tree-trunk texture, and colorful flowers are all superb! Great story and descriptions as usual as well!
  15. You can hardly go wrong with dark red, but you've taken it so much farther here than just 'good'! I'll just echo the others - this'll be one hard entry to beat!