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  1. You, my dear sir, are really the master of lime green! Love the colors on these builds, and the activity is really well done too! Great job with the vegetation also - really looking forward to watching as you uncover more and more of this island!
  2. [COR-AMRCA] Mokolei Expedition

    Nice work with these builds, folks! Lord Bucket's lighthouse is really excellent (that colorscheme always works well, especially for that subject matter), and I really like the curved roof on Bregir's - and the fig posing, too The map is quite neat as well, and Ayrlego's build just nails the mid-Eastern vibe. Very well done, all!
  3. Nicely done, Capt! We've had some good stories to go along with BoBS paperwork before, but this is definitely one of my favorites! That micro xebec is excellent as well - glad to hear the real one will be getting a new lease on life
  4. Very nice work so far, Spud - the curve of the side is really well done, and I think my only piece of advice at the moment would be to make the side galleries of the cabin stick out/curve more than at the moment as it looks a bit flat back there. Not sure exactly what the best way to do that would be, though! I've been asked a few times for a cannon tutorial of the design I usually use (not sure exactly how original it is, though - if I recall correctly, it's basically a mix of a few other designs I'd seen before), so I figured this would be as good a place for it as any other (also posted it in the Artillery index too)! Check out the whole process in the spoiler (probably way more detailed than it has to be )! And here's an example of the design in a build: There's lots of good cannon designs out there, but I hope this might help out for those who are looking for a handy design!
  5. The Foundry: Submissions

    Hello there! Here's the cannon design which I usually use - not sure just how original it is (I'm pretty sure it's some kind of combination of a few different designs I'd seen before), but it's not here yet, so! Parts list: 2x 3062b (alternately 1 for a shorter barrel) 1x 62462 1x 6628 1x 4070 1x 3070b 2x 4865b 4x 4265c 2x 2540 Assembled: And for minifigure size comparison (I hope it isn't too artistic ): Or if this is better:
  6. The Cocovia Wagonway: Wooden Bridge

    Loving that cutaway terrain, Elos, and the wooden bridge in the works looks very good as well! Those fishermen are a great addition too!
  7. [AMRCA - Maxim I] Origins

    That dome! Just fantastically incorporated in this building, Maxim, and it really makes the build and sells the Arabic-type feel too! Very nicely done!
  8. Yes! I've always loved this challenge write-up - will have to get to work here pretty soon!
  9. [SR - FB 3 Nov 2017] It's all about expertise

    Very nicely done, Professor! Those contraptions look great, and you've nailed the colors and activity too - even that dock is fantastic! Of course, Captain Whiffo doesn't agree with the building of the factory, being a tea-totaller, but I will second Elostirion about the improvement in your building skills!
  10. Londa, capital of Mardier

    Loving that cobblestone street, Elos! I never would have thought that'd work so well - but I suppose it helps that I don't have even one 1x1 tile in that color, so it never even occurred to me Those buildings and the figs are very nice too - and that statue Great to see Mardier getting some love! I did not just say that
  11. [COR] A fountain for Elizabethville

    Very nice work with this little build, Drunknok! The flowers and layout are very tastefully done, and the fountain is quite neat too A very innovative way to increase the settlement's funds!
  12. [SR - FB1 Nov] Tan Your Hide

    Nicely done, MKJ, those capes work very well for tanning hides! The ones drying on the line are probably my favorite detail, and the minifig combinations are great too!
  13. The ETWC delegation arose in their seats and a thunderous applause sounded out (how Captain Whiffo even manages to clap at all with a hookhand is a bit of a mystery - but like everything else, when he does clap, he does it thunderously). "An excellent piece of sage advice from our Admius Legistrad all around," exclaimed the latter - "and now, if you'll excuse me, I'll be following his example. I've got some trading to do! Too-dli-doo!" And with that Captain Whiffo dashed out of the room and disappeared. A moment later he returned, however, exclaiming, "No, I'm not bowing out of my seat permanently! ETWC for the win!"
  14. Oleon: Sign-up and Discussion, Era II

    Congrats on the well-deserved promotion, Bodi! And (OOC) re: the tax thing - actually, while IC my characters disagree and find Oleon's tax outright villainous, of course, OOC I do like it - very Oleanderish And a nice way to distinguish the factions more and give 'em a bit more character
  15. Captain Whiffo and Captain Bowditch had been deep in conversation ever since they had been last called upon to speak, and at this address from the MCTC delegation, a thunderous round of applause sounded from the ETWC bench... "Excellent, excellent," exclaimed Captain Whiffo - "the very ticket! Upon mature deliberation, both Captain Bowditch and myself agree heartily with our Corry friends, and would only vote for the self-same type of statement from our free Eslandola. (The 100% tax was irony, of course, you know.)" "No it wasn't!" threw in Agent Guelds - "I still support such a thing entirely." "Well - whether we get our friend here to see reason or not," Captain Bowditch finished off, "I think we in the ETWC may safely promise the same freedom from taxes in any and all ETWC ports that our friends in the MCTC have assured us will obtain in their own." And the ETWC delegation again took their seats, Agent Guelds muttering under his breath something about wishing good old George de Pontelli was there to back him up and help the others see the opportunities here...