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  1. Whiffo Dock

    Thanks SilentWolf! Glad you like the angle in there - I've got enough of those nice A-frames that I thought I really ought to try to put them to good use! That would be one of these dinosaur tail pieces (which LEGO likes using for trees more recent too). Thanks! Thanks for the kind words! Thanks Captain! Glad to find I'm not the only one that thought so - there just somehow seemed to be something appealing about that fig by the rock
  2. Avonhem Manor - Home Sweet Home!

    Lovely, Titus, simply lovely. Fantastic job all around, so many great details - I'm loving it all (except maybe that tree )! Awesome Tudor and stone-work - the fairly smooth and not at all over-textured wall is some wonderful relief here, especially in combination with the Tudor and corner tiles; great call there The landscaping and colorscheme are great as well, and I'm loving the idea and execution with the dark green water and dam/walkway! The microfigs Kai mentioned and those lanterns are excellent additions as well. As far as the tree goes - I find that sticking a leaf straight up in the center/top is a difficult concept to pull off well; I think you would have been better off here just going without that one. Also, generally speaking, angling the leaves/branches can work wonders for trees - check out this or this for a couple of examples (though I'm sure you're familiar with them already!) - or on the other hand, a taller trunk and some nice slopes and pretty basic techniques can make for a very nice tree as well (see some of MassEditor's latest builds, especially in Avalonia, for some great examples - or if we're going for really tall trunks, Brother Steven's huge and epic ones). I don't think there's too much of a straight "this is the way to put together the best tree" though - there are lots of different awesome variations and types of trees, and it generally takes a fair amount of practice and fiddling to know which will fit where and to capture them perfectly in LEGO form! Keep at it!
  3. [COR-FB] Regular Like Clockwork

    Very cool, Breg! The facade is really nicely done - I'll have to get some of those carved knob-like pieces if I ever get the chance - and all those clocks look great as well!
  4. Sea Haven

    Wow that dark blue water! A very awesome and impressive build, Blufiji, those small rock outcroppings look great, and the color-scheme with the greens, greys, and blues works way better than I would have expected! That pathway up to the door/opening in the rocks is fantastic as well! The little boat is a neat addition too. If there's one thing I'd nitpick about, it'd probably be the amount of stone-work you have in the buildings - I think it just puts the light grey content of the build a little high; it may be just me, but I would have liked a higher ratio of woodwork to stonework in there. For instance, the house furthest on the right looks spectacular, and I think the build would have turned out looking a bit more Norse/Mitgardian if that (more browns) had been continued a bit more into the rest of the buildings. That's all a fairly small detail, though, and overall this is a very impressive build! Great to see another Mitgardian MOC from you!
  5. Very nice build, Ayrlego, and great to see this topic getting some love in the Brick Seas (Perfect facial expression for that guy inside, by the way! ) The building and architecture are great and very much in keeping with the style of Port Woodhouse, and that citrus tree is just splendid! I don't have any alt-bricks myself, but their leaves sure do look fabulous! And last but not least, that parrot is a great splash of color here too!
  6. [SR - FB1] The Gargoyle

    Looking nice, Professor, I'm really liking this little vessel! The rig is coming along great as well!
  7. Whiffo Dock

    Thanks Ayrlego! Hope you all can get some good use out of it! Thanks Kai! Unfortunately there was no way to actually stick it through the paper, but... Glad you liked the story! Thanks Blackdeath! Yep, that's what bugged me about it a bit too - it's because of all the tilts you have available with the technic axles... I think it might be easier to solve those gaps in a larger build, but really, I'm not entirely sure! But I do know that SK did an awesome job of it in this build here!
  8. A small commerce (for Corrington to licence) from me. Whiffo Dock
  9. And, a small build for the Corries' New Haven settlement from me! Whiffo Dock
  10. Whiffo Dock

    Captain Whiffo stood on the newly finished small dock, thoughtfully perusing the document in his hands, a couple of crates of miscellaneous goods by his side. "Mmhm, yes, alright," he muttered to himself, and then looking up, and addressing the world of the Brick Seas at large - though there happened to be no one there to hear him - he began reading in a stentorian voice, "Ladies, gentlemen, etc., etc., etc., of the Brick Seas!" "Be it known to you that on this day, the 8th of August of the year 617, Captain Whiffo makes over the ownership of Whiffo Dock to the honorable Corlanders for the use of the inhabitants of New Haven, in accordance with the Treaty of blah, blah, blah - hoping that it may thrive and become a bustling center of trade in the years to come." He looked around satisfactorily. Nothing but jungle and water could be seen anywhere about - New Haven was somewhere... out there - but what of it? This location had suited him just fine, and he prided himself on his Eslandolan foresight on all things mercantile and economic, and had concluded that this would be a splendid situation for a future center of commerce and a great place to unload... dinghies? Pshaw! He turned back to his parchment. "This dock, therefore - named in my honor, of course," he added aside - "shall stand as lasting testimony to the good-will of Eslandola to all, blah, blah, blah - you folks," he looked up with a smile, "is what it means to say - and shall prove that Eslandolans are men of their words - or men of their diplomats' words... I never signed that treaty - well!" He turned to the paper again, "Excellent, excellent - that will do the job admirably. I certainly hope the Corries do appreciate the work, for I tell you, it goes very much against the Eslandolan grain to build a dock and then leave it for somebody else to make money off of. Ah, well! - se la vie..." And with that he pulled out a handy sword, and pinned the parchment down to the boards of the new dock. He stepped back to admire the scene, And then turned and left the small new dock to itself and the jungle... And a somewhat random shot of Captain Whiffo by the rock I had to use to hold the paper down in the wind Just a little build from me for BoBS for the Corries' New Haven settlement - I did try out a bit of a new (for me!) rock-work technique which was meant to be an attempt at SK's angled rocks (connected via a technic axle), but I'm not really too sure about how it turned out It is a small commerce to be licenced by Corrington. Thanks for viewing, C&C are welcome as always!
  11. Now that is a neat micro, Maxim! I'm really liking that road too, and the green and gold in the predominantly white building look great as well! Nicely done!
  12. Very nicely done, you've definitely nailed this style again, and this is a great representation of something we haven't seen much in BoBS! I'm with Kai on the olive too, and I've got to admit those rifles are pretty neat!
  13. [SR-FB] The Rosa Lee (WIP)

    I'm wondering what the good cook has against those particular fruits! Another great shot, mate - love the light you've got on the lantern, and all these detail pics of the ship have me really looking forward to more! Keep it up!
  14. Sounds like fun, Maxim! Wish I could be there - you guys wouldn't be able to pay my flight now, would you? Looking forward to seeing what you all come up with!
  15. A journey to Mitgardia

    Nicely done, dG, and great to see something from you again! The windows above the door are really catching my attention, and the interior is excellent as well I may have to borrow that candle-stick design sometime!