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  1. Lemerbrix

    2024 Friends sets

    New episode out: Farm fest!
  2. Lemerbrix

    2024 Friends sets

    It’s here folks! Episodes 1-6 of season two are on Netflix, and I’ll be doing individual episode analysis here when they’re on YouTube!
  3. Lemerbrix

    Lego City 2024

    It’s only available in Europe, but looking on bricklink, previous paper packs cost less than $10, but you’ll need to have them shipped from Europe (assuming you live in the u.s) I personally would like to get my hands on the magazines that come with these paper packs.
  4. I’m not exactly sure what you’re talking about, I’m saying that the Zoey polybag and Z-blob and bunchu polybag could be offered as a GWP for castle nocturnia, as Lego seems to be putting a polybag from last year, and a polybag from this year into large sets free original themes like friends with Andrea’s modern mansion, and Ninjago with tournament temple city.
  5. Definitely before august, I actually have a theory that it and the Z-blob and bunchu polybag from last year will be offered as a gwp with castle nocturnia, considering that the friends mansion had two polybags, one from this year and one from last year given when you purchase the set, and the Ninjago tournament temple city has a gwp with a polybag from this year and a polybag from last year.
  6. Lemerbrix

    2024 Friends sets

    Season 2 trailer!
  7. Lego dreamzzz wiki, it’s been featured in other promo art
  8. Sadly no, she uses the Ginny Weasley hair in medium nougat, there’s no printing on it. However, some promo images show a dream chaser design for Astrid, where she uses the black widow hairpiece, which can be printed on, as shown on vi moradi from the galaxy’s edge set. I’m assuming Astrid is a new main character, so I wouldn’t be surprised if this version appears in future sets. this is the new version, really nice!
  9. I would say it’s a bit unfair to compare the animation style of dreamzzz compared to monkie kid and even ninjago! All 3 are (mostly) made by different animation studios, ninjago has been animated by Wildbrain since season 11, and dragons rising is using unreal engine to give the visuals. Monkie kid (seasons 1-4) has been animated by flying bark productions. Lego dreamzzz (with the exception of 2 episodes in season 2) is animated by pure imagination studios. Heck, even lego friends: the next chapter is animated by a different animation studio: passion Paris. I’d say that blaming shows animation quality to other shows is like blaming fruits taste to other fruits. Of course apples taste different because of oranges, they’re different fruits! Metaphors aside, I would say dreamzzz does have lower quality animation compared to ninjago or monkie kid, but I think it manages to still be a decent show. I hardly notice quality of animation, but this time I took another look, and yeah, it’s not the best animation, but tbh I’ve seen worse.
  10. I recently had a thought, in the show, Astrid is depicted with a white streak in her hair, could this mean she has poliosis?
  11. Lemerbrix

    2024 Friends sets

    Mark your calendars everyone! Lego friends the next chapter season 2 is coming June 13th!
  12. Lemerbrix

    2024 Friends sets

    I didn’t notice that before, great find! I don’t think the knee length shorts on petch will be used frequently, considering his prosthetic leg is moulded in to the leg, but would be nice to get a regular version!
  13. Lemerbrix

    Lego City 2024

    Not all of them, according to brick fanatics, the space mech, command rover, and science lab will be retired at the end of this year. The others will retire next year
  14. Are you planning to put the 2x4 tile from set 10743 in the build somewhere? Would go great!
  15. On Lego.com it shows 4.9 stars for me. Speaking of megapolis, I just built it this week and it’s one of my favorite monkie kid sets ever!