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  1. Demetreous

    [MOC] Bikes Shop Modular

    It's a architecturally lovely MOC, but the elevator stole my heart. -Deme
  2. Demetreous

    Let's Build's Lego MOCs

    I love these. And is that a bathroom I spot in the house? -Deme
  3. Demetreous

    2017 City Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I sincerely miss that short-lived medical line. They discontinued the hospital before I could get my hands on it...
  4. Demetreous

    Harburg Castle

    This is amazing, and I feel super inspired by the hinged, "doll-house"-like features. -Deme
  5. Demetreous

    Brickbrats Museum of Natural History

    Absolutely gorgeous! I especially love and am inspired by your door design. The stained glass window turned out great by the way. -Deme
  6. Demetreous

    Inquiry of this Forum

    Hello everyone, I am fairly new to this forum and noticed that there are many "guilds" that run the place. I was wondering if this forum is used to support the worlds and story lines that have been set before me, or if it is encouraged to bring in original story lines. Excuse my noobery, -Deme
  7. Demetreous

    The Cedar Serpent

    Honestly, I find this so inspirational. I see MOCs on here that I am so envious of because their creators seemingly have an endless supply of LEGOs to perfect even the most minute of details, and seeing something like this (without a conventional ship piece or brickbuilt hull) gives me hope for my abilities again. I love how the hull was built upside down, the sides are sideways, and everything else is right side up: makes me want to experiment away from the conventional right side up building techniques. -Deme
  8. Demetreous

    Suggestions for Organization

    Thanks to all.
  9. I've recently emerged from my dark ages, only to be greeted by my entire collection dismantled inside of a large bin. Because I want to finally be able to utilize all of my resources when building, I've been attempting to organize my collection. However, I don't want to end up completely organizing my collection, only to get lazy and end up undoing all of my work. So, does anyone have a method of organization that would allow me to find what I need fairly easily, but not take me days to accomplish?
  10. Demetreous

    LEGO® Games are Inspirational

    Oh, no I understood that we disagreed. Suppose I didn't make that clear: sorry. But wow, I totally get your point here. I never thought of it that way: by TLG choosing to use a more vague background, you get to make more creative liberties on interpreting it into physical MOCs. Very interesting point, indeed.
  11. Demetreous

    Lego Ultra Agents 2015

    I just noticed that the LEGO® Ultra Agents Ocean HQ is available for purchase on their website for 99.99 USD. I don't know the current availability in other countries. Haven't heard anything about it, so I thought I'd just notify anyone who's interested. I also noticed that other Ultra Agents sets are also available today, as are sets from a few other themes like City and Creator.
  12. Demetreous

    [SPC] Cat C -The Storm Bringer-

    Your entry has inspired me, good sir. I adore the sleekness of the vessel, and your rear thruster design. Now, excuse me while I go build.
  13. It's adorable, yet awesome. I fear her stability with those ultra thin legs, however.
  14. Demetreous


    Usually, I'm not the biggest fan of large, detailed ships; because, I've found that many MOCers overdo the details and make their creations too "busy." However, I adore this ship. It's color scheme really captures my attention, and it has just the right amount of details, most of which involve some sort of storyline or playability. Well done.
  15. Demetreous

    Officers Building

    Is that a certificate of graduation from the officers' academy I see in the background?