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Found 4 results

  1. astral brick

    Out of the dark age?

    Hello! A few months ago my interest towards Lego came back and I have tried to keep-up to date with what happened in the last 25 years. I was astonished to see how much parts and techniques have improved. Snot, studless designs and angled/curved pieces changed it all and I couldn’t believe my eyes when I saw on flickr the stellar current level of afols’ creations. I stopped building at the beginning of my teenage years in the early 90s, I started as a child with Space and then I switched to Technic. Probably my favourite sets ever are the spaceship Galaxy Commander (6980) and the Backhoe Grader (8862). During these years I was tempted a couple of times, the first one was with the first Ucs X-Wing and the second one was with the Sopwith Camel (10226), but at the end I didn’t buy any of those sets. Now I maybe regret not to have purchased the biplane but I feel no regrets towards the X-Wing, I couldn’t stand the lack of details of the end parts of its laser cannons in such an expensive model (at that time). As a matter of fact – and I hope I won’t start a flame – I know that Star Wars sets contributed to save Lego from the bankrupt but they had – and still have in my opinion – a very negative impact in terms of creativity, considering that SW license was the main reason why the production of the Space line declined and eventually, due to the vicious circle, stopped. Anyway a few weeks ago I built the amazing Jk Brickworks’ Sisyphus and then I bought his Pop-up book. I believe Jason Alleman’s mocs represent, in the Lego field, the exemplary link between engineering, the complexity of the technic mechanisms, and architecture, the aesthetics of the highly detailed models. Besides I find so commendable that he releases his instructions for free, he is not only a master builder but a true pillar of Lego community. I would like to build the Nativity, his pop-up book variation, nevertheless it is a very difficult goal for me because of the lack of the parts list. Actually I understand the video instructions but I cannot identify many parts because they didn’t even exist decades ago. Moreover a small childhood’s dream that I would like to fulfill is to build a Transformer with Lego. Many years ago the level of robots was the one of the set 6951, I spent so many time trying to figure out how to build a Transfomer but I eventually gave up, coming to the conclusion that the needed pieces did not exist. Nowadays, thanks to the socket-ball joints and other parts, this kind of models are finally feasable. My last objective would be to build a neo classic spaceship, some mocs are stunning and that shows how deeply loved and thus missed the Space line is. I especially appreciate Peter Reid’mocs – my favourite one is the Ll-497 - and I hope that some day he would release the instructions of at least one of his wonderful creations, trying to understand the structure of his models through some pictures is beyond my level. I dont know if I will be able to achieve any of the previous goals and I am not even sure if I am (or want to be) out of the dark age, I certainly know that, as a child, to build using plastic bricks brought me a happiness that no other toy or videogame could match and I will always be grateful to Lego for these joyful memories.
  2. Hey everyone, I thought this would belong here, please move this thread if it’s wrong. I could find only one similar thread which had its last comment in 2014 so I preferred creating a new one than reviving a four year old topic. Please don’t hesitate to let me know if there’s a similar alive thread Just thought it would be interesting to create a topic where people can share how and when they got back into Lego/came out of their Dark Ages. Here’s how I got back into Lego: In August 2017, I started to want to get some bricks for making a remote control car and I discovered the great PAB service at S@H but I didn’t know which bricks in which quantities I needed to buy. Then, I looked at the Classic sets for getting big amounts of bricks for a reasonable price at S@H and saw that the price per piece ratio was much lower than that of the bricks in the PAB service. But I was wrapped up in something that includes cute smiley faces and has an incredible amount of details packed in its interior: the Parisian Restaurant! I was absolutely blown with the possibilities Lego had! I really wanted to get it but it was way too expensive for my budget- I ended up buying two Classic sets even if I wasn’t totally convinced. I tried to MOC a modular as my interest came to them but I didn’t have the skills and the bricks variety. After a while, I discovered other modulars available (the Palace Cinema, Detective’s Office, Brick Bank and Assembly Square) and I started to really like the AS as it has a European Architecture. The AS became a modular that I started to want to get too but the other modulars didn’t interest me, I didn’t like their architecture. They of course did grow on me and I don’t remember anymore how and which one: I discovered one of the retired modulars, following by all the other retired ones of the series! I became very familiar with all and then discovered Ideas, a couple of weeks later, discovered MOCs and the AFOL community... So how did you guys got back into Lego?
  3. Banjo

    Hi from Banjo

    Hi everyone! I've posted a few times sporadically here, but mostly just lurked... but now I want to take a more active part so I thought I'd take the time to make a proper "hello" post (though not as long-winded as my other new post in the Pirates section!). Short version: I'm an Aussie in my late 30's for whom Lego was a huge part of their childhood, but drifted away from it into my own "dark age" until a few years ago. A random buy of a Heroica game set got me curious and interested to buy and build a few other random "regular" sets out of nostalgia, but it was the then-new Alien Conquest theme that made me fall in love with Lego all over again; so *fun* and (for me) mindblowingly different from what was around when I was a kid! After that, I discovered my childhood dream of "Lego Star Wars" actually existed, and the LOTR line was just coming out... and the rest is history. I now own *far* too much Lego at my age, but I love it as much as I did when I was eight years old! Glad to see that I'm not the only "big kid" who feels that way... not by a long shot! :)
  4. Detzit


    Hi everyone My name is Rui and I’m an afol from Portugal. It’s been a while since I’ve been around this website and forum (especially the technic one) but as I didn’t want to continue being one of the guests, here I am. As most of the afol, I went through a dark age. Mine lasted from age 15 till about 7 years ago, while shopping for Lego sets for my young boy about Christmas time when I noticed the 8275 Bulldozer and thought – Wow this is Lego technic today! It was a lot of money so I didn’t buy it but forces were in motion. A few days after I spotted an 8273 Off Road Truck at 50% off and that was it. I was 38 then. After that I bought several technic sets but as I started having a lot of parts and discovered bricklink, I’ve been bricklinking models for the last 3 years buying just the parts needed. I’m essentially a builder from instructions but like to add some mods either for esthetics or simply because some part is missing. My boys are 8 and 11 today and they are also lego builders. Having 2 sons gives me the best excuse to search, talk, build and buy lego! Best to you all, Rui