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Found 11 results

  1. Hello fellow builders, I present you the Flying Dutchman, the infamous ghost ship from the Pirates of the Caribbean film series, in LEGO! The idea came to me a year ago, while I was sitting at my desk when I cast me eyes upon the 3 official LEGO POTC ships on the top of my shelf: The Black Pearl, The Queen Anne's Revenge, and The Silent Mary. For years I had been waiting for LEGO to release a Flying Dutchman, but to no avail it never came out. Determined to build the ship myself, I embarked on an exciting, challenging but rewarding journey to produce a MOC which would take up its rightful place among my fleet and make it complete. More information can be found here at LEGO IDEAS. If you like it, feel free to support! Here are some renders below (more can be found on my Flickr page): LEGO Flying Dutchman - 1 by Scarvia LEGO Flying Dutchman - 2 by Scarvia LEGO Flying Dutchman - 4 by Scarvia And with the crew: LEGO Flying Dutchman - 6 by Scarvia The infamous triple-barrelled chasers in the bow: Triple-barrelled chasers (Out) by Scarvia Triple-barrelled chasers (In) by Scarvia Thank you for your time.
  2. Skulls1234

    HMS Surprise MOC

    Hello fellow builders!! I just wanted to share with you my MOC of HMS Surprise (a frigate that was commissioned in 1794), and to ask you for your help and support for my project. For more (and better) pics with a description of my MOC you can go to if you really like it, and think it'll make a cool new Lego set, I would also love to have your support for HMS Surprise so we can turn a design into a real Lego Set. Thanks!!!
  3. If you want to read the first part of my characters story, read the introduction post. "Log of Captain Lothario Fraunces, 28th of June, 618 Me and my brothers Jacobo and Alfie spend some days together in the city of Breshaun. Me and my brother Jacobo came to Breshaun on board of the Fluyt 'The Octopus'. Together with Alfie we enlisted again and had plans to reach the new world to the east, when some of the Octopus' crew members came to me. Crew members: "Lothario, the captain died last night. He was ill since we left Holders Rock but he did not want to tell anyone. We need a new captain and we know your skills on the seas and don't trust the old quartermaster Cedric. He is egocentric and is very stubborn. Lead us in our mutiny!" And so we went to the ship. I challenged Cedric to a duel for the captaincy. Our cutlasses almost broke with every strike. Cedric fought like a bull but his anger prohibited him to foresee my moves and I was on the winning hand, what I did not know was that Cedric companion was below deck, ready to fill me with lead through the hatch. The blast just missed my forehead and blew my hat away. The cheat came out of the hatch to finish the job, but he did not count on my brother Alfie. With one smooth move Alfie threw the cheat overboard: "Go irritate Neptune" - he said. How I already love this guy. The duel with Cedric however, continued. It was not long before I took the upper hand and with a few slashes and thrusts I had him on the ground. We put Cedric on a rowing boat back to Breshaun, The Octopus crew chose me as their new captain. We buried our old captain on an empty beach in LeBellan, said goodbye to the girls in the brothel, took in fresh supplies and headed to the new world. Jacobo (the new quartermaster) convinced the me and the crew to head to île D'Or, for glory, adventure and gold was lurking on that island. What more does one need to convince a bunch of Sea Rats? And so we went." -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I hope you guys like my ship and the story. I checked the shipwright post for building tips and took my main motivation from the replica Dutch Fluyt 'de Batavia'. I will license her as a Class 5. My apologies for the bad photo-shopping, this is not my forte. The name derives from the bow spring: C&C is welcome.
  4. Hi Everyone! - [snip] - ub39t21y3hok.jpg x8nyp4x59dgy.jpg asde3i2v4lf8.jpg y9n9ko7viayy.jpg Miniature Frigate Ship- approximately 500 pieces. Length is 7 inches, height is 8 inches, and width is about 1.5 inches. This project is actually on LEGO ideas. I'd appreciate your support! For more photos, my flickr stream:
  5. Anduin1710

    James Cook and the HMS Endeavour

    [pid][/pid] LDD 17A Hi everyone, I made a lego HMS Endeavour with the LDD. You can vote for it on lego ideas. All images are on Flickr.
  6. This MOC has been a long time in the making. It started about a year ago, when I saw a video by Sariel, called Leviathan Airboat. In that video Sariel speculated about the possibility of using LEGO sails for building an actual LEGO sailboat. At the time I thought that was a wonderful idea, except that I wouldn't use LEGO sails but my own custom sails. During the weeks that followed the idea of building a LEGO sailboat stayed on my mind, and soon after I started ordering parts from bricklink. There were some crucial components that were difficult to get, namely the sails and the Sbrick. Finally, when the MOC was done, the winter cold kept me from trying it out on the water. I have made two videos, the first is a simple video showing it in action on the water the second video describes the building process. Enjoy! Action footage: Building process:
  7. buffalo movies

    Islander trading catamaran

    176B The islanders use large catamarans like these to transport goods to other islands. I have more photos but I can't seem to fit them onto the uploader. This is my first post, so feedback please!
  8. Mr. Townsend

    14 Gun Brig: Pinnacle

    [pid][/pid] 160D After one and a half years of effort I would like to present the 14 gun brig-of-war, Pinnacle. Pinnacle is made up of about 3200 LEGO bits. I've used yards and yards of five different types of string to simulate the vast array of rigging you would find on a sailing man-of-war. To make the sails I've used painting canvas dyed with tea, and with a sewing machine I've added the reefing lines. She was originally built on prefab hulls utilizing Imperial Shipyard's next-gen design, but evolved into a waterline model after seeing DPW's Ship-of-the-Line. She now has a technic brick frame to keep her from hogging, or falling to bits. Many pictures of the build can be found in the WIP thread. Credit goes out to many builders who's techniques have been included in this model, and to the community for the feedback given to bring this ship to its fullest potential. I'm quite happy with the stern in the end. I carved up and pieced together the lattices from the larger window latices. They really make the stern pop! I've used wheels to create the various blocks and tackle found throughout the standing and running rigging. The "chains' are made of a wire that holds each block to the hull passed through a technic flex tube. Building them in this way has made the masts extremely stable. Here you can see a few of the 14 brick built cannon purchased direct from the D.P. Wesley Foundry in Bricksburg. I've tried to include as much detail on the deck as I could. The capstan is shown though at the moment it doesn't function. The captain's cozy cabin. Captain Townsend inspecting the newest addition to his expanding fleet.
  9. If you're living in a town with a marina, you should have a boat. Actually a SHIP would be even better, and then you can already choose to go luxury. Check out my new SUNREEF 100 classic luxury sailing catamaran. For the colors i chose to do a version for my friend's divecenter Thailand Dive and Sail which fits the boat very nicely You can see the full model gallery here: SUNREEF 100 - Thailand Dive and Sail colors LEGO replica catamaran My friend assisted the build process and documented everything with his camera, so there's a complete WIP article with tons of construction phase photos here: Sunreef 100 lego WIP – How To Build A SHIP In 18 hours I hope you enjoy both, the model and the WIP blog Yours Alex
  10. Mr. Townsend

    WIP: Godwin-Austen

    Hello Everyone, I would like to present to you my latest WIP, a fourteen gun brig named the Godwin-Austen. This ship is based off a model of the brig of 1750 HMS Duke of Bedford. The Godwin-Austen features a full interior in the hold and captain's quarters, NextGen stern and bow, 14 brick-built cannon and 4 swivels, working capstan, and working rudder and tiller. I built this in LDD before quickly ordering all the parts and piecing this together in about a week. Now I'm in need of compiling a new wanted list to finish her off and plan to be on rigging early next monthish. Many thanks go out for this ship especially to Perfectionist, DPW, and CRH. Cheers Gentlemen. The Godwin-Austen: Most recent update: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- WIP Godwin-Austen by Mr. Townsend, on Flickr WIP Godwin-Austen by Mr. Townsend, on Flickr WIP Godwin-Austen by Mr. Townsend, on Flickr WIP Godwin-Austen by Mr. Townsend, on Flickr WIP Godwin-Austen by Mr. Townsend, on Flickr WIP Godwin-Austen by Mr. Townsend, on Flickr The tiller turns the rudder. WIP Godwin-Austen by Mr. Townsend, on Flickr WIP Godwin-Austen by Mr. Townsend, on Flickr WIP Godwin-Austen by Mr. Townsend, on Flickr Parts of the deck come off to reveal the hold below WIP Godwin-Austen by Mr. Townsend, on Flickr WIP Godwin-Austen by Mr. Townsend, on Flickr This should bring you to the LXF. (once its made public) http://www.brickshel...ry.cgi?f=518563 -W. Townsend
  11. Dreamweb

    HMS Eternity

    [pid][/pid] 148B Hello everyone! After a long, long time of not uploading anything, it is finally time to show you my latest ship - HMS Eternity, a flagship for my Bluecoat army! It's been a long, long time since I started building this, and it spent over a year in a cabinet almost completed and waiting to be finished before I finally found the time and the motivation to do it. The bluecoats have always been my favourite faction in Pirate LEGO sets, and I actually used my currect sigfig as this vessel's captain, as you will see in more detail later. Front view, you can see the figurehead here, as well as the anchor. The anchor mechanism actually is pretty similar to 10210 Imperial Flagship's - there's a vertical shaft hidden under the main deck, with the capstan on the main deck. I used a rope instead of a chain though. If we count the bridge, the ship has a total of 4 decks. All of which are accessible. In the picture above you can see the ladders that lead to the two decks below the main deck. The main deck. The two ladders on both sides of the entrance to the captain's quarters lead to the bridge. We'll visit the captain's quarters later. The ship's bell is visible here as well. Two large sections of the main deck can be easily removed to access the gun deck. This picture shows one of the sections removed. And this one shows the other one removed. There's a total of 14 cannons. Ready to fire! There's a brown door behind the last pair of cannons. It's hard to take a good picture of it from here. This is the entrance to the galley. We'll visit it later too. This is the lowermost deck. It can be accessed easily by removing parts of the gun deck. They are all placed on plates for easy access, just like the sections of the main deck. The soldiers who are off duty sleep in hammocks here. On this cross-section you can see where the 3 decks are, with the removable parts removed for easy access to the lowermost deck. As you can see, there are two doors next to the sleeping guy. They lead to another room on the lowermost deck... ...and it's a storage area with some barrels and chests. You can also see some grey metal doors there too. We'll get back to them later. Aaaand it's me! Told you so! The captain's quarters can be accessed by removing the plate that covers the bridge. This is the door that leads to the main deck. The whole sterncastle can be easily removed to access the aft part of the lowermost deck. Note the door to the galley I mentioned earlier - now it's clearly visible. But when it's removed like that, one can take a better look inside the sternacastle. Part of the captain's cabin can be also removed to access the galley. With the sterncastle removed, one can now see what is behind the grey metal doors on the lowermost deck... And these are captains Red Beard and Brickbeard, both captured by the mighty Bluecoats! Their hats are removed as a sign that they are no longer in command. Did you know that Red Beard's hair is long? Soldier: Here's your food, Red Beard! Brickbeard: What about mine? And that's it! Thanks for reading! The Brickshelf folder is HERE, with some extra images that aren't shown here! Please let me know what you think about the ship!