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  1. dimnico

    [MOC] Death Star - Revenge of the Sith

    Thanks guys! Its funny to get messages about this build as it's almost two years old now! I think my skills have vastly improved since then but I am glad you still like it! If you want to check out some of my more recent builds check out @legodimnico on Instagram! Thanks
  2. dimnico

    [MOC] Death Star - Revenge of the Sith

    Thanks so much! If you check out @legodimnico on Instagram you'll find a lot more of my recent work! D
  3. Hi guys, just a quick update but a micro build I am very pleased with! I have wanted to build a micro Falcon for sometime now and this actually took a bit longer than I had hoped but I am really happy with the end result. Untitled by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Its only 4x4 but I have managed to get in all the details that make the Falcon the iconic ship it is. Untitled by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr The base wasn't part of my original idea but I had the Falcon on a tan plate just as a random support and suddenly thought it would look quite cool if there was a micro Mos Eisley below. Untitled by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr The colour of the Falcon is white because as a kid to me it was always white, the toys might have got the colours wrong but they just stuck with me!
  4. dimnico

    [MOC] The Imperial March

    Thanks guys and apologies for the pun! Trust me I have worse!
  5. dimnico

    Scarif Reference Material

    You could try 'The Art of Rogue One' book as well?
  6. dimnico

    [MOC] Jedha - Rogue One Mocs

    Thanks! Thanks! The second moc was really just messing about with some slopes, very quick, very simple build!
  7. You're going to become a Citizen soon! :classic:

  8. Hi guys and happy new year! I wanted to start my posts this year with not one but two micro landscape builds inspired by Jedha. The first is a reconstruction of the Assault on Jedha complete with Hovertank and At-St. The At-St model is an old build but the hover tank is a new design I am really pleased with. IMG_20161221_184332 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr IMG_20161221_213237 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr0 This model is a recreation of a particular shot from the Rogue One trailer, still built on my usual 16x16 base. IMG_20161222_084737 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr My second micro build was inspired by another shot from the trailer and shows a Star Destroyer hovering over Jedha. It's a really simple build and I was only messing about with some tan slopes and came up with this design. The Star Destroyer is the model from the 2015 advent calendar. IMG_20161216_094055 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr IMG_20161216_130700 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Hope you enjoy and please share any feedback. Thanks
  9. dimnico

    [MOC] Scarif Battle

    Thanks for the feedback guys! I think it really depends on what source you look at! Some At-Acts are a dark orange, some look rust, some look dark tan, some look yellow! If you just google 'at-act' you will see what I mean! Its not OCD, its just correct spelling! I posted this on instagram and spelt that hashtags wrong too...oops! Thanks for pointing it out and if you look closely youll see ive re-edited! Thank you so much! It was great watching the film and actually seeing all the scenes Id created in micro scale come to life on the big screen!
  10. dimnico

    [MOC] Scarif Battle

    Thanks so much, I really enjoy building at micro scale! Thanks! I was pretty pleased with how these designs turned out!
  11. dimnico

    [MOC] Scarif Battle

    Thanks! Ive just ordered the scarif bunker set from lego so Im half way to a full size battle scene!
  12. Krennic's shuttle and the new scarif bunker, which I am very excited about building!
  13. dimnico

    [MOC] The Imperial March

    Thanks mate! Do you know what, I went through so many variations of how they should pose, who should go where, which character could where what! In a way the possibility with this is endless! I've also done a version with Luke, liea, Han and Chewie that works nicely too!
  14. dimnico

    [MOC] I Am Your Father...

    Thanks very much on both counts! If you are interested I have an Instagram account 'legodimnico' that showcases all my lego photography! ?