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  1. SoNE feedback thread

    That is certainly true and I feel like momentum is an important thing to consider. How about some minor "speed challenges" from time to time? Like, have super-short mini contests where people get 48 hours to build something. Of course, not everybody can spontaneously make way for 48 hours of building, so announce the challenge, say, one or two weeks prior, without telling the topic ahead, though. Just say like "the next speed contest will be held next weekend, starting XX, ending YY", so that people can anticipate it well in advance and plan to make time for it. Then, have the contest start by telling the topic and the rules and from that moment on, people have 48 hours to finish a small vignette or something. That's just some ideas I'm throwing around, though. Another question – after Episode XV, some folks, including myself, expressed their interest in participating in other EB roleplay episodes with guest builds, for Historica and such. Are there updates on this and is there a rough timeframe for when we can expect this to happen (like, is it likely that something like that might take place this year or is 2018 a more likely candidate)? Just curious!
  2. SoNE feedback thread

    I can only speak for myself, I wanted to enter the episode but halfway through my build, life got in the way and robbed me of the last precious week of freetime before the deadline. So I decided not to strain the deadline with some shady last minute maneuvers, but cancel my participation. I don't know about everyone else, but the last episode ended mid-june which was right in summer, and this episode was right in between a change of seasons. Vacations tend to be had or end at that time, kids go back to school, regular life basically returns from a summer vacation. For me, Lego building didn't return since June; I put my Legos away for the summer when I had guests over and never bothered getting them out again until well into this episode. It seems to me that our best builders, like LL or goatman for example, build regularly and have at least a little bit of Lego stuff as part of their standard freetime activity (please correct me if wrong). They are "always ready" to build, so to say. I for one, even though I think about Lego a lot and browse EB regularly, do not actually mess with Lego all that much on a regular base. I have to get it out when I do something, maybe even leave it out for days or weeks at a time, but put it away again afterwards (usually around the time my girlfriend starts to get really angry with the mess I tend to leave). So what I think I am trying to say is, it was harder to dive back into some ambitious building after not having touched my bricks for almost three months. It feels like myself (and an alarmingly high number of others) never really returned from a summer break we all took between these last two episodes. Now I am not suggesting that episodes should start popping up every month, because that would probably overwhelm even the most dedicated folks around here. But maybe we could have like smaller, quicker vignette-esque challenges between episodes to "ease" people back into building after a period of taking a break from it? To get them back to sitting down with their Legos again, especially when it requires me to invest an evening or two of building something small than to dedicate myself a whole month to something big? And I know that this is actually what freebuilds are for, but giving people a little initiative wouldn't be such a bad idea, I suppose.
  3. [SoNE Ep. XVI] [Cat. A] Royal Guard TIE/In Interceptor v3

    I love how the hangar floor alone is pretty much a work of art. The TIE is pretty fantastic of course and I like the color scheme. For my personal taste, I do not dig the sharply angled panels too much, design-wise, but it makes sense in the context of the plot. Great stuff!
  4. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    Still story that I couldn't participate, but I love how this episode is getting more exciting after the deadline has passed. Bring it on, guys! Meanwhile, let me hop over into Empire at War to simulate the battle scenario and predict the likely outcome of this confrontation...
  5. [SoNE Ep. XVI] [Cat. A] LT 995 Transport Cruiser

    Great stuff! It reminds me of the Clone Wars Republic Fighter Tank, shape-wise, which is a cool thing and very Star Wars-looking. Also, it looks a little bit like the ships from the upcoming Battlefront II game as well. Awesome work!
  6. [SoNE Ep. XVI] [Cat. A] Echo Class Assault Shuttle

    I always greatly enjoy your entries. The build itself is so detailed and elaborate, it's a joy to look at. The story is clever and compelling, and I think you've knocked it out of the park with your photography and editing this time, clearly profiting from the more casual ruleset concerning image editing. Overall, this is some fantastic work all around. I hope I can get back into building soon (I had to forsake this episode, unfortunately) and improve my skills – I would love to work on a collaboration or a story crossover with you some time.
  7. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    Looks awesome! Makes me wanna throw in the towel, though xD I've got the vague feeling that this will be, once again, an uphill battle for the Alliance. But on the other hand, that's what the whole Rebellion itself is, so... No WIPs from me, yet. I haven't started on the episode build yet, but done a lot of planning already. Will begin building next week.
  8. Ring-Worlds - An ongoing project

    There's something very fantastic about this. The circular base design really makes all these scenes special and stand out. The actual builds themselves are great, too. Amazing idea and execution, keep it up!
  9. [SoNE Freebuild] - Destroying the Destroyer

    Ohh, a very neat build! I really like the lighting in the background, it sets the mood. I kinda wish for a few more images so I could get a better look at it!
  10. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka — Introduction and Discussion

    Okay, thanks for clarifying this. I don't even know if I will use this, but I thought better be safe than sorry and just ask in case.
  11. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka — Introduction and Discussion

    A very general question that just occured to me today: is it actually okay for an entry (freebuild and/or episode) to use both physical bricks and LDD? Like, have one part built with actual bricks and another part, like a ship that's meant to be in the background or something, be digital? Note that I am not talking about combining physical and digital builds into an illusion of one bigger, connected build via complex compositing or something like that, but clearly separated builds. Like show a starship in space from the outside with a digital build, and the next picture takes you inside the ship and features a physically built bridge. Would that work or would that be a problem in judgement?
  12. [SoNE Freebuild] Well of Souls

    Very nice! I always enjoy your story segments, and the temple is small, yet neat and detailled. Great stuff.
  13. Episode XVI: Amassing the Fleet

    That's an interesting idea for the contest, I really like how each episode feels so unique. Just for clarification: The 100 studs refer to width/length, correct? Like, it's not the total surface or anything? It would be awfully hard to build a starfighter in less than 10x10. Hope I can come up with something! Still a slow time for me, Lego-wise, right now.. but the episode runs long enough, so that's no excuse, lol.
  14. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka — Introduction and Discussion

    Yeah, I think ST for the sequels is kinda universal by now. The Kylo Ren era is certainly a possibility, but a time jump like that would pretty much require everyone to set up new characters and stuff, I presume.
  15. Shadows of Nar Eurbrikka — Introduction and Discussion

    Wow, almost too soon for my liking. I'm still pretty much in a kind of summer hole, Lego-wise... to be frank, I cleaned the Legos up and put them away when I had guests over in mid-June, and I didn't bother to dig them up again since, lol. But an episode isn't a must, so I think it would be fair game to sit one challenge out or build small rather than big for once. For some reason, after that Black Sun spectacle last time, I was kind of expecting something more low-key, story-wise, for the next episode before the big Endor finale. But as long as the ending of Jedi is not meant to be the ending of SoNE as well, I'm fine. Not to put anyone under pressure, but I kind of expect the SoNE narrative to continue into the future and tie in with the post-Endor events of Battlefront II that will release later this year. Whoopsy daisy! Will do.