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  1. Cody Startale

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    Fantastic stuff! Too bad I had to sit out the past couple of months due to personal reasons, but it was a great episode nonetheless! Keep up the fantstic work, everyone – and I am very glad that the Rebels emerged victorious this time!
  2. Cody Startale

    [Ep. XVII] [Rebels] [Week 10] What a b...

    Very nice! Thanks for posting!
  3. Cody Startale

    Decal Wish List

    Here you go @Legodude20
  4. Cody Startale

    [Ep. XVII] [Rebels] [Week 9] need a better plan

    Haha, that's great! I like it! It's cool to see someone else give the comic style a shot, I love to see more people do this, haha I like your clever portrayal of the shield undergroud, it was a good solution to place the shield in a narrow space so that you could sell it with building just a simple wall, cool idea!
  5. Cody Startale

    [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 8] Edge of the Lake

    Wow, that's a stunning build! I love it!! Very well done natural terrain and a great base and fantastic water color distribution! I think it's a little past the deadline and also not on my team, but I would like the judges to still let this pass, since it would be shame to have such a great build be disqualified. Obviously, a lot of time and work was put into it, after all!
  6. Very well done! I too like the different layers of sand and terrain, good job with those. I also like the irregular base you built for this, that's something that my builds mostly lack and I have little to no experience with it, so I adore this. Also it seems like we are using the same solution for the backgrounds, haha. I use sheets of paper put together as well. Nice entry and I think you got the most out of the available foliage!
  7. Cody Startale

    [Ep. XVII] [Empire] [Week 8] Down by the Lake

    I love this. Apart from being built fantastically, I love the overall idea and the story you are telling. It's both exciting and hilarious at the same time. The camera angles and shots are superb. Also, in the same vein as this entry, an obligatory shoutout to this:
  8. Cody Startale

    [Ep. XVII] [Rebels] [Week 8] A Light In The Dark

    Thank you very much! I too am glad with how the lighting turned out. As you recognized correctly, I used a separate light source, in this case something as simple as a maglite flashlight with two trans-orange Lego domes just taped over it to give off the right color. It's a rough setup, but for something as simple as a torch, it works very well and the only digital touchup I did was for the torch to glow a little. The rest of the scene was deliberately dark to create the impression of (moonlit however) nighttime, with only the white background being lit directly. I considered digitally replacing them with imagines of nighttime Endor, but apart from the obvious amount of work and time this would have required, I kind of liked the contrast being created between the dark foregrounds and bright backgrounds. Thank you again for the kind words, they are greatly appreciated!
  9. In the night before the fateful Battle of Endor, in the woods surrounding a certain Ewok village on the Sanctuary Moon of Endor... *crack* Luke Skywalker: Huh? Luke Skywalker: Hmm. *smile* ???: Going somewhere? Alia: ?! Cody: What are you doing? Shouldn't you be with the troops and prepare for tomorrow's battle? Alia: I overheard that guy talking to the princess! He's going after Vader! Alia: And so am I! Cody: What's gotten into you? That is suicide! What is it with you and that Darth Vader, anyway? Alia: That's none of your business! Cody: I'm... I'm afraid it is. *click* Alia: Are you for real, rookie? You are threatening me into staying? Do you really want to do this? Cody: If it means to stop you and save your life... then yes. I do. I'm not letting you go like this. Not without an explanation. Alia: ... fine. I'll tell you. To be concluded! Behind the scenes: C&C appreciated!
  10. Cody Startale

    [SoNE Ep 17] Traversing the Forest

    Great stuff as always, very well written! It's always a joy to read through Beltar's missions. Well built too, I like that you used barrells for trees, that's very resourceful. Shoulda thought of that!
  11. Cody Startale

    [Ep. XVII] [Rebels] [Week 7] Zabrak Captives

    Very nice! I think you used the ice cone pieces very creatively for those trees. Also, you reminded me that there were differently colored variants of Bossk, I had completely forgotten. Nice use of the Yoda torso for that one Trandoshan, pretty clever. Let's hope Josh isn't in over his head with his troops for this ambush!
  12. Now, I've been wondering this for a while now, usually when assembling a new set and just shrugged it off eventually. But now, I am really curious, so I apologize if this is common knowledge that just escaped me so far. But I would really like to know why sometimes, TLG goes for outright weird or almost nonsensical color choices for their sets. Specifically parts that will be obscured by other bricks eventually! Like with MOCs, people use to build the "inner" part in whatever color they have available and have the "exterior" colormatch and represent what it's supposed to look like, it's a common practice. So I thought it might be the same for TLG? But when I put together the new Mos Eisley Cantina yesterday, I was just outright confused by this weird design choice: As you can see, you need to add four 1x1 round plates in the first step... only to have them be completely covered by the following steps! You never get to see those pieces again in this build! Now, I would get why for the mentioned reasons, they would just go ahead and let you build like four trans-red pieces into it, because they happen to be around in tons anyway for the stud shooters. But why do they make you even use two different colors?? One of them being silver? I imagine those are somewhat more expensive to produce than regular colors? Also, they give you extras in the set anyway, so it's not like you would be short on trans-red studs, for example. I just don't get it. Is this a common practice for TLG because they over-produced certain colors in the year prior or something? Or is this like some weird inside joke that I don't get (excuse the pun)? I just found it so weird to put this together and pay attention to grab the correctly colored studs because I didn't need 4x trans-red, but instead 2x trans-read and 2x silver, only to have them be placed inside the build and then immediately put something else on top of them and have them never be seen again by anyone. Does anyone know the definitive reason why this practice is in place sometimes?
  13. Cody: You're sure that beacon is someone friendly? Alia: I told you, it's Josh's personal code! It's gotta be his signal, so let's keep moving! Cody: ... you better be right about this... Alia: Trust me for once, alright? We're gonna run into Alliance troops sooner or later... I hope.
  14. Cody Startale

    [SoNE Ep 17.2] Surface Skirmish

    Has this been previously posted in Thrawn's office? I'm asking because it's a work of art.
  15. Cody Startale

    Episode XVII: The Battle For Endor

    I took the liberty to crop the image to the required 100x100 avatar size for you: