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    mainly Lego Star Wars (PT, CW, OT, EU, but not TOR). also I buy sometimes some CMF, and some other sets from themes that look cool/have nice pieces/have nice minifigs/have nice vehicles.
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  1. Got Vader's Castle, have it already built. I'd have to say it's one of the greatest sets lately!!
  2. TWP

    Updating Your Minifigs

    There's a 3L yellow technic axle, you could try that, but it may be too long. If you're not that purist you could consider cutting it. Or cutting yellow flex tube, that may also work.
  3. bought darth vader's castle, very excited for the set. Looks like one of the best location sets to date!
  4. Enjoying all these entries, it looks like everyone at least has had enough pre-Xmas fun! Thanks CopMike for extending the entry deadline - that meant that I could participate this year again :) It doesn't matter what my ideal Santa looks like - as long as he (or she) brings enough presents (and enough Christmas spirit )! I imagine santa is really muscled to be able to bring all these to the houses every year!
  5. TWP

    Updating Your Minifigs

    ah, thanks. I always thought they were flamethrowers or so.
  6. TWP

    Updating Your Minifigs

    What are the guns that the commander holds supposed to be? I have a few of those but didn't think they are from Star Wars
  7. TWP

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Sounds like a pain having to resort all your pieces, but looking at it from the positive side, maybe you can make it that much more efficient! I've now been re-sorting my entire system since I got new storage drawers, I've been doing this for already a whopping 7 days, still not finished... When the result is in, I'll share some pics!
  8. Oh, that sounds like a pretty good idea, thanks for the suggestion, I will look into it, see if I can find something like that :) @Johnny1360 thanks either way :)
  9. TWP

    Storage and Sorting LEGO

    Interesting story indeed! I luckily didn't make most of the mistakes you did, sorry to hear you got that many trouble with sorting, I can completely imagine that! Seeing you've got much experience with sorting bricks, I seem to do quite a bit of "apartheid" with my bricks, e.g. every 1x2 and 1x4 has his own drawer space, but these spaces are also almost all completely filled, which seems to be easier and faster when searching with parts. Parting out sets/MOCs and sorting goes a bit slower, but I think it's worth the extra effort, right? Also, about sorting by colour groups: I don't exactly sort all my bricks like that, I prefer to sort by a group of all compatible colors. When building spaceships, I often use light/dark gray and black, so they are often together, then there's for tree building i sort brown and green in the same place, and for beaches/sea blue and tan works as well. (depending on water technique) For my basic bricks, I do sort all of one color in one big bin. When i'm building with bricks I use all sizes anyways, no need to further sort them in to specific size for me.
  10. Oops, I just saw that there was already a general topic about storage... Sorry for not looking better first. Mod, feel free to merge!
  11. Hello, Recently I've ordered new storage drawers which enabled me to store all my parts way better, quite happy how that turned out. All my normal unprinted bricks/tiles etc. are now stored nicely and clear so I can find them easily. However, I now search for a good way to store my printed tiles. I'd like to have them stored in such a way that I can easily see all the prints that are available to me for MOCing. Anybody have the perfect way for doing this? I've tried a few methods already: (for printed/decorated tiles/slopes/bricks) 1. Put them all on a big baseplate. I've found that leaving a row inbetween the tiles makes it a lot easier to separate them. However, this is not the most space-efficient. A concern of mine is that while rearranging and using the tiles I have to keep de-attaching the tiles which is not beneficial for their clutch power. Also, I have better uses for the baseplates. Separating is also a bit irritating. 2. Put them all in zip-loc bags. This is maybe even worse, it is very hard to get a clear view to which are available. if I finally find the tile I'm looking for, then I'm not a fan of always opening the zip-loc and then having all the zip-locs laying around loose, but this is a lesser concern. 3. Put them all on a big flat area. I always accidentally bump into these shelves and cause them all to fall of. Also, I'm afraid that the sunlight will yellow my bricks and cause stickers to peel of, the area is quite exposed to light. 4. Put them in drawers. I'd rather use the drawers for bricks so I can fill the drawers to the top. For tiles to enable a clear view on availability you don't maximise the height availability. Any methods I missed? I was thinking of maybe making a custom solution, with two large wooden plates with tiles wedged inbetween. have the plates on a hinge so I can open the case. Also have a few rows inbetween of wood so the tiles won't easily mix up. But I don't know if my woodwork skills are good enough to make something suitable.
  12. No, I don't think so sadly.
  13. TWP

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Also made the Firestar order, looking forward to getting nearer to completing my rebel pilot collection :) I see there's just a few pairs of helmets left, they went quickly, there's just 1 of dinnes, 2 of krail and 4 of Dreis left!
  14. TWP

    Updating Your Minifigs can produce the cape for you on request (but then unofficial). I have them producing one for me for Qui-gon, but now considering I'll get an extra for the luke. How many characters wear that cape? Luke, Qui-gon, any more? (they have recently moved, so can only produce on request in a month or so, but I'm fine with that. I can imagine they would prefer to do more at a time)
  15. TWP

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Nicee, how much will they cost?