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    mainly Lego Star Wars (PT, CW, OT, EU, but not TOR). also I buy sometimes some CMF, and some other sets from themes that look cool/have nice pieces/have nice minifigs/have nice vehicles.
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  1. Yeah my BnP order is big and easily reaches well over those limits. PaB is usually just 1-3 parts. You order multiple parts on PaB? which parts are e.g. good deal on PaB? (don't know if that's allowed here, considering it's a BnP topic, else just send me a PM, if you'd like to, thanks )
  2. hmm, that's a bit annoying but thanks for your reply! I guess indeed that the "trial" has expanded to the netherlands. IMHO 18 euro is quite high actually. I can imagine kids wanting a little bit less bricks. limit in UK is a bit lower, 12 pounds. I get that they would impose a minimum, ordering one part of 0.06 cents is a bit ridiculous and wouldn't be financially stable. something like 3-5 euro would seem fair to me, personally. you could get 100 parts with that easily.
  3. Just made an order! Just in time to still qualify for the double VIP points :) Usually I also order a part with BaP to get free shipping on the total order, so I added the unprinted speed champions windscreen that's available there. However, it wouldn't let me check out, because apparently there is now a minimum buy of 18 euro's on BaP! Really too bad... And to my knowledge, the only interesting thing in BaP is that windscreen... Anyone know how new this is? And if there is anything to order single pieces from BaP? I really don't need 9 of those windscreens... Added a CMF from the normal shop instead. Luckily, that still works! :) Sadly, a bit more expensive!!
  4. I think you're looking for 68325 , 65617 and 67810
  5. My order arrived finally! took a quick pic, but see it's not so sharp now... Was happy the LBG fez, curved macaroni and more were finally available this time! ordered a bunch. Also ordered a lot of windscreen pieces (not on the pic) btw, anybody know what could be the reason why 65429 (and it's counterpart) hasn't been available yet? It is only in the chinese lantern festival set, which unconveniently has also been out of stock a lot. I ended up buying the whole set yesterday, when it finally became availabe again. it's a nice parts pack at least!
  6. yeah, I have exactly the same! I thought that there wouldn't be so much time between actual shipping date and recieving I also didn't get an email confirming shipment or tracking number, the tracking number in the order only shows the PaB part of the order i made...
  7. hmm, okay, thanks! Does it help de-installing and then installing a new version of firefox with the tool? (for so far that's possible)? Or would it work just disabling the plugin when I'm not using it? And disabling auto-updates? With the permissions on firefox, it says it just has permissions on bricklink, and paypal (for donations)
  8. thanks for the reply, but what do you mean with that? And thanks for having taken a look, good that there is no problem with the code yet.
  9. yes... the brickhunter tool that I told you about 3 posts up @koalayummies nice parts! didn't knew they have those brown corner tiles, have them added now to my wanted list, thanks :)
  10. Thanks, awesome! I don't see a lot of other interesting recolors, but maybe that's because I'm only interested in LBG/DBG/black/white and other space stuff Btw, for the plethora of people saying they loose their carts on B&P, and those that want BnP to integrate with bricklink: I would recommend the brickhunter tool. You can then just make a wanted list in bricklink with the pieces and quantities you need, and automatically import it into B&P. If your cart fails, then you can just re-import. I've used this tool twice now, and it is really amazing. BnP used to be a chore, but now I can get my order done in like 30 seconds, instead of 3 hours! It's like magic (btw, I am in no way affiliated to brickhunter - I just think it's a great program. It may seem i'm overselling, but it is really that easy)
  11. TWP

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Yes, I think that will work, I've used these legs (erased) before for general madine and the other rebel fleet admirals. I had erased the whole print, but of course you can just tape off the part which you want to keep. For bespin luke i personally prefer the official legs - his boots are not entirely black, rather dark tan. but because his costume is already dark tan, you can use the dual molded legs with brown boots (and no need to erase a print), which came e.g. in the ideas dinosaur set.
  12. oh, that's interesting! Which monkey kid set? I haven't spotted it yet! I'd been waiting for a long time for the new parts to come available, but sadly they haven't yet. I made an order anyways, because it turned out I had waaaay more than enough parts on my wanted list for a purchase that qualified for free shipping
  13. TWP

    Updating Your Minifigs

    For the second Mando on the right, I can only say: That is not the way. What are those legs for the Maul-affiliated Death Watch you're using? I've been looking for decent legs for those for a long time, but cannot find any. I prefer kneepads, but those flaps look a lot better than nothing!
  14. I like it! Great build, instantly recognisable, nice techniques and parts usage!
  15. TWP

    moc [MOC] Home One Briefing Room

    Thanks! I will be able to share the breakdown pictures after the weekend :)