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    mainly Lego Star Wars (PT, CW, OT, EU, but not TOR). also I buy sometimes some CMF, and some other sets from themes that look cool/have nice pieces/have nice minifigs/have nice vehicles.
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  1. TWP

    Updating Your Minifigs

    For the second Mando on the right, I can only say: That is not the way. What are those legs for the Maul-affiliated Death Watch you're using? I've been looking for decent legs for those for a long time, but cannot find any. I prefer kneepads, but those flaps look a lot better than nothing!
  2. I like it! Great build, instantly recognisable, nice techniques and parts usage!
  3. TWP

    moc [MOC] Home One Briefing Room

    Thanks! I will be able to share the breakdown pictures after the weekend :)
  4. TWP

    SW blasters list

    Thank you for sharing, this seems useful! I've recently also acquired a bunch of ancillary manufacturers weapons, I look forward to equipping them!
  5. I bought the Droid Gunship on sale on Amazon, but I saw that a few days later it was even €6 cheaper... should have waited a bit longer! Also bought a used imperial shuttle Tydirium for €45, great condition. good deal.
  6. TWP

    Updating Your Minifigs

    I think only Robianco can do them, haha! There were 20 Garven Dreis helmets available. They are always printed in batches of 20 so far. Thanks for the reference, but of course the artist already looked at those, you assumed correctly! Trying to find more images from obscure sources. ;)
  7. oh, thanks! That LBG cockpit flap seems very useful
  8. TWP

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Custom request, but here's hoping they will be available soon with 4 data cylinders instead of 2. Yes, this is that amazing design! I don't know about more helmets on the way, the artist is lacking reference material currently. Many of the pilots have either a side view or a front view, and she needs both. If anyone knows of a magical place where these can be found, that would be great. I've watched Rogue One and the behind the scenes material on youtube countless times, but sadly there's no new clear images. I've also been wanting to order an extra Garven Dreis helmet, but it appears some US reseller bought them all.
  9. TWP

    moc [MOC] Home One Briefing Room

    Thank you for the nice words, and also for the reminder! Forgot to do this last weekend, sorry. I will make some pictures when I can, I'll be sure to tag you and Shadowstrike!
  10. The new Droid Gunship was on sale on, €42, is an allright price, I hope it was worth it, considering I already have 2 of the old one and 1 even older...
  11. TWP

    Updating Your Minifigs

    They also have an FO stormtrooper finn minifig with the helmet, that one also includes a new face for Finn! It's rather expensive sadly. I also heard a rumor that the helmets may be coming back in stock... Including a new amazing design
  12. You're welcome, I hope you can get a good deal! :)
  13. Nothing known about that yet, sadly. It's very hard to predict such a thing as well. I think the one with the highest chance to be re-released is the bunker, as it would mean another opportunity for lego to include the new Scout Trooper. If you plan on getting them either way, I would do that sooner rather than later, then you'll be able to enjoy them the longest! Try to look for a good deal.
  14. yes, has been like that for the longest time! It's great, as they are a lot cheaper than on bricklink. No flesh hands for sale though. Oh cool, didn't know the pyramid tiles are available in reddish brown, thanks!
  15. I realised I had forgotten to post my order contents. here it is! Bricks&pieces order by TWP., on Flickr