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Found 16 results

  1. Hi everyone :) I'm a Star Wars guy first and foremost, but I started collecting Marvel stuff in 2017/18 in the run-up to Infinity War, and also began building Marvel MOCs. This is the first one I like enough to share it on here. It is obviously based on the Pizza building from the Sanctum set 76108. I used the tan wall-bricks and black windows as a base for the aesthetic of the building. Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place MOC - Presentation Img by Ephseb, on Flickr Front: Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Front by Ephseb, on Flickr Rear, with fire ladders: Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Rear by Ephseb, on Flickr Roof.. Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Roof by Ephseb, on Flickr ...with a secret exit for Spider-Man! Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Roof Trapdoor by Ephseb, on Flickr Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Roof Trapdoor & Spider-Man drawing by Ephseb, on Flickr Minifigures by Ephseb, on Flickr Pepe the Pizza Guy, Spider-Man, Peter Parker, Ned Leeds with his Lego Death Star, Aunt May Interior Pictures, Ground Floor: Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Pizza Place by Ephseb, on Flickr Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Hidden Pizza Oven by Ephseb, on Flickr Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Stairs, Mailbox & Door open by Ephseb, on Flickr Interior Pictures, First Floor, Apartment: Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Apartment 1 by Ephseb, on Flickr Interior Pictures, Second Floor, Peter's Room & Bathroom, Top View: Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - Apartment 2 by Ephseb, on Flickr Better View: Parker Apartment & Pepe's Pizza Place - MOC - It's got a washing machine! by Ephseb, on Flickr I hope you like it!
  2. Itsasecret581

    [MOC] Pizza Parlor Arcade

    Hey everyone, Here is my latest modular design! The building on the left is a jewel/gem shop with an apartment above. The building on the right is a pizza parlor with an arcade on the second floor! I always struggle with roofs in my builds, but I'm really happy with how these two came out. Jewel Store - not sure if I've figured out the best layout for this yet. Small Apartment Pizza Parlor - I am going to come back to this in a bit and work some different patterns in the floor to take advantage of the SNOT floor. Really not much more than a kitchen and a place for people to pick up their orders from. Arcade above the Pizza Parlor Isolated Shot of the Arcade Games
  3. It's been a while since I had a finished Modular to share. Here's a new 16 wide - City Pizza & Hacker Space. Like my Bookshop, the architecture is based on buildings in Montreal. The first floor is "City Pizza" and utilizes a some of the stickers from the Lego accessory pack. Yes, I also took a Sharpie to three tiles to create some art for the walls. Those are some rather old windows in the front with the shorter height. Upstairs is a Hacker Space were some young people are up to who-knows-what. The top floor is a dorm with four bunks. As always - Thanks for looking!
  4. A few days ago I posted some pics of a silly tow truck I built for my nephew. It was silly enough, in fact, to kill its own Bricksafe folder, so I de-sillified it a bit and made a nerve-grating video to go along with it, so here we go. Specs first, pics and vid (or vid and pics) to follow, beer throughout. Motorised functions (1 m motor, eight independent two-way switches): - side outriggers - rear outriggers - tow fork adjustment #1 - tow fork adjustment #2 - crane rotation (360°) - crane lift/lowering - crane winch - front winch (with a linear clutch to bypass the worm gear in the event of tantalised toddlers and boozed-up builders) Manual functions: - drive (with a fake straight-four engine in the cabin for frying eggs and toasting crumpets) - steering - doors - jiggling As a special bonus visible only to people who can see it, here are some pics of the truck with its elder brother from two years and countless fatties ago:
  5. I wasn't pleased with my first rough terrain crane, so I'm redesigning and rebuilding it from scratch. I've got a very rudimental carrier chassis done for now. Current features: - 4x4 drive (4 L motors geared down 1:11.67) - four-mode steering (2 servo motors): front-wheel steering, rear-wheel steering, four-wheel countersteering, four-wheel crab steering - independent suspension - 2-stage outriggers (1 L motor) - fake 6-cylinder inline engine Typically, rough terrain cranes have floating axles, which I find rather hard to implement in a model like this without compromosing rigidity and proportions. My previous crane had long-travel pendular axles that worked flawlessly but also took up a lot of space, so I decided to go with independent suspension. It's far from realistic but it allows for a lower, tougher chassis. A previous version of the chassis had planetary hubs but they caused far too much friction, so I had to ditch them and gear down more before the differentials. I hope this doesn't come back to bite me in the rear end when the model's done with all its sweet weight. The hubs are loosely based on Didumos' Greyhound hubs. Portal hubs are out of the question. (Those grey 2L half liftarms are temporary.) Tyres will most likely be these:
  6. This must be RTC week. 42082’s coming out (officially, at least) and it looks great. Another brilliant RTC on the way is @BrickbyBrickTechnic's. If you have some weird hankering for an eyesore, though, read on and see what an RTC should NOT look like. This is a rough terrain crane I began working on a few months ago (I started a WIP thread but can’t seem to find it) and then dropped for a number of more or less serious reasons. Yesterday I managed to force myself to throw a few beams and panels on the chassis so I could convince myself I’d seen it through to the end (not quite closure, but close enough for now). I also need to see the finished product in order to understand what to improve, so if I manage to solve a few personal issues I’ll make a second version which will hopefully look and work better (some of you gave me precious advice but I was in no condition to implement it this time around). The black quarter-gear racks from 42082 would be a welcome addition. Edit: - random WIP pictures here: - hi-res pictures here: The model is fully RC. I’m usually not too keen on full RC – in fact, initially I was going to use a six-switch gearbox driven by one XL so I could have some nice gearwork going on. Then I realised that a full-RC, 8043-style gearbox would actually be more complex, so I went with that instead. What I like about the model: - lots of functions, most of which work decently, especially the suspension. What I dislike about the model: - the looks – it’s boxy, unimaginative, disproportioned, ugly, you name it; admittedly, nothing looks right. - The superstructure turns too fast. - The boom reaches a mere 45° angle. - The winch drum is too far back. - No high-low gear. - No fake engine. - No working lights. - Outriggers don’t extend outwards enough. - Too much black. - And so on and so forth. Some stats: - Weight: 4.5 kg - Length: 58 cm - Width: 21 cm - Max height: 100 cm - Carrier motors: 2 XLs geared down 1:9.8 (drive), 2 servos - Superstructure motors: 1 XL, 2L, 1 M - Carrier power source: 1 BuWizz v1.0 + 2 PF IR receivers (the BuWizz unit’s BT is a half-dud, so I use it as a battery box and yes, it can still run at 9V) - Superstructure power source: 1 rechargeable battery box + 2 PF IR receivers Carrier functions: - 4-wheel drive - 4 steering modes: front-wheel, rear-wheel, 4-wheel, crab - Pendular suspension on both axles Superstructure functions: - Boom raising/lowering - Boom extension/retraction - Winch raising/lowering - Cab tilt - Superstructure rotation - Outriggers Feel free to fire away.
  7. This building was inspired by half of set 76108 (Sanctum Sanctorum Showdown) from the 2018 Marvel Comics line while the van is from set 79104 (Shellraiser Street Chase) from the 2013 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles line. The building has a new rear half to complete the model, which has a ladders and trap doors to get from floor to floor. The two bigger second floor windows on the front side are missing this print for the upstairs Detective agency. The rear of the building has the same details as the front, but without the pizzeria storefront. The first level of the building is the pizza restaurant, with plenty of seating, meat spit, pizza oven, and cash register. Up the ladder and on the second is the Detective Agency's office, with a large desk and arm chair, with a smaller chair opposite the desk. The third floor has the Detective's apartment, with bed, desk, and gun / evidence safe. The roof of this level has a large wooden tank for storing water. This heavily modified vehicle originally came from a 2013 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set. I added doors and printed logo tiles. The roof of the van is removable, so you can get at the drivers seat to place a figure such as the CMF Series 12 "Pizza Delivery Guy" there. The rear of the van holds two pizza's in the warmer. (This building, the mad scientist lab I build out of the other half of 76108 and the van are placed together on the part list I have, and should be built next month or so. Keep an eye on this space for more details and for real-world pictures as they become available!) As usual, Comments, Questions, Suggestions and Complaints are always welcome!
  8. Brick Broadcasting

    Road Rescue

    Car Trouble??!!! Who are you gonna call?? Road Rescue!! ... Well let's see how that's working out... Have fun!!
  9. de-marco

    [MOC] Pizza delivery truck

    Pizza delivery truck building instructions Parts list
  10. This is a rebuild/upgrade of my first tow truck. Features are as follows: - 8x4, powered by 2 L motors geared down 3:1 - proportional steering on 2 front axles using servo - pendular suspension on rear axles; independent suspension on front axles - side and rear outriggers - tow fork - tilting cabin - fully functional, 360° rotating crane - fake engine (straight 4) The cab is a mod of the Arocs; the side outriggers are pretty much the same as 42070's. All the functions are driven by an L motor and 9 2-way selector switches (6 on the truck and 3 on the crane). Here are some quick pics - will take better ones and shoot a video when decent lighting is available. It's pretty heavy, so I had to use eight hard shock absorbers on the front wheels. In spite of the weight and the ridiculous amount of friction due to the old wheel hubs (8297), the servo still works smoothly.
  11. This modular pizzeria was inspired by set Modular Building set number 10246: Detective Office while the delivery van was mostly taken from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles set 79104: Shellraiser street chase. The building levels lift off like a modular but it lacks modular building pins, a base-plate and is not the proper size. (being 18 studs square after all) Each building section has various details, and even the van has a lift-away roof with space for two pizzas in the rear heater unit. The front of the model without the delivery van. Instead of the van you could potentially use set 71910, Scarecrow Special Delivery. (with the fear gas toxin stuff and Scarecrow figure removed, of course!) The rear of the building is kinda plain. The lower level features two tables, a counter, a opening pizza oven and stairs to the second floor. The second floor features four tables with nine chairs and the top of the staircase. The outside of this floor has a neon sign above the front door on the lower level. The van has seating for one driver figure and space for two pizzas in the rear heating compartment. The roof and windscreen of the van lift away to get at the drivers seat, and all four doors open up. (two driver's doors in front, two for the heater unit in the back) Here is the entire model together. The LDD file for the van and building is available here, if you want to build this for yourself. Bot models can be built in real life, but won't be built by me for a while... too much going on elsewhere in my life right now! As usual, Comments, Questions, and Complaints are always welcome!
  12. dimnico

    [MOC] Jabba's PIzza Hutt

    Hey guys, I have just finished another build, which I would love to share with you all. I call this 'Jabba's PIzza Hutt' Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr For a change this is not related to any scene or landscape from the Star Wars saga but rather a bit of fun I was having with my newly acquired Jabba figure. I had quite a bit of fun with this, like the Emperor's order being number 66... Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Jabba's tail being too big for his own restaurant! Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Han in Carbonite being used a fridge in the back with Slave Leia chained up and being made to work the tills and a stormtrooper in chef's overalls in the kitchen. Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr My favourite part has to be Grandpa Darth treating his little grandson Kylo to a pizza, just look at how happy Kylo looks! Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Anyway, this was just a bit of fun, hope you like! Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Rouge one micro landscape and a recreation of an iconic teaser poster coming soon!
  13. coronaking

    Hello from Germany!

    Hallo everyone! After lurking for a while (mainly in threads about "Lego Batman") I decided to create an account! I'm a wannabe writer from Germany and although I don't own that many sets, I have never stopped to be interested in Lego. These days it's mainly the "Lego Dimensions" game, CMF and some of the licensed properties (like "Batman" and "Star Wars") I'm into, but seeing what's new in the catalogue is always a treat! I can't afford much, but someday I want to own the big "Arkham Asylum" set, also I'm always on the lookout for pieces to build some characters from my stories. When I was a kid I always wished for the old pizzeria set, but never got it. I'm an adult now and could probably just buy it myself, but somehow I never got around to it. If it is even available anymore. I'm looking forward to be part of this forum! (A sidenote: I tried for several days to sign up with another mail adress and just didn't get any confirmation/validation mails. Has that happened to anybody else? I had to use a gmail adress that I normally don't use now. If that still can be changed I would appreciate it!)
  14. BrickBuilder7622

    [MOC] Antonio's Pizza-rama

    My latest modular. And no, this is not meant to be a TMNT build. I really need to start posting more MOCs here.... Enjoy; comments and critique very welcome and appreciated.
  15. Spiderman, Spiderman, Spider Pizza Delivery Man Spins a web, any size. Oh no wait- caught that pie Look out! Here comes the Pizza Delivery Spiderman! More Pics and Info at my website!
  16. Here are some pics of the new Town Square pizza and bike shop after being converted to a modular building. Still have a few more things to add to the interior, but it's nearly done.