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Found 18 results

  1. Terrasher

    [WIP] UCS Jabba's Sail Barge

    Work In Progress Ever since I bought the Sail Barge (75020) in 2013, I fell in love with the ship. It quickly became my favorite set. Sadly, recently, I've been taking apart most of my non-UCS sets to make room for the bigger models and to have more pieces to MOC with. I had refrained from wrecking the Barge and the MTT from 2007 because they were my two favorite sets. Eventually, when I got into making car MOCs (Chevrolet Bel Air and Rolls Royce Silver Cloud II), I took both sets apart to make a brown Plymouth Special Deluxe but, after seeing I didn't have enough brown bricks to go through with the project, all the pieces just laid there. Now, while waiting for the UCS Millenium Falcon to come back in stock, I've been having the minifigure-scale fever. I've built a couple of rebel ships (X-Wing (MOD), Y-Wing (WIP), A-Wing (Bought the latest one)) and now, after seeing all he brown pieces I had in stock and all the cool minifigures I wanted to use for some iconic scene, I've tackled Jabba's Sail Barge - The Khetanna. Here it is with my Desert Skiff and the brand new parts that have just arrived: There's a full interior for the barge. Kitchen, droid torture room, "lobby", driver's cabin and, of course, the party room at the back. I'll post pics of the interior as well as more of the outside once I make some progress with the new parts.
  2. Oky

    MOCs: ROTJ Vignettes

    Hi everyone. I don't come around this forum very much anymore since the lack of imagination in the last few Star Wars movies and waves of sets has made me lose interest in the theme a bit. However, when it was announced that one of the categories at Bricks LA 2020 was going to be vignettes based on Return of the Jedi, the first SW movie I ever saw (and the true end of the Skywalker saga as far as I'm concerned), I knew I had to build a few of them. I challenged myself to take a unique approach to each one. So without further ado, here is the first one: It is a microscale recreation of the scene where Jabba in his Sail Barge is planning to feed Luke Skywalker and his friends to the mighty Sarlacc in the Dune Sea on Tatooine as a Bantha passes by. The challenge here was to get as much detail of such a large scene into a 16x16 space. I'm quite happy with how it turned out. Before we continue, I must tell you something about the next vignette: It's a trap! Well, that's the title of it anyway. It's everyone's favorite space admiral during the moment in Return of the Jedi that made him internet-famous. Meanwhile, the Battle of Endor rages behind him. I used forced perspective to get this whole epic scene within a 16x16 vig. I really had to use my head(s) for this one as everything on Ackbar from his eyes and mouth to his hands is made out of minifigure heads. It is this part usage that earned this MOC the first place in the RotJ Vignettes category. The third vignette I built represents the final scene of the movie and Includes real ghosts... sort of As the rebels celebrate their victory over the Empire on the forest moon of Endor, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Yoda, and Anakin appear to Luke as force ghosts. It uses the classic Pepper's Ghost effect to make the force ghosts appear. This is achieved by using Brickstuff lighting and a large trans-clear Lego panel that is at a 45 degree angle to the viewer to reflect the hidden ghost figures. You can see a video of this effect in action here. Here is a peak behind the tree that is hiding the ghost figures to show you how it works. It's a fairly simple trick which I hadn't seen anyone use in a MOC before. Well, that's it. I hope you enjoyed these builds and may the force be with you!
  3. Hi guys, I have just finished another Star Wars MOC. This time I wanted to mess around with the idea of forced perspective and decided to recreate one of my favourite shots from Return of the Jedi. As with all my micro mocs I wanted to stick to the 16x16 base, which in this instance was quite a challenge but eventually I managed to find a way to fit everything I wanted into the scene. The colour palette choice for Jabba's Palace was partly based on the official lego sets of "Jabba's Palace' and 'Rancor Pit' especially the dark grey base for the Palace to sit atop but I decided to go with darker colours for the Palace itself similar to the actual scene from the film. Finally I have recently got hold of the Boushh mini fig (one of my favourites) and so wanted to incorporate her somehow. I then had the idea that Chewie and Liea would have walked the same route to get to Jabba's Palace and so changed the sky to a sunset scene to reflect the time of day they arrived at the Palace. Which do you prefer? C3P0 and R2 or Boushh and Chewie? Also I am thinking of doing some more scenes similar to this, incorporating micro builds and mini figs but wondered if people liked this style? Should I stick to the micro landscapes I have been building or do more scenes in this style?
  4. dimnico

    [MOC] Jabba's PIzza Hutt

    Hey guys, I have just finished another build, which I would love to share with you all. I call this 'Jabba's PIzza Hutt' Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr For a change this is not related to any scene or landscape from the Star Wars saga but rather a bit of fun I was having with my newly acquired Jabba figure. I had quite a bit of fun with this, like the Emperor's order being number 66... Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Jabba's tail being too big for his own restaurant! Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Han in Carbonite being used a fridge in the back with Slave Leia chained up and being made to work the tills and a stormtrooper in chef's overalls in the kitchen. Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr My favourite part has to be Grandpa Darth treating his little grandson Kylo to a pizza, just look at how happy Kylo looks! Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Anyway, this was just a bit of fun, hope you like! Jabba's Pizza Hutt by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Rouge one micro landscape and a recreation of an iconic teaser poster coming soon!
  5. Hi guys, here is a little MOC I put together. IMG_20161014_164521 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr I had a few spare bits lying around and had recently acquired a Tauntaun so I thought I would put it to good use! DSC_1899 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr DSC_1942 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr I wanted to make this as movie accurate as possible so that is why the colour palette on this build is more grey, to reflect the night time setting of the scene, rather than the traditional tan colours of Jabba's Palace. I should point out the gungan head isnt movie accurate but I put that in for a bit of fun! IMG_20161014_192613 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr However I did also build a tan version using parts from the Jabba's Palace and Mos Eisley official sets. IMG_20161009_221534 by dimitrinicomanis, on Flickr Which do you prefer, tan or grey? Hope you enjoy and as always any feedback, advice or suggestions for new MOCs are always welcome!
  6. Continuing my series of 80's, Kenner toys. I also built the Body-Rigs and the Rebels, Vehicle Maintenance Energizer. I figured, since these are smaller models, I would post all of these in one topic. A Body-Rig was a small one-man vehicle designed and released by Kenner in 1985. They were even smaller than the Mini-Rigs. Two of the vehicles have managed to appear in Star Wars: Droids: the Imperial Sniper Vehicle and the Sand Skimmer Vehicle. First is the Imperial Sniper Vehicle . The Imperial Sniper Vehicle was a Repulsorlift craft piloted by one person. It featured a large open seat, two blaster cannons and a grappling claw. It eventually saw use during the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY. This model has 185 pieces. Next, is the Rebels, Security Scout Vehicle. The Security Scout Vehicle was a one-man repulsorlift craft used by the Rebel Alliance. It was piloted by a driver in an open seat. The vehicle had two blaster cannons and a rudder to steer. During the Galactic Civil War, the Security Scout Vehicle was used during the Battle of Hoth to eliminate any Imperial soldiers that were following Rebels to the Echo Base. They were later put to use during the Battle of Endor. The pilot, on this model, is held in place by a neck bracket with the control arms coming over head. Looks like it would be a blast to pilot, but, no cover from enemy fire. Seems like a risky vehicle to pilot?! This model has 86 pieces. Last for the Body-Rigs, is the Sand Skimmer Vehicle. A sandskimmer was a small one-man vehicle primarily used to travel in desert environments. Malakili, the keeper of Jabba's rancor, used one when he let the rancor out into Tatooine's Dune Sea for some exercise.[3] It also saw usage by Jabba's Skiff Guards. This model has 85 pieces. I'm having alot of fun making these. Re-living my childhood?! Re-creating them in Lego is alot of fun and challenging too! Hope you guys like them!! The last model I am going to post to this topic is the Rebels, Vehicle Maintenance Energizer. This toy was released in 1982. This is something that no Hoth or Yavin base can go without. And, no Lego set-up should! What would you do if a piece falls off, you'll need this for the Mini-Figs to fix it!! Again, hope you guys like these and I'll post my Side Gunner, ATL Fighter, and White Witch soon. Thanks for looking, Jamie
  7. Mpyromaxos

    [MOC] Jabba's Pimp My Ride..!

    This is my moc for a contest for for a land vechicle. It's my first moc with Star Wars although I have several sets.. Enjoy it and tell me your opinion-thought about it! More fotos you can find in my Flickr page..!!
  8. StarWars8Spoiler

    [MOC] Micro Jabba's Palace

    Hello, again, everyone! Shortly after completing my Micro Jedi Temple, I have created a Micro Jabba's Palace! This one sits at 164 pieces. Comments, criticisms, and etc. is allowed and encouraged. Please tell me what you think! Also, I request that this be indexed.
  9. Voila, my entry for the Battlepack contest. It's a Sail Barge Battlepack with four of Jabba's henchmen and a Desert Skimmer. I hope you'll like it and oops i forgot to add spring-loaded shooters...
  10. Reekardoo

    Max Rebo's Nalargon

    My newest MOC. Also published in so please vote so it might reach 10000 votes and gain the possibility of becoming a real official LEGO set. Many thanks! Cheers
  11. I planned on posting this last week, but, got side tracked by life: work, family stuff, and LDD RCB. Sorry for the delay. Up next in my series of Kenner Mini-Rigs from the 80's is the AST-5. The vehicle featured two blaster cannons, each capable of swiveling 360 degrees. The vehicle had a "sentry" mode, an "attack" mode wherein the engine section would rotate to a 90-degree angle with the pilot section, and a "pursuit" mode where the engine section would rotate to a parallel position with the pilot section. It could also at least temporarily enter space. Here is a shot of the pilot. Lots of SNOT! There's studs going every way possible in this model. Plus, it does rotate like the Kenner model and also, a Mini-Fig does fit in the cockpit. The only thing, I may, have to do to it, is try to incorporate some controls somehow. The cockpit is empty, maybe on the door?? Attack Mode I nicknamed this model "the flying coffin". Shot it down, cover with sand, done! This model has 161 pieces in it and I did attach the file for this, too. Someone suggested it in another thread for one of my Mini-Rigs. Thanks, Jamie 8 - EU - Mini-Rig - AST-5 - Armored Sentinel Transport.lxf
  12. Today, I would like to present my Desert Sail-20 Skiff. The Sail-20 was similar in design to the Ubrikkian Industries Bantha-II cargo skiff. The sail skiffs were smaller in size however, and were designed to be used as one-man personal fliers. Unlike the Bantha IIs, the sail skiffs housed a pair of blaster cannons located on each side of the lower hull. This model is not a "complex" as some of the others. Not alot of SNOT. But, it still looks good and stays true to the original model. It is designed, so you can place a sail from the new Jabba's Sail Barge set on it. Till, I build these in real bricks, I'm not sure if it will look too big, or not. After I have this built and the sail in place, I'll have to look at it and play with from there. I believe this is my smallest model in my series of Kenner Mini-Rigs. It has 134 pieces in it and can hold one figure. The .lxf file is in my Brickshelf folder. MLC-3 to come tomorrow! Thanks for looking, Jamie
  13. Hello everybody! Yesterday my Sail Barge has arrived and I thought that I do a review, hope I can help those people who are not sure whether to buy this set or not. http://www.1000stein...rge/75020-1.jpg Set Information Set name: Jabba’s Sail Barge Set Number: 75020 Pieces: 850 Minifigures: 4 + R2-D2 + Jabba the Hutt Price: 119.99 USD / 99.99 GBP / 119.99 EUR / 38990 HUF /////S@H prices Year of Release: 2013 Official Set Description Help Princess Leia and R2-D2 escape from Jabba’s Sail Barge™! Princess Leia and R2-D2 are secretly plotting their escape from Jabba’s Sail Barge™ prison. Help them to sneak past the guards, Weequay and Ree-Yees, while Jabba the Hutt gets distracted by musician Max Rebo! Find a way to slip through the opening side windows of the floating Sail Barge, then get past its hidden pirate cannon, deck cannon and 2 flick missiles! This essential LEGO® Star Wars™ set features wheels, fold-down sides, removable deck, jail, kitchen and Jabba’s throne. Includes Jabba the Hutt, R2-D2 and 4 minifigures with weapons: Princess Leia in slave outfit, Max Rebo, Weequay and Ree-Yees. • Includes Jabba the Hutt, R2-D2 and 4 minifigures with weapons: Princess Leia in slave outfit, Max Rebo, Weequay and Ree-Yees • Features hidden pirate cannon, deck cannon with 2 flick missiles, opening side windows, wheels, fold-down sides and removable deck for easy access to the jail, kitchen and Jabba’s cabin • Weapons include an axe and a blaster • Move Jabba’s Sail Barge™ with rolling undercarriage wheels • Find the hidden pirate cannon • Arm the deck cannons and fire the flick missiles! • Remove the deck to play inside • Recreate this iconic scene from Star Wars™: Episode VI Return of the Jedi • Measures over 8" (22cm) high, 16" (43cm) long and 8" (22cm) wide Box Let’s begin with the box, It’s quite large and sports the same size as the 9500 Fury class Interceptor. The new Yoda headline is truly beautiful and continoues on the back side with dark green background, I have to say that so far this is my favourite box design. The main picture shows us the Barge in full glory flying through the sandsea of Tatooine, it’s the europian version so you can only see the set name and number. Let’s take a look at the back. As usual we see the play features in little windows and a scene where the Barge is blowing up. I really like that nowadays Lego puts pictures about the set from different viewpoints int he low right corner. On the top we can see the lineup of figures with their names and a New mark for new figs. Max is presented in real 1:1 size. The contents of the box We get seven big bags with parts, Jabba is a seperate bag, 2 tubes (one is spare). Also we get 2 thick BIs, a huge poster and the sails in a bag with a cardboard to protect them. The BI has a plain olivish-gray background. The color differentation is good but when you reach the nose and the side panels the brown colors are melting together and there were a few steps where I left out a part because it was hard to spot. Although it was easy to follow and had no problem with it. Here is the poster, it’s really huge, about 1x2 meters with a great action scene, the other side is the same as in the Republic Gunship, it shows the 2013 lineup of figures with their names and set number where they can be found. Also we get a sticker sheet which may cause mini heart attacks to somebody who hates stickers, there are 26 of them but you have to apply them on plates, so it’s easy, but I can see that somebody doesn’t buy this because there are lot of them. The sails are made of plastic and I think it’s the same that we saw int he previous Sail Barge. And here are the content of the bags, each big bag contains a little as well for the small pieces. Leia’s and Rebo’s headpiece comes in a small polybag to protect them, both of them is made of softer rubbery ABS. Ree-Yees’s head is also from this material but he didn’t get a polybag, I don’t know why. Build And we have the first wave of figures who are coming with bag one plus Jabba’s bag. Leia is beautifully painted with an awesome headpiece, she has a second face as well which has an angry expression. She has a nice back painting as well. Our next one is Max Rebo, he is the cutest minifig I’ve ever seen. His headpiece is perfect with painted eyes, but that’s all for the prints on him, he is plain azure blue which looks astonishing in real. And there is Jabba that we’ve aready seen, but he is still looks great and has a rotateable upper body and moveable arms. The remaining figs are coming with the last bag so I will show them when I get there to keep you excited:D The first bag makes the strong base with technic parts The second bag adds the floor of the Barge with some more details. The back section where Max’s „piano” will be has a very clever design add a different angle ont he back. We also build Jabba’s bed or what, with this bag, the dark green and dark red plates are looking great together. Aaaand here we have the music instrument itself, the build is quite clever and gives a futuristic piano look. And the gig can start:D the other bag with number 2 makes the interior of the Barge, adding a prison cell and a little oven to cook blue ice cream. The prison cell is quite lame because on the back side it’s open… Just a shot with Everybody’s favourite bikini and it’s owner. And the owner of the bikini owner:D Let’s continue with the build, bag 3 which makes my favourite part of the barge, the nose. Some complain about beign to blocky but I have to say that I really like it. There is lot of brown parts here and it’s attached to the main body with 3 teching pins. One of the best paly feature can be found here as well, the nose hides a cannon which come forward if you open the hatch and slides back when you close it. And that’s how it looks connected to the body. Bag 4 contains the parts for the rear side panels, you have to apply 6 stickers on each sides. There is one thing that is a negative point for me, the little side wings are too plain, at least in the previous edition they’ve put a dish on it to spice it up. Now the Barge is taking shape. The side panels look great on the outside but ont he inside it’s random colors with lots of plates, I have to say that it’s not pretty but very sturdy and durable. With the 5th pack we cover the rest of the ship and add the remaining stickers. The back looks great but there is a little space between the 3 panels on the back. And we already reached the last bag which contains the main deck with the last 3 figs. R2-D2 is nothing special we’ve seen him dozens of time, but I was glad to get it because I have only the old, white headed R2. Let’s continue with Ree-Yees, he has rubbery palstic head which looks too happy, his headmold looks great, I really like the gran species in SW so I’m glad that we have on mad of Lego. He has eye and mouthprint, but IMO the tan color is too bright and it would’ve been better to add a darker tone to it (like on Jar-Jar’s head). His clothes are dark brown, the body painting is nothing special, a decent robe with a belt, he has backpaint too. And the last figure is a nameless Weequay soldier which looks awesome, I was surprised because I wasn’t excited about him. His clothes are very colorful and has a great bodyprint with some sort of leather armor on it, the back is cool too, he has long hair which continues on his body. And the best part is his head, there are scars and wrinkles. Here is the deck without the sails. The turret looks good and what’s a SW set without filck-fire missiles right? And here is the finished set. Overall Thought: When I first saw the pics of this set I wasn’t really interested in it and wanted to get the Gunship. But OT sets have a unique atmosphere which makes them the best (As I’m getting older I start to like OT more). I’m really happy with this set and glad that I chose this. The ship itself is great and it’s quite large, I sadly don’t have the skiff to comapre it, but it’s almost half meters long. The figures are lovely especially Max. The set also contains loads of useful parts in brown, dark tan and the usual SW colors (gray, dark gray, black). I really like the play features as well, I buy sets to display rather than playing with it, and this set is on the border between display and play set; the opening side is a great addition for kids to play and a good way to show the sets interior. We also have the cannon in the nose, the Barge has wheels too and there is the indispensable set of flick- missiles. Scoring Design: 9/10 I really like the overall look of the set, but it could’ve been bigger and there is the problem with the undetailed sidewings. Parts: 10/10 850 pieces of goodies. Lots of brown, dark tan, black, gray and dark gray parts. Also there are loads of bigger plates too. Minifigs: 10/10 I cannot complain, we get 6 and 4 of them is new, more would be better but The quality of the figs are superb so I’m satisfied with them, my only negative is R2’s waiter plate, it’s not accurate and it doesn’t look good. Price: 8/10 I got the set for 34000 HUF which is about 25$ cheaper than the original S@H price. My concern is that the Gunship is almost the same price and has 300 more parts. Build: 9/10 I’d give it a maximum, but the color differentation for brown parts are quite lame in the BI and it makes the building procedure harder. Also there are loads of repetition, it’s not a problem for me because I enjoy building the most, so it’s acceptable, but for children I imagine that hey get bored while making the same step for the 5th time. And there is that 26 stickers too. I hope this review helped deciding whether to buy this or not, comments are welcome and appreciated, thanks for opportunity. - Csacsa234
  14. Couldn't get to sleep last night and had just Skyped with my girlfriend where she was messing about with a crocheted Jabba the Hutt she has. I was feeling a bit left out, so I made this for myself. :)
  15. As I was inspired to build in microscale by toomuchcaffeine's (alas, now former ) Cuusoo project of micro Star Wars scenes (pictures here), it has always been my intention not to not just make vehicles. I wanted to give them a setting, to make a diorama with just a few pieces. Maybe there are more to come, but anyway I present here to you my first micro scene. [MOC] The Tiny Pit of Carkoon by Bert.VR, on Flickr Yes, I know. It's not a giant diorama that that epic scenes deserves (and has got), but still, I'm quite fond of it. The Sarlacc itself is the starting points. Add together 2 LEGO Friends hand mirrors/beac, 6 wild west horns/tentacles, 1 Technic turntable/teeth and some binoculars, clips and a dozen of SNOT bricks to make it bind, and voilà, there's your micro Sarlacc. Due to all the SNOT involved in this centerpiece, the build turned out quite complicated as a whole. Adding the curves to simulate dunes at an ofset didn't really help, but at least it gave a decent aesthetical effect. If you're more of an expert in the MOCcing cuisine, you can try to prepare the Sail Barge, as that's a quite complex recipe to follow. The distinct snout is hard to replicate in any scale of LEGO. You have to get the slope viewed from the side, and the curve viewed from the top. So you have to choose your ingredients - err... parts - very well. After using all kinds of pieces I had never heard of before (like Indian wigs, bizarre Hero Factory pieces, trays and bowls...) two rather ordinary (no offence) bow pieces (part 64225) seemed to deliver the right taste. Combining these with straight slopes and shields (O, I do love those!) gave what I was aiming for. The problem was keeping it together, and fitting it in with the rest of the dish - err... model. Some dirty tricks (no bricks were harmed, during the making of this model) gave a satisfactory result, though some gaps were left, I admit. [MOC] The Tiny Pit of Carkoon by Bert.VR, on Flickr To garnish your creation, you can't go without some Desert Skiffs. To be in scale, they had to be really tiny, even for my standards . It was hard to come up with an accurate and - even more important - pretty solution. In the end, I took the advise of "less is more" seriously for once and stayed with one piece, and one piece only. The Rescue can (part 90395) that had proven to be unsuitable for the main course (the Sail Barge) turned out to be just the right part for the job. All you have to do then, is to tell everybody not to notice the gaps, and to present your creation nicely. To evoke the dessert of Tatooine (pun intended), a chaotic and rough edge seems appropriate, especially since you don't want to cover up all those offsets you introduced earlier on... [MOC] The Tiny Pit of Carkoon by Bert.VR, on Flickr This model is best served rendered with LDD2POV-Ray, and with a long text alongside it. I wish you all a humble bon appetit. Please let me know how it tastes. If you have remarks about the spicing, please do tell me. Then I will fetch you some salt and pepper. (in other words: C&C welcome and appreciated)
  16. I looked at the internet and found this shocking news http://www.independe...go-8555610.html Jabba's place is ceasing production in 2014
  17. Hi, I just like to share my Cuusoo projects will all of y'all, since you're all SW-fans. Of course i'm aware that those projects are not likely to get made at all. But for me, it was kinda nice to develop some Lego-designs and I finally understood how to work with LDD. I drew myself some mini-figures (the accent on all these sets are the mini-figures by the way) and connected them with my LDD-designs. My main reason for these designs is that sometimes when you have an idea stuck in your mind, you want to execute that idea in the hope TLG will see it and gets inspired and uses some of those ideas :-) Anyhow, my first Cuusoo-project was called Star Wars Universe Packs and contained six boxes with five mini-figures in it, a stand and a mini-building. A little like the Planet-series. Biggest reason for those packs is of course the need of more typical SW universe people (the kind that won't show up in other Lego SW boxes, because they're not main characters) for us to make our Lego SW world more complete and detailed. The second project is all about the Mos Eisley Cantina. The thing is, we need a new cantina. A proper one. The set 4501 isn't sufficient in any ways (ok, except for bringing us Greedo). In trying to inspire TLG i designed a Mos Eisley Cantina in packs. So in order to complete your Cantina you'll need all the packs. The reason for this is of course the number of mini-figures. If you want a real SW Mos Eisley cantina you need a cantina-band, you'll need some space weirdo's, a bartender, some good folk, and a snitch with some bad folk. I thought this was a clever idea for TLG to avoid one big set with too many mini-figures and not being super expensive. I'm not the greatest Lego-designer so the designs may be pretty rough. I hope you'll like them, i just wanted to share with y'all! Oh, if you like to see them on Cuusoo: SW Universe Packs Mos Eisley Main Cantina Cantina Band Pack Cantina Benches Pack Cantina Entrance Pack