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  1. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] UT-60D U-Wing

    This is a small UT-60D U-wing I designed. It's 736 pieces, so I would say that it is close in size to the official U-wing set from a couple years ago. I wanted to make something that looked really clean and sleek. I tried to get it as accurate as I could as this small scale. The cockpit has room for a single pilot, and the seating bay has room for 4 people. There are 4 seats back there, but they can be taken out if need be. The way to access the interior is to simply pull off the long top portion of the model. The wings can go all the way into flight mode and back. The only thing is that there is no connection point for the wings to stay put when moving the model around. So when flying it or moving it around, one would have to have a hand next to the wing to stop it from going wherever gravity wants it to. I guess a tiny piece of tape would fix the issue, but for display purposes, I didn't consider it to be a big deal. Because I did kind of intend for this model to be a small display piece or a part of a large moc or diorama. u-wing by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr u-wing_4 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr UntitledModel by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr UntitledModel2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr u-wing_2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr UntitledModel_2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr I also tried switching up the color a bit and using dark blue. I think this color scheme also turned out really well. u-wing (dark blue) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr I also did make instructions and a parts list for this U-wing model here: Let me know what you all think!
  2. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] Republic Frigate / Consular-class Cruiser

    Thanks! And yea the square hole was inevitable with the technique that I used. It never really bothered me though. Using cone pieces would have solved it, but they didn't exist in the colors that I wanted.
  3. This is a small display model of the Republic Frigate, also commonly known as the Republic Consular-class Cruiser. This was seen at the beginning of The Phantom Menace (the red version) and many times during the clone wars. And there was a another dark red variant at Scipio as seen in season 6 of the Clone Wars show. I would consider this to be a midi-scale model. It comes with a simple stand that is easy to take on/off. The model itself is pretty sturdy and the design is very straightforward. This isn't really a complicated build at all. I was just aiming to make a nice little display piece. republic frigate (small) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr republic frigate (small) 2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr This is the dark red Scipio variant republic frigate (small) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr republic frigate (small) scipio_2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr And this is the version for The Phantom Menace. I made a dark red version and a regular red version. Personally I think the dark red looks better, but the official LEGO version from 2007 (I think) did use a lot of the regular red. republic frigate (small) phantom menace (dark red) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr republic frigate (small) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr I did also make instructions/parts list for this and if anyone was interested, here are the links: Clone Wars light gray/dark red (Scipio) versions: The Phantom Menace dark red/regular red verions: What do you all think? I feel like the republic frigate is a pretty underrated ship.
  4. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter (Clone Wars)

    Thanks! And yea I agree, LEGO doesn't really do a lot of prequel UCS sets
  5. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] Z-95 Headhunter (Clone Wars)

    This is my UCS-like version of the Z-95 Headhunter from the Clone Wars. It is 937 pieces + 125 pieces for the stand. The Z-95 is a pretty sleek starfighter and I wanted to give it that clean look that it has in the Clone Wars show. I think I did a decent job at that - there are not many studs showing and the starfighter overall looks pretty sleek. I did also add in landing gear. There are 3 - one in the front and two towards the back. They can retract when you no longer need them. There is also a little slot in the bottom of the starfighter for the stand to go. There isn't actually a connection; you just place the starfighter right on top of the stand. Lego Z-95 Headhunter moc (Clone Wars) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr z95 with stand_2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr UntitledModel by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr I did also make instructions/parts list if anyone was curious:
  6. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] Endar Spire from KOTOR (6000 pieces)

    Thanks! I still have to finish playing the original KotOR before the remake
  7. This is the Endar Spire from the beginning of KOTOR (Knights of the Old Republic) that I designed. It is quite an iconic ship and it's an absolutely massive model at 6,000 pieces. This was probably my longest project that I've ever worked on. The only one that comes close to this in terms of the 'time it took to design' would be the C-9979 Landing Craft which was around 5000 pieces. So this model is actually a lot more structurally sturdy than one might think. There is a massive technic "skeleton" that is reinforced by a lot more technic, bricks, plates, inverted slopes, etc. And the stands help to keep the model up and distribute the weight of this massive beast. The head itself acts as a frontal stand. It aligns perfectly on the ground with the other 2 stands which ensures that it stays nice and sturdy on display. endar spire2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire image taking by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire image taking_2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire_8 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire_6 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire_5 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire (white) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr endar spire (white - orange) by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr The interior: There are 5 "rooms" in this hammerhead cruiser. The largest room is in the back. This is where you first wake up in the KOTOR game and meet Trask Ulgo. The second room is kind of like a bridge of the cruiser - lots of chairs for computers. The third room is the escape pod entry, where there are 3 escape pod entrances. The fourth room is a cargo room/hallway. The fifth and smallest room is another smaller cargo bay. It is also possible to remove the sides walls as seen in one of the images. And color swapping is quite easy as well. I made 2 versions. A light-bluish gray one and a white one. I also did some color variations like orange, yellow, and dark blue just to see what they would look like. Here is a link for the instructions and parts list if anyone was curious: Let me know what you all think!
  8. This is the ARC-170 Starfighter - it's a massive starfighter, both the moc itself and in-universe. I first made the regular version as seen in Revenge of the Sith, and then later I color swapped it to the Muunilinst 10 colors (I did dark blue and regular blue for that). I also color-swapped the regular version to a bunch of different variants just to see what they would look like. The dark blue and yellow looked the best to me. arc170 starfighter by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr arc170 starfighter_2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr image taking_2 by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr Muunilinst 10 (dark blue) muunilist arc170 starfighter by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr Muunilinst 10 (blue) UntitledModel by Rendili Bricks, on Flickr These are the 11 other color swaps I did on the regular ARC-170: I didn't want to upload a bunch of unnecessary pictures here. But anyway, the regular ARC-170 ended up being 2102 pieces (including the stand) and the Muunlinst version was 2113 pieces (including the stand). In terms of stability, it is excellent in my opinion. The body of the ship itself is very securely packed with technic, bricks, and plates. And the main wings and 4 smaller wings are all brick-built (with technic liftarms). Those 4 smaller wings can easily "close up" for when the ARC-170 isn't in battle. The larger 2 wings are attached quite securely to the body of the model, but I included 2 small support stands at the ends of each wing just because the wingspan is so large. Though I am pretty confident that the supports will not be needed - of course, the wings will droop a little bit without them just because of their sheer weight. For my C-9979 Landing Craft, I included stands to go underneath each of the 4 wings, but after someone built it in real-life, they told me they didn't even need the stands. By default, I made the instructions to sit on the stand, but I did make an option for landing gear as well. The stand is very simple and tucks into a 4x6 hole on the underside of the model. There are 2 modules of landing gears (one for the front and one for the middle). The front module easily attaches to the front of the ARC-170 and the middle one goes into that 4x6 hole. So in order to display the ARC-170 with landing gear, the stand will need to be taken off. Also, I know that the large wings of ARC-170 are supposed to be light gray underneath the spot where the smaller wings go, but for the regular version, I liked the look better when it was all white. But it is just a simple color swap from white technic liftarms to light-bluish gray technic liftarms to get that accuracy. I used the light-bluish gray on the Muunilinst version though. I'll include a link for the instructions / parts list if anyone wanted to take a look. It will also have some more images of the starfighter as well. Regular ARC-170: Muunilinst 10 ARC-170: Let me know what you all think!
  9. This is the collection of lightsabers I have designed. It includes most of the well-known sabers in the star wars universe, like Darth Vader, Anakin, Obi-Wan, Ahsoka, etc. And there are also a lot of not-very-well-known lightsabers that I have designed like Quinlan Vos, Ventress (from Dark Disciple), Mara Jade, Anakin Solo, etc. There are 37 total lightsabers. I may do some more in the future because there are some important ones that I haven't done yet. test by ice chips, on Flickr This is an image with the names of the respective owners of the lightsabers in the Star Wars universe all with names by ice chips, on Flickr And these are probably the ones that a lot of people are familiar with the most: UntitledModel by ice chips, on Flickr I did have to get very creative with a lot of these sabers because since I designed most of these with a 4x4 circular width, I was kind of limited in what I could do. That's just the way it is when designing sabers. Once you pick a width, there are some limitations you have to stick to. But nevertheless, I think these turned out really good. I included lightsabers from all across Star Wars. The Prequel trilogy, Original trilogy, videogames like Fallen Order, KOTOR & SWTOR, and EU legends. What are your thoughts on these sabers? And which one is your favorite? I'm kinda curious to see what saber people think is the best one. And I'll include a link to the instructions for these. This particular link is for the entire collection, but on my Rebrickable profile, I have all of these sabers listed individually as well.
  10. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] Endor Landing Pad

    Yeah I do. Sorry about that; the link should work now.
  11. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] The Malevolence

    Thank you! I was going for a small and simple model. I used the default settings for rendering. I did find out that I can tweak those settings to bring out the trans pieces a bit more, so I may rerender some images in the future.
  12. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] The Malevolence

    This is the malevolence moc from the clone wars that I designed a while ago. I guess you could call this micro-scale since the actual cruiser is just so big; 4 times longer than a Venator. At a little over 1700 pieces, I designed this moc to be a little display model. And I think it turned out quite well. I just wish the trans-pieces showed up a little bit brighter in the renders; it is kind of hard to see them. I put in some renders of the y-wings that I designed a while ago into the main image just to kind of show that amazing space battle from the beginning of season 1 of the clone wars. Overall I really liked how it turned out. Let me know what you all think! destroy the malevolence by ice chips, on Flickr UntitledModel by ice chips, on Flickr front by ice chips, on Flickr front_2 by ice chips, on Flickr back by ice chips, on Flickr I do also have a few more pictures and instructions available here if you were interested:
  13. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] Endor Landing Pad

    Thanks! I might consider making a base for it later on but probably not anytime soon. The AT-AT shown in the image is from 2014 and it is almost the same height as the 2020 AT-AT, so to answer your question, it scales pretty well with the current version.
  14. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] Endor Landing Pad

    This is the endor landing pad from Return of the Jedi that I designed. I made it to fit the play-scale sets that Lego has been releasing like the AT-AT walker, TIE fighter, and Imperial Shuttle. But the UCS Imperial Shuttle does fit quite nicely on the pad as well. The whole build is a little over 7,000 pieces. The height is just right for the AT-AT walker to stand right next to one of the six hallways. The landing pad is the bulk of the cost because its mostly light bluish gray bricks which can get very expensive. The actual landing platform is about 4 studs tall, and is made up of mostly 2x4 and 2x8 bricks along with other bricks and plates as well. This helps the platform stay together. The platform rests on top of the 2 "towers". The best place to put a UCS shuttle would be right above the towers so that they can easily support the weight. But a play-scale size ship would pretty much be able to stand anywhere on the platform since it is so light. And I know that the landing pad is supposed to have 2 yellow circular outlines on it, but I left it out because doing it with bricks would have looked too blocky. Making and printing a large sticker would probably look much better and cleaner. This model would go great with an endor forest moc. I do plan to design the endor bunker and shield generator for the death star in the future. I am also currently working on a larger version of this landing platform that is more to scale with UCS builds like the Imperial Shuttle and possibly even the rumored UCS AT-AT. But there is still a lot of work that needs to be done on that so I'm not too sure yet. But anyway, here are some images of the build: pad with vehicles by ice chips, on Flickr pad with vehicles_3 by ice chips, on Flickr test_2 by ice chips, on Flickr pad with vehicles_2 by ice chips, on Flickr I made instructions for this build as well and linked them below. There are also some more images and angles of the build in them as well. I'd love to hear your thoughts on this build!
  15. starwarsfan66

    [MOC] UCS C-9979 Landing Craft

    Thanks! It was definitely a bit of a challenge to get it as accurate as I could. I had to get a lot of reference images from the clone wars episodes and Phantom Menace.