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Found 6 results

  1. BrickMonkeyMOCs

    [MOC] Blade Runner 2049 Blaster

    My first 1:1 scale replica weapon. Everyone else has been doing spinner MOCs, so I wanted to try something different. A lot of work went into securing the connection of the pistol grip, and it is now quite strong and robust. The trigger is semi-functional, using a click-hinge that returns to center. Based on the best reference pictures I could find online. Instructions available from BrickMonkey MOCs.
  2. soccerkid6

    M-Tron C-5 Blaster

    This was built for ABS round 2.1, in which the seed part was the red bucket. The blaster features a removable clip (accomplished via magnets) along with a working trigger and charging handle. The whole thing is quite solid and very playable. More pictures can be seen here.
  3. This topic is going to be, as the title says, about purist Star Wars weapons. I doubt many people will reply to this topic as making these aren't particularly easy.
  4. Actionfigure

    [MOC] working DL-44 Blaster

    Hello, I am new to this forum. I built a lifesize replica of Han Solo´s Blaster pistol. It has the shape and size of the weapon he uses in "Return of the Jedi". There is a Lego light element in the inside. The ray is focused by a lense. You can pull the trigger and shoot (sorry, but that´s my first video). Well, I submitted this project to "Lego Ideas".
  5. [soNE Freebuild] "The Escape" Part. 2 Please comment, tell me what you think, it helps me to better perform next time. This is my sixth Episode. INTRODUCTION: After trying to arrest Dan Jars for being a rebel spy failed, Dan Jars, the rebel spy, and ex-B-Squad member knocked down Admiral Brickton, shot a stormtrooper, knocked one out, shot the Sergeant in the leg, and ran through the halls to try to make his escape. However, all of this was not known by the B-Squad (except for Sergeant Trans), and the rest of the Imperial crew. Now, Dan tries to make his escape via Hanger Bay 3. Star Destroyer "Tyrant", Brick System, 2 ABY. SONEe6s1 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Merchant: We're only carrying food supplies for the station, we have a license. Imperial Crewman: Alright, you seem to check out, tell your crewman to start up your ship. You will head directly for the station, and dock at docking bay #9. SONEe6s2 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Lieutenant: Trooper, why were there shots fired? What's happening? Dan Jars: Oh...uh... there was a blaster malfunction, a few people were wounded, why don't you go help them? SONEe6s3 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr SONEe6s4 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: Stop that trooper, he's a Rebel spy! SONEe6s5 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Lieutenant and Merchant: Arg! SONEe6s6 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: Stop, Rebel Scum! Merchant #2: Urg! SONEe6s7 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr James: Woah, what's happening!?!? Admiral Brickton: Dan is a Rebel Spy, get him! James: What? How can this be? I don- SONEe6s8 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Dan Jars: THE EMPIRE BETRAYED ME! NO ONE UNDERSTANDS ME. YOU WERE MY FRIEND JAMES, BUT THE EMPIRE IS NOW MY ENEMY! SONEe6s9 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr Admiral Brickton: He got away. I need fighters after that ship immediately. James: Sir, I don't understand! He was my friend! Admiral Brickton: But he's not anymore! This will be explained after we stop this traitor from getting away. SONEe6s10 by BrickJamesWells, on Flickr (excuse the bad "space" here) Dan Jars: Rebel Command, this is Rebel Intelligence Agent Dan Jars, I am in trouble, they think I'm just a traitor, but I also have some important Imperial battle plans! I need some fighters here, immediately. This information is valuable, and needs to get into an Alliance computer now! Rebel Officer (via com link): Copy that, Agent Jars, we'll see what we can do. See what happens next in Episode 7! Please comment, and tell me what you thought!