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Found 91 results

  1. the Inventor

    [MOC] Tryxlar Feeler

    I made an alien spaceship, for SpaceJam 2023 contest, "Bio-Mechanical Fusion" category. Tryxlar Feeler by Ids de Jong, on Flickr C&C always welcome, thanks for looking.
  2. elfprince13

    [MOC] Take Me To Your Leader

    Experimenting with some HDR photography techniques to try and get the lighting how I wanted... Looks like there have been some mixup on this alien’s first contact mission to Earth: perhaps not a complete bust after all Duplicate of first shot, but with a little bit more detail in the mix to see the actual construction
  3. Lord Oblivion


    Click for more on Instagram Design loosely inspired by various Honkai enemies. Twitter post
  4. Mohamed Marei

    Tachyon Thrasher [BioCup 2023]

    Tachyon Thrasher "An alien robot bounty hunter from deep space. Executing his mission with ruthless precision, only for those deemed worthy of his service." My entry to the 2023 BioCup preliminary round!
  5. Finally had time to finish my Aliens MOC (had this in mind for quite some time, but took ages to get the right bricks...) I tried to match the size of the Powerloader, the Alien and the Alienqueen to match the minifigs... I hope you like it? Let me know what you think. Update: Feb 26. ...more pictures! Here's some new pictures (Groupshot, Details) ...hope you like it.
  6. This model was taken from a Rebrickable MOC of the LEGO Worlds spaceship "PUG-Z" that user "TOB1 bricks" recreated here. I took the free instructions' MOC, and changed them (I removed the toilet, as it was causing problems with the roof) and altered the colors from orange, yellow, and bright light orange to a predominantly black and red model with some light / dark grays thrown in for good measure. I also modified other parts of the ship, making the radio antennas a bit shorter and adding trans-green "freeze" blasters to the ship where the forward-facing lights used to go. The rear of the ship has this 2 x 2 round symbol for the ship's owner / affiliation, along with tow small booster rockets alongside the main engine. The top opens up / out and the computer wall folds down to become a bed. (I had to take the toilet out as it wasn't playing nice with the roof in LDD.) Oh, and the landing legs fold backwards for flight. Here we see the owner of the ship (and his laser pulse rifle), who is a methane breathing reptile-like alien named Zath-ann. He wears a rebreather to properly function in oxygen-based environments and doesn't take it off in his ship because he hasn't got it converted to a methane-orientated life support system yet... it's on the to-do list though. Special thanks to Carl Greatix (designer for TT games) & Mark Stafford for the in-game model. Any thoughts on this MOD? Comments, questions, and complaints always welcome!
  7. Top view with locations Impostor Green is waiting for red... The Reactor and upper engine. Upper part of the ship including the cockpit at the front below the arch. Views Side View The accessories of the characters can be easily swapped around and shared between them creating impostor and non impostor versions as well as looks of different skins, like in the game. Added a ghost version of the famous red player design. If you like it, it is also a set on LEGO ideas:
  8. skcheung

    BrickheadZ Alien

    One of my favourite scary movie. I think no need to introduce it, right?What I love the most is its inner teeth. Gorgeous. IMG_7741 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_7745 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_7753 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr IMG_7750 by skcheung730, 於 Flickr
  9. Semantic

    [MOC] Alien Train Station

    Hello everyone on! I honestly don't remember if I already registered here and posted this. :) If so, please notice me. Want to start with this old work, I made one day on vacation some years ago. Skull was based on slightly modified creation by "Choking Hazards" and train base was modified Maersk train base if I remember correctly. The rest is straight from my sick mind. :) Train is PF-motorised, with lights (particularly in skull's eyes). Other pictures under
  10. This Kadillax (pronounced similar to "Cadillac") originally belonged to Black Hole Gang's second in command under the Brick Daddy. This financial / legal wizard is code-named Mister Gray. The Kadillax remains his personal transportation now that Gray is "retired", but this is a ruse to keep the Space Police off his tail. The real work that he does is helping rebel cells fight the Space Police IV forces, either by smuggling oppressed people around in his spacious limo and it's opening trunk, or using the secret panels to covertly transport gold or cash around to rebel hideouts or stops on the underground railroad to freedom in the galaxy's central core. The core is where sensors can not penetrate and big ships cannot enter due to the increased gravity and many asteroid chunks. In reality, this model started as 70906, Joker's Notorious Low-rider. I changed the colors, removed most of the golden parts and exchanged the bouncy wheels for hover pods. The vehicle's obvious weapons such as missile launcher / ray guns were removed when Mister Grays went clean, but the secret is that he kept the EMP generator and code scrambler as a precaution. These would prove to be most helpful in his new role as founder of the resistance network and underground railroad to help oppressed aliens and techno-mages to freedom. Mr. Gray also keeps a classic blaster in reach at all times... just in case. The vehicle can seat one figure at the drivers seat and figure in the passenger's seat . The trunk opens up and the roof is removable. After the death of the Brick Daddy, a criminal power vacuum caused a gang war to erupt between Squidman and the mysterious Mister Gray, who was Brick Daddy's shady accountant and corrupt lawyer. As Mister Gray slowly took over the Black Hole Gang from rival Squidman, he forced the Space Police III (who were at war with Blacktron 3 at the time) to regroup into the totalitarian Space Police IV by way of the Gang joining sides with Blacktron 3 forces. This proved critical to anti-alien leaning leaders of the Space Congress' plan of eradicating both the Blacktron scourge and Black Hole Gang. In the end, the Blacktron retreated to the edges of known space, and the Black Hole Gang was destroyed save two major members: Squidman, who was no longer a Black Hole Gang member when the Gang declared war of the Space Police, and Mister Gray, who sold out the gang's location to save himself. He is sometimes now called Mister "Grave" instead, but never to his face, as he alone was responsible for the saturation bombing of the Gang's hideout. This bombing killed most members and blew up it's ammo dump, thus destroying any evidence of Gray's complicity in any past crimes. After this, he decided his clean slate was not worth the blood on his hands, and thus helped found the resistance network to fight the Space Police IV forces. His immense wealth helps out those in need, and he personally smuggles wanted people around in his limo from time to time. As usual, comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!
  11. The Flying Saucer piloted by the Greys - Luckily it didn't crash this time! Ready to explore the far reaches of space (and Earth now and again!). The Flying Saucer has retractable landing legs so that it can be displayed as having landed or can be flown about with the landing legs up and fully secured. Three of the Aliens come with their own piece of Alien technology and the other one has a map (even Alien's can get lost!) Please support my idea. Any feedback is also very much welcome! Thank you in advance! VOTE HERE
  12. Hi ! I've built a half-man half-mosquito half-alien MOC this week, called Aristote Paxeros : He's an alien gastronome who travels the universe to taste the blood of different species. Of course, he's civilized, so he collects his food with a special syringe. The vials allow him to store up to two separate meals : When he arrived on Earth, he became friends with Diogenes Trexler, the most powerful wizard in the world.
  13. Hi all, when I saw new The LEGO Movie 2 sets I fell in love with Ultrakatty set 70827 and began thinking about what else I can build out of this set. The first idea was to build Ultrapuppy but I was not able to give it cool enough appearance and personality. Then I got another idea that excited me much: What about giving Emmet and Lucy real alien that would fight with those Duplo monsters? ...and it should be the coolest alien of all - alien queen! "Who is cooler alien now?" I tried to build her as close to original as possible with limited sort of parts in set so I added such details as second jaw, big collar behind head and many thorns on back and tail. I also had to forfeit some details like the second pair of hands on chest and use pretty "wild" color scheme. Finished model features good articulation and big feet gives it some stability. I hope you like it. Any comments are welcome.
  14. -zenn

    [MOC] Prowl Xenomorph

    Been wanting to finish this WIP of a xenomorph alien I had laying around since the beginning of summer; the Space Jam Contest over on Flickr finally gave me the incentive to do so. Prowl; a xenomorph inspired by the 'Alien' anthology & 'John Denver - Take Me Home, Country Roads'. Build started out with those 'shooters' for legs as they have a 'xeno' look to them and that plate with a handle as I saw a 'jawline' in it. The head uses a couple of black 'ingots', technic plates with the toothed/round ends, rounded plate with 2 open studs and a link tread attachment to give it some more texture. The jaw is also attached by a droid arm, to give some more shape to its neck, although you can't really see it that well in the pic's. The body came together as I was bulking it up with various organic shaped pieces; from a technic ball socket connector for the upper torso, technic clip connector for the pipes on the back, that strange technic knob wheel gear as part of the hips, minifig arms, jackhammer, handlebars, bar with plate as part of the fingers, wrenches, to minifig scarfs. The arms & legs where simple 'bar with clip' to barholders connections + round plates with hole (3L bar hidden in the legs for stability), but convey the 'boney' feeling' just right. To connect the body en arms together there's a pneumatic T-piece inserted into the mainhole of the ball socket conector capped off using round plates with holes on the ends which keep the T-piece in place and serve as an attachment point. The 'hidden' T-piece also serves as the neck and articulation point for the head. The legs are connected to a minfig weapon blaster which also serves as the connection point to the hips as well as the tail. Inturn the hips are connected to the body at the back using another T-piece. The feet were a crime though; had some brick built ones at first, but seemed too simple/average, 'till I spotted those train pantograph shoes which in combo with droid arms & barholders with handle gave the right stance; a 'high heel' look. While making this build, I rewatched all the movies several times, you might recognise some elements similar to the movies in it. It also has multipable 'glow in the dark' pieces making it more interesting/eerie/spooky to look at when displayed at low-light conditions. Gotta say it was a challenging build to make, something totally different than I would normally build. Coming up with solutions for some minor stuff I ran into, this being mostly the torso/body work; as I first used a minfig neck bracket with attachement points for the pipes at the back. To attach it to the ballsocket piece didn't work, 'cause it kept popping 'outwards' when using it with a balljoint and made it sit at an awkward high angle which didn't look right. And a different hip configuration which made it look too short. Also photographing black is hell, even ordered myself some new light bulbs to make it easier. But not really satisfied how the head turned out in the pic's, could also be the angle in which it is photographed though. Same goes for the lower part of the legs (shins) as well, they could've been 2 plates elongated in retrospect/hindsight. But nevertheless I'm pleased with the end result. Owyeah before I forget; TLG please provide us builders with some black long cattle horns in the future, it would be much appreciated. More angles/pic's can be found on my Flickr.
  15. This model was heavily inspired by A Plastic Infinity / Arcane Sweetie Belle's old (2012-ish) build, as seen here on Flickr. I took the basic design of the ship seen there and added newer parts and an updated color-scheme. This Unidentified Flying Object is meant to be the space ship of two of the Unikitty! CMF Alien Puppycorn figures' species. The ship without the figures. The trans yellow cones are simple forward-fixed laser weapons, but don't be deceived: they are only part of the defense grid on this ship! The rear of the ship features two engines, while the lime green 2 x 2 round tiles on the hinged tail are supposed to have this print here for a national symbol. The cockpit can seat two pilot figures and the roof is quite tall, so their unicorn horns can fit. The cockpit hinges to allow access to the inside to place the figures at the controls. The pilots of the ship, as best I could recreated in LDD. They are supposed to be two of these figures here. As usual, any comments, questions, suggestions and / or complaints are welcome. I plan on building the ship in real life after getting my final Classic Space models in order later this year / early 2019, but the alien figures are already on the way right now.
  16. M2m

    My Alien Xenomorph

    I modeled it in LDD first and finally got all the parts to build for real!
  17. Patgeo

    [MOC] Honoring the Monolith

    Introduction; This MOC is my first attempt, specified in landscape, of this size. The Story; "... In a galaxy far far away, somewhere in one of its corners, there is an unknown and isolated planet. In the center of the area where life has been developed, lies its oldest structure. A stone column with unknown carvings. But this is not the only peculiar thing about it. Every year, it lights up on its own and an abrupt hum is emitted. The next moment, something magical is happening! It's like the whole planet is coming alive - a heady aroma is overflowing everywhere, the flowers bloom, animals wake up and everyone enjoys this magical moment. This day has arrived, and all three tribes of the planet have gathered to celebrate the day of life. Everything rolls pleasantly, until a clank and a thunder shakes the calm atmosphere that prevails ... " 1. Honoring the Monolith MOC by George Patelis, on Flickr 2. Crashing Site 3. Crash Crater 7. The Ceremony 8. The Stream I am looking forward for your comments! You can find more pictures of my creation on my FlickR
  18. This ship is an advanced type that was built for the Futuron Corp. However, only one out of the hundreds built was ever painted green, as it was for the CEO of the company. This specific one was nicknamed the Futuron Flyer, and was used by the CEO and two of his successors, until the Blacktron III wiped out most of the Futuron forces off the galactic map. The rest of the fleet and it's personnel were put into cryo-sleep years ago and sent randomly jumping around the galaxy until such time the Blacktron menace was eradicated. The CEO at that time sent his ship with him on-board to the Galactic Council to let them have the secret call signal for the eventual return of the fleet when needed. Unfortunately, Haley's Comet intervened, crashing into the Flyer and killing the CEO, but not before he gave the code and a mission to deliver it to a local alien inhabitant. Only time will tell if it is ever delivered to it's proper destination.... This ship is actually a MOD of set 7133, Bounty Hunter Pursuit from the 2002 Star wars line. It has been repainted green and white with a Jack Stone piece used as a canopy. I lack proper Futuron figures (especially the recent green one!), so this Star wars alien fills in. I've been dying to build this ship with this cockpit piece since the Jack Stone set came out in 2003. Thanks to LDD, I have finally built it.... 15 years later! The rear of the ship has large jets on it.... why, you may ask? The ship needed an obvious means of propulsion and these spare parts fit the bill. The cockpit (which is from Jack Stone set 4653, Dump truck) opens up to reveal the ship's controls. This enigmatic figure is a native of Haley's Comet and was entrusted with the signal to retrieve the Futuron forces from hyper space after the death of the original ship's owner, the CEO of Futuron Corp. As usual, comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!
  19. Here's a little vignette inspired by THE X-FILES (not based on any particular episode or movie) with agents Fox Mulder & Dana Scully encountering a little gray alien at Area 51. I utilized no custom parts or printing. Mulder uses Agent Coulson's torso from 76077 as a base, while Scully uses Lois Lane's torso from 76046. The alien torso and head are taken from the CMF line, with the legs and hands swapped out for a more traditional look. Both figs have badges, cellphones, guns and flashlights. I also tried out some alternate hairpieces. Which do you prefer? Scully's is from the recent CMF veterinarian. One could wish for this part in more of an orange-red color, but of course Scully's shade has varied over the years. The shape here fits the character very well, I think. To finish things up, a shot of the base and an alternate angle on the completed model:
  20. RemcoRohaan

    Lego USCSS Nostromo with Refinery

    Hi everybody, With the new Alien: Convenant movie coming to cinemas this May, I wanted to pay tribute to the original Alien motion picture (1979) by building the space ship in which this sci-fi classic is set – the USCSS Nostromo. Since there are already some beautiful Lego designs of the Nostromo ship (the “towing vehicle”), I wanted to do something different. As Alien fans will know, in the first few minutes of the movie, a massive refinery is moving silently through open space. I would try building this ore refinery! I hope you like the result and thank you for your feedback and comments. A special shout-out goes to the Arvo Brothers, who did some amazing Alien designs. Their work and our mutual passion inspired me to start this first Lego project . The Lego Model: Bricks: 3'144 Scale: 1:42000 (approx.) Length: 55 cm (22 in) Width: 40 cm (16 in) Height: 38 cm (15 in) Weight: 3.4 kg (7.5 lb) The build After doing some research; I started with new and old dark gray bricks. Halfway in the project the model looked like a dark “blob” and I decided to change the color to light gray. After I used up all my old gray bricks, I spend way too much money on buying bricks – especially small parts for the detailing. At first I thought the different coloring of the bricks would not work, but the fact it is not completely build out of new bricks fits the model well. The Challenges One of the main challenges, was the decision to having the top- and bottom section inverted. The reason for doing this, was to allow me to detail the model with round bricks both on the top as well as the bottom. It had to look like a refinery with tanks, pipes and structures. With every brick, it became more evident, the stability would be a challenge. The two biggest towers standing in the rear became quite heavy. This works in space with zero gravity, but on earth this means the model started tipping backward and looked more and more like a banana! After many, many trails and errors it finally worked in the end. I hope you out there like it! You can find all the pictures here on Flickr. Cheers, Remco
  21. This classic-styled UFO is just a fun little project I came up with while messing around with the new slopes that came out on the London Bus / VW Beetle. I have had it pointed out to me it looks somewhat similar to the car in some cartoon TV show I don't watch called 'Rick & Morty." I don't know for sure, but looking at pictures online, it seems like I could have been subliminally influenced by those video ads on Facebook I've scrolled past recently. The ship has two engines and an opening cockpit with seating for one figure at the controls. Meet Norma Alley, who goes about everyday the same way, for her whole life. Get up alone, got to work where no-one knows you, then she gets to a bar where her crush doesn't even know you exist, and finally go to bed in your tiny apartment with your cat that couldn't care less if you came home at all... only to start thew whole process over the next day. (Man, that was the most depressing and sad thing I've ever written, and was partially inspired by the Paul McCartney song "Another Day".) LDD file included here for the ship and it's pilot figure. Any thoughts, questions and complaints are welcome, though i don't know if I will build this one in real bricks. It is possible to do so, but as this is just a table-scrap, I probably will not built it.
  22. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Alien in corridor

    In this scene a Xenomorph is walking through a hallway just after a kill. I worked on this project for 3 hours and it's small but very detailed and eerie. I tried to design it so when you look at it there's a bit of fear in your, even though it's "just" Lego. I hope you like my dramatic hallway scene from Alien.
  23. Thanks to HispaBrick Magazine, I was given the opportunity to review the latest release from the Arvo Brothers: Alien Project. You may know the Arvo Brothers from their gorgeous MOCs, or from their previous book on the Kaneda's Bike from the manga/anime Akira. Obviously, this book is all about their model of the Alien, from the Alien's movies franchise. It is divided in four chapters: Estimations, Construction of the model, Instructions and Gallery. 1. The Book The book itself is a very nice object, with a hard cover and 220 full colors pages with lots of pictures and artwork. I'm sure it can appeal not only to the AFOLs, but also to Alien movies' fans (tested and confirmed). You can view more detailled shots of the book on the Arvo Brothers' Flickr album. 2. Estimations and Construction The first two chapters are my favorites. They show the efforts needed to plan and build such a model... while writing a book about it. From size and scale determination to choices of parts, there is a lot to learn on how a model of this size and quality is designed. There is a nice blueprint of the model that indicate all its sizes. 48cm tall and 20cm width, we can say that it's a relatively big creature, not as much as the real model from the movies, but still I wouldn't like to cross one of these in a dark corridor... Why use these parts and not these ones? All is explained in this quite interesting chapter. Each section of the model is also lengthly commented. It's always nice to read what a designer (or two) think of his own model. This is maybe my favorite page of the book. It's the chronology of the 20 months of the project. 3. Instructions This may be the only reason for people to buy this book: the instructions. Sadly I'm not able to build the stand or the creature, but I can still give my impressiosn on the instructions themselves! And I must say that they are amazing. Throughout the 24 pages for the base and 116 pages for the Alien, the steps are pretty easy to follow, and for the more complex ones, the builder is guided with visual indications like brick outlines, studs connections highlights, guiding dashed lines or combinations of them. There are also alternates builds for hard to find parts. The Alien is composed of 1526 bricks, and the base of 466. By my standards it's not a very high amount of bricks, and since most part aren't rare, it's not an important investment if you want to build the model. The catalogue is maybe the weakest point of the book. Not for its design or content, but because you'll have to manually convert it to something like a Bricklink wanted list. But this is perfectly understandable as you'll have to buy the book if you want to have a look at the part inventory Nevermind, Missing Brick confirmed that the book come with a part list in electonic form that can then be used on Bricklink! 4. Gallery The book ends with some beautiful pictures of the model. If you still weren't amazed by the creature when you reach page 197, I'm sure those shots will convince you! 5. Conclusion This book is a lot more than just instructions for a model. It's a journey from the genesis of a project to its completion, detailling every steps from the drawing board to the photography studio. It shows that what we AFOLs do is not just playing with children plastic toys, it is Art. If you want to learn more about the project, if you want to build this model, if you want to convince a friend or a relative that you're not just playing with toys, I encourage you to get a copy of this book while it's still available! You can grab a copy from the Arvo Brothers website. And don't forget to visit their Flickr or Facebook accounts. I'd like to thanks again HispaBrick Magazine for providing me a copy of the book, and I'd also like to sincerely apologize for all the time it took me to finally post that review.
  24. Oh, I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien ...“ [I'm a Neomorph, attacking at night.] Aliens. Some may love them, others may think they’re looking disgusting and scary. But in any case, the Xenomorph became in every way iconic. I also have discussed the latest installment of Ridley Scott’s saga, Alien: Covenant with a few people now and the feedback is rather mixed. But honestly: who is watching an Alien film for a good story? The evolutional pre-steps of the original acid-spitting and deadly Xeno were designed with a keen sense for the looks of sci-fi horror and I really got taken by the white-skinned Deacon Neomorph babies. They’re fast and they’re furious, that’s all I need … :D The following scenery is not an 100% accurate recreation of the attack scene but more like a display to show you my simple but (as I think) effective Neomorph design which still has to be improved (I’m really lacking small, white parts) but which also does its job here very well due to the maneuverable legs and the catlike appearance. For Daniels I used Tina Goldsteins head as they both share the likeness of Katherine Waterston but unfortunately it’s lacking a shocked or at least really angry expression. I also decided to change the cap into Professor Flitwicks’s hairpiece. But now enough of my explanations for this again rather small display. I hope, you'll enjoy the view – and keep running! Regards, RC