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  1. Mohamed Marei

    [MOC] Pirate Lord Dreadwind

    Thanks! Glad you liked it :D Would be sharing my other stuff here too, if I weren't so busy over the last few years XD
  2. Mohamed Marei

    [MOC] Pirate Lord Dreadwind

    Pirate Lord Dreadwind by Mohamed Marei, on Flickr "Prepare for the plundering of yer lifetime, ye wee scallywags!" <Additional Photo> This is sort of a wrap up of a WIP that I had started 4 years prior, when I set out to build a crazy pirate skeleton dude incorporating this head design3. However, I never managed to finish that design and had to put this on the backburner indefinitely. And here we are, a whole four years (and an entire LEGO collection rebuilt from scratch) later. Hope you guys enjoy it and I look forward to showcasing some more MOCs on here! It's been years since I posted something here XD
  3. Mohamed Marei

    Late to join the party I guess

    Hey. Title says it all. I've known about this place for a while now but it only just struck me that I should join here. Weird, huh? No not really. Okay, so some of you might know me from another similar website (am I allowed to say where from? :P) and on MOCpages, since I like to keep my username the same everywhere. I'm Mohamed Marei, but you can call me Moe. Or Mo. Or Mohamed, or dude, or bro or whatever other cool name you could think of. But seriously, just Moe is fine. So I guess I'll be seeing more of you guys here. Enjoy my company XD