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  1. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Winter Green

  2. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Winter Green

    As the cold curses the land She persists For every winter that comes There is a spring that follows No chill has taken her None will For she is evergreen More on Insta
  3. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Cyatheales Carnivorous

    Thank you!!
  4. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Cyatheales Carnivorous

    Thanks! Thank you!!
  5. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Cyatheales Carnivorous

    The sun shines so brightly here. Yet that is not enough for them. The plants are more than alive now. So they hunger for more. -.-. .- .-.. .-.. .. -. —. ....... .. -. ....... .- .-.. .-.. ....... .— . . -.. ....... .— .- -.-. -.- . .-. ... More on Instagram
  6. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Semmu & Solruru

    Thank you!! Been experimenting with darker builds recently! I appreciate the kind words Thank you!! Glad you like em!
  7. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Semmu & Solruru

    Siblings fused into one. Organic and mechanical. Past and future. Twisted and distorted. A forbidden amalgamation. Instagram
  8. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] St. Abholos

    A mountain dew entity is genuinely terrifying.
  9. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Incinerator Slizer: Torch

    Thank you!! Glad you like it!
  10. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] St. Abholos

    Bile and tears overflow Drowning everything in sorrow Instagram
  11. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Fuerza Prima

    A (mostly) Bionicle G1 demake of an older build of mine. Pretty rushed but happy with some bits of it. More on Instagram
  12. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Death Stranding

    Thank you so much! It took a lot of work but I was really happy with how it turned out. HIDEO KOJIMA Thank you!! Thanks!!! The tire really saved me because I had no idea where to start with the base lol.
  13. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Death Stranding

    BT: Orphan More on Instagram My take on a BT from Death Stranding
  14. Lord Oblivion

    [MOC] Infected Aurelia

    Undersea Creature Compendium Vol. 1: The Aurelia is prone to being infected by various parasites due to its standard diet. Being at the bottom of the food chain, parasites have evolved to use the Aurelia as a common entry point into larger creatures higher up the food chain. [Click for more] More on Instagam