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  1. Patgeo

    Coal Train with Garratt Steam Locomotive

    Very nice build! Well done! Also, what a stunning layout!
  2. Wow! Amazing built and surrounding area! I really like how the roof came out using this technique!
  3. Patgeo

    [MOC] Imperial Outpost Fortress

    Very nice build! You did a really nice work with the windows frames!
  4. Patgeo

    [MOC] North Tower

    Wow! Amazing work! Thanks for sharing the technics you used! Much appreciated!
  5. Patgeo

    [MOC] [BDP-S4 and S5] Opera House

    Very nice build with plenty of genuine touches! Well done!
  6. Patgeo

    Angelic Inquisitor

    Well done for your creations! When i saw it, my mind went exactly to this Diablo II NPC! You did amazing work!
  7. The 1st of July is an important day for the Greek Parliament building. This year marks 87 years since July 1st, 1935, when the 5th National Assembly solemnly began its work in the new Plenary Hall of the Parliament, thus establishing the role of the building that remains the same to this day. Wanting to honor the history of my country and highlight one of the country's most emblematic neoclassical buildings, I decided to build it with the use of LEGO (in the spirit of the Architecture series) the parliament building, as well as the square with the monument dedicated to the Unknown Soldier. Hellenic Parliament by George Patelis My model consists of 4,842 pieces and measures 35cm x 51cm x 19cm and marks my first attempt to create something in Architecture style. The flag, which is the only non-LEGO element, is my wife's creation, using the macrame technique. More photos can be found on my FlickR account! Below, you can read some of the most important historical elements of the building; The Parliament Building, was built from 1836 to 1843 in the design of Friedrich von Gaertner, to house the palaces of Othon. In 1922, the palace ceased to be used and due to the circumstances after the Asia Minor Disaster, they were housed in it government agencies, private social agencies, and various international organizations. In 1925 a small building was erected in the grounds of the Old Palace, which is known to this day as "Palataki" and in 1928 the Monument to the Unknown Soldier, designed by the architect Emmanuel Lazaridis, was built and thus changed the facade of the building in relation to the surrounding area. Then, in November 1929, the Government of Eleftherios Venizelos, after many discussions, decided to house the Parliament together with the Senate, in the building of the Old Palaces. The works for the conversion of the building into a House of Parliament and Senate were plans of the architect Andreas Kriezis, and it was the most radical intervention in it, after the initial construction and gave it its present image. Finally, some of the most important aesthetic interventions on the outside of the building were the placement of the statue of Harilaos Trikoupis and Eleftherios Venizelos, works by the sculptor Yiannis Pappas, in the western enclosure of the building, and in 2003 the placement of the statue of the Mother of Christos Kapralos in the eastern precinct. (Source)
  8. Thank you! Thankfully, the train in full power can operate in the traditional lego tracks without a problem. When the bateries are being drained, things get a bit more complicate with a lot of curves in sequence.
  9. Dear all, I bring up my creation for the last time, as I can finally share with you the actual model I made. I took me almost 2 years from the designing phaze to completion, but I am really proud with the resault! I hope you enjoy it! Pictures of the final model as well as a video with various passings, are found in the first post! Thank you for your understanding and enjoy!
  10. Thank you very much zephyr1934 for your comments!
  11. Thank you very much Vilhelm for your kind comments. The model in the hidden section, was in 7 studs wide, but even compared to that, in 8 studs wide it looks more accurate and impresive. I also agree that in 8 studs wide architecture where you are allowed to put to rows of seats, it also make it more look alike the original. In my model, the cocomotive is 62 studs in length, while each of the coaches are 54 studs long. So, we are takling of a train (2 locomotives and 4 coaches, like the original) of 340 studs in length meaning 2,72m or 8,92ft, in accordance to Sariel Converter. Thank you Thorsten for your comment! Thank you Black Knight! I'm glad you like it!
  12. I am sorry to bring up such an old topic, but I had an update to my Tsubame Shinkansen Project, and I didn't want to make a new threat. As I explain in my original post, which I updated, I moved to 8 studs wide architecture, for better recreation of all the nose curves, and I also included interion to the wagons. I hope you like it. Any comments are much appriciated.
  13. Patgeo

    [MOC] Great Coral Reef

    Congratulations! I really love it! Great details everywhere and a lot of movement as well!
  14. Amazing work! Well done! I believe it was challenging enough to find which set should be combined in order to built your creation! The result is almost identical to the original platform!