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  1. Amazing work! Well done! I believe it was challenging enough to find which set should be combined in order to built your creation! The result is almost identical to the original platform!
  2. Patgeo

    Shinkansen 800 Sakura (Tsubame) - WIP

    Thank you for your comments! I am planning to have at least one motor in each wagon, depending on the total weight of the train, and how much speed I would be able to achieve. All LEGO I use, are original and not third party for the moment. The double crossover used, is the 7996-1 set back from 2007!
  3. Patgeo

    Shinkansen 800 Sakura (Tsubame) - WIP

    Thank you for your kind comments Beej. Regarding the doors, I wanted to do something that made clear that there was a door, and that's how I came up with that idea. I'm glad you like it! I also agree with the jagged section that you are referring and this what I try to overcome right now. Its very tricky to achieve something that looks appealing. Thank you very much Dug!
  4. Patgeo


    Thank you very much Mark6399!
  5. Patgeo


    Hi to everyone! My name is George. Since I was a boy, I was fascinated by trains. Unfortunatelly, as these type of sets were usually priced higher than others, my parents didn't bought me any of them. This changed when I was old enough to have my own money and I bought myself the passenger train 7897, the cargo train 7939 and my favourite one, the Emerald Night! Since I became a member here, although I didn't have some relevant work to display I occasionally looked in this part of the forum and admired the work of fellow MOCers. A year ago, after visiting Japan for holidays and travelled with a lot of different trains, I was astonished by the Shinkansens, and when I got back, I decided to MOC one of them. Due to luck of time and some other factors, I left my project behind, but now with the Covid lockdown and a lot of time to spare, I decided to continue with my project and to make the best out of it! Hopefully, when everything comes back to regularity, I will be able to complete my MOC. I want to believe that this MOC will be the begining of more to come.
  6. Patgeo

    MOC of a Lionel Icing Station

    Really nice creation! You also did a very good job regarding the whole mechanism, despite the fact that you had to open a hole to the table.
  7. Patgeo

    Shinkansen 800 Sakura (Tsubame) - WIP

    Following up my original post, I would like to inform you that I managed to complete in studio the whole train and I updated the photos on the main post. I created two types of the pantograph, and I ended up with the seccond version, after seeing closer pictures of the actual one. I also wanted to put some interior, but there is not enough space inside. I am thinking to design it at 8 stud wide, although each wagon will get to be longer, and I will probably experiment with it. I hope you like the outcome.
  8. Patgeo

    Shinkansen 800 Sakura (Tsubame) - WIP

    I didn't notice. That's completly true, I sadly believe! I'm in search for some tracks just in case they are needed. Also, I tried to use some gears to make it go faster, but I had no luck, as the torge is high enough, as it is the weight of the locomotive but the outcome is slow.
  9. Patgeo

    Shinkansen 800 Sakura (Tsubame) - WIP

    Thank you for your comments! I have also spotted the windows issue, and I will try to amend it! Regarding the curves, I am lucky enough and I have no problems as seen in the video in the fisrt post.
  10. Patgeo

    Shinkansen 800 Sakura (Tsubame) - WIP

    Thank you very much for your reply. I strugled a lot to find out an easy way to couple my locomotives without using the standard buffers as I thought that they would be insufficient. In the end, I used some technic parts to achieve the best result.
  11. Patgeo

    Shinkansen 800 Sakura (Tsubame) - WIP

    Really nice creations. Both of them are very detailed and well recreated! I have also thought of the lower weight issue, that might be a problem in the wagons. In the locomotives, I used the battery box to bypass it, and in the wagons i am thinking of using the Modified Brick, 2 x 6 x 2 Weight, in order to help a bit. Of course, I will start by using two wagons, and depending on the resault, I will see if I could add some more. edit: Ι would like to ask you if the magnets you used are strong enough to pull such weight.
  12. Patgeo

    Shinkansen 800 Sakura (Tsubame) - WIP

    Thank you for your comment. As Shinkansens are some of the fastest trains in the planet, I wanted to incorporate this characteristic in my model, so for the moment there are two pf train motors, one in each end of the locomotive. Hopefully the speed will remain after I complete the whole model by adding 4 extra wagons.
  13. This is my first MOC regarding trains. I am a great fan of Japan and its great history of trains and last year I was lucky enough to visit the country. I was astonished seeing and traveling with some of them and especially with the shinkansens! As a LEGO user, I tryied to recreate the Sakura 800 (Tsubame) and I would like your opinion regarding my creation. I tryied to built it as close as possible to its true scale, and the most difficult part was the curved nose. I have made a dummy model of both engines to test its funcionality, but the completed model of the engine is made using In order to adapt as much as details as I could to the nose, I made my model 7 stud wide, despite the dificulties that I faced. All comments will be much appriciated. Below you can see my dummy train test run. Update 02/05/20: I managed to complete the digital model, and I designed two types of the pantograph. The seccond one, I believe is closer to the original. Unfortunately, i wanted to built also the interior, but there is not enough space, so i am thinking of trying to see the outcome in 8 stud wide, although the length will become bigger. I hope you like it!
  14. A small and beautiful creation! Despite its size, you managed once again to put a lot of details in your built! I really enjoyed the outcome of the tree and the way you built the wall and the roof! Great effort!
  15. When I started to read your storyline and took a look at the first couple of pictures, i couldn't realise the length of your story and your creation that continuously changed as you deployed your story! Every detail that you put in your creation has its reason and is well incorporated. I really enjoyed the way you planned the plot and the outcome of it, as well as the fighting scene and the blood effect that you put! Overall, you did an amasing job! Congratulations!