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  1. A small and beautiful creation! Despite its size, you managed once again to put a lot of details in your built! I really enjoyed the outcome of the tree and the way you built the wall and the roof! Great effort!
  2. When I started to read your storyline and took a look at the first couple of pictures, i couldn't realise the length of your story and your creation that continuously changed as you deployed your story! Every detail that you put in your creation has its reason and is well incorporated. I really enjoyed the way you planned the plot and the outcome of it, as well as the fighting scene and the blood effect that you put! Overall, you did an amasing job! Congratulations!
  3. I would like to apologize for bringing up a so old threat, but I didn't realised that there were some comments that I didn't reply to. As one of my principles is to thank everyone for their kind comments, I have to reply. If there is any problem with it, please inform me and i will delete my post. Thank you very much for your comments Henjinh_Quilones. I aggre with the fact that the lanscape is quite flat, but at that time I didn't have the appropriate parts to create something more interesting in my disposal, something that stands for the ladders as well. Thank you very much soccerkid6! That happy working feeling of the dworf team was the one that i had in mind and wanted to express through my creation. I am glad you liked all the aspects of it!
  4. Patgeo

    Freebuild - Avalonian timber mill

    You did a great work with the whole built of the mill and all the details incorporated! I really liked the colours of the roof!
  5. Thank you for your comments Gabe. I'm glad you like the chaotic atmosphere. I tried to convey the reality as much as possible. Also, I will keep in mind the thing about the eaves, and I will try to improve it in my future builts. Thank you my friend! Thanks a lot!
  6. Patgeo

    Challenge I: Mitgardian Framing Party

    Very nicw built! Your idea is very straightforward and i really like the tree technic that you used!
  7. Thank you for your kind words @mccoyed and all the feedback. Regarding the roof technic, it was inspired by some old traditional houses in the area and it really came out nice. Regarding the "peak", I tried some techincs in order to have a smooth ending, but this was the best outcome. I'll try to improve it in future builts, hoping that it will get better. As for the plates you are refering to, I know that it could be better, and i had it in mind but i forgot to look it again.
  8. Patgeo

    GoH Book III

    Thanks a lot guys! Nice to join you!
  9. Thank you TheLordOfBricks! Thanks a lot! Thank you for your comments Basiliscus! Regarding the exterior, you are right. I had some ideas but i couldn't find the appropriate parts.
  10. Thank you very much for your kind words! Thank you! The it was a bit tricky to be honest, but the outcome is really nice!
  11. Patgeo

    GoH Book III

    @LittleJohn, thank you very much! If you are interested, you can take a glimpse to my entry for Challenge I, in which more details about Sir Patman's story are being disclosed.
  12. Patgeo

    GoH Book III

    I, Sir Patman the Lionmane, pledge my loyalty to the Kaliphlin Guild Backround Story; Sir Patman the Lionmane, was a simple man until recently, evicted from his home due to the war. After Queen Ylspeth took the throne´╗┐, and stability was established, he desided to get back to his ruined family property to start over his life, in peace. When he returned to his ruined house and he started reconstructing it from the ground, he descovered a sealed room, full of armors, weapons, some royal documents and the deeds of the City of Neapolis which were in the name of his Great-Grandfather, the first Sir Lionmane. Having no family left to ask for any piece of information regarding his family's unknown history and backround, he exercised his legal birthright to use the title of Sir Lionmane that he was inherited, and started his quest to find more information regarding Neapolis, having in his possession only few clues.
  13. Patgeo

    Book III - Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild

    My entry for Challenge I: A Time to Rebuild; Sir Patman's Cottage
  14. CHALLENGE I: Repairs in Sir Patman's Cottage "Once the balance and peace was established in Historica, Patman decided to return to his family's cottage, after a long time of absence. Unfortunatelly, his fears came true as he saw his family's property ruined. The war had left its wounds. A heavy catapult projectile stone had hit the house ruining the walls and part of the roof. Luckily, his family was well-respected in the area, as his parents were good and joyful to everyone. So, he managed to find quickly the best crue in the area to fix his home. This crue, was the well-known Dworf Repairs group. Sir Patman's Cottage Sir Patman's Cottage - Rear View Workings in the Yard Repairs in the Roof and inspection of the House While he was wandering around the ruins, he managed to find a passage to the basement, so he decided to check the condition in which it was after so many years. Removing the ruins and fixing the roof An old neighbour came by to help, by making food As he was carefully going down the stairs carrying his lantern, he saw something on the floor, that he had never noticed as a child. It seemed like an arrow, pointing to one side of the wall. The Basement As he walked closer, he noticed a compass being hanged in that particular point. As he was checking it out, he found that it was pointing in the wrong direction and he tried to correct it. Then, all of a sudden, the wall moved, revealing a secret room. After the first shock, he decided to explore it, discovering the armor and the belongings of his Great Grandfather, the first Sir Patman the Lionmane, along with the deeds of Neapolis, a city that was founded by his long gone ancestor. Exploring the Secret Room Sir Patman's the Lionmane Armor Having no family left, nor anything else to keep him in his home, he decided to descover the truth about his family's mysterious past and the reason it was kept a secret." The above creation, is my first true modular of this size, and I enjoyed a lot, builting it. More stories will follow for Sir Patman. I hope you like it. You can find more pictures at my FlickR