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  1. AG2 Prologue

    @Jody Meyer, @Mesabi I'm just overwhelmed by my new job, and the little Lego time I have, I spend it building things for two upcoming conventions... I need to take a few days to work on AG2, finish the rules and more importantly update the software... I just can't find those few days for now. But if you want to build for AG, just build, you don't really need a bunch of rules and all, just build.
  2. HELP! ! !

    We're trying to make the site all https, but some little things are slowing us down...
  3. HELP! ! !

    Yes there was an update some time earlier. We're aware of some graphic problems and we'll deal with them asap.
  4. Love that picture of Sariel Must be a very good book, as there are hamsters in it! But seriously, that's something I'd like to read.
  5. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    So that's great! Everyone is seeing what they wanted to see! Personnaly, I see a big classic space set with a monorail
  6. [MOC] Whitefang Evolved

    Thanks guys The head is heavily based on Aaron Newman's work. So all credits go to him Yep, I remember that attempt Maybe I'll try to do some instructions for this one...
  7. A Typical Heritage House

    A month ago I've visited Singapore, and I really enjoyed the city, the food (I was still eating Kaya just an hour ago) and the locals (like a certain global moderator)... Seeing Vincent Q's Typical Heritage House immediately brought back memories! Take a look at all the details Vincent included in his build. You can even compare the house with pictures of real buildings!
  8. Thanks @Calabar , I tried it and it worked fine, except page numbers didn't show up, I'll check that tonight.
  9. One more thing: a way to remove the colored background. I was hoping to just remove them in photoshop, but it turns out that the transparent parts are colored by the background
  10. Hi @msx80. Just got back to using Blueprint yesterday and one thing I'm missing is a way to scale up the "1x" texts in the step parts and part list. Other than that, it works like a charm
  11. [MOC] Whitefang Evolved

    Thanks guys It's a fixed position. making it articulated would require more space, and would be a nightmare to stabilise. The neck and tail are articulated but on ly on one axle as I used two ball joint, and I use them to help with the balance. There's no way I'd get tired of Whitefang! Both of them
  12. [MOC] SB-17A2 Heavy bomber

    Very nice, as usual
  13. [MOC] Whitefang Evolved

    After 3 years of good and faithful services, I was getting tired of my Whitefang. But I discovered I was very attached to that little space dragon, and couldn't just get rid of it... So I planned an upgrade, completely changing the size and techniques of the body, and correcting every bits that bothered me since the initial creation... Thanks to Aaron aka Nuju Metru for his useful thoughts and advice!