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  1. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Old Republic - Crimson Pilgrim

    After a lot of thinking, I decided to put the Crimson Pilgrim LDD file available on Rebrickable. At first I wanted to update the design, using new parts and making some changes here and there... But my Lego time isn't what it used to be, and I'd like to spend this time on new projects that have been delayed for too long... Still the Pilgrim may get its update one day, but not now. So you can purchase the 5 years old LDD file here:
  2. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] TriPerron - Nomad Class Explorer

    Who doesn't ?
  3. Hey, do you still sell the Crimson Pilgrim files? I admire your work and would really like to have it!

  4. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Ares

    The Ares is on of Mars Corporation deadliest vehicle. Its turret mounted twin railgun can hit targets at very long range both on land and air, thanks to its precise targeting system. At closer range, it can launch up to 12 Hammer missiles, and make use of a triple barrel gun. Ares unit are often matched with Persephones rover that can protect him while it is destroying targets from a safety range.
  5. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Persephone

    New shot of my now two Persephone :D Persephone by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
  6. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Hermes

    Thanks for your kind comments
  7. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Hermes

    The Hermes is mobile command center designed by Mars Corporation for its long range missions. It can take up to six passengers in addition to the driver and the gunner. The top mounted turret also provide defensive firepower if needed. A new build in my theme "Mars Corporation". I think it is the first time that I build a working rotating turret that can sit a minifig inside... More to come as soon as I can find some time to take pictures...
  8. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Micro Zenith - Old Republic escort Cruiser

    Yep, I'm aware of this, bu nothing I can do...
  9. Bob De Quatre

    [REVIEW] 42114 - Volvo Articulated Hauler

    I was planning to, as soon as I can find the time to shoot the videos. Thanks, updated it a few minutes ago ;)
  10. Bob De Quatre

    [REVIEW] 42114 - Volvo Articulated Hauler

    I assume you didn't read the part where I say that I couldn't get the beta app, and thus couldn't test the functionnalities?
  11. Bob De Quatre

    [REVIEW] 42114 - Volvo Articulated Hauler

    @I_Igor, @JaBaCaDaBra I corrected the information about the motors and Smart hub ;)
  12. Name: Volvo Articulated Hauler Set Number: 42114 Pieces: 2193 Price: $249.99, 243.69€, £229.99 Minifigs: 0 Theme: Technic As I write this review, I still cound'nt get the latest beta version of the Control + application which adds the Volvo Articulated Hauler to the sets that can be controlled. That means that I'm not able to show you the set in action, but as soon I'll be able, I'll add some videos to this review. The Box The set comes in a big box (58 x 47.5 x 12 cm) that feels quite full, and wheighting a little over 4kg. The front of the box shows a 3/4 view of the model from the front left, with the usual indications about the set, and the Control + logo at the bottom right with an image of the specific control interface created for this model. The back features informations about the set itself, but also about the actual Volvo A60H hauler. The model's features are also displayed at the bottom, and more captures of the control interface on the right. The Contents Inside the box, we can find 12 bags numbered from 2 to 4, a Legoland promotionnal offer, and a huge white box. Inside the white box are the 6 tires, 6 bags numbered from 1 to 2, a non-numbered bag, the instuctions manual packed with a stickers sheet, and a (slightly damaged) black box. The black box contains all the Control + elements: a L motor, a XL motor, a large angular position motor and a Smart hub. Interesting parts This set is the first to feature the large angular position motor, and also the big yellow car mudguard panels with a printed black stripe. The set also comes with some parts in new color, like the smaller car mudguard in grey, the 3 x 13 curved panel in yellow and rigid hoses in orange. Instructions booklet The 450+ pages instructions booklet is pretty thick, with a good quality paper. The stickers sheet is quite big with some large stickers... The steps are easy to follow, except for some where you will have trouble seeing where or to what to connect the sub-assembly you've just built, like on the pages bellow. There is also one mistake, where the set is shown with a sub-assembly that will be actually built a step later. The booklet also has a double page featuring the model next to the actual A60H Volvo hauler. I'll let you judge if Lego was right to include these pages or not. The Build The bags #1 let us build the "chassis" of the set, composed mostly of the gearbox and the L and XL motors, as well as the mechanism to operate the linear two actuators. The gearbox has 3 drive speeds, plus one to control the elevation of the cargo hold. With bags #2 we'll attach the start of the cabin to the chassis with the articulated neck. The set being a 6x6, all 3 axles are driven, meaning we got 3 of the newer differential, plus one old design central differential to transfer power to the front axle. The steering system uses arms to simulate the action of hydraulic rams, pivoting the tractor relatively to the trailer. The gear we can see above the angular motor is used to turn the steering wheel in the cabin. Bags 3 will complete the cabin by adding the impressive mudguards, the fake engine and the hood. The battery box will sits at the back of the cabin. And finally with bags #4 we'll build the cargo bed and add the wheels. The Completed model and impressions I can't say I'm very pleased by the final model. The front and the hood is pretty well done, with lots of angles and even curves that match the actual vehicle. But the cabin is bit too fragile and removing the Smart hub is a real problem, and the vertical orange railings look a bit too big. The "neck" doesn't seems sturdy enough, and when you remove the Smart hub (to change the batteries for exemple), it's a bit hard to put back all the cables in place. The mecanism to opearte the linear actuators is a bit too bulky (but I can't think of a way to make it more compact). The cabin interior feature a working drive wheel, and is pretty well done despite being built around only three parts: a grey mudguard as dashboard, a grey angled panel as seat and a 3L beam with a sticker. The set comes with a handfull of chromed parts, which is a good thing, but I would have liked if there were more of them. The side mirrors use reflective stickers, and looks a bit too bulky maybe. The front features the classic Volvo logo with the oblique bar. It is nice... but would have been nicer if this was a single sticker, and not three... and even better if it was a printed part. There are also headlights that seem to light the side of the road more than what is in front of the truck! The hoods opens to reveal the fake engine, which is pretty well done. A "Volvo" printed tile would have been more than welcome here. Ratings Design: 6 Build Experience: 7 Features: 6 Playability: 8 Parts/Value: 7 Overall: 7 This set is a nice addition to the Control + family, and maybe the most interesting one as it features 3 different motors for a good price. The build is a bit repetitive at the end, but is otherwise quite nice, even for a Technic novice like me. Parts wise, the set is ok, with obviously a lot of yellow parts, but two big linears actuators are always welcome. The big mudguard pieces are also very nice. This set may not be the most good looking Technic set, but it may be the best to enter the Control + world.
  13. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] NeoClassic sets 886 897 1789 6801 Recustomized

    @Professor Thaum @Horlack Bricks English please ;)
  14. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC][Instructions] Darth Severus' Sith Speeder Bike

    Thanks guys. I will...