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  1. Bob De Quatre

    The Morality of Leaks

    People, let's focus on the discussion about leaks please.
  2. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] VicVipeout - Aurora-s1

    I've been wanting to build a Wipeout inspired ship for so long... And I finally got inspired to mix a racy aesthetic with the Vic Viper themed month to create the Aurora-s1 race ship. The Aurora-s1 is a two maned ship (a pilot and an engineer), propulsed by 4 engines with a single big central motor. Side wings can expand or retract to adjust stability when needed. Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Vicvipeout - Aurora-s1 by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
  3. Bob De Quatre

    AFOL designer program

    I think the graph is only based on tags people added to their entries. So they may be disqualified during the projects review phase.
  4. Bob De Quatre

    EB Xmas Raffle 2018 - Your Santa MOC entry thread

    Mecha Santa by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
  5. Bob De Quatre

    AFOL designer program

    Thanks for the answers. I usually use a different color for internal parts, but for my entry I recolored somd to reduce the number of unique lots. I've also built my entry to do some checks and improvements. I'll submt it soon but I'm still worried about the gun... we'll see...
  6. Bob De Quatre

    AFOL designer program

    Do you guys know if we actually have to do all the instructions before submitting an entry?
  7. Bob De Quatre

    Winter Village Fire Station review

    Let's take a closer look at this year addition to the Winter Village: #10263 Winter Village Fire Station
  8. Bob De Quatre

    REVIEW: 10263 Winter Village Fire Station

    Introduction Winter is coming... And with it comes a horde of undead warriors the new Wnter Village set: 10263 Winter Village Fire Staion. So let's the spirit of Christmas and the smell of burning buildings surround us and let's see what Lego Santa has brought us! Thanks to EB and the LEGO CEE Team and Designers for giving me the opportunity to review this set! Set information Name: 10263 Winter Village Fire Station Theme: Creator Expert Year: 2018 Pieces: 1166 Price: $99.99, GBP 84.99, 89.99€ Resources: Brickset, BrickLink Packaging The box has an usual size for medium sets, at almost 50cm height, 30cm large and 10cm wide. It shows a very nice Winter Village scene in front of the fire station building, with all of the smaller builds included in the set. The back of the box shows detail pictures, describing play features of the set, with all the minifigures in action. Content of the box The box contains a sealed bag with a two instructions booklets and the sticker sheet. The seven bags are numbered from one to three. Instructions booklets The set comes with two instructions booklets, a smaller one with 51 pages, and a bigger one with 83 pages. The instructions themselves are simple and easy to follow... Maybe a bit too simple for a 12+ set. In the biggest booklet, the parts added to the assembly at each steps are highlighted in green. Build The first booklet will guide us through all the smaller builds of the set, using first set of bags. Here are pictures of each of those smaller builds: With bags number 2 we'll build the first floor of the fire station. And we'll finish the fire station with the 2nd floor and the roof using bags number 3. The build is pretty straightforward and not very enjoyable, except for the nice snot assembly of the white laticed windows on the tower on the left side. The completed set looks like a nice scene, with all the smaller builds adding life outside of the fire station, and will make a great addition if you already have some of the other Winter Village sets. The fire station feature a lightbrick on the roof, which can be activated to illuminate the 1st floor... well sort of... I think the lightbrick itself could have been a little more concealed. The roof can also be removed to have a better access to the kitchen and especially the coffee machine, that the chief officer seems to like a lot. To me the roof is lacking snow, with all the tan plates showing, something that could have been improved with a few whites plates and slopes. My favorite build is the fire truck, despite the too many stickers used. It's not a complicated build, but it looks nice, and could easily be modified to a more solid build. The christmas tree build is pretty simple but still interesting, using 4 wedged sides to recreate the conic shape of the tree. It could be improved to create a bigger tree, with more space for ornaments! The frozen fountain on the other hand isn't as nice as the rest, and could have been better with higher borders and more work on the firefighter statue pedestal. Minifigures The set comes with a nice selection of minifigures: a young girl, a baby (always protect your baby's hands with gloves when it's cold!), a ice hockey player, a musician with his saxophone, 3 firefighters and a dog. The three firefighters have the same pants and torso, and all minifigures have backprinting, except for the baby and the hockey player, but including the dog! Interesting parts The set includes some exclusive parts (for now): a few bars 6L with stop ring (63965) in tan, the baby with dark turquoise body and the firefighters' torso. The set also contains a big load of dark red bricks, which are always welcome, but I would have liked some dark red brick bricks (98283) as it would have given more texture to the wall of the upper floor. Conclusion Design: 7/10 - A nice design, but with some flaws like the back of the headlight bricks showing both the exterior and interior of the walls. Parts: 7/10 - Some new parts, but nothing too fancy. A nice selections of minifigures. Build: 6/10 - A basic build, with simple techniques for a 12+ set. Some improvements could have been easily included. Price: 7/10 - With a ppp of 0,077€, this set is rather average. Overall: 27/40 (67,5%) - A nice set, especially if you like the Winter Village sets. It makes a good playing set and may please children more than adults, but in this time of the year we're all children again, isn't it? Well...
  9. Bob De Quatre

    AFOL designer program

    Sadly there's no way that big gun I designed could pass as a sensor or antenna
  10. Bob De Quatre

    AFOL designer program

    Does this limitation include spaceship pew pew??
  11. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] SP1 - Goliath

    A little neo Space Police 1 I mlade for a convention a few weeks ago... SP - Goliath by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr SP - Goliath by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr SP - Goliath by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr SP - Goliath by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr SP - Goliath by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr
  12. Gentlemen, just a reminder: please avoid movies spoilers. Thanks
  13. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Fort San Juan

    Thanks guys. Sadly I just have a short video of the display, and a video of a test run I did at home:
  14. Bob De Quatre

    AFOL designer program

    And I think I'll just not submit the model I wanted since the palette is just too restricting!! :(
  15. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Fort San Juan

    Part of my contribution to a pirate display: Fort San Juan by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Fort San Juan by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Fort San Juan by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr Fort San Juan by BobDeQuatre, on Flickr