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  1. Bob De Quatre

    A quick comment on spam

    Yep today is a very spammy day...
  2. Bob De Quatre

    [Fig] Darth Severus - Sith Inquisitor

    There's 6500 parts, and it's 80cm long approximately.
  3. Bob De Quatre

    [Fig] Darth Severus - Sith Inquisitor

    Which one? The Pigrim?
  4. Bob De Quatre

    August Technic sets

    Eurobrick's Technic moderator Jim just released his reviews of the latest wave of Technic models. Check them out in the Techic subforum.
  5. Bob De Quatre

    [Fig] Darth Severus - Sith Inquisitor

    Thanks. You can take a look at my website:
  6. Bob De Quatre

    [Fig] Darth Severus - Sith Inquisitor

    Thanks. It's almost done. I'll first display it at a convention in September, and then try to take decent pictures of it
  7. Back when I was building my Crimson Pilgrim, I made an enemy for the crew to fight against: Darth Severus, a Inquisitor Sith lord. It was a simple design and I've never been satisfied with it, and now that I'm finally building a decent ship for him, I decided it was time to give him a new look.
  8. Bob De Quatre

    AG2 Prologue

    It's not that I don't want to deleguate, but that I don't have candidates to take over... And I would still have things only me can do.
  9. Bob De Quatre

    AG2 Prologue

    I don't have the time to do all the things that need to be done to launch aG2, and I won't have the time to maintain the game after the launch...
  10. Bob De Quatre

    [MOC] Akiyuki rail climber

    GBC master Akiyuki just released videos of two models that runs on the recent rollercoaster rails. I'm very interested in the second version, so I replicated it and I'll try to "improve" it to fit my needs. Here is a short video of my first version:
  11. But can you play with your MF if it's in a box?
  12. Bob De Quatre

    [GBC] The Akiyuki Project

    I'll try to build this one, and see if I can improve it for an upcoming convention. Would be nice to have the motor mounted horizontally.
  13. Just an "outsider" remark... you're not gonna let those flex tubes arround the front wheels like that? you'll make something pretty with liftarms right?
  14. I tried to put a nickname and a name on each face of the group picture... I failed badly :(