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  1. There is no “below ground level” in LDD. LDD will automatically adjust the ground plane to whatever the lowest brick is.
  2. Excellent results of an excellent model!
  3. Yeah you can add depth of field etc in busufl. You may have to add more trace depth etc for better reflection but it increases render time. I did this in busufl on my old Mac and old macOS.
  4. There is this bluerender spinoff out there: http://lego.queryen.com/?s=busufl But the author felt mistreated by the eurobricks community and left. Also I couldn’t get the latest version working on the latest macOS on my MacBook.
  5. The quality is really amazing.
  6. M2m

    My Alien Xenomorph

    LDD file here: https://github.com/m2mmbp/bricktopia-planitia/blob/master/Aliens_Alien02.lxf
  7. M2m

    My Alien Xenomorph

    I modeled it in LDD first and finally got all the parts to build for real!
  8. Sorry if my question came over as blunt. I didn’t mean it that way. I was just interested in what advantage the program has. CSV has a point
  9. What is the benefit over LDDs internal BOM function ? LDD generates an excel sheet including part pictures.
  10. M2m

    Rendering LXF on apple?

    Save this file in your bluerender directory https://raw.githubusercontent.com/m2mmbp/bricktopia-planitia/master/bluerender.sh Then use terminal, go to your bluerender directory, where you saved the file and enter this command: chmod +x bluerender.sh Then this command ./bluerender.sh
  11. M2m

    Rendering LXF on apple?

    On MacOS create a shell script with your favourite text editor (i.e.myBluerenderShellScript.sh). Copy the text below into it: #!/bin/sh export JAVA_HOME="/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home" java -cp "bin/*" bluerender.BlueRender Save the file in your bluerender folder: After that make the file executable, so type the following in terminal (assuming you are inside the bluerender folder and the shell script you just created is there): chmod +x myBluerenderShellScript.sh Finally you can either double click the file in Finder or you can type the following in terminal: ./bluerender.sh
  12. Just select db.lif. It’s somewhere in /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/LEGO Company/LEGO Digital Designer/ on macOS.
  13. Yes that’s them ! Spoon and bowl both there ! Very nice !