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  1. Found this on Vimeo (it’s not mine) BrickIt Script: gumroad.com/l/BrickIt BrickIt will allow you to build quickly and easily Lego models in Maya
  2. M2m

    A Star Trek Replicator

    Instructions here: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/m2mmbp/bricktopia-planitia/master/17011_BI_EN_01.pdf
  3. Finally got the time to look into this tool. Really cool ! Ended up doing a whole booklet (with instructions at the end) https://raw.githubusercontent.com/m2mmbp/bricktopia-planitia/master/17011_BI_EN_01.pdf
  4. M2m

    A Star Trek Replicator

    Recently finished this. Based on the reference below:
  5. I put my stuff on GitHub nowadays. It also does automatic versioning.
  6. M2m

    My purist Captain Picard

    Nice suggestion! Do you have part IDs ? Thanks !
  7. Running the latest LDD on my MacBook Pro (Touchbar) and it runs pretty ok.
  8. M2m

    Looking for Star Trek MOCs

    Have a look here: https://m2mmbp.github.io/bricktopia-planitia/ and here: https://github.com/m2mmbp/bricktopia-planitia/tree/master/Models
  9. There is no “below ground level” in LDD. LDD will automatically adjust the ground plane to whatever the lowest brick is.
  10. Excellent results of an excellent model!
  11. Yeah you can add depth of field etc in busufl. You may have to add more trace depth etc for better reflection but it increases render time. I did this in busufl on my old Mac and old macOS.
  12. There is this bluerender spinoff out there: http://lego.queryen.com/?s=busufl But the author felt mistreated by the eurobricks community and left. Also I couldn’t get the latest version working on the latest macOS on my MacBook.
  13. The quality is really amazing.