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  1. The quality is really amazing.
  2. My Alien Xenomorph

    LDD file here: https://github.com/m2mmbp/bricktopia-planitia/blob/master/Aliens_Alien02.lxf
  3. My Alien Xenomorph

    I modeled it in LDD first and finally got all the parts to build for real!
  4. Sorry if my question came over as blunt. I didn’t mean it that way. I was just interested in what advantage the program has. CSV has a point
  5. What is the benefit over LDDs internal BOM function ? LDD generates an excel sheet including part pictures.
  6. Rendering LXF on apple?

    Save this file in your bluerender directory https://raw.githubusercontent.com/m2mmbp/bricktopia-planitia/master/bluerender.sh Then use terminal, go to your bluerender directory, where you saved the file and enter this command: chmod +x bluerender.sh Then this command ./bluerender.sh
  7. Rendering LXF on apple?

    On MacOS create a shell script with your favourite text editor (i.e.myBluerenderShellScript.sh). Copy the text below into it: #!/bin/sh export JAVA_HOME="/Library/Internet Plug-Ins/JavaAppletPlugin.plugin/Contents/Home" java -cp "bin/*" bluerender.BlueRender Save the file in your bluerender folder: After that make the file executable, so type the following in terminal (assuming you are inside the bluerender folder and the shell script you just created is there): chmod +x myBluerenderShellScript.sh Finally you can either double click the file in Finder or you can type the following in terminal: ./bluerender.sh
  8. Just select db.lif. It’s somewhere in /Users/USERNAME/Library/Application Support/LEGO Company/LEGO Digital Designer/ on macOS.
  9. Yes that’s them ! Spoon and bowl both there ! Very nice !
  10. Does it include the ‘rice bowl’ part found in the ninjago bags ?
  11. You can change the download link from setupLDD-PC-4_3_10.exe to setupLDD-PC-4_3_11.exe (or zip for the Mac version) and it will work.
  12. Wow! This all looks super accurate. I especially like the professor! You got my vote!
  13. The Icarus - Planet of the Apes - LEGO Ideas

    I love it! Don’t think the original (and even current ones) planet of the apes movies are kids friendly. Good luck still.