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  1. Seems to be better then my LIFCreator.py (which is quick, dirty, slow and RAM intensive - on windows)
  2. I guess Excel / csv table / Google docs tracking information like collision, culling, outlines, etc might be good. This could / should then also be part of the release pack data.
  3. The LDD file of the scene: https://github.com/sttng/LDD/blob/master/assets/phil_in_meditation03.lxf
  4. I used the wall for my recent build and I’m quite happy with the result.
  5. Yeah sure. Also might add some grey/green colors at the bottom for 'moss' or stuff.
  6. I blatantly (manually) copied this technique from Lego_nuts (he did it in Mecabricks) and I found it super impressive. For anyone who needs this feel free to take this LDD file (https://github.com/sttng/LDD/blob/master/assets/medieval_wall.lxf)
  7. Engineers saying: “Delivered is better then perfect”
  8. Don’t quit after 1 negative comment. I like your parts and make good use of them
  9. I can understand your look for quality but i would also say if you don’t like those bricks you can easily just skip them ? While I surely would be happy to have 100% perfection (which even LEGO doesn’t deliver) I rather take those and knowing the disadvantage then nothing. As the adding of bricks is not straight forward I expect everyone who does it to know about the repercussions - possibly a new version of bricks will have impacts to my builds. Just my opinion.
  10. Yes HDRI is a great way for getting really good results. I'd recommend also to use deep color output (such as exr) it gives you additional 'bandwidth' for later color and exposure correction.
  11. @Equilibrium Thanks for giving it a try. I'm honestly out of ideas. Anyway its open source so maybe a more gifted programmer picks it up.
  12. Thanks for the support and suggestions. I replaced the string + concats with .join([a,b,c,...]) https://github.com/sttng/LDD/blob/master/LIFCreator.py It takes on my Macbook booted into Win10 now around 800secs (for db folder including all the new parts). On the other hand this drastically decreases the performance on macOS :( I guess this part was done by jester. Why don't you replace it with 2x 24201 for the time being ?
  13. Assuming you used my LIFCreator.py tool it could also be there was a bug and the lif file wasn’t created correctly and prevented loading the 1st time you tried.
  14. Maybe its reading the palette from Asssets.lif (or Assets folder in case you extracted assets.lif ?)
  15. Thanks for the hints. I get that it seems windows python is slow on long strings (and as I build the whole lif file in memory I run into the same problem), but I didn't see a solution :( Anyway how did you get your bricks working ?