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  1. The inner heart is the Unity. The outer (bigger is the current). So one would conclude which size is correct. Also the unity part does not have a 45degree angle at the front of heart, but lightly more.
  2. Ok I checked this. This is the current mod part: This is the unity part: As we can see this is basically 45degrees rotated compared to the current mod part. So I assume to use the Unity Version would break quite some builds due to the 45degee rotation. The current mod part supports also illegal builds as follows: Also here a comparison of left - current mod, vs right - Unity. The unity has some gap between and the current mod is gapless. I do not know what is the correct way.
  3. Can we test this ? I could look into the Unity pack if that piece exists (I expect). I think it would have the ‚official‘ placing / dimensions. Still the only difference is placing on the ground an not not builds as this is controlled by connections.
  4. Ok got it. Anyway I think I'll do most of my decals in vectors (Affinity Designer for those interested - also currently 50% discount) so it should be easy to adjust colors. Threw this together just now - font is a nearest guess but not 100% accurate: And another
  5. For the Dragon boat one print is https://rebrickable.com/parts/54200pr0003/slope-30-1-x-1-x-23-cheese-slope-with-cloth-tan-ropestraps-print/ Which is the 2nd one ?
  6. Hi Stephan and team, are we going to distinguish between printed parts and stickers ? I think LDD so far only had decals for printed parts - correct me if i'm wrong. Also in that sense, does a printed part for 50746 (cheese slope) exist ? ? I only found stickers. You can send me the xml and .g files and ill have a look.
  7. Seems the heads collision at the back (neck) need to be adjusted. I will have a look at it. Update: Fixed - get 40389.xml from my repo and I guess it will be included in the next release.
  8. Whats the filename of the assembly? I can't seems to find it :)
  9. For the Triceratops head it seems the assembly was missed to be included in the parts pack (the head is a combination of the skull and the pin part - similar to for example the T-Rex or Carnosaurus head).
  10. I’d say for a part which is not an assembly the process is rather quick: about 5 - 10min max. That’s in case the respective metadata (connections, collisions, ...) come with the part in the unity pack (which is the case in about 90%). In that case the quality review (do connections work correctly) is also quick. Shouldn’t me more then a minute. For the case where meta data is missing or it’s an assembly then the process to get a working LDD part can easily become 1-2h or more. For Ldraw parts creation I have absolutely no experience Edit (a quick and dirty video of the process):
  11. Don’t worry. I’m dual booting to windows. I just have to check in the mouse settings how the 3rd button setting is. For blender to rotate I am using the x-y-z 'hud' thing at the upper right. Not sure how difficult it is to implement this. Also would it be possible to add Platform ID 100 (DUPLO) ?