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  1. Wow! This all looks super accurate. I especially like the professor! You got my vote!
  2. The Icarus - Planet of the Apes - LEGO Ideas

    I love it! Don’t think the original (and even current ones) planet of the apes movies are kids friendly. Good luck still.
  3. But that’s exactly what I am saying. A good build shot on a crappy phone will also easily be ignored. So it’s not really a IRL vs VIRTUAL feud going on but rather ignorance in case of what appears to be lack of good or interesting presentation.
  4. Not true. I got my bmw i8 frontpaged and it’s a ldd moc. I felt very happy about it. Thing is, it is maybe more difficult to get a nice presentation of a ldd moc. But then on the otherhand real life build pictures shot on crappy smartphones also get less attention then studio picture quality shots from a dslr.
  5. Wow. Reality nice rendition of it. Instantly recognized!
  6. Eagle

    Excellent idea and implementation of that idea ! Love it!
  7. Just wondered if the source code of bluerender is available anywhere ? anyone knows ?
  8. [VIDEO] 170.000 Pieces LEGO Space Diorama

    Fantastic! Like the music as well !
  9. Part of the reasons why LDD is popular is because it's an official product from lego. So if you google around for lego digital tools of course it's in the top hit list, and as a starter of course many will go for an official product first. Having said like many others for Mac OS there are not many alternatives (if you don't want to dual boot or fiddle around with wine). Adding to this I like the snapping and 'natural' hinging of parts, plus it's really easy to get you started. Of course grouping could be greately improved, as the overall performance. But then I think most of the casual builders don't target for enourmous builds - and even my 7 year old MacBook Air can handle 2000 parts models quite ok. So I expect more current machines will not feel so many performance problems with LDD. One more point is ease of use, plus that lxf as the official format can be used with lots of other tools. Would be overly happy if lego would support it more or make it open source though.
  10. [MOC] Regensburg type frigate

  11. Star Trek TNG corridor / Opinion

    Thanks for the feedback everyone ! This is what I came up with
  12. I am working on a Star Trek TNG inspired corridor similar to this and asking for your kind opinion. I am trying to replicate these walls: I build the below small scene: In your opinion which Wall is better matching the original? The left (nearer to Rikers minifig) or the right (more far of Riker) ? Any opinion ? Thank you so much !
  13. Sorry to bother again and I only have this crappy picture Anybody know how the lift and the shaft was created? In this Shot it seems the lifts roof round plate directly touches the shaft. Also how where the shafts walls so slim and what about those round sliding doors. Finally the ground of the lift (not in the picture) seems to have a glowing hole - but it's all CGI I guess