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  1. Would anyone know if there is a mod / hack / setting for LDD to enable a true orthographic camera ?
  2. Its not part of the Unity pack :(
  3. This is a nice render. How did you do it ?
  4. Where did you download Bluerender from ? I don't think it needs this dll
  5. See my reply here:
  6. Unfortunately LEGO put a bugged version on their website. Uninstall Lego Digital Designer Delete this folder also (otherwise a reinstall will not work): C:\Users\<YOUR USERNAME>\AppData\Roaming\LEGO Company\LEGO Digital Designer Get this version https://web.archive.org/web/20190622153357/https://lc-www-live-s.legocdn.com/downloads/ldd2.0/installer/setupLDD-PC-4_3_11.exe
  7. I like it ! It looks very accurate to the original
  8. Is it really 16.000 different parts or does this include prints / stickers ?
  9. Categorization is a matter of preference. For snapping and general workflow I find LDD superior.
  10. None of these parts IDs (the left columns) is available in the Unity pack from Lego. Maybe they really don't like these parts for some reasons (quality, durability issues ?)
  11. If you distribute the modified exe then yeah copyright infringement, I agree. And yes if there is effective protection against modification then its DMCA / EUCD. But distributing a patch (or trainer program) that modifies the an executable shouldn’t be an issue as along as its not to circumvent effective copyright protection, so I’m not talking about a hack that disables copy protection (because this is illegal as you point out - at least in a couple of countries in Europe). Anyway it goes a little off the core topic of a Lego forum.
  12. IANAL: How would a patch like this be different from patch of let’s say Diablo 2 that gives you unlimited money ? On another note i wonder why these replacement pattern were hard coded into LDD ?
  13. Interesting phenomenon. I can confirm that 46212 is also replaced in my LDD. I did several other tests like deleting 2454, 24541 and 46212 (xml and all g files) and creating a completely new part for 46212 with a wig geometry (2454 and 24541 still deleted). After saving a new build lxf-file with the test 46212 part and reloading it in LDD says 1 brick couldn't be loaded and will be removed. In a further test I completely removed my assemblies folder (just maybe to ensure there is no interference there) and I couldn't get part 46212 working. Maybe 46212 is blacklisted somewhere in LDD ? Update: Just renaming 46212 to 46213 fixed the problem for me. I think its kind of a bug (or undocumented "feature"). Maybe somewhere hardcoded in LDD.exe ? I did all my tests on Windows 10 by the way. I'll look into macOS later. Update2: Same on macOS 46212 will replaced
  14. Are you sure you overwrote the original 2454.xml in the db folder correctly? Maybe you should delete it (make backup 1st). I see the original has an alias for 46212 as you can see below: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8" standalone="no" ?> <LEGOPrimitive versionMajor="1" versionMinor="0"> <Annotations> <Annotation aliases="2454;46212"/> <Annotation designname="BRICK 1X2X5"/>