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  1. Willem Guilder had been in King’s Harbour just two months ago at Corrington’s “Great Ball of Terra Nova.” Now he had returned to talk to his old friend and political colleague, Román Fontonajo. In Fontonajo’s retirement, he had built a lovely house on Cocovia and settled down to enjoy a quieter life, away from politics. Guilder hated that he must ask Román to disturb his peaceful life and return to the political arena, but hoped that Román would embrace the opportunity. Guilder was greeted at the door by Román’s wife, Clarissa, and she led him into the study of their house in King’s Harbour. “Román,” Clarissa Fontonajo shouted through the house. “It’s Admius Legistrad, Master Guilder.” Román went down the stairs. “You should feel free to call him Willem, my dear,” he said. Turning to Guilder, “Welcome, old friend. Come in. Mind if I prepare something to drink for us?” asked Román, and he started walking toward the kitchen. “Yes, please, call me Willem,” said Guilder to Clarissa. “No need for formalities. And thank you, Román; a drink sounds good about now.” Guilder followed Román into the kitchen. “Juice? Wine? A tea? Or just some water?” Román asked. “Tea would be wonderful.” Guilder rubbed his leg above his peg leg. “I’m getting more used to this, but it serves as a constant reminder of the war to me. Tea always reminds me of the rewards of exploration and trade.” “Tea ... Have you ever traded it at larger scale?” Román asked while he started boiling some water. “I haven’t,” Guilder said with a bit of a sigh. “Cotton and indigo, plenty. I must redouble my efforts regarding the indigo we found on Ferro Azure. But with so many varieties of plants on every island we go to, there must be some plant out there with leaves perfect for a new type of tea” he continued wistfully. “I guess we haven’t found it yet, either ... But you are quite right about the sheer quantity of newly discovered islands. When two years ago all we could think about is colonizing and claiming the next island, and then the next after that, today we struggle to properly colonize all those we already own. I feel our collaborative efforts have become rather lackluster. But who am I to blame? I guess that’s not much of my business, anymore. Today I hardly do more than brewing tea. And look, the water is boiling. Which one? I will take my favorite Nellisan Herb Mix -- always feels like home to me.” “I will take the same, thank you. Perhaps I can share your feeling of ‘home’.” Guilder paused briefly, then continued. “And even in your retirement, if that’s the proper thing to call it, our collective efforts will always be your business. You are one of the major architects of colonial Eslandola. You are dearly missed in the council, I assure you, but I think I understand why you stepped away. You and your lovely Clarissa are blessed with a large family and each other; I am a man married to my work by happenstance as much as choice.” “And the Sweet Bardo Peach for Clarissa. Now come, let’s head to my study and have a seat.” Román said, as they walked towards the next room where Clarissa was already sitting and waiting. “And you are right -- marriage is a blessing to me. Just last night we talked about the nothing I would be without Clarissa. And I’d even claim that our colonies would not be what they are, if it wasn’t for her. But I guess you are not here to talk about the love we have found in life, have you?” “No, I have not. You know me well.” Guilder settled into a chair and propped up his pegleg. “I have come to ask a favor -- a favor that will pull you back into political affairs for a bit, but not for too long.” “A bit and not too long ... it doesn’t really sound like you know what this favor will be exactly, do you?” Guilder laughed. “This is exactly why I am asking this favor of you. You are much better at the language of diplomacy than I am.” Román thought for a second before he replied: “I have always felt more like a selfish tactician, with my own hidden agenda ...” “But isn’t that exactly what Willem just said?” Clarissa interjected with a broad smile on her face. Guilder laughed again with a broad grin. “Clarissa, you understand the game well!” Guilder composed himself, then faced her husband again. “Román, I’ll get straight to the point. War is hard, and sometimes keeping the peace is just as hard or harder. We’ve allowed ourselves to relax too much in the aftermath of the war. Oleon is actively courting Mardier and has sent a delegation to Terraversa as well. There are military rumblings from Oleon, and though I discount them for the most part, they remind us that we have work to do. Terraversa, newly independent, is a young nation finding its way. We both fought against Mardier, and now we need to solidify our relationship going forward. We need to make a gesture to Terraversa, and to all the nations of the Brick Seas, to show our recognition ... and support ... of Terraversa’s independence. So, we need someone to go to Kings Port and carry that word to Archduke Oldis. That someone must show everyone how important this is to us. I could think of no one better than you.” “Terraversa ... I’ve always had mixed feelings about their location. The less attractive Terraversa becomes as a halt on a ship’s journey between the worlds, the more likely every single ship is to stop at our most beloved Eslandolan town on the eastern coast of Nellisa. Which is, of course, in my favor more than in anyone else’s. So I assume I wouldn’t benefit much from acknowledging Terraversan independence, would I?” After a quick pause Román continued. “But surely we are not here to discuss the impacts of national politics on my very personal wellbeing. And I surely see some reason behind pursuing an alliance with Oldis. Which brings me to the core of my question: Who are we actually trying to become friends with?” “There is no doubt that Nova Terreli and Nellisa have surpassed Kings Port and Terraversa in importance on the trade routes. But Terraversa is still a strategic location. In the hands of an ally, it can assure that trade continues to flow freely to Nellisa. Furthermore, I can imagine that cooperation between Terraversa and Neliisa could increase trade revenues for both. But in the hands of a foe, it can restrict trade. If Oleon’s RNTC were to gain favor, they might implement taxes selectively to influence trade away from Nova Terreli. And if Mardier were to regain control, we might find ourselves in an undeclared war at sea again. Guilder shifted in his chair as he watched Román turn things over in his head, but continued before Román could speak. “And you have identified the key issue, easily the most delicate: who are we trying to become friends with. Terraversa is a two-sided coin. Oldis is Archduke, but L’Olius essentially controls the navy and is quite popular among the citizenry. We must find a way to be friends with both.” “And so the unborn may do his first grand favor to our nation ...,” Fontonajo mumbled after some seconds of thought. “What was that?” asked Guilder. “Or her,” Clarissa answered in Román's stead. “We are going to be grandparents soon, you know?” She had a dreamy smile on her face. “Oh! I had no idea. Congratulations! Which of your children is expecting?” “Joaquin,” said Román. “With his wonderful fiancee, Poca from Berreli. You get my point?” “I’m not sure,” replied Guilder, puzzling it over. “Other than that keeping the peace is bigger than one island or one nation, or one people, and there is more to it than personal considerations ...” “I guess L’Olius might be more open to the arguments of someone who has crossed the boundaries of races, just like his ancestors did, don’t you think?” “Ah! Of course! I forgot about L’Olius’s Atwi heritage. I can see you’re already developing a plan. Tell me more.” “We should definitely go together. That is: Joaquin, Poca, their baby, Clarissa, and myself. And split up in Terraversa, so that Joaquin can talk to L’Olius -- they are both brave men, seafarer and adventurers, after all -- while Clarissa and myself talk to Oldis. There is no way around winning both, and for now they surely do want the same thing: preserve Terraversan independence. We can aid them in this regard, we are the strong ally here -- and we can negotiate from our position of strength. So our goal is an official military alliance?” “An excellent approach to L’Olius! Your sense of family has always been a strength of yours. ... As for our goal -- goals, actually -- I wish a simple, straight-forward answer was possible. We want to limit any influence Oleon might gain in their talks, at a minimum maintaining the status quo militarily and in trade. We also want to do what we can to make sure Mardier doesn’t return. So how to achieve these goals? Personally, I favor a military defensive pact, and there are others who favor this as well. Of course, any treaty we negotiate will have to be ratified by the council, and there will be opposition -- some fear being drawn into another conflict. You know how the council can be. But I believe there is enough support to approve a defensive pact, and I think that is the surest way to prevent Mardier’s return. There is also support for a trade agreement of some sort, and while what form that would take is less clear, it would probably be easier to get approved. So you have great latitude on where to take things. While I obviously hope for more, even if we just come out of this with improved relations with Oldis and L’Olius, that will be something. Certainly see where they want to take the conversation and take our cues from that.” “And surely we will officially acknowledge them as an independent nation of their own?” “Yes, I have here a statement approved jointly by the Colonial Council and the Continental Council, signed by King Fernando! I was worried it might be difficult to get Fernando’s signature, but once it was explained to him that it would be like throwing night caps at Oleon’s King Philip, he was all for it.” “I hope it has your signature as well? And best those of all Council Members? Fernando’s name may not mean too much to successful revolutionaries, such as Oldis or L’Olius, who have triumphantly unbound from the chains of traditional Continental nations -- while I am rather sure your word or Román’s will,” Clarissa stated. “It does, indeed, Clarissa. I have signed, as have all the members of the council. But the king’s signature is significant. It shows no ambiguity in our stance on their independence. And a king recognizing the rights of such revolutionaries sends a powerful signal to the noble houses of Mardier and Oleon.” “Yet still we have a tough task ahead of ourselves,” Román said. “Oldis is said to be a relentless negotiation counterpart. Shouldn’t we be bringing some gift?” “Do you have something in mind?” “I have heard tigers make for wonderful pets.” “Seriously?” replied Guilder, a bit startled. “I must admit that hadn’t occurred to me.” “If it were you I’d make sure to get you one, because I know you could handle the beast. I guess it might work for L’Olius as well. But Oldis? Not so sure, the tiger might decide to just eat him, and that would be it for our negotiations. What about some fine clothes instead? And maybe Maestro will contribute some apple cider?” Guilder let out a hearty laugh. “I could handle him only because he would take one taste of my pegleg and deem me inedible!” Guilder slapped his leg for emphasis, then worked to return himself to a serious manner. “I’m certain we can get some of Maestro’s fine cider, and I will trust your judgment on what gifts to take. If you need me to acquire anything, just say the word.” Guilder leaned forward a bit, in a slightly softer voice. “If you have a lead on a tiger, that may indeed be a fine gift for L’Olius. It is, however, quite important to make sure Oldis does not feel upstaged by anything we present to L’Olius.” “A good point. But it applies both ways. We will always have to give Oldis more than L’Olius to make sure we acknowledge his rule, but only so much more that L’Olius does not feel upstaged. What a nice word, Willem.” “Or we just bring entirely different and unique gifts to both of them ...,” Clarissa suggested. “I would not think we should give Oldis more, but rather the gifts to each must speak to what each values. Clarissa makes a good point that the gift or gifts to each of them should be unique. To that line of thinking, a tiger would speak to L’Olius’s military role, where fine clothes would speak to Oldis’s taste for the finer things. Or perhaps a fine Eslandian stallion for Oldis? An animal for each, but each representing different qualities and values.” “One of many hard things, certainly. But we will find a solution. Do you see any other obstacles in our way?” “Just communication at this point. We need to send word ahead to let them know you are coming. And simply assembling an appropriate squadron to carry you on your mission. Logistics ... and time. We mustn’t dally, but send you and your family on your way as soon as possible. Oleon has quite the head start on us.” Guilder gave him a sly grin, then said, “I take it this means you accept this mission?” “This seems like a very intense and difficult diplomatic mission...,” Román voiced his thoughts. “Willem,” Clarissa interupted, “even with all the admiration I have for my husband and his success in both trade and politics, isn’t what you are asking for more of a task for a Colonial Grand Ambassador of Eslandola? Who may appoint local ambassadors ...” “... like his son?” Román asked her, innocent as a lamb, to which Clarissa responded with a soft smile: “Yes, for example. Or just anyone else.” “Román, my apologies. I sometimes get so focused on an end result, I forget about some of the necessary tasks to get there.” Guilder reached into his coat pocket and produced a sealed letter. “As you know, that position has been vacant for some time, a casualty of the political upheaval. And the council believes it is high time that was addressed.” Guilder handed the letter to Román. “The Continental Council confers on you title of Grand Ambassador of Eslandola, with all its incumbent powers ... if you accept.” Román looked straight at Guilder: “Powers ... I consider an ambassador more a man of words than a man of power ... But that might be for philosophers to discuss. We are here in this world, where I gladly accept the trust the council has in me. I will make sure not to disappoint you.” Román took pause and circled the room several times, in deep thought, before he continued. “Now there is one more thing that lies heavy on my heart. As you know, I have effectively taken all responsibilities of governing Nellisa. And almost all inhabitants of our colonies know that I am de facto the Governor of Nellisa. But you and I know that there has never been an official acknowledgement from our council to clarify this uncertainty for good. I would be ... very pleased if you could look into this and bring distinctness, once and for all. It would surely make the lives of all Nellisans a bit less burdened.” “You’re right. I must admit, I had forgotten that it was never made official; such is the strength of your governorship that Fontonajo and Nellisa are thought of as one! Such appointments are simpler when the trade company controls the island. I will bring that up with the council and see that it is taken care of.” “That sounds good, Willem. The urgency for the mission must be even higher than I thought, given the little resistance you showed towards my proposals ... I guess I might ask for a palace in every Eslandolan town and you would consider actually making it possible! But both you and I are more than simple bargain-hunters on the fish market. So let’s call it an agreement, be satisfied with the result and keep all the rest in mind for our future meetings. You will stay for dinner?” “My dear Román, you did not ask for anything out of place ... although I must admit that I’m relieved we have reached the end of your list,” Guilder replied with a grin. “And you assess the situation correctly: we’ve been napping diplomatically and let Oleon take the lead, which we must now correct. But I feel better already knowing you are on board for this venture. … And I would love to stay for dinner.” * * * After dinner, Guilder made his way down to the docks, where Captain Ambrose MacMathain of the Eslandolan ship Valiant Phoenix was waiting. “Captain MacMathain, I hope I have not held up your departure.” “Not at all, sir,” said the captain. “My men are having quite the time offloading our cargo.” “Yes, I see that,” replied Guilder, eyeing the scene pensively. “But have no fear, sir, my crew and I are up to whatever task you have for us.” “I’m sure you are, captain.” Guilder then handed MacMathain a sealed diplomatic pouch. “Deliver this to Archduke Oldis’s court in Kings Port. We are notifying the Terraversans that we are sending an ambassador next month.” “I will watch over this letter personally, Admius Legistrad.” The captain hesitated, fearing he should not pry in official matters, but worked up his courage. “Who is our ambassador to Terraversa?” “Román Fontonajo, our former and first Admius Legistrad, has agreed to step out of retirement to represent Eslandola as Grand Ambassador on this mission. He is to officially announce what we should have said to Terraversa and the Brick Seas months ago. He will be sailing to Nova Terreli this month to prepare for his trip.” “Do you need me to do anything for the ambassador?” asked the captain. “No, other arrangements are being made for him,” replied Guilder. “Just deliver this letter to Kings Port.” “I will see it done,” replied the captain. And with that, Guilder was off. Captain MacMathain clutched the diplomatic pouch tight. Not being a man of politics, he wondered to himself what the announcement would be. But for Román Fontonajo to come out of retirement, it must be important.
  2. This model was heavily inspired by A Plastic Infinity / Arcane Sweetie Belle's old (2012-ish) build, as seen here on Flickr. I took the basic design of the ship seen there and added newer parts and an updated color-scheme. This Unidentified Flying Object is meant to be the space ship of two of the Unikitty! CMF Alien Puppycorn figures' species. The ship without the figures. The trans yellow cones are simple forward-fixed laser weapons, but don't be deceived: they are only part of the defense grid on this ship! The rear of the ship features two engines, while the lime green 2 x 2 round tiles on the hinged tail are supposed to have this print here for a national symbol. The cockpit can seat two pilot figures and the roof is quite tall, so their unicorn horns can fit. The cockpit hinges to allow access to the inside to place the figures at the controls. The pilots of the ship, as best I could recreated in LDD. They are supposed to be two of these figures here. As usual, any comments, questions, suggestions and / or complaints are welcome. I plan on building the ship in real life after getting my final Classic Space models in order later this year / early 2019, but the alien figures are already on the way right now.
  3. Design a NEW LEGO Pirates Sub-Theme MERCHANT & SMUGGLER: TORSO & FLAG DESIGNS Those who wish to participate should first read the Design a NEW Pirate Sub-Theme Project Overview. IMPORTANT!!! We are currently focusing on torso and flag designs for the Haven Guard and have not yet properly defined either of the Merchant and Smuggler factions. There has been some discussion about how the minifigures in these factions may appear although this has not been finalised and could change. However, if you have an exciting torso or flag design you'd like to share for either the Merchant and Smuggler factions, please post them in this thread...
  4. Design a NEW LEGO Pirates Sub-Theme PROJECT OVERVIEW That's right crew, we're going to conceptualise a new LEGO Pirates Sub-theme from start to finish and then submit the end result to the LEGO Group. The sub-theme would contain a range of sets targetted at various price points and there would be a minimial backstory with a couple of significant characters. The aim is to capture the essence of the late 80's/early 90's pirate sets and produce a contemporary new sub-theme. The project would involve forming a team with a range of skills, so we'd require set designers (I.e. talented MOCers), customizers, graphic designers, creative writers or anybody with something valuable to contribute. By posting in any of the threads relating to this project you are bound to the Terms & Conditions. Rewards We don't expect you to contribute your time and skills for nothing! Star contributors will receive a tag - the more quality contributions you make, the nicer the tag you'll receive! Exposure - we're happy to showcase your skills and/or promote your business. Our blog receives over 15,000 unique visitors per month and our mailing list has over 1,500 subscribers. We'll even send your details to the LEGO Group when we submit the final presentation. Having your name and work in already front of them may be advantageous when they are recruiting for designer jobs like this. Got an idea for a reward? Post it in this thread! Current Progress We have determined three factions: Merchants, Haven Guard and Smugglers. We are currently determining the Haven Guard flag and torso designs plus taking set suggestions. Objectives Using contemporary set building practices produce a new LEGO Pirates sub-theme which is a direct continuation of the original LEGO Pirates theme. Design sets which are appealing to both adults and children. Reposition Pirates as one of LEGO's "evergreen" themes alongside City, Castle and Space. Submit a presentation to the LEGO Group via the LEGO Ambassador Project. Identify potential recruits for future positions within the Shipyard - YES! If we like your contributions you may be offered a position in our crew! Phase 1 Obtain sub-theme suggestions in an Sub-Theme Suggestions thread (until Saturday April 26). Commence Definition of Design Constraints thread. Determine the most appropriate sub-theme via poll Phase 2 Determine which sets the sub-theme should contain. Define the Sub-Theme by determining an overall aesthetic for each faction and devise a backstory. Determine which minifigures the sub-theme should contain. Discussion to determine torso and flag designs for the Haven Guard. Poll to determine the Haven Guard's name and uniform colour. Poll to finalize the Haven Guard's name and shade of orange. Poll to vote for the most appropriate Haven Guard flag. [*]Poll to vote for the most appropriate Merchants flag. [*]Determine torso designs for the Merchants. [*]Determine torso designs and flag designs for the Smugglers. Phase 3 Produce prototypes of the sets and minifigures. Present prototypes to AFOL community and acquire feedback. Utilize feedback gained from research and AFOL peer review to refine prototypes Phase 4 Compile presentation and submit to the LEGO Group via the Ambassador Program Publish presentation on online media outlets including LEGO Pirates Forum, blog, etc. Depending of outcome of submission to LEGO Group submit larger set designs to CUUSOO.
  5. Design a NEW LEGO Pirates Sub-Theme SUB-THEME POLL And the Winner is... The West Brick Trading Company Poll Choices ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The West Brick Trading Company The Merchants of the West Brick Trading Company hail from the bustling Port van Brickhaven which boasts more trade than the Imperial Trading Post... But the Merchants must be on guard or the LEGO Pirates will plunder their heavily laden Cargo Fluyts to restock their parrot's cracker supply! Adding to their challenges the Smugglers use stealth and cunning to sneak in and out of Port van Brickhaven to sell their own brand of crackers! The Smugglers are based in their guild deep within the Forsaken Bayou and have ways for concealing their identity so nobody suspects they're coming! But Mayor Verblocken has her suspicions and has called upon the help of the Haven Guard to put a stop to the Smugglers once and for all! Based in Fort Nassau, the Haven Guard patrols the port at all times. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quest for the Lost City Enchanted by tales of a lost city built entirely from gold the Imperial Armada launches an expedition. Lead by their most honoured hero, Fernando Plume they venture deep into the jungle. Slight problem... he only has half a map! In hot pursuit is the notorious privateer, Commodore Hornbricker who has been commissioned by the Imperial Guard to reach the lost city before the Armada! Hornbricker happens to possess the other half of the map but must sieze the first half from Plume to get there first. All the while both parties must face traps set by the jungle's mysterious inhabitants, the Amazons, a tribe of noble female warriors who wish to ensure the lost city remains lost forever! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Settlers The Settlers have travlled half way across the globe to make their new home, led by the pioneer John Halfsquat who tames the land with his trusty hatchet. The Settlers must build everything scratch and if they're lucky they can sell their surplus at Port van Brickhaven or the Imperial Trading Post... Providing their Trade Galleon is not plundered by LEGO Pirates on the way there! Their Islander neighbours aren't too impressed however, as they fear The Settlers will eat all the JuJu berries which they need for their annual Berry Bash festival. I'll be up to John Halfsquat to negotiate who gets the biggest piece of the pie! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Treasure Fleet The Imperial Armada have been stuffing their galleons full of treasure to send back to the old country. Capitano Juan de Verde has mercilessly pillaged the Islanders of all their trinkets to impress his new king... and to ensure a large retirement fund! Commodore Hornbricker, sailing under letter of marque from the Imperial Guard has been dispatched to capture the Treasure Fleet's booty, although its unclear whether he's acting under the best interests of the Islanders or the Crown. Either way de Verde must put a stop to the meddlesome privateer before the King notices the Treasure Fleet has arrived late! ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Instructions We have compiled synopses based on the most popular suggestions you provided. We've done our best to incorporate as many ideas as possible but ultimately we couldn't include every suggestion. You'll notice some of the suggestions have been combined and everything has been written into a cohesive child-friendly narrative. Well slightly more child-friendly! Nonetheless, all details concerning the chosen sub-theme will be developed during the next phase of the project. So the backstory, names and locations are all tentative, and have been included for the benefit of giving poll voters something tangible when casting their vote. Objective Vote for a potential new sub-theme of the LEGO Pirates Theme. What to do Simply vote for the sub-theme you most prefer in the above poll. Also, we'd really appreciate you posting in this thread to explain your preference. Tell us why you found that sub-theme concept most appealing in as many words as you like. Also, visit the Definition of Design constraints thread and help us determine the rules for designing our future set concepts. What NOT to do! Please DO NOT submit further sub-theme suggestions as that phase of the project has concluded. Please DO NOT submit detailed set suggestions as this process will occur later in the project. You may however briefly mention possible sets but these will not be taken into consideration later in the project. Please DO NOT submit a wishlist of sets outside the sub-theme you voted for. What happens next? After the poll closes the votes will be tallied and published. If there is a first place draw, the sub-themes with an equal number of votes shall square off against each other in another poll. The sub-theme with the most votes will progress to the next phase of the project in which we determine the sets, minifigures and design aesthetic. Got any Questions? Please submit all queries in the Questions & Answers thread to keep this thread solely for voting responses. What do I do now? Vote in the above poll and then post in this thread why you chose that sub-theme. Ask any questions in the Questions & Answers thread, Visit the Definition of Design constraints thread and help us determine the rules for designing our future set concepts. As always read the Design a NEW Pirate Sub-Theme Project Overview and Terms & Conditions.
  6. Design a NEW LEGO Pirates Sub-Theme SUB-THEME SUGGESTIONS QUESTIONS & ANSWERS Please keep this thread for Questions & Answers so submit your ideas in the Sub-Theme Suggestions thread. Those who wish to participate should first read the Design a NEW Pirate Sub-Theme Project Overview thread. Those who are interested in contributing design skills please visit the Definition of Design Constraints thread. (coming soon)
  7. Design a NEW LEGO Pirates Sub-Theme SUB-THEME SUGGESTIONS You have until Saturday 26 April Those who wish to participate should first read the Design a NEW Pirate Sub-Theme Project Overview thread. Those who are interested in contributing design skills to this project, please visit the Definition of Design Constraints thread. (coming soon) Please keep this thread for suggestions and ask your questions in the Q&A thread Objective Suggest a potential new sub-theme for the LEGO Pirates Theme. The most popular suggestions will be included in a poll to determine the most suitable sub-theme. What to do Pitch your sub-theme in no more than two paragraphs per faction. Simply provide a name and a brief overview of what's invovled. You may pitch up to two faction for your sub-theme, but no more than two. You may pitch more than one sub-theme but for simplicity please do so in different posts. If you support an existing pitch or idea(s) from an existing pitch you may either: Quote the entire pitch in a new post. Nothing more is required. Write your own version of that pitch in a new post. Change as much or as little as you like. Timeline Sub-theme suggestions will be taken from until Saturday April 26. The poll will be conducted between Saturday May 3 and Saturday May 17. What happens next? Once the sub-theme is determined the project will progress to Phase 2, this involves the design of the sets, minifigures and storyline. Rules You must provide a name for the sub-theme and pitch the theme in no more than two paragraphs. Do not go into excessive detail about the backstory, characters or sets as this will be determined at a later stage of the project. You may submit multiple suggestions. You may reaffirm a suggestion that has already been submitted and provide additional ideas. Suggestions with the most support will have a higher probability of making the poll but this will not be the only determining factor. Examples (You may support and expand upon both these examples) What We're NOT Looking For Ideas for sets which aren't part of an overall sub-theme. Once you've stated a sub-theme you may give a couple of set examples (not every set) which are part of that sub-theme, but don't post a random set wishlist without context. A sub-theme based on an existing license, brand or franchise. All sub-theme suggestions must be unique. To create our own brand or franchise like Ninjago or Legends of Chima. We won't have a television series to reinforce the story or characters so we won't be delving that deep into the fiction. Think contemporary City and Castle - we're aiming to create the LEGO Pirates equivalent. Blending pirates with other genres, so Space Pirates, Steampunk, modern Pirates, etc. are beyond the project scope as the sub-theme must fit within the context of the original LEGO Pirates theme. This means: It must be a historic sub-theme set sometime during the 16th and 18th centuries (approximately 1500-1760) and the technology depicted must be relevant to the period. 100% history accuracy isn't necessary but excessive creative liberties cannot be taken. It must be based within the Caribbean, Central America or the home country of a nation involved in the exploration or settlement of that region,E.g. English, French, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, etc. So ideas like Barbary Corsairs, Asian Pirates, Napoleonic Wars, etc. are too far removed. By posting in any of the threads relating to this project you are bound to the Terms & Conditions.
  8. Design a NEW LEGO Pirates Sub-Theme TERMS & CONDITIONS Any persons submitting ideas or contributing to the "Design a NEW LEGO Pirates Sub-Theme" LEGO Ambassador Project are bound to the following terms and conditions: The use of "Eurobricks" and "", "we", "us" or "our" refers to any person involved in the management of the aforementioned websites or organisation of this project. The use of "project" refers to any thread, social media profile or content relating to this project. You will do your utmost best to use the correct spelling, grammar and punctuation at all times. You agree not to excessively place emoticons throughout your post. You will not exhibit derogatory behaviour towards anyone involved in the project and you will respect feedback, ideas or opinions which differ from your own. You grant the LEGO Group permission to use or modify your ideas as deemed appropriate. You agree the LEGO Group is not obliged to use any of the ideas submitted through this project. You agree the LEGO Group is not obliged to provide acknowledgement for any content you submit. You agree any content or information submitted to this project is done so freely and you do not expect compensation, remuneration or reward for your contributions. You agree any content or information submitted to this project is not copyrighted, trademarked or intellectual property of another individual or party. You grant us permission to publicise or use your ideas as deemed appropriate. Our decision is final and we reserve the right to reject, delete or modify your submission(s) as deemed appropriate, or ban you from the project or forum completely. We will not be held accountable for your misuse, abuse or inability to understand the terms of this project. You agree to indemnify us against any damages you may cause as a result of participation in this project. We will not be held accountable for another participant's or third-party's misuse of the information or content you submit to this project. Ideas and content shared in this project is intended for the LEGO Group only. Other manufacturers and third-parties may not use any material or information shared throughout this project without written consent. All ideas and content shared in this project is copyright We reserve the right to modify these conditions, change dates of the phases, sub-phases and milestones or cancel the project at any time without notice. Viewing or posting in any of the threads relating to this project constitutes as participation and binds you to the above conditions. If you do not agree to the above conditions you may not participate in this project.
  9. Design a NEW LEGO Pirates Sub-Theme ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS We shall credit everyone involved and include portfolio and/or professional contact information in the acknowledgements of the presentation which we will submit to the LEGO Group. Nothing may ever arise from this but the LEGO Group occasionally recruits AFOLs so if your name seems familiar this may or may not be advantageous if they hire in the future. Please provide the information you want to include in the following format: Please keep this thread solely for registrations and submit any queries in the Questions & Answers thread. DISCLAIMER: While every effort will be taken to include the contribution(s) of all participants, each submission must be of a professional industry standard or they will not be accepted. All participants acknowledge the LEGO Group does not offer any acknowlegement, compenstation, renumeration or reward for ideas and designs submitted through this project. Participants agree the LEGO Group has the right to refuse any and all ideas, or modify an idea as deemed necessary. We take no responsibility for the LEGO Group's or any third party's use of your professional contact information or portfolio content. There will be no recourse and the LEGO Group's decision is final. Before contributing please read the full Terms & Conditions.
  10. The results are in! Remember the LEGO Pirates Animal Battle Pack Survey we conducted a few months back? The data has been collated and analysed so now we have presentation to share. Feel free to leave comments and feedback in this thread!
  11. The results of the 2012 Third Quarter Official LEGO Survey are in: (Fourth quarter survey is still open for the next day or so) ------------------------------------------ Hello Pirate LEGO Fans, The LEGO Group highly values your feedback, so thank you in advance for answering this survey. Please answer by Friday December 21, as they would like to finish data collection before Christmas. The survey should take no more than 10 minutes to complete. All of your responses will be confidential and analyzed in aggregate only. Take the survey NOW