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  1. [MOC] Octopus

    I really like that you chose such a complex pose of octopus with tentacles in different possitions. Also your building techniques are admirable with attention to detail. Nevertheless this octopus looks like pile of tan bricks on most pictures. I think it is too small to be built like sculpture with exposed studs. I would prefer it smooter - built out of slopes and curved bricks...
  2. I also have to say this is awesome use of Mindstorms. I like your use of light under table. By the way what kind of magnet do you use for moving ball?
  3. [MOC] Mini Cooper alternate build

    WOW! This is really cool aternative model. I like its front.
  4. Lego Guinea Pigs

    I can't see your picture either.
  5. Thank you for great review of interesting book. When I saw picture of all reviewed models together I thought they are built in Legoland style like brick-built sculpture. Then I read review and found out they are much more than simple sculptures. I like Peter's models especially those with less studs. I'm not big fan of windscreens built out of transparent plates and cheese slopes - I would prefer these models without such windscreens.
  6. MOC: Veni, Vidi, Vici

    What a cool figure! I like how you've built face with nose and mouth.
  7. This is really nice and colorful model. Good job!
  8. [MOC] Architecture Skylines - Budapest, Hungary

    This is excellent MOC. I like how you made terrain - hills under statue and castle. I am just little bit afraid that your assembly of bridge will not work with real bricks - those hoses would lift its pillars due to lack of clutch power.
  9. I'm back with another animal moneybox built out of set 40251. This time it's funny rabbit with moving ears and rotating face. It is as ugly as it begins being cute. It uses much more parts than any of three original models. Building instructions for both models (rabbit and elephant) are available at
  10. [MOC] Command & Conquer: GENERALS

    Thank you for your invitation but this project is out of my possibilities.
  11. Yes, I think you are right. When I was building my biggest alternative model (forwarder built out of crane 8053) it took me less then 2 months to finish it and it was pretty straight process - just to finish.
  12. [MOC] Forest Skidder: 42054 C model

    I like your skidder more than original tractor even though it has little bit strange proportions. I think you did good job with color scheme and number of functions. I would recommend to make few improvements like making grabber bigger, removing front blade (it has strange movement) and making levers for operating functions better accessible.
  13. What a great alternative model! I always admire builders who are able to build alternative models for such a big sets. I haven't found enough courage to do it yet.
  14. [MOC] Command & Conquer: GENERALS

    I'm big fan of C&C Generals and I like your models. All vehicles and buildings are very detailed and well recognizable. Do you plan to build them from real bricks?
  15. Thank you for comment. By the way I'm close to finish another animal moneybox from this set.