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  1. When I was child I built every B-model of all Technic sets I owned many time. Since I was not able to build anything without building instructions in my childhood, my playing with LEGO looked like this: I built A-model, then I took it apart and built B-model, then I took it apart and built A-model again and so on. Now when I can build my own C-models I don't have time for building official B-models. Anyway I appreciated them at least like good inspiration.
  2. Thank you for your comment.
  3. When I was in Billund last time I talked with one LEGO designer (he asked me to conceal his name) about new sets from LEGO Marvel theme. I was surprised by information that LEGO is planning to re-release set 76191 this year because it was originally released in 2021 and is still available at Here is part of our conversation about it: Tomik: Do you work on any interesting model now? Designer: Actually I work on new version of set 76191 that is planned to be re-released in 2023. Tomik: I own this set. It is Infinity Gauntlet! Designer: Not any more. It's gonna be re-released as Infinity Toilet also known as "Golden Throne of Thanos". Tomik: I haven't heard about Infinity Toilet in any movie from MCU. Can you tell me more about it? Designer: It is no surprise to me. I haven't heard about it either before I started working on this set. It was not shown in any movie but it played an important part behind the scenes. Tomik: Does it have any super power in MCU? Designer: Yes, it can remove all your bad things (you name them) with just one flush. Tomik: It is interesting feature. And what about new LEGO model? Will it feature any interesting functions? Designer: Model will feature opening cover, moving cistern lever, two brown "bad things" and it will be compatible with Thanos Mech from set 76141. It is also interesting that it will be built out of bricks from original set 76191 so re-released set needs just new box design and building instructions. Tomik: It sounds promissing but I still wonder why LEGO wanna re-release this set while it was originally released in 2021 and is still available for sale? Designer: They want to celebrate great success of Infinity Saga and bright future of MCU movies with this set. Designer also showed me this model on his smartphone so I was able to reverse-engineer it for you. Although I tried my best it can be slightly different from final product.
  4. Thank you all for your comments. This looks like very good concept. It should be doable because you need just two motors, no gearbox and I've already found good solution for manual operation of cargo door. Yes, battery box is already in place right behind cockpit. And yes, there is space for the smallest motor over it (it is the place where it should sit in original model). Free space between walls of fuselage in its central part is 7 studs wide so Mindstorms motor would fit there easier than XL-motor. I didn't know about this attempt. Has this guy shown any progress? It looks like 42082 has more suitable parts and twice as many of them as Volvo.
  5. When the first pictures of set 42113: Bell-Boeing V-22 Osprey appeared on internet two years ago I was not fascinated by them at all. Things changed when LEGO announced cancellation of this set just few weeks before its official release. My new interest in set 42113 wasn't big enough to convince me to buy one of overpriced original sets that were sold before their cancellation. So instead of buying new set I've got idea to build Osprey out of Volvo hauler (set 42114) that was released in same time. It is interesting that no one else got this idea too and haven't made it come true. Initially it looked like good and easy job because Volvo has about 500 pieces more than Osprey and it contains a lot of panels and liftarms. Then I began building and found out that I need even more liftarms (especially shorter ones) and I can't use many panels due to their large size... So let's take a look at where I am now. I built as much as I could by following original building instructions and changing just parts of model where I was missing correct parts. I had to rebuild engines with propellers and wings completely plus tail was modified to use less liftarms and more available panels. I also had to omit inclination of wings because Volvo doesn't contain enough universal joints (it contains only one and inclined wings need 4). You can see current state of model with wings and tail connected provisionally to fuselage at pictures below. I skipped assembly of gearbox intentionally because it must be totally different. It is also part of model where I am stuck right now. I am dealing with these questions: Should I keep all 4 main functions of plane (spinning propellers, tilting engines, lowering landing gear and opening cargo door)? Which functions should be motorized and which should be manual? Volvo features 3 motors. Two of them are large and they hardly fit in free space inside fuselage. If I keep all functions how will I distribute motors for them? Combination of one motor for powering and another for switching gearbox is not ideal because you can't run two functions at the same time (for example spinning propellers and tilting engines). There is not enough room for all three motors and gearbox inside fuselage and I already have problems with stability - plane is too rear heavy. Should I use linear actuators for lowering landing gear, opening cargo door and tilting engines or other mechanism? Original Osprey uses small linear actuators and one worm gear but Volvo has only the biggest actuators and no worm gears. If you have any suggestion or idea how to overcome issues I am dealing with I'll appreciate them. The last picture shows plane with available motors and linear actuators for size comparison.
  6. Tomik

    [MOC] - 31203 Map of the USA

    It look pretty good. I also started building custom map out of this set but never finished it. It is pity that you used extra parts so your map can't be built out of one set 31203.
  7. Tomik

    [MOC] Raccoon

    In this case I like your models even more because now I can see amount of work you put in them.
  8. Tomik

    [MOC] Raccoon

    Wow, it looks so lifelike! I like detailed head and you even made its claws. By the way do you use any software for building that converts 3D objects into bricks? Something like LEGO uses for sculptures in Legolands...
  9. Thank you all for your comments! It is also my favorite part. I took inspiration from this Baggyra race truck:
  10. LEGO Technic set 42137 - Formula E Porsche 99x Electric was not received well so I decided to give it the second chance same as I did with set 42106. Formula E is equally priced as Mustang but it has 100 parts less and looks like its chassis. I wanted to build out of it something bigger and higher so I chose truck. This race truck is my first pure alternative model built out of set 42137. Why pure? Because I've already built another model from this set that I supplemented it with few gears to make it more "functional". I'm gonna show you it when video is ready. Back to race truck... It features two pullback motors with ratchet mechanism similar to original model. I had to build it just 13 studs wide (2 studs narrower than Formula E) because I ran out of parts. Building instructions are available for sale at
  11. I am back with another alternative model built out of adidas Superstar shoe (set 10282). This time it doesn't feature any stripes unlike my previous zebra. So let me introduce you my little doggie. I tried to build it as accurate and shaggy as possible out of available parts. I am mainly satisfied how body turned out. It widely uses SNOT techniques and studs go nicely all around it in regular rows. It also features basic posability - you can move its tail and turn its head. Adidas mark on its back is just little reference to original model of shoe and can be replaced with another plain white tile from donor set. Building instructions are available for sale at
  12. Building instructions are available for sale at now. I also gave little face to zebra so it has one more stripe and rounded belly.
  13. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you. Anyway this set is good parts pack so I will try to build more things from it.
  14. When I was thinking about what else I can build out of adidas Superstar shoe (set 10282) I've got such ideas like space shuttle, Moby Dick (white whale), toilet, dog, panda but none of them have any connection with original model of shoe. Maybe only imperial "Superstar" destroyer took part of its name... ...then I've got it! I remembered 90's when I was going to Vietnamese marketplaces with my parents to buy clothes. It was right after collapse of iron courtain and we finally got western goods so we were able to buy branded clothes, shoes, electronics and so on in Czech Republic. I can remember that original adidas T-shirt costed about 1500 Czech crowns and it was much money if you take account of average monthly salary being about 10000 Czech crowns. So who couldn't afford it looked for cheaper alternatives in Vietnamese marketplaces. You could buy similar T-shirt for 300 crowns there. Of course it was not original but fake with better or worse quality. And there were those vendors who were trying to sell you their goods with minimum knowledge of Czech language so you could hear something like: Vendor: "Sir, sir, buy T-shirt adidas, quality very well!" Customer: "But it has four stripes instead of three!?" Vendor: "More stripes, more adidas!" Remembering phrase "more stripes, more adidas" I've built zebra which is definitely more adidas than original shoe! It is static model (same as original shoe) and only moving part is its tail. Even though proportions are little bit cartoonish (big head, small body, thick legs) it is very cute and recognizable. The best part of model is head. I used little bit of SNOT techniques to build snout that even features nostrils, 1x1 quarter tiles make cool eyes and mane is connected by ball joints and hinges. It could be better if it had more stripes but amount of black parts is very limited in donor set. Building instructions will be available soon.
  15. Thank you for your comment. Creator 3-in-1 is my favorite theme together with Technic because both of them contains only basic parts that are easy to reuse in something else.