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  1. [MOC] Backhoe Loader- 42054 C model

    This is another awesome alternative model. I like shape of body and it is pity you didn't have enough parts to build proper front and rear shovels. I also admire you for choosing such a big set for building alternative models.
  2. I guess it will be same color as in 42059 - Stunt Truck. Why should they make those 11x3 panels in dark azure if they have already released them in medium azure?
  3. Thank you for comment. I hope guys from HP do it soon.
  4. Thank you for comment. I had to make many compromises and substitute 3L pins for pair of black friction pins or axle or something else. I think it is rigid enough anyway just some parts would be connected easier and sturdier with additional 3L pins. The weakest point is connection between rear axle and rest of the vehicle - they are connected just on the bottom of chassis. These are left over parts: Thank you for comment. I will try to do video but don't promise it.
  5. I guess it is not. Bionicle uses those ball joints with axle hole that goes through ball but this one doesn't have hole through. I'm not sailor but I think it is representing antenna for radio.
  6. I don't know this cartoon but I am interested in brick-built figures and animals. I like how you caught shapes of characters - they look interesting. I just think most of them will not even stand when you build them out of real bricks...
  7. File is here:;topic=51198.0;attach=159549 I'm not totally sure how bottom is built but it should be close to my design with those wheels.
  8. Thank you for comment. It has pretty big suspension travel. It is limited by total compression of shock absorbers for rear axle and by liftarms above shock absorbers for front axle. It can almost hit ground when pushed down.
  9. Let me introduce you my biggest and most complex MOC so far - COFF3 BOT. Once I was contacted by a man from HP (Hewlett-Packard) and he asked me: "Are you able to build LEGO robot that would supply Nespresso coffee machine with capsules?" It sounded interesting to me so I set meeting with him to know more. He explained me that they got coffee machine with bluetooth so you can turn it on from your smart phone. The problem was that you have to insert capsule manually into coffee machine and they were looking for some "remote control LEGO solution". Soon I began working for him and it took me about 3 months to finish this robot. It was built mainly out of LEGO Mindstorms Education and LEGO Technic Bucket Wheel Excavator. It contains about 2500 parts. The most difficult part of development was building this robot. Programming was piece of cake. Robot in stand by position. It has 3 storages for 5 capsules so you can load it with up to 15 capsules. Robot without coffee machine. Notice the rail that helps robot to stay with coffee machine. Detail of three mechanisms that insert capsules into slot on the top of coffee machine. Detail of gearbox - there are three parallel gearboxes that switch large motors between operating storages and movement of robot. I had to use gearboxes to avoid using another EV3 brick. This series of gearboxes is part of robot that causes most of its failures. EV3 brick works also like counterweight for jib. I've attached it in such way to keep access for battery charger. And how it works? You turn it on and it moves to stand by position. Then it waits command from some bluetooth device that determines number of storage - you can choose out of three different capsules for your coffee. When robot receive it, it turns over coffee machine and opens its slot for capsules. It does it by pulling little lever on the top of coffee machine. Then it releases chosen capsule into slot and closes it. When it is done it sends you message that you can turn on coffee machine. I will add link to video when HP releases it (I am not allowed to upload any video of this robot). And finally one fun fact: cost of this coffee machine is about $200 and cost of LEGO bricks for this robot was about $800 (excluding my work).
  10. Main model from LEGO Technic set 42037 - Formula Off-Roader doesn't resemble formula at all so I tried to build something closer to formula out of its parts. Since it has huge wheels I call my alternative model "Off-road Formula". It features steering, independent suspension and V4 engine. I began building it more than one year ago and got stuck with front axle. It was the most difficult part of whole model because I had very limited sort of parts - this set lacks connectors, blue 3L pins (it contains just 9 of them) and there are no 5L liftarms in it. Even designers from LEGO decided to build front axle of official B model without suspension...
  11. I think I like that yacht (42074). I even tried to make its reverse engineering from pictures. This is result: If anyone is interested in LDD file let me know - I can share it.
  12. WOW, this is really awesome! Especially video is so amazing I didn't want to believe it was filmed with real models.
  13. Thank you for explanation. I thought you found some way how to do it in original software from LEGO...
  14. Those blinking red "eyes" looks funny. By the way how did you make ultra sonic sensors to blink?
  15. [MOC] Octopus

    I really like that you chose such a complex pose of octopus with tentacles in different possitions. Also your building techniques are admirable with attention to detail. Nevertheless this octopus looks like pile of tan bricks on most pictures. I think it is too small to be built like sculpture with exposed studs. I would prefer it smooter - built out of slopes and curved bricks...