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  1. I like this project as much as I had to build one LEGO toilet on my own too. If you own LEGO Creator set 31034 - Future Fliers, you can build it as well while waiting for LEGO to release this UCS one. Building instructions for my little toilet are available for free here.
  2. Thank you for your comments. And what alternative model would you expect from this set? My first idea was plane but I am not sure I can find enough pieces for it especially in combination with hulls.
  3. This helicopter is my first alternative model built out of set 42105 (Catamaran). It features crank that spins both rotor blades and pontoons that gives it ability to float on water (although I didn't try it, it should work). I will be happy if anyone test its floating capabilities and share her or his experience in comments. Building instructions are available at
  4. I am back with the 9th alternative model - European Truck. It features tilting cab over V6 engine with moving pistons and pullback motor. I am very satisfied with overall design and level of detail. It should be no surprice that I also had to sacrifice few features to get others so it actually can't haul anything because there is pullback motor in place where you would expect the fifth wheel and doors can't open in order to get rigid tilting cab. If you compare this European truck with my American truck, American truck will feel so childish. Building instructions are available at
  5. So my eighth alternative model built out of set 42106 is another propeller plane. This time it was inspired by planes from WW2 period. It is the most complex model I built from this set so far. It features pullback motor that is connected to landing gear and propeller. It also contains V6 engine with moving pistons. Building instructions are available at
  6. Thank you for your comment. I haven't found any problems with front suspension in my model. It is pretty soft so you can easily hit ground with chassis but it didn't fall apart.
  7. My latest addition to this series is American truck. Since it uses almost 90% of all parts in set it is pretty big. I built it mostly to look good so functions are pretty basic: pullback motor, inline fake engine with moving pistons and opening hood and doors. Building instructions are available at
  8. Tomik

    [MOC] Pullback Technic Bug

    This is so cool. I like that you built animal out of Technic and its motion is pretty funny. Good job!
  9. I am back with the sixth alternative model built out of set 42106 - Pullback Off-Road Buggy. It is the smallest model from this set - it uses just third of its parts. It features pullback motor and custom suspension built without shock absorbers. They were substituted for rubber connectors and hoses. I am curious what you think about this concept and whether you have any improvements for it. Building instructions are available for free at
  10. OK, it is not ordinary boat but it can work as one - so let me introduce you my fifth alternative model built out of set 42106 - Pullback Hovercraft. As its name reveals it features pullback motor and it is connected to rear wheels (yes, there are four wheels hidden in chassis), rear propeller and fake engine with moving pistons. Front fan can spin too but it is not connected to wheels due to lack of gears. It is heavily inspired by set 42120 because I was thinking about getting it but then I changed my mind and built it from set 42106 instead. Building instructions are available for sale at
  11. Tomik

    [MOC] Walking Windmill

    I like this model much. Maybe I will try to build something like this too but I am not sure that current Technic pullback motor is suitable for such mechanisms. Have you tried to use it?
  12. I've made video of steam engine in action. If you would like to build helicopter or steam engine, you can buy building instructions at rebrickable here: helicopter and steam engine.
  13. Thank you for your comment. You are right, I was thinking about building pullback boat but I found it not interesting. Maybe I will change my mind...
  14. Thank you once more for your positive comments. I will make video as soon as posible but I am out of time now.