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  1. I am back with another alternative model built out of adidas Superstar shoe (set 10282). This time it doesn't feature any stripes unlike my previous zebra. So let me introduce you my little doggie. I tried to build it as accurate and shaggy as possible out of available parts. I am mainly satisfied how body turned out. It widely uses SNOT techniques and studs go nicely all around it in regular rows. It also features basic posability - you can move its tail and turn its head. Adidas mark on its back is just little reference to original model of shoe and can be replaced with another plain white tile from donor set. Building instructions are available for sale at
  2. Building instructions are available for sale at now. I also gave little face to zebra so it has one more stripe and rounded belly.
  3. Thank you for your comment. I agree with you. Anyway this set is good parts pack so I will try to build more things from it.
  4. When I was thinking about what else I can build out of adidas Superstar shoe (set 10282) I've got such ideas like space shuttle, Moby Dick (white whale), toilet, dog, panda but none of them have any connection with original model of shoe. Maybe only imperial "Superstar" destroyer took part of its name... ...then I've got it! I remembered 90's when I was going to Vietnamese marketplaces with my parents to buy clothes. It was right after collapse of iron courtain and we finally got western goods so we were able to buy branded clothes, shoes, electronics and so on in Czech Republic. I can remember that original adidas T-shirt costed about 1500 Czech crowns and it was much money if you take account of average monthly salary being about 10000 Czech crowns. So who couldn't afford it looked for cheaper alternatives in Vietnamese marketplaces. You could buy similar T-shirt for 300 crowns there. Of course it was not original but fake with better or worse quality. And there were those vendors who were trying to sell you their goods with minimum knowledge of Czech language so you could hear something like: Vendor: "Sir, sir, buy T-shirt adidas, quality very well!" Customer: "But it has four stripes instead of three!?" Vendor: "More stripes, more adidas!" Remembering phrase "more stripes, more adidas" I've built zebra which is definitely more adidas than original shoe! It is static model (same as original shoe) and only moving part is its tail. Even though proportions are little bit cartoonish (big head, small body, thick legs) it is very cute and recognizable. The best part of model is head. I used little bit of SNOT techniques to build snout that even features nostrils, 1x1 quarter tiles make cool eyes and mane is connected by ball joints and hinges. It could be better if it had more stripes but amount of black parts is very limited in donor set. Building instructions will be available soon.
  5. Thank you for your comment. Creator 3-in-1 is my favorite theme together with Technic because both of them contains only basic parts that are easy to reuse in something else.
  6. I haven't bought LEGO Creator set 31121 because I am fan of crocodiles but because it is the biggest Creator set with animals in last 10 years. - So, what will I do with it now? - I'm gonna make some alternative model out of its bricks! - And what could I build from pile of green bricks? - Aquaman! And is not Aquaman from Justice League but Czech Aquaman who is called "vodnĂ­k" or "hastrman" in Czech. He often appears in traditional fairy tales. He lives in pond and his hobbies are sitting on willow, smoking pipe and collecting souls of drowned people. My figure features great articulation and few accessories: pipe, bench and little frog. Then I thought it would be cool to add one more fantasy creature from water so I built mermaid. She is not perfect but I tried to make her as cute and sexy as possible. It was pretty challenging building - especially head that is mostly built upside-down. She features great articulation thanks to longer ball joints although they doesn't look that good. Finally I made little stone for her from leftover parts so she can sit on it. Building instructions for both models are available at Any comments are welcome.
  7. Thank you for your comment. It is real fun to watch crocodile moving. If you have parts to build it I can recommend it.
  8. Three months passed and I'm back with the 10th alternative model - pullback crocodile. I wanted to build something special so this crocodile is the best among my other alternative models from set 42106 in several areas - it is the longest (it is almost 60 cm long), the funniest, the strangest and probably the ugliest of them. It features three wheeled chassis and when it goes it is opening its maw and moving its tail. Building instructions are available at
  9. I like this project as much as I had to build one LEGO toilet on my own too. If you own LEGO Creator set 31034 - Future Fliers, you can build it as well while waiting for LEGO to release this UCS one. Building instructions for my little toilet are available for free here.
  10. Thank you for your comments. And what alternative model would you expect from this set? My first idea was plane but I am not sure I can find enough pieces for it especially in combination with hulls.
  11. This helicopter is my first alternative model built out of set 42105 (Catamaran). It features crank that spins both rotor blades and pontoons that gives it ability to float on water (although I didn't try it, it should work). I will be happy if anyone test its floating capabilities and share her or his experience in comments. Building instructions are available at
  12. I am back with the 9th alternative model - European Truck. It features tilting cab over V6 engine with moving pistons and pullback motor. I am very satisfied with overall design and level of detail. It should be no surprice that I also had to sacrifice few features to get others so it actually can't haul anything because there is pullback motor in place where you would expect the fifth wheel and doors can't open in order to get rigid tilting cab. If you compare this European truck with my American truck, American truck will feel so childish. Building instructions are available at
  13. So my eighth alternative model built out of set 42106 is another propeller plane. This time it was inspired by planes from WW2 period. It is the most complex model I built from this set so far. It features pullback motor that is connected to landing gear and propeller. It also contains V6 engine with moving pistons. Building instructions are available at
  14. Thank you for your comment. I haven't found any problems with front suspension in my model. It is pretty soft so you can easily hit ground with chassis but it didn't fall apart.
  15. My latest addition to this series is American truck. Since it uses almost 90% of all parts in set it is pretty big. I built it mostly to look good so functions are pretty basic: pullback motor, inline fake engine with moving pistons and opening hood and doors. Building instructions are available at