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  1. My wife asked me to take apart set 40171 I gave her few years ago. When I did it I got idea to build something from it. And what is the best alternative model from any set? Helicopter! This one is even little bit special. It features opening windscreen, both rotors can freely spin and it still keeps appearence of original hedgehog - snout, thorns and four legs. So this is what you get when you crossbreed hedgehog and helicopter - Hedgecopter Building instructions are available at And this is original model: Any comments are welcomed.
  2. Tomik

    [MOC] Teddy Bear

    I like it especially head and body with their "stud-texture". I also have to say that hands and legs looks odd with their flat texture and sharp edges.
  3. Tomik

    Review - LEGO Technic 42101 - Buggy

    I own this set and I bought it because it reminds me buggies 8829 and 8048 (8829 was my very first LEGO set and 8048 brought me back to LEGO from dark age). It is good set if you don't expect much from it. Since it has limited number of parts it is really difficult to build good alternative model out of its parts. And about your review - I wouldn't call it review. You just copy-pasted official description of set from and added few more lines with almost no additional information about model. It would be better to add some information about toughness of suspension, steering radius, solidity of model, some interesting building techniques and parts (for example this set contains just one gear), pictures of model without stickers and pictures of B-model...
  4. Thank you for your comment. Yep, this was more about original usage of shock absorber. Thanks. I also like this model much although I didn't have big expectations at the beginning.
  5. Thank you for your comment. I hope you will like it in reality too.
  6. This deer is my second alternative model built out of set 70827 (Ultrakatty & Warrior Lucy!). It features big antlers and moving legs, neck and head. My goal with this model was to find some purpose for different thorns included in big amounts in set 70827. This model is my fourth entry to TLCB Lock-Down Competition. When I was done with deer I built simple turtle from leftover parts to give Emmet something for riding too. You also might remember my first alternative model from this set - Alien queen. Building instructions for both models are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  7. Few years ago I built dune buggy from set 42075 (First Responder)... I am back with second alternative model - Pullback Helicopter. It features opening windscreen, engine with moving piston and cool spring loaded mechanism for spinning rotors. It works similarly to pullback motor but it uses shock absorber to store energy for spinning. I took inspiration for this mechanism from Isogawa Yoshihito's book "LEGO TECHNIC Tora no Maki". I also built this model for TLCB Lock-Down Competition. Building instructions for both models are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  8. This is really impressive model. I like steam engines very much and this is the first one built from LEGO that I would buy. I am amazed how it works and by your engineering skils.
  9. Tomik

    LEGO Ideas Treehouse STORY BUILD

    I like your story much. It had to take a lot of effort to take all those pictures and make story. And I don't have to forget funny ending. Good Job!
  10. Thank you all for your comments. Thank you for your comment. I've already submited another model to TC18 that is better than this buggy (at least I think so). Back to these two alternative models - I did my best to make them look as good as possible but they would look better with other parts... I tried to build helicopter to look similar to one from MASH.
  11. I tried to build my own alternative model from set 42061 several times in past but all my attempts failed. When I was decided to sell this set I got idea to give it last try. My initial goal was to build some kind of buggy. After few hours I built working steering and in-line fake engine driven by rear wheels. Building car out of parts from set 42061 was painful (it has pretty bad assortment of parts) and I am not totally sutisfied with look of buggy so I call it "Ugly Buggy". By the way it fits to TC18 contest but I think it is too simple to submit it there. So I use it for TLCB Lock-Down Competition instead. When I finished building buggy I decided to build more - to build something easier. So helicopter was the best choice. I took little bit of inspiration from @BusterHaus - I like how he used gear rack for tail of his helicopter. My helicopter has both rotors connected by gears so you can spin them together by turning gear on bottom of helicopter. This is also my second entry to TLCB Lock-Down Competition. Building instructions for both alternative models are available at Any comments are welcomed.
  12. Tomik

    [TC18] Hot Rodster

    It looks cool. I am just bit disappointed by no connection between wheels and fake engine...