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  1. They cooperated with Autodesk to get LEGO bricks into Fusion 360.
  2. I have little bit of insight and I can approve they WERE working on new tool but they stopped it. I expect we will not get any new official tool in next two years. At least it looks like TLG keeps on updating parts library in LDD.
  3. Thank you all for your comments. The main issues of this set are lack of axle joiners and axles without stop. So I was not able to make tail longer and it got slightly cartoon look.
  4. Thank you for your comments.
  5. They work quite well although not as smooth as ordinary bevel gears. They require more force and need good stabilization otherwise they can stuck. They also make noise.
  6. Tomik

    [MOC] Class 1 Brian Ickler Buggy

    Cool buggy! It reminded me my favorite buggy from old PC game Offroad.
  7. I like your MOC. It looks so neat and simple with great attention to details - good job!
  8. After hell truck I built three other alternative models from Nexo Knights sets. The first of them is Tank Mk I built out of Nexo Knights Fortrex set 70317. It's also the first military machine I've ever built out of LEGO. I call it Mark I because I was not satisfied with its design so I've rebuilt it completely into Mark II version. It features just one heavy cannon with spring shooter and turning tower. The second generation of tank called Mark II was more successful. It features bigger chassis with one Gatling gun in rear and smaller cannon tower. Cannon tower features one heavy cannon with spring shooter and opening cover. Building instructions are available at Last model was built out of set 70315 (Clay's Rumble Blade). So let me introduce you Clay's Dragster! It's the fastest vehicle on wheels in whole kingdom. It features supercharged V8 engine and massive rear spoiler. It is also supplemented with traffic light and fans. Building instructions are available at too.
  9. You can download building instructions for hell truck from my web
  10. When I saw first pictures of set 42074 (racing yacht) I knew I have to take it and rebuild it into something else. So let me introduce you my latest alternative model - freight helicopter. It spins both rotors when you are turning gear on its bottom. Since set contains just 2 bevel gears I had to build another couple of them from bricks and connectors - I have already used this assembly for my dragster built out of set 42036. ...and little excursion into its innards:
  11. Tomik

    [MOC] Backhoe Loader- 42054 C model

    This is another awesome alternative model. I like shape of body and it is pity you didn't have enough parts to build proper front and rear shovels. I also admire you for choosing such a big set for building alternative models.
  12. I guess it will be same color as in 42059 - Stunt Truck. Why should they make those 11x3 panels in dark azure if they have already released them in medium azure?
  13. Thank you for comment. I hope guys from HP do it soon.
  14. Thank you for comment. I had to make many compromises and substitute 3L pins for pair of black friction pins or axle or something else. I think it is rigid enough anyway just some parts would be connected easier and sturdier with additional 3L pins. The weakest point is connection between rear axle and rest of the vehicle - they are connected just on the bottom of chassis. These are left over parts: Thank you for comment. I will try to do video but don't promise it.
  15. I guess it is not. Bionicle uses those ball joints with axle hole that goes through ball but this one doesn't have hole through. I'm not sailor but I think it is representing antenna for radio.