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  1. This formula 1 looks pretty cool. I like its clean design. How many left over parts remained?
  2. Tomik

    [TC15] AH-77S - Hunter

    WOW! Your helicopter has incredible functionality and it also looks good. Great job!
  3. You had really interesting way to find idea for your contest model. And I like your initial Fokker very much. It is so small, simple and cute. Good luck with your final idea.
  4. Thank you for comments. Yes, this is serious issue both visual and functional. Since main rotor was hitting tail I moved it 3 studs lower and it also improved look. Since I'm dealing with serious lack of liftarms I decided to cover tail with panels. Some types of this helicopter like Bell 47H-1 had also enclosed fuselage so I think it will be fine. I did it and it really looks better. So I applied few structural and visual changes and got this fully functional prototype. It became pretty huge - it is more than 60 cm (2 feet) long. Now I'm going to take it apart to finish structural changes and make part replacements to improve color scheme and details like dashboard.
  5. Let me introduce you what I was working on last week - it is going to be helicopter loosely inspired by Bell 47. I call it Nighthawk because it is also my tribute to set 8412 that I got when I was child. I will feature: crank for spinning both rotors fake six-cylinder flat engine with moving pistons lever in cockpit for tilting main rotor (this is not realistic function but it is reproduction of functionality of set 8412) Since I build almost exclusively alternative models this helicopter is no exception. I only use parts from rally car 42077. And now some pictures of my progress: Initial proof of concept to ensure that I have enough gears Prototype of cab with seat and lever The first assembly of whole helicopter (before I took it apart for structural upgrades)
  6. I tried to put them there but I don't like result. It could be good if they were LBG instead of DBG.
  7. Thank you for comments.
  8. Building instructions for this buggy are available at now.
  9. I would like to introduce you alternative model built out of little set 42045 - helicopter. This set contains just 180 pieces so building alternative model from them was pretty difficult and challenging. My helicopter has even few functions - it features two-cylinder fake engine and if you turn gear under tail rotor, pistons in engine will move and main rotor blade will spin. If you want to build it you can download building instructions from my website
  10. I like this contest and will definitely build something for it. I've just finished this little helicopter but I think it is too simple for attacking first places in contest...
  11. Tomik

    42081 C-Model - Log Loader

    I like how you made mechanism for claw. I plant to build skidder out of this set so I will definitely get inspiration from your model.
  12. Thank you all for your comments. Differential is in left over parts...
  13. Let me introduce you my latest alternative model - Dune Buggy built out of set 42075 (First Responder). This buggy is my tribute to two special sets: 8829 (my very first LEGO set) and 8048 (the set that definitely ended my dark age). It features front axle steering, rear axle suspension, V2 fake engine and opening cab cage same as original models. I wanted to add differential but it would make engine block too high so it has just "one wheel drive". I hope you will like and any comments are welcome.
  14. Hi Jim, please, move this topic here: Thanks
  15. They cooperated with Autodesk to get LEGO bricks into Fusion 360.