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  1. Thank you. I wish you good luck too. By the way I've already chosen what I'm gonna build and its scale - it should be similar size like Porsche form set 42056. I did it this way: when I am done with model I start taking it apart while taking pictures of this process. Then I go from last picture to the first and building model again in some software. Last time I used LDD because it is more Technic friendly than Studio. If you are too lazy to take pictures of dismantling you can try to build model directly during taking model apart. When I have model in digital form I use Studio to create steps.
  2. Thank you all for opening this topic and adding advices. I also plan to start building my first super car and this discussion looks pretty helpful.
  3. Wow, I agree with others - this Lotus looks much better than original Porsche. By the way how many parts left over? Would it be enough to build version with roof?
  4. This is really cool alternative model. Completely white version looks even better. Good job!
  5. Building instructions for skidder are available at now. Enjoy building!
  6. Thank you for your feedback. I checked instructions and I can't see any error there. You are adding two black 1x5 liftarms in step 5 and both are connected to 5x11 tapered panel added in previous step. The third black 1x5 liftarm was added in step 2 and I can't see any other 1x5 liftarm in assembly.
  7. I've made video of skidder in action and building instructions will be available in few day too.
  8. Tomik

    Tomik's Creations

    There are building instructions for my two pretty old alternative models available at now. The first of them is truck with work platform built out of set 8052. It is one of my very first Technic models and I've used cab from official B-model in it. The second model is hot rod Mk II built out of set 8041. It is upgraded version of original hot rod that I've built out of this set. You can also build it out of set 42041. And the last is off-road formula built out of set 42037.
  9. Building instructions for shark are available at now!
  10. I am taking it to exhibition this weekend and then I will begin with making instructions.
  11. I would recommend too. You can import LXF file there and switch to instruction maker. When I make my instructions I choose few bricks that can be removed and click on button "step after". They are moved to next step and disappear in model. You can continue untill you have last brick. Then just save it and move to next step till you finish your build.
  12. Díky za pochvalu. Thank you for your comment. Thank you for your comment. I gree with you that small fish is not as good as shark but it was the best what I could do with remaining parts... My first idea was to build diver instead of fish but he would look even worse.
  13. Thank you for your comment. I am happy that I have such a big fan. Honestly I was not interested in this set eather untill I've got idea to rebuid it into shark. Original jet contains some very complex and interesting linkages but it lacks normal wings...
  14. Thank you all for your comments. I plan to make them and I expect they will available in two months. It is something more complex and funnier. I will not give you any spoilers now and show you it in video later.
  15. Let me introduce you one of my coolest alternative models - Shark Mk II. Why do I call it Mk II? It is the second generation of moving sharks that I've built so far. The first one was built out of set 9394 (red jet) 6 years ago and was red. New shark is built out of set 42066 (blue-black jet) so it is BIGGER, better and finally blue. :-) It features two motorized functions: moving tail and opening maw to eat moving fish. You can turn them on separately or together with help of two red levers on stand. It contains 814 parts. I built it in the middle of last year but I haven't made video for it until today. Building instructions are available at Any comments are welcomed.