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Found 10 results

  1. Actionfigure

    [MOC] Severed Foot

    Hello, something for Halloween... A foot. Ok, and a bone saw. But let´s concentrate on the bloody foot! Happy Halloween!
  2. Louis of Nutwood

    [MOC] Payback

    Chapter 9.2 - Payback I ran up the stairs as fast as my legs would go, leaning on the stone walls. The closer I got to the upper floor, more I could hear the mumbling of voices, but I could not tell whose. The arched doorway appeared over the stone steps, as I reached the upper floor. Leaning closer, I focused, trying to recognize the chatting, and heard a muffled dripping sound below me. Tap, tap, tap. A viscous red liquid was dripping from the steps, drifting through the stone and tainting a burgundy trail behind it. Whose blood is this? I gripped the pommel of my sword once more, praying I would not have to use it. The red pool grew larger as I walked my way into the room. Glowing on the dim candlelight, I saw the general splattered on the floor. His once red and white vests were now only red. From what little I could see in that ill lit room, his face was pale and purple from the cold. I sighed. The room turned even colder than before. The smell was wet and rotten. Atop of the lifeless body of the Lion guard, stood a man covered in furs, with a red blade in his hand, and a goatee beard, soaked in sweat. His breathing was long and paused. - Thank the gods, you are alive. – I greeted Hob with relief. - Where in hell were you, kid?! - Hob shouted and the walls appeared to lean with the echo. I lifted my bag and the sound of clinking metal washed his blood covered face, making him smile. But I couldn’t take my eyes from the red pool forming underneath our feet. __________ Louis of Nutwood. Hope you all like it. My story has been growing week by week and I'd love to hear what you think of it. Make sure to check the previous chapters. (I'll add the links as soon as I learn how).
  3. A_Goodman

    (MOC) Hagrid's Hut

    Hagrid's Hut 1 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Hagrid's Hut 2 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Hagrid's Hut 3 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Hagrid's Hut 4 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Hagrid's Hut 5 by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr This is my custom Lego Harry Potter Hagrid's Hut. This was my submission to the Lego Wizarding World build competition. These are the photos I submitted and as one of the requirements of the contest no minifigures were permitted but I plan on taking a few with Hagrid and Fang and potentially Harry Ron and Hermione.
  4. MovieMocs

    [MOC] Alien in corridor

    In this scene a Xenomorph is walking through a hallway just after a kill. I worked on this project for 3 hours and it's small but very detailed and eerie. I tried to design it so when you look at it there's a bit of fear in your, even though it's "just" Lego. I hope you like my dramatic hallway scene from Alien.
  5. Resistance sympathizer King Zalgel has sent Urkan, his chief general, from his city of Griznâg in the depths of the Enchanted Forest of Avalonia to join with his royal cousin, Frykka the Brown, in Nocturnus in battle against the traitorous Black Spire. To get there, the band of orcish soldiers has had to brave many hazards, from fierce-eyed Elvish hunters, roaming human cavalry patrols, deserts, fell beasts, and now, at last, the towering Rakath Mountains. On the eastern side of those lofty peaks runs a river, red as freshly spilled human blood, called the Sayn Gwinos River by those who have made the maps. A single bridge crosses the that crimson stream, passing through the ensnaring webs of many deadly spiders. Will the orcs make it to Frykka's warband alive, to swell the ranks of the Resistance against Raavage's tyrannical reign, or will they perish in the mountains, struck down by noxious rivers and venomous arachnids? Time alone will tell... ___________________________________________________ ...................................................................................................... Introducing my second build for the Nocturnian Minichallenges. The photography hopefully looks quite a bit better for this one as I took some advice I was given and took the pictures outside in a shady spot with my old point-and-shoot digital camera. All the grey for the rocks makes me appreciate LittleJohn's Nordheim Fjall that much more...
  6. The screeching of a Seagulls echoed noisily through the uncanny silence surrounding a solitary tavern, causing a few of the men standing on the road to jump in fright. One of the men, a uniformed marine wearing a wide-brimmed hat smiled sardonically. “A fine lot of soldiers you all make.” None of the men responded. Most of them were dressed in civilian garb, and there were few that did not show some sign of agitation. “Is it true Captain Mortimer makes his victims cut off their own fingers then eat them?” a mustached cloth merchant asked. “Quiet!” An elderly man holding a torch shaded his eyes, staring down the road. “I thought I heard something.” They all heard it now. The thud of boots on the road, the coarse laughter. The very air seemed to smell saltier. There could be no mistaking that noise. Then there they were. roguish a band of pirates as could be found in the northern seas. Their leader, a red bearded man in a bicorn hat, smiled cruelly at them, eyeing their force with contempt. The marine's hands started to sweat despite himself. His words came out in a hiss. “Fire the cannon.” The elderly man jerked out of his frozen state and raised the torch over the cannon's fuse. He was too slow. Before the marine's eye could register what had happened the lead pirate was pointing a pistol at the old man and there was a report. The man fell dead, blood pouring from a wound in the direct center of his forehead. And then the pirates were upon them. The marine lifted his carbine just in time to block a blow from the lead pirate only to feel fire and ice in his side. One of the peasants was down and the others were running. The marine's compatriot, a big fellow with a pike, had skewered one of the pirates, but had his pike knocked out of his hand. Then the marine felt the lead pirate's blade enter his abdomen and he knew it was over. For a moment he stared at the blade in his chest, then he was on the ground, choking on blood. This was it. He hoped he died before they could torture him. The pikeman dove for his pike only to find one of the pirate's pistols in his face. He moved back only to find the inn wall behind him. His breathing was ragged, and not from over-exertion. Captain Mortimer smiled his cruel smile again. “What made you think you could beat me, royal dog?” The pikeman spit. “We will never stop trying to beat you.” Mortimer stared at him for a moment, then shrugged. “Off with his fingers.” The build. I actually started building this over two months ago, and put three Bricklink orders into it, so you could call it a masterpiece of mine. I tried to combine some of the cleaner/smoother styles on Eurobricks with the more textured style of Mocpages and Flickr, hopefully to favorable results. Also, off the record, but this is literally the first build I have posted in the online community in which I have used yellow heads. The back. So I guess that's it. There's looking to be some pretty tough competition for this contest, and I'm honored to have participated! Good luck to all the contestants! ~Adair
  7. Graham Gidman

    [MOC] Revenge

    And he had his revenge...
  8. Captain Nemo

    MOC: クズリ

    クズリ "The Wolverine" Built for and to be displayed at Brickworld Chicago 2015, this vignette depicts the mutant Wolverine fighting for not only his life, but the life of Mariko, his lover, against the dangerous and deadly Silver Samurai. This was a creation that I had in mind for a year now, so it's satisfying to finally see it completed. I managed to pick up one of the few remaining (and rare) custom Silver Samurai minifigures, created and chromed by, about six months ago--so it's been a long wait to finally build and show off my initial idea. The vignette consists of fourteen minifigures: Wolverine, Mariko, Silver Samurai, the Ninja Master, and ten generic ninjas. Additionally, because this is a large Marvel creation, Deadpool makes a cameo as ninja #7--who apparently only wants to join in, take specific aim, and hurt Wolverine in the most painful area possible! The creation heavily utilizes the Lego flower petal piece, somewhere around 2000 of them. They are used to add snow to the landscape, a technique I've never seen before, but one that seems to work very well. I was inspired to use them by the simple contrast of white and red petals, where the latter could then be used to indicate blood soaked snow. Initially I had intended to include a streak of red petals forming some symbol, syllable, or word in Japanese, which would have been flung from Silver Samurai's sword--this idea was eventually given up, largely due to space issues, but it was in large part the main push to build the creation in the first place. The elegant cherry tree was another thing I was really excited about building. It utilizes fifty of the leaf pieces in the new lavender shade. A large inspiration for the creation was the 2013 film The Wolverine, which includes a similar scene. I combined a few scenes from the film (such as Wolverine being chased by the ninjas in the snow, and the end Duel with the Silver Samurai) into one scene to create a more interesting vignette. Additionally, I kept the film's modern tone. I added in the electrical post to not only add light (which is powered by the way by LifeLites products), but indicate that the creation was from the modern period, rather than feudal Japan. The buildings are feudalistic however, and utilize the colors black and sand blue to create a mysterious vibe. The ninjas of the creation wear identical garb, with the exception of their leader, who is holding Mariko hostage. They were a big part of the inspiration to recreate the scene, and I'm happy that they add a huge feeling of foreboding danger to the overall creation. For my initial build idea, I intended to include far more ninjas than what is shown here--I wanted some twenty-five or more, to cover the show rooftops in black. Still, this is just as successful. Also notable about this creation is the unique base structure I built for it, which mimics the curved rooftops of Buddhist temples. It was a fun piece of construction, and one that adds a lot to the overall feel of the creation. It's also the first raised base I've constructed, as in the entire build stands a brick above the table it rests on, supported by four small corner pedestals. Enjoy! ~Nemo
  9. GEF

    The Survivor

    Being an evil minion is only bad most of the time. Animation/some Editing: Gideon Feldick (GEF) VFX/Editing: Abraham Feldick (AnW) Sound FX: Music: Incompetech
  10. Just a random moc, I had a the will to do that one day... Since the anime could be a little more... Bloody :)! Short story of scene: Poor lion, he got into the water and reached a small island. Waiting for help, he got attacked by no one else then Cragger. Helpless, he struggled but afraid of the water, he had nowhere to run. Death fell upon him.