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  1. So there are sand green shells after all. That should make @TwistLaw happy.
  2. It's a pin with bush, we can see it clearly here. Sorry. Also, here are bigger pics of the other sets : 42075, 42077, and 42078.
  3. My ideal Christmas tree would be a Lego brick-shaped tree, but Santa seems to be quite surprised by this idea. For those who are interested, you can see it in 3D on Mecabricks. Good luck to all the contestants !
  4. 144 pieces sounds like a lot, even if his jetpack is Technic-heavy. What's your source for that info ? Anyways, yeah, it could be only a matter of weeks before we get a confirmation of that. The US Store Calendar says the new sets will be out on the 25th (of November), I suppose that includes Star Wars as well.
  5. Yup, but that doesn't contradict what I said. I was talking about the axis of rotation. On Rey it's horizontal, and on the PG it's vertical : A Technic bush is visible near his right wrist, and I think I see a reddish brown axle going though it, so it's either a 3M or a 5m axle with stop. On the side view, we can see a red axle between his chest and his lightsaber, which corresponds to his left upper arm. In addition to that, his left arm looks weird, as if the upper arm and the lower arm aren't aligned. It could actually be too complicated to have one arm move in a way and the other arm in another way as I initially thought, so perhaps only the right arm can be rotated with the knob, while the left shoulder is fixed, and the Technic assembly of the left arm helps it following the movement of the left arm. Also, the right arm seems to be bent at 90° on the front and the side views, so maybe his right elbow isn't articulated, but that idea may be too far-fetched.
  6. It's a prelim, so maybe it means nothing, but this piece is shiny, which suggests it's made of hard plastic. Maul's arms seem to be made of Technic pieces, rather than CCBS parts as usual. That must be because of his mechanism. Perhaps one arm moves along an horizontal axis (like Kylo Ren, or Rey), and the other moves along a vertical axis, like the Praetorian Guard, and the elbows have a frictionless articulation so the mechanism works properly. Anyways, that's intriguing. Maul seems more interesting than expected, I like that.
  7. What do you have against Baze ? He's certainly my favourite set of the year (along with the Praetorian Guard) : the build is creative and interesting (although this is more due to the use of Technic pieces, in terms of CCBS parts he's rather basic), I like his colour scheme and the figure looks good from about every angle. Additionally, which sets would you consider as "steps forward" ? Chewbacca maybe ?
  8. Action Figure Forum Discussion

    Welcome among us, @Tyndale. If you need help, or advice to build Constraction MOCs, you should ask in the following topic : If you need inspiration, you can take a look at the MOC index (which our dear @TheOneVeyronian spent a lot of time working on, so props to her !).
  9. Your comparison isn't fair. :p I could say "just compare this to this, they have the same price point, but the TIE Pilot has more parts, and the back is better covered.", but that wouldn't either represent accurately how the sets evolved over the years. The Shoretrooper is a bit weak, true, but in general, the sets do have more parts and a better build than they used to. EDIT : Oh, I missed Aanchir's post, so now it will look like I wrote a summary of his message. Now, I also doubt the new Vader will have much (if any) more parts than the old one, but I wouldn't use the difference in the number of parts between the previous and the current sets to demonstrate that.
  10. MOCing Advice & Ideas thread

    Have you forgotten you've created this topic ? I think it's perfectly appropriate to ask for help. ;) You don't have to use Kragle :
  11. Hopefully the parts count will justify that. 2015 Darth Vader was 30€ and has 160 parts, and to compare with a more recent set, Chewbacca is 35€ but includes 179 parts (although 10 of them are tiles with clip for his belt).
  12. Constraction custom parts

    Oh, no, otherwise the hands would be too big.
  13. Constraction custom parts

    That sounds ambitious, I hope you can make it work. I began working on it, but it's a much simpler, with "only" articulation at the elbow and at the wrist, with static plates. I have also been working on something else recently, a brand new type of hand : I haven't tried it yet, so I don't know how well it will perform once printed. I think I see what you mean. But I don't think it's feasible. It would be much easier for you to simply build your MOCs with wider hips.
  14. Haha, if you have unrealistic expectations, you're set for disappointment. We can still get some in other themes. Okay, it's just four feet, but actually, we already did.