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    <p> Hi, I'm Leewan, Regulator of the Action Figures subforum, but I'm interested in all kind of themes, as long as the sets are good. </p>

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    Lego, of course. And humor, cinema, TV shows, 3D printing, space science, and a lot of other things !


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  1. Leewan

    [MOC] The future is bright - part I Hybris

    You're too modest. I think it would be interesting to get shots of the ground through the gaps. It would allow to see more details of what you've built. Also, what are the dimensions of the ship ?
  2. Last year, I've built a Blade Runner-inspired MOC on Mecabricks : The original model can still be seen here. As you can see, some parts used in my build don't exist in dark blue. So this model remained a virtual MOC, until March 2018. The Speed Champions Ford Fiesta had some new parts in dark blue, so I redesigned my MOC to be able to build it with physical bricks. Here's the result : I've put a lot of thought in this model, trying to make it sturdy, fun and interesting to build (as you can see below, the MOC is made of several distinct modules), but without compromising the looks. The build is so smooth, there are only four visible studs on the whole model (or five, if you count the half-studs of the 3x2 wedge plates) : two on the windscreen, and two on a wedge plate on the bottom of the MOC : I've created PDF instructions with stud.io's instructions maker, which are available on bricksafe, as well as the parts list to get the required parts on Bricklink.
  3. What I don't like with the assembly images is the way the parts are rendered. The light is too strong, and the shadows too dark sometimes. It would be better if the parts in the assembly images were rendered as they are in the parts list, or even better, with an uniform colour like in Lego sets' instructions. Anyways, it does a pretty good job, and I find it easier to use than LPub, but also more limited. I'll keep using Mecabricks for building and rendering, though, with Studio for making instructions.
  4. Leewan

    Help building a foot

    Why that ? Only the pneumatic connectors seem to prevent you from moving them closer to the ankle. Have you tried using a #5 CCBS shell ?
  5. Leewan

    Bionicle 2015 Discussion

    Some G2-related documents recently surfaced on BMP. It's mostly hi-res product images and visuals (including box templates, if anyone would like to create their own Bionicle box), but the most interesting, to me, is the story bible : it confirms that the G1 and the G2 are linked through the Vahi, and states that the Great Beings themselves created Okoto. It also confirms that the Mask of Ultimate Power was supposed to be released in 2017, had Lego followed through their initial plan.
  6. Leewan

    Technic Prototype Parts

    Something like this ? Printing parts would come up as very expensive, especially if you need many of them. it would be a more efficient solution to buy standard pins and sand down the stop rings. If you're not against damaging your parts.
  7. Leewan

    [MOC] Umarak the Gatherer

    Thanks for your comments ,@Nick Wolfe and @JoeyB. There were some great entries, but I made it through the first round, and even ended up second in my category in the second round, which means I won Darth Maul : And, of course, thanks to @Dorek and the BS01 team for organizing this contest. (:
  8. The Old Fishing Store is a fantastic set, but there's one thing it lacks : a fishing boat. So I've built one, using the parts from the set : And, since I had a few leftover parts after building it, I thought "Well, why wouldn't I build a little house ?" It had to be little, because building bigger means I would have to use too many big plates, which doesn't look as good as I'd like to, as you can see on the WIP pictures in this album. So I took this first version apart, kept the main ideas, and made this : Inside there's a small kitchen, a couch, a table, a desk with a chair, and a bed : And, finally, a pic of the boat next to the house : More pictures (additional views of the house and the boat) can be found in the flickr album.
  9. Leewan

    General Part Discussion

    Looking at the sets in which it appears could help, maybe ?
  10. Leewan

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    Ah, true. Shanghai has temples too, so maybe Notre-Dame is possible after all...
  11. Leewan

    Technic 2019 Set Discussion

    Same here, but perhaps it's another licensed model designed after a bike that hasn't been revealed yet, and therefore it's going to be a summer set. 42092 will probably similar to the 8068 from 2011. I'm surprised to see there's two cards in the list, but I'm looking forward to see the GT Race Car, it's going to be smaller than the Porsche and the Bugatti, but still big enough to have real functions and a decent design.
  12. Leewan

    Discussion: LEGO Architecture 2018

    (I think you meant Grande Arche ?) Notre-Dame and the Sacré-Cœur are religious buildings, which makes them unlikely, unfortunately. The colourful Centre Pompidou could work well in Lego, but could be hard to get right at such a small scale. The Place de la Concorde, with its obelisk, would be easier to build.
  13. Thanks for the review, Jim. I like the style of the set, and I like the idea behind it. It's cool to see some futuristic Technic sets, like this one or the B-Model of the 42063. Looking at the crazy prototypes seen in the booklet, they could easily do plenty of futuristic vehicles in the future. Speaking of which, the tracked... thing in the bottom right hand corner reminds me of the set 8996. But from a technical and mechanical standpoint, it's a tad disappointing. It would have been nice to have suspensions, and some more complex features (like a gearbox, or a system to extend the counterweight and raise the chassis at the same time, either with liftarms or by linking the two features with gears); something to make the set more interesting for this price. I think it should be relatively easy to make a smaller version of the set, with, perhaps, more features. Smaller wheels, a smaller bucket, MLAs, that could work. Not saying that I would or could do it, though.
  14. It's very possible that they've been delayed. After all, googling their respectives EAN codes give links to an increasing number of online stores, where the Super Battle Droid is listed with a price of about 30€, and the AT-RT is 70€. But for now, we're in August, and these sets are nowhere to be seen, so it's more reasonable to assume they've actually been canceled, unfortunately.
  15. Well, I guess this topic now belongs in the Licensed subforum... This is James Bond's car in The Living Daylights. Actually, this MOC has nothing to do with the announcement of a partnership between Lego and Aston Martin and the James Bond Franchise. This is a mere coincidence. In fact, I've built this MOC for a contest (or rather a challonj') on a french forum back in May. First, here's a few reference pics (and a video demonstrating the car's spy features) : And now, my recreation of the car : The MOC was initially a virtual build, and you can see the complete model, along with some renderings, on Mecabricks. Unlike the physical build, the "original" MOC features James Bond himself. It was the best I could do, but he's not good enough to my taste, so I chose not to include him in the physical build. If you have ideas for a better Timothy Dalton Bond, feel free to tell me what you have in mind. For those who want to build it, you can open the MOC in the editor. While there are not real instructions, the model is divided in numbered groups, which should make the build easier.