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  1. Haha, if you have unrealistic expectations, you're set for disappointment. We can still get some in other themes. Okay, it's just four feet, but actually, we already did.
  2. Hey, what did you expect ?
  3. Oh, so this is your pic ? Well, I hope you won't think I'm trying to prevent you from making reviews, but since this set hasn't been officially revealed, I don't know if you'll be allowed to publish it before September 1st. You should ask the mods first.
  4. There's also this picture, which was shared on Brickset a few days ago, where we can see him from the side. The only interesting bit is that he uses a second Star Wars torso shell to cover his back.
  5. [MOC] PAIGE

    Impressive. Your photos are very good, and the poses give a lot of life and expressiveness to the character (so does the color scheme). The build is clean, it almost doesn't look like Lego, and the lack of studs over her body makes her look smaller than she actually is (thanks for using different measuring units, btw, that's an appreciable effort). You did an excellent job here !
  6. I recently had an idea for a system that links the rear wheels steering to a sequential 4 speeds gearbox : The red axle is the input, which comes from the gearbox selector. When the red axle makes a quarter of turn (shifting from 1st to 2nd gear) the purple axle doesn't move. When the red axle makes another quarter of turn (shifting from 2nd to 3rd), the purple axle makes a quarter of turn too. With the 24:12 ratio, the green axle makes half a turn, and pushes the tan fork towards the rear of the car (the green liftarm isn't connected to the axle of the 12t gear). When the red axle makes another quarter of turn (3rd --> 4th), the purple axle doesn't move. The dark tan fork connects the orange frame (which is linked to the steering axle) to one of the two sides of the dark blue parallelogram. Changing the connected side will change the turning direction of the wheels, and the wheels don't have to be in center position to switch speeds. So when you're in low gears (1st and 2nd), the rear wheels will turn in the opposite direction as the front wheels, and when you're in high gears (3rd and 4th), the rear wheels will turn in the same direction. It's not perfect, it wouldn't work with a separate reverse gear (unless you find a way to lock the system when you switch to reverse), there's no "non-steering wheels" position and, above all, it's way too big (I don't know how to make it more compact). But still, maybe that could help you. Here's the link for the .lxf file.
  7. Constraction custom parts

    Thank you. (: Hmm, beside the hole dimension issue, I don't think there's anything to change. Oh, the ballcups of the Mata torso are a bit tight too, so the pistons parts can pop off sometimes. No, that would be too much work, and I already sell the printed parts on Shapeways (there's a link in my signature), so right now it's not really my priority. Not now, but maybe in the future. I'd like to try more things with Elasto Plastic, so I think I'll focus on that. That's... crude.
  8. Constraction custom parts

    Hi, I've perfected my articulated Mata leg design : The newer version can fully extend, as you can see on the animation. I've also made a variant with a double knee (video here), but it's a much less elegant design. I've also made an articulated Mata torso, following what I've said to @Aanchir : Here's how it looks like once printed : I've made two videos demonstrating how it works : one with the pistons, and one without them. Elasto plastic is a very interesting material ! Perhaps @efferman could find a use of this material for Technic parts. (: Here are the parts that make up an articulated Mata leg (V2) : The leg fully flexed and fully extended : You can see the videos I've made here and here. As you can see, it works absolutely perfectly. That wasn't easy though. The piston bodies were almost completely filled with powder, so I had to remove it with a needle and a toothpick. Even with that, I couldn't fit the rods into the bodies, so I had to sand down the rods to make them fit. Since I had ordered the parts to make four limbs (or almost, I forgot to order half the piston parts), I used them to revamp an old MOC of mine : I didn't use the articulated torso on him because, unfortunately, the holes were too tight. I still have to find a satisfying design. Anyways, I'm really happy with the legs, they're super satisfying to play with, and even if the pistons need some adjustment, they work very well.
  9. Action Figure Forum Discussion

    Okay, I simply wanted to spare you a lot of work. I think it would be better if we manage to cover different sets instead of focusing on the same set. Every other set that hasn't been reviewed yet. So, IIRC, the TFA sets, the RO sets (minus the Death Trooper), and the Stormtrooper Commander. Although @VBBN may want to review some of these.
  10. Action Figure Forum Discussion

    Oh, don't bother with that one, I'm already in the process of writing a review of it.
  11. Future of constraction

    I think I've seen them, but they don't count as small sized, brick-built mechas which use Mixel joints.
  12. Future of constraction

    I'd like to see Godzilla & co in CCBS form, but not with minifigures, they'd be way too big in regard of the scale of the monsters. I don't know if a minifig-less theme could work, but I'd like to see a series of small sized, brick-built mechas which use Mixel joints. Something like this (by nobu_tary) : Or the adorable tiny Jaegers @toothdominoes recently made : They even fit microfigs / trophies. Which makes me think that I'd like to see more sets with the NK Battle Suits cockpit, but something less goofy than the Battle Suits. However, I don't know if kids would be into "serious" mecha sets.
  13. Well, the set numbers aren't always an indication of the release date. This year, 75531 and 75532 were released before 75526-75530, so they can as well release 75537 before 75535 and 75536. Plus, the names of the HS sets are still unknown. So why would we already have Maul's name if he's part of the HS wave ? No, I think it's simpler than that, we'll have a "classic villains" wave this December, and a HS wave a few months later.
  14. He died towards the end of the season 3 of Rebels, which was set two years before ANH. I believe the HS movie will take place 10 years before ANH, so Maul was alive at the time of the movie. Now, the other Constraction sets, Darth Vader and Boba Fett, were also alive at the time of the movie. That doesn't necessarily mean they'll be in it. I'm the one who added the sets 75535 and 75536 to the list. I'll change the information about the release date to make things more clear.
  15. From the (System) SW 2018 topic : For obvious reasons, I don't think any of them will be Chewbacca, so my guesses are on Han Solo and Lando Calrissian.