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  1. You can also add this Technic connector, on which the cam is attached. Currently it's only available in black and DBG.
  2. Leewan

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    Since the James Bond Twitter account replied to Lego's initial tweet shortly after Aston Martin, I seriously doubt that.
  3. Leewan

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    I highly doubt that. It just wouldn't work. It would be like building the DeLorean in sand blue. All things considered, grey is not so bad.
  4. Oh, I think I know ! Does it have something to do with a certain 3m tall yellow and grey build at the Lego House ?
  5. Leewan

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    Link of the said tweet : A DB5 would explain Samuel Johnson's comment about the Jaguar. But it would certainly be grey (I don't see it being metallic silver or pearl light grey). That's... not really exciting. Looking forward to see what they'll do anyway.
  6. Leewan

    Creator Expert Car 2018 Speculation

    The set 10262 is listed on Amazon, I guess it's the next Expert car, but something's off with the details they give : the weight and box size don't match the rumoured price, so they're most certainly provisional.
  7. Leewan

    Action Figure Forum Discussion

    Neat ! I've always wanted to build an evil version of Good guy, so that's a perfect opportunity.
  8. Leewan

    Constraction custom parts

    Hi, Here's the new version of the articulated Mata body : It's made of six different parts (ten if you count the Lego parts used for the pistons) : the hips, the disks (there's four of them), and the upper torso. Unlike the previous version, the Lego parts are essential to connect the elements. The disks simply slide onto the wires of the hips (they're Ø1mm bars), and so does the torso. To keep them in place, there's a loose ball joint that connects each part : When you move the upper torso, the wires bend and the disks simply follow the movement. You can get these parts on Shapeways. PS : Here's a few photos of the parts in use, courtesy of Shapeways user phaznoll :
  9. I've recently bought Darth Vader. At less than 25€, that was a hard pass. The torso build is interesting, but not as interesting as the first one. It looks much better, though. I'm not too convinced by the use of Technic panels, but they're covered by the cloth pieces, so it's not too bothering. What is bothering, however, is the terrible articulation of the legs. The knees can't even bend at 90°, and because of the Technic panels, the movement of the hips is absurdly limited too. It's a shame, because he looks much better than the 2015 version. I particularly like the subtle metallic dots printed on his torso, arms and legs, it's a nice detail. BTW, his head and helmet parts bear a ©2016 mention, so a redesign was apparently planned quite soon after the release of the first version.
  10. Leewan

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    I hope so. I doubt @Nabii can comment on that, but I guess we'll know more about the planned sets at the SDCC.
  11. Leewan

    Future Constraction Lines

    I've never played it either, but if it can give us varied and colorful CCBS sets, then I'm in !
  12. Congratulations to the winners, there's been a lot of crazy and creative entries, that was really fun to see. While I ultimately voted for @logeybear's Creature From Beyond in the Category A, I have to say @Ballom Nom Nom's Devout of the Order of Abiding Cushioning gave me a good laugh, it's such a daft concept !
  13. Leewan

    Future Constraction Lines

    Why would one consider the CCBS as not viable ? Because the sets "don't sell" ? But the building system isn't the sole reason why the sets sell or not. Which makes me think that I'd love to see a CCBS equivalent of the Unikitty theme. No, seriously. Look at all of these crazy characters ! A bunch of colourful, silly, expressive characters would be really refreshing. Kinda like the Mixels, but bigger, and without tribes, to allow for more variety within each wave.
  14. Leewan

    Lester's Big Adventure Voting

    3 - 1 point 11 - 1 point 12 - 1 point
  15. Leewan

    Future Constraction Lines

    In 2001, but why does it matter ? You say "LEGO made the dumbest choice of making those 6 golden mask when G2 when the theme haven't even started putting their first wave on shelves yet and didn't know if the theme was gonna be a success or not." as if they should have waited to see whether the theme was successful or not before planning the marketing campaign. That really doesn't sound like the big, adult-targeted exclusives / $300+ sets Aanchir was referring to, though. PS : But it doesn't really matter, it's off-topic.