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  1. I think it's the case, at least according to one of BZP's tweets. My only concern is that it would limit the head's range of movement. Yeah, the designers obviously make efforts to make interesting sets, so it's a shame we're always getting characters in black robes / armour. An original constraction line with sets like the Praetorian Guard, Darth Vader (both versions, actually), or Darth Maul would be amazing.
  2. Here's a few more angles, thanks to BZP : It looks like he "simply" has a double swing arm function, I'm a bit disappointed, although it's cool to see something new for his arms. I'll try to recreate them and adapt Maul's design to the Praetorian Guard. BTW, do we know his exact release date ? I believe the Solo sets are supposed to be released on the 20th of April, but will it be his case too, or can we expect to see him for early April, or even March ?
  3. Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    It will cost 140€ in France. Yay. I think the Hulkbuster will look awful if you try to give it the same leg articulation as the Fire Mech. I've already thought of something to improve the hips while keeping the dimensions of the set : (back view) Some changes to the plating will certainly be necessary though.
  4. Nice find, thank you @Agent Kallus !
  5. LEGO Ideas' Moments in Space - A Gift-With-Purchase Contest

    Maybe some tried but couldn't enter because it's against the rules : Entries consisting of or containing copies of any existing third-party work or creation, or infringements of any third party intellectual property right will not be eligible for the contest (this includes references to Intellectual Property such as Star Wars or NASA). I had considered making a MOC inspired by 2001: A Space Odyssey, but instead of discovering a Monolith on the Moon, it's a giant black 2x4 brick they find. I wasn't sure it would be accepted, because of the reference to the movie, so I abandoned the idea. We're approaching the 50th anniversary of the movie, so I might still build it later.
  6. Thank you. Oh, it's an honour to be compared to such a talented builder. I've made a few changes to my entry today. First of all, Loysnuva suggested me to hide a small crystal beneath the rock. While it kinda goes against my idea of building something realistic (or, let's say, plausible), it adds a bit of playability, with the possibility of "discovering" the crystal while you dig. I've also changed the bars on the sides of the bed, there was a small issue with the way they were attached, a part was touching the tires, preventing the vehicle from driving. Here's how it looks like now : You can find more pictures on flickr, or on the update page.
  7. Well, I thought I'd share my entry here as well. I decided to create a microscale Mars exploration vehicle, which I called the Mobile Autonomous Research Station (or MARS, in short) : I wanted the model to be as playable as possible, so I've included an articulated arm with a grabber (made with this part, who said the stud shooters were useless ?) to collect samples of rock, which can then be dropped into the bed : There's also a ladder on the right side of the vehicle, which can be folded : The model is made of 144 parts, including the microfig and the little square of Martian rock. You can see it in 3D on Mecabricks, and, if you wish to see it become an actual GWP set, give it a vote.
  8. Indeed, it looks even more powerful with the Claas tires. But they might not be the best solution if you want to limit the weight, if you put them instead of the Unimog tires you almost add 50 grams to the MOC.
  9. Looks like a fun car to drive, and to build as well. I'm looking forward to see it completed ! They've been added to LDD with the latest update (version 4.3.11), so you can try to make a render with them.
  10. For the legs, I'd rather see 8M shells for the upper legs, and leg armour for the lower legs, but not leg armours on all the limbs. As for the arms, I think they should be mainly made of Technic pieces. Going back to a less speculative subject, I've built the new Vader with my own pieces. He looks a lot better than the previous one, and the build is quite pleasing, although I think the torso of the first one was a bit more interesting to build. My only real complaint would be about the upper arms, I think they're one module too short, so I put 7M bones instead. I'm still not willing to get him at full price, but I'll still happily buy the actual set when I can find him at a more reasonable price.
  11. Yeah, that was a typo. We know 42043 is a Mercedes, but definitely not a supercar.
  12. Look at the Modular Buildings, several of them are being sold at the same time, and I don't think the release of a new one each year harms the sales of the previous ones. And if the Porsche is retired at the end of the year (that's what the catalog suggests), then the two sets will be on sale at the same time for five months only. I think that's enough time for those who want to start collecting the supercars to get the Porsche before it retires (and get the 42083 later, they don't have to buy them at the same time, the 42083 shouldn't retire before 2020). When 42083 will be released, the Porsche will have been on sale for more than two years, so it's reaching the end of its lifecycle anyways. It's not as if they chose to release a new supercar in 1H2017, or even 2H2017, there won't be too much concurrency between these two sets. If 42043 42083 is a supercar, I'd like it to be a Ford GT. I love the shaping of the rear half, and there could be some interesting functions, like adjustable suspensions, or deployable rear wing. Scissor doors would be a bit better than regular doors, too. It could be dark blue, or blue (75539 seems to have #3 and #4 and #17 and #18 panels in blue, so that's four parts less to make in a new colour). Anyways, whatever it is, I hope it will be technically more interesting than the Porsche.
  13. @Exetrius In the Mecabricks workshop, you can find the flex tubes in Tubes / Outer Cables. And make characters like... Monkey D. Eadpool :
  14. Constraction custom parts

    Absolutely. Like a 20th anniversary edition (okay, we'd have to wait a bit for that, but we're getting close), with loads of details and such ? Yeah, that'd be cool. Also, I may try to mod the Mata torso to get rid of the elasto plastic part and allow everyone to order it.
  15. Constraction custom parts

    I can't tell how much friction it has, because I haven't had the parts in hand myself yet, but they're connected with a balljoint / ballcup system (which is a bit different that what I've done for the legs, which are articulated through a bar / clip connection), and it seems to work pretty well : PS : The neck joint seems to be made with a part @Mitch Henry mentioned on the Future Constraction Lines topic.