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    <p> Hi, I'm Leewan, Regulator of the Action Figures subforum, but I'm interested in all kind of themes, as long as the sets are good. </p>

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    Lego, of course. And humor, cinema, TV shows, 3D printing, space science, and a lot of other things !


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  1. So did I, but the palette was kinda limited, and contestants only had two months to get the right idea and create a MOC that looks good, that people would want to buy, that's interesting to build, and that follows the rules. There were just too many constraints.
  2. Leewan

    [TC15] AH-77S - Hunter

    For the shell the part number is 31901. For the spring shooter it's 15400 and for the arrow it's 15303.
  3. @koalayummies, @carebear, @sunhuntin : Thank you. (: Haha, to be honest it's part of why I picked this subject. James Bond is more commonly associated with nice cars, and more particularly Aston Martin, so it's something people will more naturally tend to build. Having already done that myself, this time I thought I'd go the completely opposite direction and build an ugly statue of a dog instead.
  4. Back in October, Lego launched a James Bond-themed contest on Ideas. I didn't initially plan on entering, but ultimately got an idea that I thought was original and interesting enough. I mostly did that because I wanted to challenge myself and to try to do something difficult, something I had never done before, and didn't care about winning a prize. So I came up with a Lego rendition of M's bulldog statue, seen in Skyfall and Spectre : Now, obviously this is the real version. Here's my build : I initially wanted to use slopes and curved slopes to shape the flag, but it didn't look really good, so I decided to use plates instead. The studs would help erase the stairway effect created by the different layers of plates, and create a generally smoother shape. Plus, it would make the distinction between the dog and the flag clearer. When I found out - much to my surprise - that I ended up being one of the two Runner Up Winners, I decided I couldn't let my entry stay a digital build only, so I made a few changes to the model, ordered the necessary parts, and built a physical copy of the MOC : Most of the changes are invisible : some parts that don't exist yet have been swapped for parts that do exist (like the 1x3 jumper in red, or the 1x1-1x1 bracket in white), there's been a few structural changes to make it easier to attach the head and the chest to the body, and I've added a small pedestal that showcases the MOC better, and more importantly that helps securing the arms (otherwise they'd only be attached to the body with a single stud, and could easily fall off). You can see how the MOC is built by checking the 3D model on Mecabricks, and if you want to build it yourself, you can get the parts list here.
  5. Leewan

    Lego Overwatch 2019 - Rumors & Discussion

    What ? The 75975 set is available for preorder on the s@h in all of the countries mentioned in that tweet. Actually, the only countries where the Overwatch sets can't be preordered are Australia and New Zealand, but even there, Watchpoint : Gibraltar will be sold.
  6. Leewan

    Bohrok va moc

    Why don't you post them directly ?
  7. It's not really new : That set is from 2011. And even this year, the Arctic Mobile Exploration Base's crane truck made use of this technique :
  8. If you're not against it, you could 3D print it. A STL file is available here, but I don't know how faithful to the original part the model is. (And, since I'm here, it would be rude from me not to congratulate @brunojj1 for his fantastic build )
  9. Leewan

    Onu Matoran ranger

    Your picture still doesn't show. @VBBN told you yesterday you have to upload it on an external website if you want others to see it, and I'm sure most if not all of them can be used with an iPad.
  10. Leewan


    You could check the MOCing Advice & Ideas thread, or the MOC index. But please note that most of those threads haven't had a new message in months, if not years, so you probably wouldn't get an answer if you ask builders how they did a certain part of their MOCs.
  11. Leewan

    MOC: Tupini the Astronomer

    They're from Ben 10 sets, the part number is 87844. I doubt you'd get an answer from @Logan McOwen though, since this thread hasn't been updated in more than two years. For such questions, it would be more appropriate to use the Action Figure Forum Discussion topic :
  12. Leewan

    [MOC] The future is bright - part I Hybris

    You're too modest. I think it would be interesting to get shots of the ground through the gaps. It would allow to see more details of what you've built. Also, what are the dimensions of the ship ?
  13. Last year, I've built a Blade Runner-inspired MOC on Mecabricks : The original model can still be seen here. As you can see, some parts used in my build don't exist in dark blue. So this model remained a virtual MOC, until March 2018. The Speed Champions Ford Fiesta had some new parts in dark blue, so I redesigned my MOC to be able to build it with physical bricks. Here's the result : I've put a lot of thought in this model, trying to make it sturdy, fun and interesting to build (as you can see below, the MOC is made of several distinct modules), but without compromising the looks. The build is so smooth, there are only four visible studs on the whole model (or five, if you count the half-studs of the 3x2 wedge plates) : two on the windscreen, and two on a wedge plate on the bottom of the MOC : I've created PDF instructions with stud.io's instructions maker, which are available on bricksafe, as well as the parts list to get the required parts on Bricklink.
  14. What I don't like with the assembly images is the way the parts are rendered. The light is too strong, and the shadows too dark sometimes. It would be better if the parts in the assembly images were rendered as they are in the parts list, or even better, with an uniform colour like in Lego sets' instructions. Anyways, it does a pretty good job, and I find it easier to use than LPub, but also more limited. I'll keep using Mecabricks for building and rendering, though, with Studio for making instructions.
  15. Leewan

    Help building a foot

    Why that ? Only the pneumatic connectors seem to prevent you from moving them closer to the ankle. Have you tried using a #5 CCBS shell ?