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Found 12 results

  1. novareb

    [REVIEW] 7050 Alien Defender

    INTRO Hi folks, novaeb here! As this is my first review here on Eurobricks, to give a brief explanation of why you're seeing a review of a 13 year old set- I was the perfect age demographic for LEGO's space and action-adventure themes in 2011-2012, and I've made an attempt to pick up some classic sets from my childhood now that I'm an adult with (somewhat) disposable income. And when I was younger, I read a lot of text reviews on Eurobricks- video reviews aren't my thing. So, I've decided to start reviewing myself! And to begin with... Today we'll be taking a look at one of the smaller sets from the ill-fated Alien Conquest line of 2011, 7050 Alien Defender! 1 by Nova EB, on Flickr MINIFIGURES 2 by Nova EB, on Flickr 7 by Nova EB, on Flickr This set comes with two minifigures, an ADU (Alien Defense Force) soldier and an alien soldier. The ADU soldier- who I'll be calling Shades- is exclusive to this set. He's completely decked out in that beautiful medium azure bodysuit (my favorite LEGO color), and is rocking some dark blue body gear with little pouches on it everywhere. I love these figures- I think they are totally cheesy, ala 50's B-movies. But they also remind me of Halo in a way, like if they dipped a Marine in cotton candy. He features a silly double-sided face, which can be repurposed for generic uses, it doesn't scream "sci-fi" that much. It's a useful head though! I do wish he came with his own blaster- while his vehicle features a couple, it would be nice for him to have one. The alien soldier, however, is the opposite. He features an amazing custom mold for a head with brains peaking out, big bulbous eyes and little protruding teeth, which is one of many beautiful alien heads that Alien Conquest introduced. This figure is reused throughout the line, and features a black and magenta bodysuit littered with tech pieces. I think this works wonders for a generic alien for any MOC. He also comes with a small ray gun with a stud attached, which works as a small alien sidearm. BUILDS 3 by Nova EB, on Flickr The first build you'll be assembling is this tiny hovercraft for the alien soldier. It's only about 13 pieces, and works about as well as it can- it's a simple build, with two little blasters and a joystick for the alien. While it's real basic, I'm glad it's included to give the Defender something to fight against. 4 by Nova EB, on Flickr The main build of the set is the actual Alien Defender, which is described by the set's description as a scout vehicle. I can definitely see that- it reminds me heavily of a cross between Halo's Mongoose and Warthog, with that giant cannon on the back. It was a very basic build, but it came together quite quick and was enjoyable enough. It makes heavy use of those angled plate-bricks, which I think work well for the front canopy as well as the main blaster on the back. My favorite detail in the set is up here- revolvers to suggest suspension! However, my second complaint with the set is here too- I wish the cockpit's sides were a little more bulky- replace the 1x1 light-bluish grey stud with a 1x4 plate in the same color, and put the stickered plates on those. It's a simple mod you can do at home with common parts, but out of the box it makes the pilot look very exposed. 6 by Nova EB, on Flickr The main play features are all located in the rear- two flick-fire missiles and a rotating and angled cannon, making use of two of the blasters Alien Conquest features clipped on. There's also a small license plate here reading P-A7-7ON- I guess referencing American general George Patton? I really don't know, that's my best guess. 5 by Nova EB, on Flickr The set features a lot of stickers in the front to give detail- unfortunately the copy I purchased from Bricklink has them a little misaligned, but whatever. They're cute stickers, adding an ADU logo and some controls and a targetting computer for the driver. I don't mind them being stickers- it's a small impulse-type set- I just wish I could have aligned them better myself! FINAL THOUGHTS I think this is a great impulse-set for a line that deserved its planned second wave. The set comes with everything one would need to stage out a small alien fight: two great minifigures, a little alien speeder, and an awesome scouting vehicle. It isn't perfect- a blaster for the pilot and some bulk in the vehicle's side would have made it perfect- but for what it is, it's close enough. I got this for 7$ USD out of box, and it retailed for 10$ in-box in 2011. I think that was a perfectly fair deal, and I'm happy to give this set a 9/10. I'd really recommend picking it up if you enjoy the Alien Conquest line, or you just need some weapon platforms for your next BrikWars game!
  2. LEGO has introduced a lot of great themes over the years, only to cancel them after one or two waves. Are there any themes that you would like to see reintroduced, but this time with updated minifigures and building techniques? Personally, I'd take Alien Conquest and Monster Fighters over permanent themes like Legends of Chima any day.
  3. This model was heavily inspired by A Plastic Infinity / Arcane Sweetie Belle's old (2012-ish) build, as seen here on Flickr. I took the basic design of the ship seen there and added newer parts and an updated color-scheme. This Unidentified Flying Object is meant to be the space ship of two of the Unikitty! CMF Alien Puppycorn figures' species. The ship without the figures. The trans yellow cones are simple forward-fixed laser weapons, but don't be deceived: they are only part of the defense grid on this ship! The rear of the ship features two engines, while the lime green 2 x 2 round tiles on the hinged tail are supposed to have this print here for a national symbol. The cockpit can seat two pilot figures and the roof is quite tall, so their unicorn horns can fit. The cockpit hinges to allow access to the inside to place the figures at the controls. The pilots of the ship, as best I could recreated in LDD. They are supposed to be two of these figures here. As usual, any comments, questions, suggestions and / or complaints are welcome. I plan on building the ship in real life after getting my final Classic Space models in order later this year / early 2019, but the alien figures are already on the way right now.
  4. Tim_AZ

    ADU Heavy Jetpack

    I've been daydreaming ("researching" when I'm at work) lately about a military equivalent of the Yves Rossy jetpack. I remembered the meager offering from the Alien Conquest line and decided my Space Marines could make use of an improved version. I'm not 100% set on the color scheme yet so I'll probably order parts for a couple variations on the theme. From this: To this:
  5. ritzcrackerman

    Bring back Alien Conquest!

    I got a little wistful just now looking at some of the prototype drawings and interviews / Flickr comments from Mark Stafford. I miss this theme so much. There was so much potential. With Agents being reborn for the summer 2014 wave - is there any possibility that Alien Conquest could make a comeback?
  6. ritzcrackerman

    Cheers and greetings from USA

    Greetings to all! I'm fairly new to this site and these forums, and only started commenting in earnest about 4 months or so ago, after a period of more than a year lurking. First off, Eurobricks is my "go-to" site for LEGO news and information - what a fantastic resource! I admire and appreciate all who take their time to post thoughts, instructions, solutions, creations, etc. It is all enormously inspiring. A couple of things about me... 1) I got out of my "Dark Ages" around the time of the birth of my daughter in 2009. My first exposure to nouveau-LEGO was the release of the Emerald Night, which I saw in the windows of my local LEGO store. That train just caught my eye, and I couldn't stop thinking about it, I couldn't get that damned thing out of my head. A gracious mother-in-law, who assumed I had gone temporarily insane with the prospect of being a first-time dad, bought it jointly with my wife for my Christmas gift. The Emerald Night has a solid hold on my #2 spot for "Best LEGO set ever" (#1 remains, and always will remain, the Black Seas Barracuda which I got for Christmas when I was 6). 2) I received the Black Seas Barracuda for Christmas in 1989. I got my Emerald Night in 2009, 20 years later. 3) In no particular order - my favorite themes are/have been: Town, Train, Pirates, Creator "Expert" (modulars) and the Collectible Minifigure series. 4) I've also made recent room for Alien Conquest (RIP), The LEGO Movie, and Friends for my daughter. 5) I am 30 yrs old and live in Portland, OR - USA. 6) In addition to LEGO, my hobbies include: cooking, illustration, all things comics and graphic novels, and movies. I'm a budding audiophile and woodworking enthusiast. A couple of things I love about the LEGO hobby: -It gives me time to bond with my kids. It's fun to share something we can all relate to and for different reasons/motives. -The quality of the higher-end sets just boggles my mind. -The increased color pallet over the past few years -It may seem odd to say so, but I really like the direction of graphics team - the minifigures have so much personality and quality of printing has just gotten better and better -Correlations to my own job. Substitute "plastic injected molds" for "sand-casted steel," and the companies I've worked for professionally are very similar to LEGO (down to the manufacturing processes, supply chains, etc.) In fact, we use LEGO Adult education products for some of our internal training courses. Things I don't like about the LEGO hobby and wish would change: -Stickers. Boo. -Poorer quality manufacturing from overseas sources -Designs that got pumped into market way too fast. I almost feel like LEGO is overheating a bit these days and almost needs to scale back number of themes or new products to market. Too many are half-baked (and don't give me the "target market" argument - a poorly-thought out set design is a poorly-thought out set design, be it geared to the 5-12 age group or the 12-16 age group) -Pricing - especially for 2014. -Recent changes to exclusives discount policies (booo!)
  7. Bob De Quatre

    [WIP LDD] Alien Conquest 2013

    I'm currently working on some models inspired by the Alien Conquest theme. What I like about the original AC is the alien heads, the "classic" alien's representation (like the flying saucer, the abduction, etc...) and I tried to keep these elements while building with my style which is so better. The sets I've already built: 99001 Alien pod and ADU attack jetpack Alien invader F51"Lotus" fighter Flying squid saucer B51 "Watchbird" bomber / assist aircraft The harvester All terrain DCA unit 99008 ADU command center All of these, except the ADU command center, are in the "quality and improvement" phase Here is a preview of the Alien invader and the Lotus fighter, and a render of the Flying squid saucer I put on flicker a few days ago. The chase preview par BobDeQuatre, sur Flickr Flying squid saucer par BobDeQuatre, sur Flickr Hope you'll like them
  8. Apologies if this is in the wrong forum section... since I'm pretty "new" to current Lego fandom online, is there any place one can find scanned sticker sheets for Lego sets? As in, good enough quality to print and use? In particular, I'm after the sheets from the Alien Conquest series (now discontinued). I was thinking of scanning my own "spares", but didn't want to spend the time if someone had already done the work. I've been wanting to make new stickers for some of the ADU vehicles (Interceptor, Jet-Copter, etc), changing the numbers and markings on some of them, but need the images to edit before printing. Is there somewhere obvious I need to go look, or are sticker scans not very common? I could only find very old set scans in my brief searches online.
  9. A Plastic Infinity

    MOC: Emperor Dxoneroxx 1-675

    Just a fun little build for me to try out some new building techniques. I hope you like it. Grand Emperor of the X-2 1/2 Dynasty! Conqueror of a million worlds! The alien with the biggest head in 457 galaxies! Bow, those of you belonging to the lower orders, to his unfathomable might! So... I was trying some facial features and was going to try to make the Creature from the Black Lagoon, (hence the flippers) but it didn't work out so I made...this. It's terribly fiddly, and only looks good from this angle, but I am actually quite fond of it. A lot of new things being tried out here, please tell me what you think.
  10. Big Sal

    [MOC] ADU Fighter Jet

    Knocked this up last night. Fortunately I had a suitable trans black piece for the cockpit, though I have no idea where it's from. Anyone know? Comments and criticism welcome! Plenty more pics on Brickshelf once they're moderated.
  11. Bobkov

    Alien Christmas

    St. Nick figured he had taken a wrong turn, but he was in such a hurry! As he materialized at the bottom of the chimney, he discovered just how wrong things had become... Set
  12. Hi, as 7066 is one of my favorite LEGO space sets I wanted to create a headquater without using any other brick than the bricks from 7066. - HQ - Fuel tank - Mini AWD rover - WIP ( interior, stickers, minifigs and small parts are is still missing ) Hope you like it. More pictures: PC201547 von gerkenz auf Flickr