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Found 17 results

  1. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Exploring unknown planet

    While exploring the surroundings of a unknown planet, some strange creatures appears.... 01_Exploring_unknown_planet by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 02_Exploring_unknown_planet by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr I've built this MOC for FebRovery. Pictures also on Flickr:
  2. Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY Shoutout to Brick.Sheepa (Instagram) for the amazing Eopie Design Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr Through the Streets of Mos Eisley, Tatooine 0 BBY by Nicholas Goodman, on Flickr
  3. Horatio-Caine

    Ice Planet 2002 Hologram

    Yes I know this might seem a little odd, although I suppose it fits in with the Sci Fi part of the forum and it is hopefully interesting information to do with the Ice Planet line from way back when. Its probably nothing huge but I couldn't really find anything else about it so here goes. A few days ago I purchased a NIB 6973 Deep Freeze Defender from eBay to add to the small collection of new unused old sets that I was most fond of which came today. When I purchased it I noticed it had a label on it saying 'Free Hologram Inside,' and since once of the seals had come off that gave me an excuse to at least have a peak inside before I carefully put everything back and store/admire it. Along with the usual 1993 catalog, service leaflet and even a poster I found the hologram mentioned. It is only palm of your hand sized, but it's cool nonetheless. I have attached some pictures, sorry it is hard to show it off well. It is basically a picture of Commander Cold with the cool icy background and the stars/sky design Lego did back then. This is definitely new to me, most of the sets I owned for display including this one from when I was mostly into Lego before were from the 90s era and before and I've not seen this in them before, perhaps they were a special freebie that were on a certain few. Makes me wonder if there are any other similar things like this from sets at the time now. I do know that some 6990 boxes came with a free space background sheet.
  4. The Neighborhood Merchant

    [MOC] (Explorien) Trouble on Yemin-IV

    Yemin-IV, a dangerous but priceless planet, is known for its immensely hot climate, its deadly inhabitants, and nearly impossible to survive off the land. Our unfortunate Explorien friend finds himself here, waiting for rescue. IMG_6144 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Whilst surveying the area with a small scouting ship, an unexpected sandstorm brought the ship down into a cavern. Using pieces of rubble from the ship, he managed to construct a temporary base and land speeder until he finds a way off the planet. IMG_6151 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr IMG_6154 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr On impact, the back module for the ship dug into the ground while the rest swerved to the right getting stuck in an opening to a ravine. By using the wings of the ship and other scrap, the abandoned Explorien created a makeshift weather monitor to warn of incoming sandstorms. IMG_6147 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr The locals will attack on sight, but luckily the Explorien's knowledge of lands allowed him to carve a skull in the side of the entrance to the cavern warning off the attackers, until night that is... IMG_6161 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr After surviving for a few weeks, our friend has made himself a shelter both inside and out. IMG_6160 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr The windscreen from the ship was used to construct a window. IMG_6162 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Using the leftover fuel (which somehow remarkably survived the crash), the Explorien cooks himself the meal via the booster flames from the back ship module. Mmmm, glow in the dark spider, my favourite! IMG_6163 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Here comes the night, it is time to call it in and prepare to another day without rescue. Scout vessels don't typically have the most comfortable sleeping bags on-board, but it will do. IMG_6168 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Just in-case the locals gain enough brain cells to find the entrance, the Explorien always keeps weapons on hand. IMG_6146 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Another night without encounter. Whew! IMG_6167 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Now that it's morning, it's time to repair the land speeder to, hopefully, finally, find rescue... (End of story) both by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr One of the features of the MOC is that if you wish to recreate the crashing events, you can reconstruct the ship by dismantling the makeshift creations using the remains. IMG_6174 by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr Hope you enjoyed this creation! C&C always appreciated. As always, happy travels, Earthling! Final Mark by The Neighborhood Merchant, on Flickr (More Images)
  5. cyberdyne systems


  6. LegoMathijs

    [MOC] Unknown Planet Discovered

    Hi everyone A few weeks ago, I've made this small MOC. The story behind this MOC was easy: 'A new planet is discovered'. I wanted to build a micro-scale space ship with a few pieces, this is the result: 01_Unknown_Planet_Discovered by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr 03_Unknown_Planet_Discovered by Mathijs Bongers, on Flickr Pictures also on Flickr:
  7. Patgeo

    [MOC] Honoring the Monolith

    Introduction; This MOC is my first attempt, specified in landscape, of this size. The Story; "... In a galaxy far far away, somewhere in one of its corners, there is an unknown and isolated planet. In the center of the area where life has been developed, lies its oldest structure. A stone column with unknown carvings. But this is not the only peculiar thing about it. Every year, it lights up on its own and an abrupt hum is emitted. The next moment, something magical is happening! It's like the whole planet is coming alive - a heady aroma is overflowing everywhere, the flowers bloom, animals wake up and everyone enjoys this magical moment. This day has arrived, and all three tribes of the planet have gathered to celebrate the day of life. Everything rolls pleasantly, until a clank and a thunder shakes the calm atmosphere that prevails ... " 1. Honoring the Monolith MOC by George Patelis, on Flickr 2. Crashing Site 3. Crash Crater 7. The Ceremony 8. The Stream I am looking forward for your comments! You can find more pictures of my creation on my FlickR
  8. I thought I'd build up a few models in the series before sharing it on here, but with four instalments so far, I felt it was time. This is my Star Wars Ring-Worlds project, each instalment depicts/will depict a different location in the star wars galaxy with each one confined to the same circular base. And that's about it really, as the title suggests this won't be a series I'll update regularly, rather an ongoing project where I'll build the nest location as and when I fell like it. I've got a few ideas about which planets (or moons ) to do next but if anyone has any suggestions or ideas I'm all ears. But for now at least, I'll end this first post with the first four instalments in the series, Yavin 4, Lah'mu, Naboo and Lothal. Enjoy! Jedi Search - 5/5 : The Master by Inthert, on Flickr "You're a hard man to find, Galen" (1) by Inthert, on Flickr Star Wars Ring-worlds: Otoh Gunga Plasma Farm by Inthert, on Flickr Star Wars Ring-worlds: Lothal Highway Terminal by Inthert, on Flickr More images and information about all of the builds can be found on my Flickr page.
  9. AlecLantz

    [MOC] Jungle Planet Encounter

    Hello, everybody! This isn't really based off of any specific film or show. The MOC is very small but I am pretty happy with the way it turned out. The hardest part of this build was actually trying to set up the gun blast looks. Thanks for checking my creation out! DSC_0260 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0250 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0259 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr0 DSC_0258 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0257 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0254 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr DSC_0258 by AlecTheAverage, on Flickr
  10. Th3_Br1ck_Kid

    MOC: The Boats of Gelo

    In the year 2561, a gas giant exists known as R7-55, or Gelo. The planet is inhabited by a rag tag society of aliens from across the galaxy, living on towns built on small low-orbiting asteroids in the planets sea-like gases. However, only an approximate 700,000 people live on the planet, spread out among the surface, making economy difficult. So what most inhabitants do to make money, is build boat-like transporters designed to "float" across waves of gasses. These are used to transport goods between towns, and look like this: (sorry you can see my finger in this photo.) These "boats" bring and trade goods at trade stores. You can make a trade right through an open window, or you can also buy something inside the shop while your transporter is being loaded. Transporters are created by building a hull out of pretty much any material you can get your hands on, then adding a "mast",with some pieces of fabric to catch the wind. Engines usually consist of a few gas tanks connected to a compression chamber, to create a small (or large) flame to propel the transporter through the gasses. A rudder is always added for steering, and occasionally an extra fin or two for stability. While most transporters are relatively small, this is the largest transporter ever built, owned by Arnold Henderson and is wife. In this picture, it's docking with Dragon Traders, the planets most successful trade shop. The trade shop is so successful, it had a crane built in 2558 so it could load larger amounts of goods in faster time. The transporter has been designed to go longer distances and hold more cargo, the engine is significantly larger, and also carries a water tank and a generator for the on board cabin. Even though the engine is much larger, you can still see the similarities it has with the other much smaller transporter. here you can see the ships cabin, and its detailed interior. I had some trouble getting a good roof with my peices, so it's a little flimsy. You can see my design though. Sometimes pickup trucks ship out goods to other planets. This is an old one way back from 2234! And here are some shots from inside Dragon Traders. Here you can see the shop level of the trade store. Funny, I thought they stopped selling alien weapons. And for fun here are some goods that are often shipped between towns. Gold, warp crystals, and carbon rods. And always, a transporter operator should be aware of the unpredictable lighting storms that happen in the planets gassy layers, as they can easily knock a transporter off course. hope you enjoyed the post, Th3_Br1ck_Kid
  11. Wat Tambor

    B-Tron Research Base

    Hello Eurobricks Sci-Fi community, i want to share my latest space creation with you. This creation was something completely new for me as I have never built someting in Micro Scale before and for my first try I am quite pleased with the outcome of this creation. I hope you like it too. This MOC is inspired by the "Ice Planet 2002" and "Blacktron Future Generation" themes from the early 1990s. I first started with building the micro spaceships as an entry for my LUGs christmas raffle/advent calendar, I liked them so much that I decided to build a MOC for them. I also showed this MOC at a LEGO exhibition in Austria last weekend next to the very inspiring Ice Planet 2002 - Battle Tank from my fellow LUG member markus19840420. Blacktron Research Base on Krysto by Jonas Obermaier, auf Flickr More pictures on flickr and Imperium der Steine. I hope you like it! Jonas
  12. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] Ice Planet 2002

    Ice Planet was always a great theme. I mean, it brought us the world of trans-neon orange! "Utility" "icewing" (cockpit from 6973 with a detachable wing unit) "Ice Defense" "APC" (expanded version of 6898) "Winged Defender" (smaller version of 6973, same cockpit and same rocket w/launcher)
  13. LegoMathijs

    Planet Rover

    Hi all:) This Space vehicle is part of my Space layout (WIP) The Planet Rover is an three-wheeled leight weight vehicle for fast movement aroumnd the planet. Hope you like it:) Soon I'll post more vehicles for the layout
  14. Hey, here's my latest MOC, a sculpture, a little bit of art from me : MOCPage I hope you will like it !
  15. Leewan

    [MOC] 4487 Revamp

    Hello everyone ! I recently made a small Star Wars MOC, for a contest on the French-speaking forum Brickyfigs. Contestants had to revamp the set of their choice, among the Star Wars, The Lord of The Rings / The Hobbit, and Superheroes themes. I chose to modernize the 4487 set, which I had back when I was a kid. I really loved this set, the micro ships gave me a lot of fun. So I said to myself "If it was released today, what would it look like ?" And here is the result : I quickly had the idea of a Planet-like set. As you can see, I reused several elements from official sets, like the asteroid field from the 75008 set, or the Jedi Starfighter and the decorated tile (I wish I made a custom one, but I lacked time :/ ) from the 75006. The JSF is slightly modified, I replaced the two black Brick, Modified 1 x 2 with Studs on 2 Sides by four dark red Brick, Modified 1 x 1 with Headlight. The Slave I is inspired by the 20019 set, but heavily modified, to get a better shape. The structure is a bit fragile, but in the end, everything is quite strongly held. The arches ought to have been dark green, but because of my limited stock, I used olive green slopes, and I think it looks very good that way, so I'm glad I made this "forced choice". You can see all the pictures in the Brickshelf galery. I hope you will like it ; C&C are very welcome, and if you have any questions, feel free to ask. :)
  16. JaytheRobot

    FAPC: Clam Clamper

    Clam Clamper "Come quick Jensen! I've done it! The Clam Clamper is alive!" "D-Doctor?" "All these long nights toiling and tweaking, only to find it worked this whole time! All I had to do was give it the proper push: I disconnected it's feeding hose and it activated, reconnected it's hose, and identified me as a threat! Ho ho! Boy, was that exciting! Fortunately clams are not known for their long memories. What do you think, lad? Isn't it marvelous?"
  17. Mining Expedition on Terranium! The mass production Suverium mines on the mysterious planet Terranium are at full production! To provide Earth with it's main source of Sentrolite, what powers the newest form of transportation, The Expansulansulatororor.. Note the light up Suverium in the deep caves!