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  1. RemcoRohaan

    Lego USCSS Nostromo with Refinery

    Thx, or ... dankjewel ... Yep, normally it is typically the Nostromo (space ship towing the refinery) that is being build. I wanted to do something different. Groeten uit Bazel! Remco Yeah, lets see. I was a little bit surprised about the (negative) feedback on Alien Covenant, but I guess for true Alien fans this will not be such an issue ... let's see how the next one will develop the story
  2. Absolutely amazing model! Many compliments! And this was after seeing the picture on the Frontpage; now seeing the functionalities makes it even more special. Keep it up! Rds, Remco
  3. RemcoRohaan

    Lego USCSS Nostromo with Refinery

    Hi Kwikonit, Thx for your feedback. If you'd like to get some inspiration for your drop-ship, please see below. There are so truly amazing designers out there who like Alien as well . Take care, Remco
  4. RemcoRohaan

    Lego USCSS Nostromo with Refinery

    Hi, why don't you try to build it yourself? I added a new album with pictures from the build here. General advice; just try, try, try ... and if your not happy, break it down and try again . I do not use LDD or other Software; just try something and let it sit one night - or a couple of days - and then see if it needs improvements. Since I am somewhat of a "perfectionist" , I do start with quite some research and doing calculations to make it at the right scale. Good luck! Remco
  5. RemcoRohaan

    Lego USCSS Nostromo with Refinery

    Hi Roshisan; thank you for this compliment! Cheers, Remco
  6. RemcoRohaan

    Lego USCSS Nostromo with Refinery

    Thanks, I originally send the model to Lego Ideas, but they said "it does not fit the ethical and product standards of Lego" ... something about killing Aliens I guess ;-) Hi Lothos, thanks for your reply. Glad you like it. Gtz Remco Thx allstyles ... I used the months during my wife's pregnancy of first daughter ... and the next 12 months after birth for this project ;-) LOL
  7. RemcoRohaan

    Lego USCSS Nostromo with Refinery

    Hi everybody, With the new Alien: Convenant movie coming to cinemas this May, I wanted to pay tribute to the original Alien motion picture (1979) by building the space ship in which this sci-fi classic is set – the USCSS Nostromo. Since there are already some beautiful Lego designs of the Nostromo ship (the “towing vehicle”), I wanted to do something different. As Alien fans will know, in the first few minutes of the movie, a massive refinery is moving silently through open space. I would try building this ore refinery! I hope you like the result and thank you for your feedback and comments. A special shout-out goes to the Arvo Brothers, who did some amazing Alien designs. Their work and our mutual passion inspired me to start this first Lego project . The Lego Model: Bricks: 3'144 Scale: 1:42000 (approx.) Length: 55 cm (22 in) Width: 40 cm (16 in) Height: 38 cm (15 in) Weight: 3.4 kg (7.5 lb) The build After doing some research; I started with new and old dark gray bricks. Halfway in the project the model looked like a dark “blob” and I decided to change the color to light gray. After I used up all my old gray bricks, I spend way too much money on buying bricks – especially small parts for the detailing. At first I thought the different coloring of the bricks would not work, but the fact it is not completely build out of new bricks fits the model well. The Challenges One of the main challenges, was the decision to having the top- and bottom section inverted. The reason for doing this, was to allow me to detail the model with round bricks both on the top as well as the bottom. It had to look like a refinery with tanks, pipes and structures. With every brick, it became more evident, the stability would be a challenge. The two biggest towers standing in the rear became quite heavy. This works in space with zero gravity, but on earth this means the model started tipping backward and looked more and more like a banana! After many, many trails and errors it finally worked in the end. I hope you out there like it! You can find all the pictures here on Flickr. Cheers, Remco
  8. RemcoRohaan

    Review Review: ALIEN Project book by Arvo Brothers

    Very nice book; very nice artwork. Must have for all Lego-and-Alien fans