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  1. Interesting take! Definitely more compact, and I like the tiles on the nose plates (though if I were to borrow that, I might swap out the color for something "rustier"). Any chance of a different angle on the nose to show how you attached the plates? Nifty lighting in that last shot! A very evocative scene...
  2. You're very welcome, and I hope you come back and post your results!
  3. Admonisher

    [MOC] Snowspeeder mini-scale

    This would look great next to the midi-scale Millennium Falcon (set 7778)!
  4. Be my guest ... if you can call a couple of plates loosely stuck together a "design!" If you're looking to salvage more pieces for your expanded hut, you might MOC your way to a smaller-profile speeder, as I've done in this thread. You might lose a few hut parts in the process, but the trade-off would hopefully be worth it...
  5. I love the look of the Mandalorian on his speeder bike, as showcased in the Season 2 key art: This speeder appears in the new set "Trouble on Tatooine" (75299), and is a reasonably decent approximation considering it has to be sturdy and hold up to play. There are a few shaping inaccuracies, but that's par for the course. For reference, here's the official LEGO vehicle with no tweaks other than a hastily cobbled-together stand (and my unorthodox placement of the cape, with the left arm threading one of the neck holes to hold it at the desired display angle): The major downside, as with most LEGO speeders, is the scale! While it has some nice detail, it's simply much too large in comparison to the minifigure. The "foot pedals" (at least, that's what I presume the struts with the dark orange brackets are meant to be) are a case in point -- they're huge relative to the minifig, and nowhere near Mando's feet! So, despite the inevitability of loosing some greebling opportunities, I decided to take a stab at a scaled-down speeder bike for Mando to ride that would still successfully evoke the vehicle from the show. I also set myself the challenge of only using parts from 75299! Here's what I came up with: It's reasonably sturdy, fits both Grogu and Mando's Amban phase-pulse blaster, and the nose fortuitously lies at the correct angle. This design also allows Mando to sit a little more upright in his seat! But it's still not quite where I wanted it to be, so I did one final tweak with a few additional bars with clips, some swapped out colors, and a smooth base: Mando can now lean forward slightly as he does on the key art, which allows his cape to be properly affixed without getting crimped up. His hands still can't properly "grab" the handlebars, but it's close enough for my purposes. I'm sure I'm not the only person who has undertaken this challenge, so I'll probably be inspired to revisit this build in the future. For now, though, this makes me happy!
  6. Snagged 75299 "Trouble on Tatooine" at Kohl's this evening. Bought it just for the speeder and minifigs; bags 2 and 3 went right into the spare parts boxes. My one complaint about the set is the lack of a good way to seat Mando on the speeder without crimping up the cape. Presumably, going with stiff fabric rather than flexible cloth for the cape was a cost issue. I ordinarily prefer the slimmer profile of the stiff capes, but they are a pain when a fig is going to be displayed seated or stuffed into a cockpit! I settled on the unorthodox solution of only affixing one of the cape holes to the neck, and the other to the left arm (not visible from the display angle) so that the cape appears to billow behind the Mandalorian as it does in the Season 2 promotional art. It will leave a few dimples, but nothing that would be very obvious if I ever elect to display the figure in a standing position and attach the cape as intended. Also whipped up a quick stand using parts from the unused hut and ballista builds, and I'm pretty happy with the results! As with most LEGO speeders, the vehicle is significantly larger than it ought to be in proportion to the pilot ... but given the challenges of this scale, I think it's reasonably successful. It certainly doesn't look as oversized as Rey's speeder from 75099 (though it no doubt is).
  7. Admonisher

    77904 Nebulon B Frigate

    In the initial hour after the LEGO Shop sellout, I was able to place an order using the mobile site and PayPal, even when the set was still showing as out of stock on the desktop website. I subsequently got an email notifying me that the item I'd ordered was out of stock, and I wouldn't be charged until it came back in. I took no assurance from this, and managed to snag a copy when it became available on Amazon. The set from Amazon arrived within two days (they used their own shipping service), after which point I called LEGO and cancelled my original order. Now I'm thinking that the first order would have been cancelled by LEGO anyway ... so I guess I got lucky! But I wonder how many other people placed their orders using the mobile site after it had already sold out on the desktop site.
  8. Admonisher

    [MOC] John Williams - Composer Minifig

    Made a more permanent display stand with a recent acquisition...
  9. Admonisher

    [MOC] John Williams - Composer Minifig

    Hmmm, Thomas Newman... For the head, I'd suggest maybe the head of the 2014 Nova Corps Officer (the side without the chinstrap, obviously). I'd take the hair from the CMF Series 12 Lifeguard. For the body, any dark contemporary suit and tie would do ... or, if you want the studio-casual look, you could go with a plain black torso and jeans (preferably, printed jeans like those from the CMF Series 8 DJ or 2014 Superboy). A quick Photoshop mock-up: Ideally, the part would go in the other direction, but his hair tends to flop around and I've seen photos where it's tousled the other way. (The LEGO hair looks almost black in the above mock-up, but in reality it would be dark brown.)
  10. Admonisher

    [MOC] John Williams - Composer Minifig

    Thanks for the kind words, everyone. Modal, have at it -- would love to see what adventures the mini-maestro gets up to! :D And if anyone cooks up a recognizable Jerry Goldsmith fig to go with Johnny, I'd love to see it. :) I've been hoping for Kanan's ponytail in white for a long time...
  11. Just something fun I whipped up today. I'd had the notion for a while, I was just waiting for the right head to come along. Thank you HP CMF Series 2 Dumbledore! :) The maestro... And posing with some of his most famous musical inspirations... One could perhaps wish for a better black tuxedo jacket with black bow tie. (If I weren't hoping to keep it "purist," Citizen Brick makes a decent one.) But this fits the bill!
  12. Got mine from Target. Free shipping to my home, and the Redcard discount wiped out the sales tax. Haven't looked forward to a set this much in a while! I usually modify my sets for display rather than play, but this one looks ready for the shelf just as designed!
  13. So here's a MOD for 75200 Ahch-To Island Training (and I'm sure I'm not the first person to do it). A cool detail in Star Wars: The Last Jedi is that the door to Luke Skywalker's hut is made from a chunk of S-foil from his X-Wing. You can see the faded red stripes if you look closely. I like 75200, and didn't want to redesign the whole hut, so I decided to make a few customizations that include a new door. It's not totally screen-accurate, but my goal was just to give a closer approximation. Because the new door clips to the existing bar, no other modifications to that part of the set are required, and it's a simple matter to swap out the provided cloth, depending on your mood. Having the door swing up is a bit of creative license, but the interior of the hut is so detail-packed that having it swing inward didn't really work. While I was at it, I also made a few further revisions for display purposes. The base is expanded to give more room for Rey and Luke to stand side-by-side. "Play" features I won't personally use, i.e. the "exploding" wall and spinning platform, have been removed with a few stability enhancements. I added a window to the area above Luke's bed, and some clips to the ceiling to hold a fish, knife, spear tip and a pair of macrobinoculars. The "shelf" in the roof now has a few jars. Rey carries a satchel, as she did at the end of The Force Awakens, Luke's walking stick is a bit more proportionate, and the concealed area under the table now houses a few non-fruit items. Perhaps too much detail in the end, but it was fun. :) And just for reference, this was my first pass at the MOD, which I originally posted here earlier today:
  14. Admonisher

    75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    This isn't the first time a sandspeeder has been designed: A closer look: I don't know to what degree (if any) the toy prototype inspired this model. Might be a fun mod, however!
  15. Nothing too ambitious here, but I wanted Beetlejuice to be able to ride his sandworm from the new Dimensions pack, so I whipped up a few mods. Essentially, I added a connection point for a figure, extended the sandworm body so that the figure could be positioned at a good angle, added a fin to the body, and placed it all atop a sturdy base. Oh, and I gave Beetlejuice his cowboy hat to brandish -- because he's all about the showmanship!