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  1. So here's a MOD for 75200 Ahch-To Island Training (and I'm sure I'm not the first person to do it). A cool detail in Star Wars: The Last Jedi is that the door to Luke Skywalker's hut is made from a chunk of S-foil from his X-Wing. You can see the faded red stripes if you look closely. I like 75200, and didn't want to redesign the whole hut, so I decided to make a few customizations that include a new door. It's not totally screen-accurate, but my goal was just to give a closer approximation. Because the new door clips to the existing bar, no other modifications to that part of the set are required, and it's a simple matter to swap out the provided cloth, depending on your mood. Having the door swing up is a bit of creative license, but the interior of the hut is so detail-packed that having it swing inward didn't really work. While I was at it, I also made a few further revisions for display purposes. The base is expanded to give more room for Rey and Luke to stand side-by-side. "Play" features I won't personally use, i.e. the "exploding" wall and spinning platform, have been removed with a few stability enhancements. I added a window to the area above Luke's bed, and some clips to the ceiling to hold a fish, knife, spear tip and a pair of macrobinoculars. The "shelf" in the roof now has a few jars. Rey carries a satchel, as she did at the end of The Force Awakens, Luke's walking stick is a bit more proportionate, and the concealed area under the table now houses a few non-fruit items. Perhaps too much detail in the end, but it was fun. :) And just for reference, this was my first pass at the MOD, which I originally posted here earlier today:
  2. Admonisher

    75204 Sandspeeder REVIEW

    This isn't the first time a sandspeeder has been designed: A closer look: I don't know to what degree (if any) the toy prototype inspired this model. Might be a fun mod, however!
  3. Nothing too ambitious here, but I wanted Beetlejuice to be able to ride his sandworm from the new Dimensions pack, so I whipped up a few mods. Essentially, I added a connection point for a figure, extended the sandworm body so that the figure could be positioned at a good angle, added a fin to the body, and placed it all atop a sturdy base. Oh, and I gave Beetlejuice his cowboy hat to brandish -- because he's all about the showmanship!
  4. Admonisher

    [MOC] The X-Files Vignette - Mulder & Scully at Area 51

    Thanks, but the flashlights have been done before! I borrowed the idea from WetWired's fantastic custom-printed figures, as seen in this thread:
  5. Here's a little vignette inspired by THE X-FILES (not based on any particular episode or movie) with agents Fox Mulder & Dana Scully encountering a little gray alien at Area 51. I utilized no custom parts or printing. Mulder uses Agent Coulson's torso from 76077 as a base, while Scully uses Lois Lane's torso from 76046. The alien torso and head are taken from the CMF line, with the legs and hands swapped out for a more traditional look. Both figs have badges, cellphones, guns and flashlights. I also tried out some alternate hairpieces. Which do you prefer? Scully's is from the recent CMF veterinarian. One could wish for this part in more of an orange-red color, but of course Scully's shade has varied over the years. The shape here fits the character very well, I think. To finish things up, a shot of the base and an alternate angle on the completed model:
  6. Admonisher

    Updating Your Minifigs

    Here's my own Thrawn/Sushi Chef update, with custom Pellaeon:
  7. Admonisher

    [MOC] Grand Admiral Thrawn & Captain Pellaeon

    Main post updated with official Thrawn minifigure plus black boots:
  8. I picked up the polybag "30279 Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle" at Target the other day, and couldn't resist making a few mods! My goal was to create movable wings that looked good in both upright and angled positions without substantially adding bulk to the model. The end result is highly swooshable. In addition to the redesigned body, I swapped out the light bley parts and whipped up a little stand. (The "ramp" was an OK play feature, but I've dispensed with it here.) Note that only two of the four 1x2 hinge plates actually connect to the body; the other two are just there for shaping and stability, with 1x1 round tiles between the fingers.
  9. I was curious to know what the old LEGO Architecture Big Ben set (21013) would look like with the new roman numeral clock faces introduced in Disney Castle (71040), so I placed a Bricklink order. For the curious, here is the result: One could certainly wish for a more appropriate base color than reddish brown, but on the whole I think it's an improvement!
  10. Admonisher

    [MOC] Disney CMF Mini-Vignettes

    Thanks very much! A not-huge apartment and lots of LEGO leads to space-saving display strategies. :) I often pare down sets I like to smaller dimensions for shelf purposes. So, for example... --> --> --> Perhaps future Disney waves will inspire some more mini-vignettes.
  11. Admonisher

    [MOC] Disney CMF Mini-Vignettes

    I didn't pick up the entire Disney CMF line, or even most of it, but I couldn't resist snagging the minifigures from two of my favorite Disney movies: ALICE IN WONDERLAND and PETER PAN. My goal for these mini-vignettes was twofold: (a) showcase both minifigures in scenes evocative of their respective films, and (b) for each minifigure pair, take up a footprint no larger than two CMF bases (that is, 4x6). Here's what I came up with: Strictly speaking, of course, Alice did not have her bottle and cookie when she met the Cheshire Cat, and Neverland's Skull Rock was a lot larger -- but of course, I wasn't going for literal representations here. :) If anyone else has done Disney vignettes at this small scale, I'd love to see them!
  12. Admonisher

    Turning Microfighters into Micro-MODS

    My Millennium Falcon MOD from earlier this year: More views and an LDR file here.
  13. Admonisher

    [MOC] Imperial Star Destroyer Tyrant

    Wow! I was NOT expecting the fully tricked-out interior! That is ... mind blowing. (Also, it's a comparatively small detail, but love the use of the two-toned legs for the Imperial officers. First time I've seen that done.)
  14. Admonisher

    A better Force Pike for the Emperor's Royal Guards

    What you see in Lord_Bloodwort's original post is the very first version of the Emperor! It appeared in a few sets from 2000-2002. The set in Lord_Bloodwort's photo is the tiny 7200 Final Duel I, which I also used as the basis for my early throne room vignettes. (My latest is a modified version of last year's 75093 Death Star Final Duel.) For the most movie-accurate look, I highly recommend the aforementioned spear gun solution! As has been observed, you can turn the figures' hands around and they will appear to be standing "at attention," with their arms at their sides rather than awkwardly held out in front of them. Here's a little mini-build I made a while back to show off the feature (though I have since replaced the dark bluish gray spear guns with flat silver versions):
  15. Like most, I love LEGO Harley Quinn! But I do NOT love the way the official sets have implemented her trademark carnival mallet. In all of the versions released to date, the handles are too small, the hammer ends are too oversized, and the gaps in the middle are distressingly obvious. I decided to try and come up with something a little more aesthetically pleasing by following these steps: 1. Begin with a 1x1 brick, modified with four side studs. 2. Attach a longer bar for the handle, so that it can be more easily held with two hands. 3. Use three 1x1 tiles to fill out the center. 4. Instead of 2x2 round bricks, use 2x2 round plates for the hammer barrel. 5. Add the 2x2 tiles to the ends. This works for both the black/red color scheme AND the reddish brown/tan color scheme. As a nifty bonus, using round plates instead of bricks lets you change up the colors to give the appearance of those bands you frequently see on traditional carnival mallets! Here's classic-outfit Harley modeling four variations for you: Here's another angle for a better sense of scale. These mallets are, IMO, still comically oversized without being ridiculous: Personally, I'm partial to variation #4. Here's Harley posing with a few of her fellow DC rogues... ...and facing off with a handful of familiar heroes... Hope you enjoy! And if anyone else would like to share their own rethought mallets here, I'd love to see them!