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Found 6 results

  1. This model was taken from a Rebrickable MOC of the LEGO Worlds spaceship "PUG-Z" that user "TOB1 bricks" recreated here. I took the free instructions' MOC, and changed them (I removed the toilet, as it was causing problems with the roof) and altered the colors from orange, yellow, and bright light orange to a predominantly black and red model with some light / dark grays thrown in for good measure. I also modified other parts of the ship, making the radio antennas a bit shorter and adding trans-green "freeze" blasters to the ship where the forward-facing lights used to go. The rear of the ship has this 2 x 2 round symbol for the ship's owner / affiliation, along with tow small booster rockets alongside the main engine. The top opens up / out and the computer wall folds down to become a bed. (I had to take the toilet out as it wasn't playing nice with the roof in LDD.) Oh, and the landing legs fold backwards for flight. Here we see the owner of the ship (and his laser pulse rifle), who is a methane breathing reptile-like alien named Zath-ann. He wears a rebreather to properly function in oxygen-based environments and doesn't take it off in his ship because he hasn't got it converted to a methane-orientated life support system yet... it's on the to-do list though. Special thanks to Carl Greatix (designer for TT games) & Mark Stafford for the in-game model. Any thoughts on this MOD? Comments, questions, and complaints always welcome!
  2. Nerd-with-a-Pencil

    Question about LEGO Worlds

    So, I bought LEGO Worlds for PC, and I only just now picked it up again cause the PC I played on couldn't run it well. Does anyone know if the build showcase will one day 'cycle around' so I can get another chance at getting ancient times or Ninjago stuff?
  3. Hi, I have been removing lots of land in Lego worlds (including water and clouds) and have came into a problem where some black bricks simply will not delete. I have tried the following methods: Remove Terrain tool - left click Remove Terrain Tool - right and left click (this keeps the red delete cube from moving about) Smooth terrain- this just adds more undeletable black bricks Lower terrain - this just adds even more undeletable bricks The brick building tool cannot delete them because it can only delete bricks that you have placed from the brick pallette here is a screen shot of the problem: Large Picture: Any ideas how I can delete it, it looks ugly sticking up when everything else is prefectly smooth. The floating floor area is also undeletable. Edit: I could share the world file so you can actually go into it and try and delete the bricks. Regards, Snipe
  4. SuperGeniusCreator

    Lego Worlds Discussion

    I didn't see this coming. Brickset article Could this be the building game we've all waited for? Is this the modern version of Lego Universe properties? Is this a Lego-version of Minecraft? (Which is sort of like a digital version of Lego?) I was hoping Dimensions would feature something like this, but if this turns out to be the game with a sandbox building system then I'm fine with that.
  5. Hi, I have been looking at gameplay of the Lego Worlds game for PC on the web and wondered if it was possible to export vehicles/other models to lxf / lxfml files. I decided to try to build some models, starting with vehicles first, I have also noticed that some models are actually from official sets. So I opned those in LDD and checked the accuracy compared to in lego worlds, and it matched 100% Other (2 or 3) vehicles are partially based on existing sets I then decided it would be cool & useful to actually purchase Lego Worlds. The game is excellant however. you can only export basic bricks to a lxfml file currently (this is also the same story with imprting from LDD to the game). Assumably more brick support will be added in later versions of the game. Never the less, Here is the collection of models in the current progress Heres some examples of cood models: More to come shortly! Regards, Snipe
  6. Very nice new early access game, did anyone got it already?! is it nice?! cu, quad..