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Found 29 results

  1. Horlack Bricks

    [FUTURON] Polaris Express

    FUTURON - POLARIS EXPRESS Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express par Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express de Horlack , sur Flickr Polaris Express by Horlack, on Flickr "Polaris", in reference to the mythical Set 6972 Polaris-I Space Lab, and "Express", in reference to the Trans-Siberian Orient-Express, in relation to a tracked vehicle of the tundra The inspiration comes mainly from the Russian tracked vehicle Vityaz DT-30, and its little brother the Vityaz DT-10PM, particularly adapted to the tundra and the cold. Multifunction vehicle. It can be converted to Cargo, Passenger, Small Vehicles, Oxygen, etc. There are 6 modular blocks of 5x7 studs, which can be unclipped, can be put in the hold, and can be put in the order you want. Include a mixture. The roof can be unclipped. The 2 types of Vityaz DT have many military or civilian variants. Surely one of the most varied vehicles in the world, however crazy it is. Excavator version, passenger / troop transport version, ballistic missile version, freight transport version, radar station version in arctic base, amphibious version, crossing bridge version, forest transport version, tank version (yes yes, with 2 turrets!), Version snowplow, mobile laboratory version, gas / mining version (currently used by Gazprom), etc. We are on a monster which is not far from being 3 to 4 large cars wide depending on the version. I wanted to stay a little in this “multifunction” spirit for the MOC. Custom radar, with lots of sensors. Cockpit, with an articulated twin-arm / view of the seat. Lights on the roof to illuminate everywhere = in the tundra, at night, in the cold, in the blizzard, in a lunar environment, etc ... Also, I focused on the armored aspect, trying to homogenize the 2x2 tile base on the hull. (or close). I made a maximum of modularity, I could not decide on one type or another of vehicle. So I made it simple and complicated at the same time: all types at the same time, lol! It's better :) I could also have made a command vehicle, with lots of consoles and control panels. It is quite possible, thanks to the available space. There is no limit to the imagination when it comes to converting the vehicle. Make a presentable base. Shall we say, a 1st for me. Especially the effect of the caterpillars in the sand, and the Lettering (which I'm not used to). The roof can be unclipped. All with a playable and accessible aspect. (I remain in the mentality / the spirit that a Lego must be playable, solid, playful, modular)
  2. sander1992

    [MOC] Futuron Dropship & Speeders

    Hi everyone, This is my latest creation: Futuron Dropship. I wanted to build a dropship and was inspired by several Star Wars cruisers. This dropship can transport an exploration car and droids. The front can be opened and two people are positioned behind the controls. At the back is a ramp, that can be openend (like a plane). The roof can be removed to see the interior. See more pictures in my Flickr album. A few months ago, I've build some speeders for Futuron. One other picture is in the same album I mentioned earlier. Sander
  3. CP5670

    Joint Transport Facility

    A joint venture from several classic space factions to form a unified monorail layout, consisting of a mix of official sets, modified official sets and custom creations. Entire layout: Transfer Center: Uranium Processing Plant: Monorail service complex: Monorail Power Station: Artifact Research Hub:
  4. diegobaca

    1980 Something Space

    Hi Eurobricks! I want to share a site I have been working on for the past couple years: The site focuses on LEGO Space sets from 1978-1999, check it out!
  5. Bornin1980something

    My first Lego space display

    This is the first proper Lego Space scene I have ever constructed. The display is centred around Classic Space, but I've added some later items and parts (mostly acquired second-hand) for interest. I found most of the Classic Space items and figures at an exhibition more than a year ago, but it was Benny's Space Squad that proved the impetus for doing this scene. The background is from a Klutz 'Lego Make Your Own Movie' book/kit. The base plate was a dark grey clone brand (Wilco Blox) plate until I found two slightly worn classic 'moon' plates on sale for just £6 each in a small independent shop. I quickly snapped up both! What do you think? Any comments or questions welcome.
  6. I had a ton of fun on this alt build! It's a redux of the classic 1987 Stardefender 200 from the Futuron series. I used only a single copy of the new Lego Movie 2 set 70849-1: Wyld-Mayhem Star Fighter. Behold the StarryFriender 200: I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. I was able to keep the same overall design with a central sloping canopy, dual forward mandible guns, and detachable side pods. Obviously the name is a gag; the set has many "Friends" colors. The pods are about as small as they can be while still fitting a minifig. I don't think I had the pieces to make them any bigger! The rear is a little busy. I decided to use the colorful curvy pieces there for some visual interest. This is a Systar ship after all. I used the small cones as thrusters like the original Stardefender 200. Thanks for looking!
  7. paokus

    Euclides Sector II

    Hi!! this is my project for Lego Ideas! Hope you like it ;)
  8. danth

    Strategic StarHound

    My latest MOC is the Strategic StarHound: This is a Futuron mech based on the old Strategic Pursuer. I basically made a bigger version. The arms, legs, and red floodlights (is that what they are?) are all poseable. Hopefully I can add some more pictures later. Hope you all like it.
  9. This ship is an advanced type that was built for the Futuron Corp. However, only one out of the hundreds built was ever painted green, as it was for the CEO of the company. This specific one was nicknamed the Futuron Flyer, and was used by the CEO and two of his successors, until the Blacktron III wiped out most of the Futuron forces off the galactic map. The rest of the fleet and it's personnel were put into cryo-sleep years ago and sent randomly jumping around the galaxy until such time the Blacktron menace was eradicated. The CEO at that time sent his ship with him on-board to the Galactic Council to let them have the secret call signal for the eventual return of the fleet when needed. Unfortunately, Haley's Comet intervened, crashing into the Flyer and killing the CEO, but not before he gave the code and a mission to deliver it to a local alien inhabitant. Only time will tell if it is ever delivered to it's proper destination.... This ship is actually a MOD of set 7133, Bounty Hunter Pursuit from the 2002 Star wars line. It has been repainted green and white with a Jack Stone piece used as a canopy. I lack proper Futuron figures (especially the recent green one!), so this Star wars alien fills in. I've been dying to build this ship with this cockpit piece since the Jack Stone set came out in 2003. Thanks to LDD, I have finally built it.... 15 years later! The rear of the ship has large jets on it.... why, you may ask? The ship needed an obvious means of propulsion and these spare parts fit the bill. The cockpit (which is from Jack Stone set 4653, Dump truck) opens up to reveal the ship's controls. This enigmatic figure is a native of Haley's Comet and was entrusted with the signal to retrieve the Futuron forces from hyper space after the death of the original ship's owner, the CEO of Futuron Corp. As usual, comments, questions, complaints, and suggestions are always welcome!
  10. I added internet connectivity to my old Futuron set 6990. I used three SBrick Plus and a Raspberry Pi to drive it. You can see the train with new PF cables and SBrick on the first picture. The two bases with the wedo 1.0 motion sensors can be seen on the other pics. I have created a video about the whole setup:
  11. Hi all. I don't think I've posted something in this sub-forum before, but here is a MOC I made last September for our monthly LUG build challenge, the theme was Futuristic. And there is nothing more futuristic than Futuron! Problem in Experimental Reactor #3 "Those crazy Futuron Scientists and their Experimental Reactors will be the death of us all!" - Unknown Classic Space Engineer Problem In Experimental Reactor #3 Photo1 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Problem In Experimental Reactor #3 Photo2 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr Problem in Experimental Reactor #3 Photo3 by Magma Xenoliths, on Flickr I really enjoyed building this one - Classic Space/Futuron was my favourite as a kid. I'd been impressed with someone's spaceship MOC that used Electro-Luminescent wire for a lighting effects and bought some of it to try out for myself. I also had a bunch of trans-blue pieces from buying several Space Police 3 main ships and sooner or later was going to do a Futuron MOC - this reactor was the result. The EL wire actually spirals up in a helix through the middle of the tower, which may not be obvious from photos. The wire itself fits almost perfectly into a 1x1 plate with clip piece, so I just connected it at each level on different sides to keep it in position. The reactor "wall" and the observation room are inspired by pictures I'd seen of early atomic reactors - and maybe a bit of The China Syndrome movie too. And obviously Classic Space folk are keeping an eye on these Futuron engineers and their strange experimental technology.... ;-) Thanks for looking!
  12. Some of you may remember the Vintage Space Memorial I posted a couple months ago. Well, I finally got to take proper pictures of the ship I mentioned in it: the fast space cruiser Andromeda! The ship is loosely based on FX Star Patroller (6931). At least it got a lot of parts from it - and was ironically (and without me even knowing!) build exactly 30 years after the release of the set - quite a happy coincidence. My main goal was building a ship large enough to give it a "proper" space-ship bridge, as you know from TV series like Star Trek. The name of the ship's class is inspired by ther German show Raumpatroullie - Die phantastischen Abenteuer des Raumschiffs Orion (Space Patrol - The fantastic adventures of the space ship Orion), where the designation schneller Raumkreuzer (fast space cruiser), was used. For the future I plan to refit the Andromeda with a small detachable shuttle-craft and improve a few things I am not quite happy with yet. For example I literally ran out of blue bricks! And some more wall-panel computers would be helpful too Anyway. I hope you like my little big spaceship!
  13. Plastikean

    Restoring a 6990 Monorail

    Hello all, this is my first post to the EB forums! I've recently unearthed my childhood collection of Lego and am doing a little refurbishment on my 6990 Monorail Transport System. Since I was pretty OCD about my sets at that age, and since my parents packed things away pretty attentively during my Dark Ages, the set is in outstanding condition. I thought I'd share some of the experiences I've had, and some questions that arose, as I've been rehabilitating it. Parts There was only one missing piece in the set, a simple white 1x2 plate, so no problem replacing that. Also, the set has only 7 of the large supports, enough to build the main model—but the online inventories say there should be one extra, for a total of 8. I don't recall there ever being an extra; was this included in later editions of the set? Right now I am considering the set complete with 7. In building the set, I broke one of the white antennas because of the very tight fit of the trans-red dish onto it. Again, this was easy to replace (I got two in case the other one ever breaks.) Other than the 8th support, I have all the various extra parts that came with the set: the different 1x1-size parts, trans-blue minifig visor, trans-red light cover, etc. I even have an extra white 1x4 brick for some reason. Was this a genuine extra part, a factory packing error, or did it just get mixed into my set by mistake? My biggest challenge is with the electric connector wire. This set came with the rare plate-sized connector, which has small clips on the underside of its plate ends that cover the electrical solder as well as providing the clutch power for the bottom. The tab that holds this clip onto the plate itself is very tiny, and with age the plastic seems to degrade so that these tabs break off and the clip becomes loose. It will often be pulled off by the act of disconnecting this part from the battery box studs. (The same degradation results in tiny cracks forming in the plate ends, which must be why so many of these listed for sale have corners or edges missing. My part has the beginnings of these cracks, but so far the damage is minimal.) This photo shows the underside of the part, both with and without this clip: I am currently sourcing replacements for this, but there are very view for sale and most of those seem to be in worse condition than my own. I'm wondering if I'm better off just gluing the clip back in with a plastic cement; has anyone else ever dealt much with these vintage pieces? Yellowing As you'd expect, many of the white and grey parts in this set had yellowed, but I've had good luck reversing this. After reading about numerous un-yellowing methods of varying complexity, I'm glad to say I've had good success with a simple 3% peroxide solution in direct sunlight—no added OxyClean or higher strength peroxide solution—and most parts have returned to white in a few hours. I'm using clear plastic containers, and I'm sure it helps that I have a white table outside to put them on. I made a quick cornstarch & peroxide paste for the battery box, since it can't be submerged, and the large baseplate, which is too big to dip. A few parts showed more resistance to de-yellowing: the webbed radar dishes needed some extra time, and for some reason the 1x1 cones as well. The soft plastic of the flexible hoses did not respond to the treatment, but the end pieces did, so these are now a two-toned affair. I'm currently re-dipping the long Technic rack pieces; these almost look like they turned more yellow. Are they a different plastic, and should I be using a different technique for these? Meanwhile, a couple of parts (the rack winder and the motor housing) never yellowed and are still completely bright white—they must also be a different plastic—and so I'm using them as my color comparison to the treated parts. EDIT: One of the straight track pieces, which was significantly more yellowed than the rest of the track, ended up suffering some fading and is now a bit of a chalky white on the top and one side. I knew this was a possibility with light grey parts, but even though I was getting the yellow out within a few hours of treatment, I somehow assumed that the bleaching problem wouldn't happen that quickly. Of course, it had to be the relatively rare (and thus expensive) straight track, so it will cost I bit if I decide to replace this part. :-( Packaging As far as I can tell, I have the complete packaging save for the original polybags. I have the outer box top and bottom, red inner box, four plastic inlays and a plastic inlay lid. I even have the cardboard space backdrop and the original catalog that came with the set. The instructions are in excellent shape, too: only the outer leaf (cover and fold-out back page) has separated at the staples, but the booklet itself is otherwise undamaged. Overall Of course I checked the electrical function and everything works perfectly—although I went through three 9v batteries that I had in my drawer before realizing that every one of them was dead; it wasn't the monorail! A trip to the store and one new battery later, all was well. I have not yet decided if I will try to sell this set or keep it in my collection. I believe I can get quite a good price for it as the condition is excellent and the set is 100+% complete. Then again, I might hang on a bit and see if the price goes up a bit over time. :-) Thanks for reading, and I'd love to hear about others' experience restoring this set or with some of the issues I've found. Meanwhile, my next project will probably be the 6285 Black Seas Barracuda, arr!
  14. Hello! I made this series of comedy sketches featuring my Microfighter versions of classic space sets, mainly to amuse, but also to practice some new animation techniques and try and encourage some more support on the Lego Ideas submission which is languishing below 1k. It's a mixture of practical and CGI models, some stop-motion, and in the case of the micro space monorail, pulling it along on a bit of thread! If it raises a giggle, or even just a smirk, I'd be grateful if you could support the project on Lego Ideas, the link is in my footer.
  15. Hello, today I show you my latest build, a middle class tank decked up in Futuron livery: the "White Tiger". This medium-class tank features 2 middle-range surface-to-air guns, a rotating turret and a crew of three (the commander, the driver and the gunner). The nick name is a tribute to the invincible german "White Tiger" from WWII. Below the "Tiger" at the maintenance bay where Classic Space men are fixing and refueling it before a mission. On the right close to the door the Futuron crew. Futuron* was a peaceful and friendly population. Their ground vehicles and spacecrafts were designed to explore new planets and new dimensions indeed. But something is changing: a black menace is coming from the deep space, its name is Blacktron. The black men want to attack the Futuron people probably to steal the sought after and valued Monorail. To prevent the Blacktron attack this new armored vehicle is ready to fire. Below in plain sight. Will the "Tiger" be able to destroy the black menace? I hope you ike it. Cheers! *Futuron was a subtheme of LEGO Space released between 1987 and 1990 to replace Classic Space series.
  16. Littleworlds

    [MOC] Vintage Space Memorial

    In memory of the legendary achievements of the first Lego astronauts, Admiral Takayama from the Futuron-Starfleet has revealed a memorial plaque in the new space-flight museum. The plaque itself which was part of one of the first moon-bases and is - apart from some minor asteroid-impacts (actually Gerbil chewing marks!) in perfect condition for its age! The exhibit is called “A view back and a view forward” and features original artefacts, like the automatic short range sensor probe SRT-570 and a model of the legendary Type 928 Space Cruiser (which I took from the book Great Lego Sets: A visual History). The Admiral also took the occasion to also introduce the crew of the newly commissioned fast space-cruiser Andromeda, led by the legendary Captain McLane, who will soon depart for a deep space exploration mission. In her speech Admiral Takayama emphasised that it was always the spirit of the Futuron Federation to “explore new worlds and go boldly where no-one has been before”. More about the adventures of the Andromeda in the near future!
  17. I picked up a pair of these weird aquazone pieces from bricklink on a whim, and for a long time couldn't figure out what to do with them. Eventually figured out how to give them just-articulated-enough arms, and here we are. Classic Space with guns, lots of guns! I've been building on a CS theme with fleshy heads and lots of yellow, a grimdark alternate universe where evil aliens were met, there's a galactic space war, and nobody got around to inventing blue. Dark blue, medium azure, maersk blue, medium blue, light blue, and Lego's other 25,917,812 shades of blue are allowed however. Here's a starfighter. Did somebody say something about Anakin's interceptor, set 75038? I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF SUCH A THING IN MY ENTIRE LIFE. Moving right along This one actually is original, I liked it so much I built a model stand. I'll keep it around for a while. It's supposed to be some kind of multirole fighter, designed to function in alien atmospheres or vacuum. And I named it the Ash Wasp because ...I have no idea I'm not good with naming things. Those guns are absolutely necessary for proper swooshing balance!
  18. Brick Capone

    Neo-Blacktron Mech

    Hello everyone! I've been wanting to do a few Neo-Classic Space, Neo-Blacktron and Neo-M-Tron MOCs for a while now, I've already done a small Neo-Classic space MOC, so I decided to do a Neo-Blacktron MOC, and more... sinister So, it's basically a one manned Blacktron small mech-walker with two walking legs, controls in the "cockpit" and laser guns. *NOTE* I don't know if you can truly call this a "mech", but it's sort of a Mech-Walker. Neo-Blacktron Mech by Brick Capone, on Flickr Frontal view. Neo-Blacktron Mech by Brick Capone, on Flickr And the back view! I'd love to hear comments, criticism and overall good feedback on how you like this!
  19. I do not now if it was already posted somewhere around here, but today I was talking to Bjarne Panduro Tveskov and he told me about his latest interview, so everyone interested can check it here: http://www.powerofth...ith-lego-at-17/
  20. Last days, I've made this micro scale Futuron base, the Research Compound. Dimensions: width: 18 studs length: 18 studs The Futuron base contains a monorail, spaceship, sattelite and a landing platform pictures: 01_Overview by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 02_Overview by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 03_Overview by LegoMathijs, on Flickr 04_Monorail by LegoMathijs, on Flickr hope you like it :) pictures also on Flickr:
  21. Hey guys! What's up?! I'm a new member (Hello everyone!) and was wanting to get some help going through some old Legos from my childhood/my uncles childhood that I just got from my parents recently. Like most, I actually hadn't thought of a Lego in years, and finally got out the totes that I had in my house that housed about 1/3 of my old sets from childhood (I had mostly space (pretty much every set from 1987-1994 excluding 6987, 6990, but all the SP1/2, BK1/2, Mtron, Ice P, and Spyrius) and some castle/pirates), anyhoo, there was also a huge amount of bags from my grandmas house that I guess I assumed were just "old boring legos" and was gonna stuff them away again, but I looked at some parts sorted out a handful of what I figured were unique parts and made an "Urainium search vehicle" using bricklink inv list and online instructions. As a kid I always thought that the "old space" was boring, but now that I made one its actually kind of cool, and most importantly my two sons love legos and I like building things for them! Anyways, there are POUNDS of old space stuff including at least a Beta 1 command base (6970....found this out based on the one off part 3754pb01), 6971 IG command base (have big pile of blue windows and a few solid blue 4228 parts), robot command ctr (couple solid blue "rocket" pieces and a handful of solid blue canopies), couple fx star patrollers, gamma V laser craft, another Uranium search vehicle, and prob at least 10 more sets (theres a couple 924 and other numbered bricks in there too). Sooooo, here's where I need your expert advice! I'm obviously on the right track using bricklink, etc. but, is there a way to know what "generic" (ie 1x4, etc) brick was from what time period? (ie: look at the mold numbers from the lot it was created on?) I figure if I'm going through all this trouble I might as well try to get it as close to original as possible, esp because these sets are a pretty big deal I guess! ( just bought my son a 6990 since I didn't have one as a kid and figured that would be expensive, but had no idea that these old space bases were worth so much, which makes me want to keep them and pass it on to my children/grandchildren!). Also, any other suggestions would be great too (ie general research/building and if there is a way to ask for older pieces when ordering off, etc in case I need to get a couple bits to finish out a set??). Thanks a bunch guys! Here's a few pics (this is just a little bit of what I've sorted already and the Invader/UFO ship/Forestman thing are just what my son had out from my stuff while I was working on this): Sorry, it's not letting me upload any more pics! I have some large 'windscreen looking things that have the space logo in both large and small sizes, as well as a few others I'd like to have you guys look at but it keeps saying it is too big! I'll try again later on my computer (this is as small as it will let me make it on my phone, sry!) Thanks again for all you help!!!!
  22. Hi everyone, I had exhibited at Legoworld the Netherlands with a Space layout. It has been 6 years since I have done something with my Space collection. The last time I had everything in one landscape, but this time I wanted to separate all the sub-themes in different landscapes. The landscapes are also in time sequence. In the landscapes you can see the overlap of some subthemes. One other idea was to connect the worlds with each other with a monorail. The monorail set 6990 was the set to connect all the worlds. The first set is from 1986 and the time line ends at 2011 (Alien Conquest). I do have Space Police III, but I did not have the bricks to create one more landscape. I do not have Mars Mission or Roboforce, because of lack of interest. The link to the pictures: I hope you like it. Sander
  23. LegoMathijs

    Modular Space ship

    The Futuron Explorer is a modular space ship. I've made this ship in the Futuron (Lego Space theme) colour sceme. Each part of the ship can be disconnected from each other. So it's possible to make three space ships, each his own functionality. The ship is suited with a lot of features: - Three cockpits (Each of them can operate as a space ship) - A crane to pick up containers - mini sattelite (which can be disconnected from the ship) - guns to protect the ship and the other bases and vehicles - A speeder who's connected at the backside of the ship. It can be used for discover places what isn't reachable for the space ship - Two ground vehicles for mining Crane and sattelite: All components of the space ship: Some possible combinations: More pictures at:
  24. SpaceMan Nathan

    [MOC] Fututron

    Good evening all. I thought I would finally get around to posting my sci-fi/space MOCs. So far I have just been over in the the digital forum for LDraw. Every MOC I make is done in LDraw. So renders for everything, and what I have built in real bricks or actually taken time to photograph I have pictures for. Everything is over on my Flickr role, and files in LDraw are over on Brickshelf. The biggest thing for me when I am making an official themed MOC is that I stay as close to original design as possible. This means that I limited myself to the parts that were available at the time and try to keep my build techniques like those used in the original sets. I hope I do them justice. So, Futuron to start it off... "Winged Attacker" This MOC is "Midway Station," meant to bridge the Futuron and Unnitron monorails.
  25. Captain Settle

    6828 Twin-Winged Spoiler Review

    The Twin-Winged Spoiler is a Futuron set released in 1988 that contains 57 pieces.It cost around £5 back then, but you can get it for £2 now. I couldn't find a review on it so I thought I'd make one. Now for the review! I don't own the box, so we'll start with instructions. I just love that LEGOLAND banner across the top; it makes it feel so retro. This is the sole spaceman in the set. He himself costs around £2, so it's nice to get him in this small set. Not much to say about the back except that the blue and white mix looks really cool. He also has a white gun, but I think back then it was supposed to be a torch. On to the build! This is step 4, and you can already see the start of the wings. Step 11, and all you need to do is add wings. Looking good so far. And here it is completed! Those parts at the bottom of the legs are 4169 Train signal stands, and this is the only set they come in white. Here it is in it's flying mode. But the review isn't over yet... This is just showing the great strength of the legs. And now... Ratings! Well actually not. I'll just say its a versatile set with a good figure at a good price, but it is one of the weaker futuron sets. Of course a weak futuron set is still a good set! What would you like me to review next: A Blacktron alienator A Blacktron ll Allied Avenger A Classic Space Gamma V Laser-craft