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Found 3 results

  1. Oh, I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien ...“ [I'm a Neomorph, attacking at night.] Aliens. Some may love them, others may think they’re looking disgusting and scary. But in any case, the Xenomorph became in every way iconic. I also have discussed the latest installment of Ridley Scott’s saga, Alien: Covenant with a few people now and the feedback is rather mixed. But honestly: who is watching an Alien film for a good story? The evolutional pre-steps of the original acid-spitting and deadly Xeno were designed with a keen sense for the looks of sci-fi horror and I really got taken by the white-skinned Deacon Neomorph babies. They’re fast and they’re furious, that’s all I need … :D The following scenery is not an 100% accurate recreation of the attack scene but more like a display to show you my simple but (as I think) effective Neomorph design which still has to be improved (I’m really lacking small, white parts) but which also does its job here very well due to the maneuverable legs and the catlike appearance. For Daniels I used Tina Goldsteins head as they both share the likeness of Katherine Waterston but unfortunately it’s lacking a shocked or at least really angry expression. I also decided to change the cap into Professor Flitwicks’s hairpiece. But now enough of my explanations for this again rather small display. I hope, you'll enjoy the view – and keep running! Regards, RC
  2. MassEditor

    Covenant AAA

    Initial hope was to recreate one of the big Covenant AA guns from Halo 3 but I quickly realized I didn't have enough dark purple to pull it off. So here's a fictional version which perhaps fills a gap in the Covenant AA system between its light and heavy cannons. I don't suppose the missiles really belong here but I thought they rounded out the weaponry well enough. Besides, the Covenant are allowed to steal human tech if they want, and missiles are awesome, so why not steal 'em and use 'em? Skulls added for scale and overall coolness. Thanks for looking!
  3. War is a funny thing. It makes you question just about everything you thought you knew - your purpose, your friends and yourself. The world around you can change in an instant without you ever seeing it coming. Old memories were on Anfauglir's mind as he passed Shadowmere's gates. Two years ago, he was in Lagash Ur enjoying the status and benefits of a Covenant lord. As a high officer in the Covenant army he commanded an elite company for the Covenant leader, Lord Senurhem Nogad. Anfauglir's position had been an easy one. Senurhem, caught up with his many experiments into the dark arts, paid little attention to much else. Back then, the Covenant had few enemies. Conflict was confined mostly to small border disputes with Shadowmere and other Resistance forces - though Senurhem still remained neutral in the ongoing Civil War. Then everything changed. Lured by promises of land and magical artifacts, Senurhem announced his plans to join the Black Spire. He purged anyone who opposed the alliance. Entire companies, thought by Raavage's minions to be unfaithful to the cause, were disbanded or sent to work Raavage's mines. Fearing his men would be next, he defected with as many loyal men as he could. Everything else he left behind. Now, his men fight a desperate battle against the army they once fought for, holding out among the peaks of the Rakarths, hungry, cold and constantly hunted by Raavage. Yet they continue to strike back, even liberating several Covenant villages under Black Spire occupation. Anfauglir's men weighed heavily on his mind as he continued his midnight stroll, which had become a regular occurrence since his arrival in Shadowmere months ago. The thought of his men battling the enemy, hundreds of leagues from Shadowmere and their leader, was agonizing. Anfauglir hoped the Resistance meeting in Shadowmere would be worth his absence. The Resistance needed desparately to form the basis for a renewed and strengthened front against the Black Spire. Otherwise Raavage would crush them, one by one. The snap of a breaking tree limb woke Anfauglir from his thoughts. He hadn't noticed the fog thickening, or the lack of sounds from the usual night creatures. By the time he saw the huge, writhing shape materialize in front of him, it was too late. A large tentacle struck Anfauglir in the chest, throwing him off his feet and into a tree. The creature approached, eyes glaring ferociously, its dozens of tentacles failing wildly at Anfauglir. He stood up just in time to avoid another swing. Several other tentacles shot out but Anfauglir's sword was quicker. They continued coming but always Anfauglir was faster, until the creature screeched in pain and lurched backwards. Seeing his opportunity, Anfauglir leaped at the wounded beast, and, with several deft swings of his sword, it lay dead upon the ground. Anfauglir started at the creature, no doubt some foul and horrific servant of Lord Raavage. Anfauglir removed his hood and ran his fingers through his hair. His back was aching badly. Figuring he was too tired to head back to Shadowmere, he set up camp just off the road. His stomach growled. Anfauglir looked at the fallen creature and thought of the hunter's creed: you eat what you kill. He quickly got a fire started. Staring into the fire, Anfauglir thought of the battles ahead. He pondered what other nasty tricks Raavage had hidden away, what he was prepared to do to win his war. He grabbed his aching back. "I'm definitely getting too old for this." (A bonus, Halloween-themed shot!) The effects were done with a fog machine and Lifelites. No photoshop here! Hope you're not getting tired of my fog-themed builds, I'm really trying to get my money's worth out of that machine. Good thing is, the neighbors finally stopped calling the fire department when I use it!