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  1. RC 1136

    [MOC] Alien: Covenant – The Neomorph Attack

    Yep, you are totally right, shame on me. I really thought that these still were the Deacons and different to the full grown Neo a few scenes later. But thanks for your positive feedback. Regards, RC
  2. Oh, I'm an alien, I'm a legal alien ...“ [I'm a Neomorph, attacking at night.] Aliens. Some may love them, others may think they’re looking disgusting and scary. But in any case, the Xenomorph became in every way iconic. I also have discussed the latest installment of Ridley Scott’s saga, Alien: Covenant with a few people now and the feedback is rather mixed. But honestly: who is watching an Alien film for a good story? The evolutional pre-steps of the original acid-spitting and deadly Xeno were designed with a keen sense for the looks of sci-fi horror and I really got taken by the white-skinned Deacon Neomorph babies. They’re fast and they’re furious, that’s all I need … :D The following scenery is not an 100% accurate recreation of the attack scene but more like a display to show you my simple but (as I think) effective Neomorph design which still has to be improved (I’m really lacking small, white parts) but which also does its job here very well due to the maneuverable legs and the catlike appearance. For Daniels I used Tina Goldsteins head as they both share the likeness of Katherine Waterston but unfortunately it’s lacking a shocked or at least really angry expression. I also decided to change the cap into Professor Flitwicks’s hairpiece. But now enough of my explanations for this again rather small display. I hope, you'll enjoy the view – and keep running! Regards, RC
  3. RC 1136

    [Brains] Cat A - Infected

    They are coming and nobody can tell where they come from or how to stop them from spreading ... Inside the plant, strange things happened and even stranger things are going to happen – soon, very soon. This little vignette doesn't need much explanation, I hope. The Braaiiinnnss-Contest was a great opportunity to finally use a few of the bright light orange half-cylinders, of which I still have dozens left in my boxes. Well, at least it feels like that, thanks to the LEGO event support. :D I also wanted to use my two hazmat guys again, and here we are: A terrified plant worker and his not-so-healthy-looking-but-nevertheless-moving collegue. What happened exactly to the two poor minifigs we are not going to find out today or in the near future I'm afraid. But there's still a hungry zombie, craving for some fresh and tasty ABS-Brains, so I hope you'll like it anyway. Let me know, what you think! ;) Have fun and keep running! Regards, RC
  4. Hey, I still have an annual pass until May, so I don't need a ticket. But thanks for the offer (and thanks for keeping us informed via PM - I'm a bit busy right now, but I'm getting more and more excited as the event comes closer every day :)) Regards, RC
  5. That's why I'm asking. I know how much fun it can be to spend a few days together with LEGO enthusiasts from past events, so: Count me in!
  6. I'm in as well: - Need reservation at Kirchenbauerhof: yes - Apartment sharing: yes - Number of persons and length of stay? 1, for the whole event - Are you member of a registered LUG? Yes, member of Imperium der Steine, but no sticker so far :D - Anything else we need to know? Nothing important. If there's less accommodation space than needed, I could stay in Augsburg and offer one place (and transfer, of course) on my floor for someone bringing his own mattress. It's about 45 minutes from LEGOLAND by car.
  7. Hey guys, as I'm from Bavaria (and in fact living about 60km away from Günzburg) I will for sure be there and I am really looking forward to finally meet some international AFOLs there. The only question I have right now is about the accommodation pricing. Is there any information yet, because I am just wondering if it's financially reasonable to drive back to Augsburg every day. Great to have the EB community here in Germany! Regards, RC
  8. RC 1136

    [MOC] Top Secret!

    Hey guys, thank you all for approving my work! Haha, usually it's me just wondering how some people come up with part usages I would never think of. It's quite funny that those jetpacks are in fact one of my least favourite parts. I didn't like them until the moment I took them upside down by accident and with that solved my problem of missing ornaments for the walls. My first thougt was to use them as gas lights (with transparent 1x1 cones on top), but I felt them to be far too bulky for such a small MOC. The "cape rug" on the other side is some rather popular technique, I think. But sometimes it works far better than a brick-built solution – and as for me it adds some smooth contrast to all the brickwork. But still, I'm glad you like it. Thanks again. The background is just a CC-licenced pic from flickr (link in the picture description on my page) with a semi-transparent, tan-coloured layer on top and a basic PS light effect filter added to the whole picture. I'm probably going tu use it for future models as well, as this is just a litte excerpt of a bigger story I've been thinking of for quite a while ... Regards, RC
  9. RC 1136

    [MOC] Top Secret!

    A ghost you say, a ghost maybe. She was just like a ghost to me … Ok, alright, I will stop quoting from Les Mis, but somehow this line fits both my activity here on EB AND my latest MOC. So it’s time to take a break from taking a break, this is what I’ve created to celebrate this year’s Halloween … *** "I trust that you will treat this information strictly confidential. Find that … thing. But keep me out of your business." *** The idea was to create a less spooky scene for the occasion, as it doesn’t feature a visible ghost or monster. But ... only because you can't see a phantom it doesn't mean that it's not out there, right? And if there's somethin' strange in your neighborhood – who ya gonna call? Right, back then, with motion pictures and the Ghostbusters not even invented, you would need a real monster hunter. And certainly not everyone is fond of such a man or his business and he or she would rather not be connected to his activities in public as he (or she) could easily lose his reputation … It is told that the following scene took place many years ago, on a cold and misty evening in October, in the small town of Brick's Hollow, somewhere in the North East of Legoland. With removed furniture and minifigs: Happy Halloween and spooky regards, RC
  10. Frank Sinatra and the German-speaking singer Udo Jürgens both sang a hymn to the fascinating City of New York. And there's no doubt that especially the Statue of Liberty is one of the most popular landmarks to people around the world. So, after missing the offical brick-built LEGO-Set years ago there was no chance for me to go past the tinier version brought to us by the CMF Series 6. Now I was given the opportunity by members of www.1000steine.de to honor this very special minifigure within the context of a new CMF-contest (presenting a character from any series on 16x16) and for the first time try out a little forced-perspective-MOC - and get as many famous buildings as possible integrated into my "sykline". That's what "happened" ;): The model itself may be nothing special, especially here on EB, but for me it was not only the first time I seriously am taking part in any kind of LEGO-based competition, it was also the first time that I literally oppressed one of my "beloved" bricks ;). The water-structure is heavily clamped and by reconciling the one-plate-high difference between the two connection points I managed to get a slightly visible "wave" into it. Believe me, I had to... ehm... tranquilize these little, factory-new 1x2 Plates... And yes, of course there are attached some little (and quite obvious) gags... Now I hope you'll enjoy this rather small model and I'm happy for every kind of advice and feedback! Thanks, RC
  11. Hello eurobricks! Although I've already registered a time ago it's now time for me to say "hello" as an active EB-user. My name is Moritz and I'm living in the south-east of Germany (so please excuse spelling, grammar and vocab-mistakes^^), online a little bit better known as RC 1136. As my hobbys are LEGO Star Wars and other licenced topics, I took the first steps into the world of bricks on the German website imperiumdersteine.de (some may know^^), where I now "serve the Empire" as moderator and chief editor of our newsletter, the IdS-Post. Now I really hope that I have a good time here on Eurobricks, becoming more and more international. What else to know about me? Well, I'm at the moment 19 years old and working on a few little projects set in a galaxy far, far away. Of course my passion is the only and real bricking but in lack of the most important elements I tend to use the LEGO Digital Designer. That helps me visualising my ideas as well as planning my ressources and calculating the costs of future MOCs. There's probably only one model anyone could know me for: The Jedi-Temple Archives (just search it via google^^). But that particular model I'm going to present you later Now I hope that I gave you enough information about me, myself and my personal LEGO story, and you should feel free to ask anything RC 1136, at your service! Regards, RC