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  1. Long live the 4-stud wide [MOC]

    Gotta say the Mini Cooper; simply perfect! Reminds me of Charlize Theron in The Italian Job.
  2. Nice guys! Any recommendation which day to go best? I gotta keep in mind; I'm going to the 'MobiliteitsRai* (light/heavy road-transport) set around the same date as well.
  3. What if there was an M:tron-II

    Wow, amazing builds! So many details in the base & salvage 2 I suddenly realized the 'M' logo, reminds me of the 'Weyland-Yutani Corporation' logo. What if M-Tron is part of the OcTan Corp (also ties red to the red/green colorscheme)
  4. What if there was an M:tron-II

    First some history; Legowiki M-tron entry. The concept of ruggedness/industrial/gritty seems to complement the M-tron mining aspects, but I'm not sure about the color scheme though. Maybe another color combo would be more fitting; dark gray, light gray, dark red, black & yellow. Offcourse they have to have magnets!
  5. Lego World 2017 @ Jaarbeurs Utrecht, The Netherlands. Date: Wednesday 18th of October - Tuesday 24th of October. Time: 10.00 - 17.00 each day More info/tickets @ legoworld.lego.com So, anyone going? I went a couple of times when it was held in Zwolle. Pretty neat to talk/hang out with some fellow AFOL's in person.
  6. At the chop shop...

    Interesting, technigue. The construction is probably solid enough to stay together without a bottomplate I guess, but than the fig would grind his bottom...
  7. Survey: New parts and new colors

    https://www.bricklink.com/v2/catalog/catalogitem.page?P=32828&idColor=11#T=C&C=11 Wow, yeah I'm gonna pick me up a lot of those as well. So many great ideas for usage!
  8. A “gift with purchase”-set is as the name indicates a set which is given to people who purchase a specific LEGO offer... So why not couple the LEGO offers' theme, with an add-on set with a similar theme. For instance; the Advent Calenders, people pick them up because the tiny little sets are great add-ons to excisting sets. Or something similar as the City Expansion set & Fun @ The Beach People pack, to extend playabilty.
  9. Star Trek

    Nah, I'm not endorsing piracy... Got over a 1200+ orginal DVD movie/series collection myself. But I was just saying, if you really really wanna see it so bad, that there are other ways... Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #14; "Anything stolen is pure profit". *edit; removed the link* But I got to state, there's nothing on Eurobricks ToS/Guidlines about it.
  10. Lego Scalextric Slotcars (All Lego powered)

    Haha, that just asks for a Crash Test Dummies car!
  11. [MOC] Army Vehicle - Hummer/Humvee

    Nice, excellent shaping! Wished TLG produced those red-spring-axel-thingies in more colors though. (just saw you used normal axel thingie).
  12. Star Trek

    Oh I can, but usage is your own responsibility; possible fines depends on your countries/ISP laws.
  13. Star Trek

    Hahaha by Ferengi Rules of Acquisition #3; "Never spend more for an acquisition than you have to".
  14. Sounds like a mis-alignment along the baseplate (studs) length. I've gotta say I seen some baseplates with partially flatened/damaged studs more than mismolded bricks. Maybe you could post a pic of it here & find out if more people have this issue. If so, it could be past on further up the chain by the Lego Ambassadors or something in that order.
  15. Star Trek

    I gotta say I actually liked ST:D. The uniforms seem to me like a mash up between ST:E & ST:TOS. But I'm intriqued by the Klingons... That coffin ship just made me think of one thing; a Bird of Prey ship. Gotta say I'm not a fan of Sonequa Martin-Green, for some reason I didn't like her in TWD, she puts me off. Same goes for the intro... Just no... The visuals, meh, but the song; just no. Not ST worthy. Other than that, interested to see some more. @samurai-turtle & @Littleworlds there are other ways, without getting the streaming service...