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  1. A real awesome webfind; Fasten your seatbelt & enjoy safety. The LEGO Movie characters are here to give us the best in-flight safety video of all time!
  2. -zenn

    1980 Something Space

    That's a very pretty & detailed site; top knotch job you did on that! Have you considered adding several sets containing reissues of Classic Space figs; #850423, #852753-1, #5000440-1, #2755028, #5002812-1, #852535-1, #852697-1, #79893 & #113060? Or perhaps the 'Great Lego Sets' book; UK version / US version which came with a exclusive micro-scale Space Cruiser?
  3. Three Men and a Little Lady (1990); in one of the scenes they are discussing in an office, while they are building a lego skyscrapers.
  4. -zenn

    Hot weather and building lego

    The only thing you should be building right now are Lego boats... So you can take them in the pool with you.
  5. -zenn

    What was the last movie you watched?

    - Jurassic Wold: Fallen Kingdom; - Avengers: Infinity War;
  6. Young Sheldon; Season 1, episode 16 (Killer Asteroids, Oklahoma, and a Frizzy Hair Machine). Around the 03.00m mark, there's a poster on Sheldon's bedroom wall featuring Lego Classic Space figures & a rocketship. Just behind the yellow light...
  7. -zenn

    What Video Game(s) are you playing?

    Shooting cult crazies on the redneck hillybilly countryside. 'Murica, f*ck yeah!
  8. This dude build 2 prosthetic arms out of Lego for himself! I wonder if he made more versions; for example with fingers, other attachments, or with even more streamlined looks. Anyway, I find it inspirational that he used his ingenuity for his love for Lego to use as a 'helping hand' so to speak.
  9. -zenn

    What was the last movie you watched?

    Star Wars: The Last Jedi.
  10. -zenn

    Tron Legacy Light Cycle

    That's so sweet! What did you use as a lightsource if I might ask? Imagine having an orange one lit up besides it...
  11. -zenn

    Any bicyclists here on Eurobricks?

    Reminds me of;
  12. -zenn

    Any bicyclists here on Eurobricks?

    Cycling is just a part of culture here I guess... everyone owns a bike & can ride it. I was really into bmx-ing on dirttracks when I was a kid, transitioned to mtb's in my teens, right now I only cycle as a cheap tranportation method for getting from a to b. Just cycling alongside traffic on a standard black 'granny bike', though I'm looking into getting a 'fixie' cause cycling is a good way for me to empty my head...
  13. -zenn

    What was the last movie you watched?

    the Lego Ninjago movie. Just love the way they do those animations, but mostly the details; fingerprints, scratches, hairs & offcourse I pause it to see something I spotted in the background.
  14. -zenn

    MOC: Sp0ok Tro0p

    Although I'm not allowed to say much yet, since I'm judging the contest... 'Skeletique' instanly made me think of; this song,
  15. -zenn

    Help with Make-A-Wish project

    I can imagine that's a overwhelming task. Budget wise, I wouldn't have a figure, it depends on the sets. Same goes for parts, 2nd hand is cheaper, but you don't know where it's from, what the quality of the bricks are, if its complete... And I'm kind of a germofoob, so yeah, I pay more for new bricks. I'd recommend you get in touch with one of the offical Lego stores in the USA (store list click here), since most of them have 'Pick-a-Brick' walls & almost every available set. Also everything is purchasable in bulk (even loose Lego from the pick-a-brick wall). Maybe they can even help you out with some kind of deal? Set recommendations; city accessoires, city people pack, beach people pack, creator skate house, creator winter house, creator poolside house, creator modern house, creator family villa, modular buildings, roadplates & lots of vehicles.