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Found 25 results

  1. Bounty Hunters Guild by Meyerj Bounty hunters guild by Meyerj Bounty Hunters guild by Meyerj
  2. Hello everyone! I come to you today with something I've been working on for about 2-3 months now. What started out as an effort to make a really nice mid-sized ship turned into quite a challenge haha. My son has really been into bounty hunters lately and I decided to pick a ship. Originally it was going to be Bossk's Hound's Tooth because I have a TON of brown bricks. But I instead decided on Dengar's ship, the Punishing One for some reason. Don't remember why. Anyways... After reviewing a lot of Google images and blueprints of this ship, I wondered if I could attempt something a little bigger. And this thing is definitely going to be big. Considering how large the ship is in the Star Wars universe. I'm not sure if this would qualify as a "UCS" ship... I am certainly no master builder. The biggest concern here is making sure everything connects together (preferably using Technic techniques) so fit the wings on to the main part of the ship and making sure the cockpit works too. All with removable panels for the roof, possibly in sections. Let me know what you think or what suggestions you have. I'm having the most difficulty with the curved cone shape of the nose of the cockpit. I'm not entirely sure how to pull this off so it's not so wobbly? Thanks so much! Sorry for so many images! :P Oh also - someone else started a thread here about building this ship in 2018, and I didn't realize until much later that our layouts are very similar and we must have been going off of the same blueprints. @Tracytron54321 BELOW: This is everything I have currently completed. In the back you can see the front gun cannons I made. BELOW: A front shot of the cockpit BELOW: The cockpit with Dengar, and the doors currently closed. They do slide open... BELOW: Same image, but the doors have been opened on a track inside the wall. BELOW: An above look at the layout of the ship's main area. BELOW: Dengar's "common area" room with workbench. My son added the helmet. He thought it looked cool :P BELOW: Opposite the image above, this is the seating area in Dengar's "common area" room. BELOW: Bathroom area partitioned off with a cape, between Dengar's quarters and the cockpit. BELOW: Bathroom area displaying a tiny area with a toilet. Hard to see but there's a little sink to the right. BELOW: Dengar's personal quarters. Not much here. BELOW: Dengar's personal quarters, door does swing open and shut. BELOW: It's hard to showcase Dengar's quarters, but there is a bed, a panel on the wall, and a small table. BELOW: A look at the common area room, coming into the cargo area. BELOW: Going back into the cargo area now. Seeing some panels and the loading dock built into the floor. BELOW: A hidden panel on the floor to stow away hidden goods. My own addition. BELOW: A look at the loading dock and cargo area. Created a panel with gear to grab as he exits the ship. BELOW: A look at the opposite side of the cargo area, and Dengar's speeder and R5 unit. BELOW: A look at the engine room I'm still working on. Made the floor grates so you could see pipes through them. BELOW: A top down look at the pipes through the grates. Need to add engines and walls, etc.
  3. Mohamed Marei

    Tachyon Thrasher [BioCup 2023]

    Tachyon Thrasher "An alien robot bounty hunter from deep space. Executing his mission with ruthless precision, only for those deemed worthy of his service." My entry to the 2023 BioCup preliminary round!
  4. The Outpost a few old friends meet Friends? or bounty to be collected? When the Hutt's require a bounty hunter, many will come for the meeting and credits
  5. Nal Hutta was a hot, swampy planet located in the galaxy's Outer Rim Territories that was the homeworld of the Hutt species. The planet was a haven for the criminal elements of the galaxy. We can find here also Bounty Hunter Enclaves, such as this one here. My build to celebrate May 4th. This is my first Star Wars MOC, wanted to build something with my new Mandos. C&C welcome! Sorry for the background, I took them in my store.
  6. Hi folks! This is my first post and first go at a MOC from scratch. Dengar has become one of my favourite Star Wars characters and I'm looking forward to having him for the first time in LEGO minifig form when my Eclipse Fighter set (75145-1) arrives. I thought for such a great character, just having the included speeder wasn't enough, so I set out to build something more appropriate—the Punishing One. The most challenging parts were getting the crescent shape correct, attaching the SNOT built crescent to the rest of the ship, and the engine block area. Brick count: approximately 1160 Features: Spring missiles on under side Quad cannon on ball joint Functioning ramp to interior Liftable roof to view interior Detachable landing gear I'm currently in the process of seeing how soon I'd be able purchase pieces to actually build it. At that point I may submit it to LEGO Ideas. Hope you all enjoy it! Let me know what your thoughts are. More images on Flickr: -Nicky
  7. This is my first MOC (Or partial MOC I guess) which I haven't been outright embarrassed by which I've been building for the past week or so. I'ts the interior for a LEGO UCS The Punishing One, but I COMPLETELY lack the skill to do the rest of the MOC. So far I've only made the interior, which personally I think I've actually done a fairly good job of, though I haven't done the cockpit. (The tiles in front of the door the farthest up are supposed to be the start of it) So because of being terrible at building MOC's I was hoping someone could take the task over from me... I'd be happy to help however I can though, but if you use my interior I'd be a little annoyed if you didn't at the very least give me credit. You can download the lxf file for it here, which is meant to be opened in Lego Digital Designer Wars Jumpmaster 5000 Dengar's ship the Punishing One.lxf?dl=0 As for references to the vehicle I'd suggest referring to, and the X-Wing Miniatures series model of it if you feel like spending the money on it A basic view A top-down view The bunks Dengar's lounge' :P The cabinets and draws The oven/microwave hybrid and stove (Hey, it's sci-fi, of course it can be a hybrid and the reason for this is definitely not that I'm just lazy :P Hey look! For once a Star Wars ship actually has a freaking toilet lol I also want to point out my the pattern I've made for the walls. Since I couldn't find a way to smooth it up a bit I decided to make it a pattern, albeit very basic, but I don't think Dengar would really care about aesthetic lol. Here is a space I've cut out for the Boarding/Cargo ramp as well. I also plan to build interiors for several other Star Wars ships by the way
  8. You find yourself on Nar Eurbrikka, one of the moons orbiting Nal Hutta, and home to some of the scum of the galaxy. Not to say that there aren't nice parts of Nar Eurbrikka, this just isn't one of them. You walk around glancing at the bars and shops when all of a sudden you hear a voice yelling at you... “Hey, you! Yeah you, with the eyeballs! Interested in making some easy credits? I need a bounty hunter and you look like you have the skills I require. All you have to do is take care of a little problem for me, and I’ll pay you handsomely. Take a look at my ‘shopping list’ and come back and see me when you’ve retrieved one of the ‘items.’" Mission List For builders with more than 0 XP: Rodian on Tatooine Geonosian on Ord Mantell For builders with more than 10 XP you have all the previous missions and: Wookiee on Endor Lasat on Lothal Weequay on Geonosia Talz on Hoth For builders with more than 25 XP you have all the previous missions and: Twi’lek on Corellia Mon Calamari on Fondor Zabrak on Felucia Gungan on Coruscant Gamorrean on Nar Eurbrikka For builders with more than 50 XP you have all the previous missions and: Neimoidian on Dantooine Bith on Bothawui Gran on Mon Cal Dug on Corellia Sullustan on Tatooine Tusken on Naboo For builders with more than 100 XP you have all the previous missions and: Kel Dor on Nal Hutta Trandoshan on Kashyyyk Duros on Endor Ewok on Naboo Ithorian on Dantooine Jawa on Lothal For builders with more than 125 XP you have all the previous missions and: Togruta on Felucia Vurk on Geonoisia Cerean on Commenor Mirialan on Kuat Toydarian on Fondor Kyuzo on Ord Mantell Nautolan on Naboo Besalisk on Sullust For builders with more than 150 XP you have all the previous missions and: Hutt on Hapes Umbaran on Endor Clawdite (Skin Changer) on Lothal "I know it can be difficult to get 'items' of this nature through spaceport security, so if your cargo gets detained, just bring me a holoimage. I still need to know it was you who got the item! For example, see that Trandosian? Bossk has been working for me for years. If you want to learn how to do this job, you should learn from his example. For instance, he never asks questions about why someone is on the list. He just does his job and receives the credits. He also doesn't leave any room for questions about whether he's done his job right or not. I always know he's gotten the right 'item.' On the other hand, I had a bounty hunter named Greedo who used to work for me and he had no clue how to do his job well.'" "See this holoimage? It's so blurry I can't even tell if that's Greedo or one of his cousins! And he claims that skeleton was the Sullustan he was supposed to take care of on Tatooine, but how was I to know he was telling the truth?" "And in this holoimage Greedo claimed he was on Endor, but it looks more like he was in one of the parks on Coruscant! He said he had used a flame-thrower on his Duros target, but there wasn't enough left to know if it was a Duros or barbecued Bantha!" "Now Bossk, he knows how to convince a guy! He was picking up a Wookie for me on Kashyyyk. His holoimage of him flying through the Wroshyr trees with that mass of fur hanging off the back of his speeder showed he had gotten the right 'item.'" "And here, even though I can't see the whole body, I know there was only one Gungan crazy enough to be in that back alley on Coruscant so I know he got his guy!" What is this? The Bounty Hunter Missions are a way for SoNE builders to expand their building skills and stories outside of just the normal troopers. With each rank you earn, more missions become available for you to complete. Show your bounty hunter collecting each of the different aliens to unlock a special tag as well as removal of the XP restriction on freebuilds for your normal SoNE character. Rules For these bounty hunter missions you get to create a new character to use as a bounty hunter. The bounty hunter you create can be human or alien regardless of whether you are part of the Rebels or the Empire, but you must use the same bounty hunter for every mission. You can have your current sig-fig help with the mission if you so choose, but you must also have your bounty hunter included. Your bounty hunter does not count towards any number of allowed character(s) for the episodes and freebuilds. While your bounty hunter may show up in any other SoNE builds (episodes or freebuilds), he/she should not be the main protagonist of any of these builds. Each build must show your bounty hunter capturing their target either alive or dead. You can write a backstory explaining why the target needed to be taken out, or you can just build. Each build must show specific details of the planet the target is located on. Information on the planets can be found here or on Wookiepedia. Your posts should be titled with a header following these guidelines [BH alien]. I.E. [BH - Rodian]. Each build has a minimum size limit of 512 square studs (or the equivalent of 16x32 baseplate). That means your build has to equal 512 square studs or larger. Builds with non-square bases that are another size are acceptable as long as it equals 512 total studs. These builds are not meant to be quick, they are meant to show skill. How much XP you’ve earned shows what Bounty Hunter Missions you’ve unlocked. As you gain more XP, more missions open up. As you gain the next level of XP, you still have access to all previous missions. As not everyone has a collection of every Star Wars minifigure, you are not required to use a full alien minifigure in your build. You can use creative methods to show your target without having to reveal that it’s not the official minifigure. Examples, such as those seen above, would be just an arm showing from inside a dumpster or "fur" showing through a net. To make up for the lack of minifigure, you should compensate by putting more detail into the surrounding showing what planet your target is on. The rule of thumb is that if you don't use the official minifigure, make up for it in creativity! If you don't have an Ewok minifigure and just show a pair of legs, make up a story for why your bounty hunter has to track him down on Naboo. The more creative the better! Your bounty hunter builds do not count towards your 4 freebuild limit per episode. There is no limit to how many bounty hunter builds you can enter per episode. Your entry will be judged by at least 3 judges with a pass/fail vote. If it is not up to the standards shown in these rules, you will be asked to try again. If your build does not pass the first time, you must wait until the next episode starts before trying that mission again. Not passing one mission does not prevent you from trying another mission during that episode. Results for the pass/fail will be posted by the SoNE Admin account. If the build fails, an explanation will be given for what needs to improve for it to pass. A special thanks to Bricklink for the use of their images for the Mission List. If you want to grow your Star Wars minifigure collection, trying looking on for a good deal! For each Bounty Hunter Mission you complete, you will earn 5XP. If you complete all the Bounty Hunter Missions, you will unlock this tag: Unlocking this tag will grant you the ability to build freebuilds on any planet without any team-control XP restrictions. You can have this tag in addition to another SoNE tag.
  9. Transmitted from Tatooine to Nar Eurbrikka I finally found the traitor Mooris Pel on the outskirts of Mos Espa. Seems he had a lot of credits lying around when he deserted from the Empire, as he offered me a considerable to leave him alone. The Empire pays better though, so I drug him outside and executed him. I will take the head to the Empire as proof of a job well done. I just hope his droid didn't report me to the local authorities. - "Cael the Butcher"
  10. I Scream Clone

    Return to Mandalore

    Here is my addition to my Slums of Mandalore. It will be on display at the Inner West Brick Fair, Croydon, Sydney, Australia this weekend. Return to Mandalore by Joshua Morris, on Flickr Return to Mandalore by Joshua Morris, on Flickr Return to Mandalore by Joshua Morris, on Flickr Slums of Mandalore Slums of Mandalore by Joshua Morris, on Flickr
  11. roadstermatt

    (MOC) Dengar's ship

    scratch built this various attempts got to this see link below please feel free too comment
  12. nzemek

    [MOD] Slave I 8097

    I've been wanting to do this project for a while now and I am pleased to finally share the finished product with you all! The majority of the build changes were inspired by the following threads: http://www.eurobrick...howtopic=123246 http://www.eurobrick...showtopic=46040 The original MOD is what I'm most proud of. Anytime I did research on Boba Fett's ship I was always reminded that the ship model is a Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft. When I hear the word "Firespray" I can't help but imagine that this ship is equipped to rain proton torpedoes, lasers, concussion missiles, etc. on it's opponents. That being said, flick fire missiles were not going to cut it. I planned out the firing mechanism in LDD and only had to make a few changes when I built in in real bricks to make it fire properly. Check out the video and let me know what you think! Full Flickr Album:
  13. MontyPython

    [BH - Geonosian] Disarmed

    [bH - Geonosian] Disarmed Location: Ord Mantell We landed on Ord Mantell at around 6 am. Our connection said, that target owns a small piece of land in the eastern corridor, section B12, small part in the north-western region. The part with largest population of wild Savrips. We have to took some more serious weapons with us. Unprepaired Geonosian is a easy task. But if we'd had to beat a Savrip or two, well, that would bring some troubles. We left the ship in one of the secured hangars. You can never be to sure. I was very eager to complete the task. False informations made us fly to a lot of planets before we heard that our target's hiding on Fondor. This was true but unfortunately he left two days before we got there. Luckily we got new informations and now we're here. Monty was nervous. He was on Ord Mantell before so he knows it's a dangerous place. And it's even more dangerous when you're hunting someone. You can quickly become the hunted one. But so far everything seemed to be okay. He and his partner in this mission, Sid Bass were approaching the target. Locator said they're only 50 metres away. They quickly got there. "Sid, I think we're too late" said Monty. "Really? What makes you think that" replied Sid. "Well," said Monty, "I believe this mission is accomplished. But who could do something like this?" Sid smiled and said: "Have you ever seen a savrip before?" "Yes ..." said Monty. "I played dejarik a lot when I was young and ..." "No, I mean the real savrip. Have you ever seen it in the battle? Well you don't want to. Let's leave." ---------- More pictures in the spoiler.
  14. marathon_productions

    [MOC] Bounty Hunting On Tatooine

    A little showcase video I made to try and show off some of the features of my new MOC Constructive criticism would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. Continuing my series of 80's, Kenner toys. I also built the Body-Rigs and the Rebels, Vehicle Maintenance Energizer. I figured, since these are smaller models, I would post all of these in one topic. A Body-Rig was a small one-man vehicle designed and released by Kenner in 1985. They were even smaller than the Mini-Rigs. Two of the vehicles have managed to appear in Star Wars: Droids: the Imperial Sniper Vehicle and the Sand Skimmer Vehicle. First is the Imperial Sniper Vehicle . The Imperial Sniper Vehicle was a Repulsorlift craft piloted by one person. It featured a large open seat, two blaster cannons and a grappling claw. It eventually saw use during the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY. This model has 185 pieces. Next, is the Rebels, Security Scout Vehicle. The Security Scout Vehicle was a one-man repulsorlift craft used by the Rebel Alliance. It was piloted by a driver in an open seat. The vehicle had two blaster cannons and a rudder to steer. During the Galactic Civil War, the Security Scout Vehicle was used during the Battle of Hoth to eliminate any Imperial soldiers that were following Rebels to the Echo Base. They were later put to use during the Battle of Endor. The pilot, on this model, is held in place by a neck bracket with the control arms coming over head. Looks like it would be a blast to pilot, but, no cover from enemy fire. Seems like a risky vehicle to pilot?! This model has 86 pieces. Last for the Body-Rigs, is the Sand Skimmer Vehicle. A sandskimmer was a small one-man vehicle primarily used to travel in desert environments. Malakili, the keeper of Jabba's rancor, used one when he let the rancor out into Tatooine's Dune Sea for some exercise.[3] It also saw usage by Jabba's Skiff Guards. This model has 85 pieces. I'm having alot of fun making these. Re-living my childhood?! Re-creating them in Lego is alot of fun and challenging too! Hope you guys like them!! The last model I am going to post to this topic is the Rebels, Vehicle Maintenance Energizer. This toy was released in 1982. This is something that no Hoth or Yavin base can go without. And, no Lego set-up should! What would you do if a piece falls off, you'll need this for the Mini-Figs to fix it!! Again, hope you guys like these and I'll post my Side Gunner, ATL Fighter, and White Witch soon. Thanks for looking, Jamie
  16. Following the destruction of the Death Star, the newly commissioned Captain Solo lead a group of Rebels to a remote location on Ord Mantell. The people of this planet had been locked in a gruesome civil war for years. Unknown to most, the Empire operated a covert facility on the planet for gathering resources and information on everything it could. Following their return to the planet Yavin 4, the rebels were informed of this facility by astromech droid R2-D2 who uncovered the plans while on board the Death Star. With the alliance preparing to withdraw from Yavin 4 and relocate to the planet Hoth, resources and man power were at an all time low. General Rieekan tasked Han Solo with getting a group of rebels together to land on Ord Mantell and dispose of this facility. Young Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, trusted companion Chewbacca, and the dynamic duo of R2-D2 set out with Han Solo to destroy the facility. After being discovered inside the facility, the Imperials scrambled to take out the rebels before they could destroy their Refinery. The Storm Troopers were to be expected, but Han was caught off guard by the bounty hunters who were coming after him with a vengeance. After narrowly escaping with his life, he is forced to think long and hard about his future and what he intends to do about his bounty. Our heroes sneaking into the facility The alerted enemy The Ensuing Battle (Edited Picture) The bounty hunter(s) The empty facility The lighting The Behind the Scenes So this is my larger entry. When I posted about the smaller one, I commented saying I was low on time due to travel. That is entirely true, but part of that was also building the bigger entry as well haha. I read that there is a dark horse comic version of this in which a Bounty Hunter never seen on screen confronts Han. I decided to take my own spin on this with placing Fett and IG-88 in the build. All in all, built on a 48x48 Base Plate.The glass tunnel bridge was my initial idea for what this would look like and then worked from there. I decided to go with white as my main color scheme mainly because my Grey stock is being used towards another MOC right now (Ninja Turtles). I am pretty happy with how this turned out, I hope you all enjoyed it. I am of course welcoming of all comments and criticisms. I love the feedback. Thank you to those putting on this contest. Win or lose, these contests are a great way to generate ideas and get people's gears turning. The concept of this contest is great and opens up so many possibilities for others. I look forward to seeing others builds. Link to my Flickr Stream for HiRes photos and other builds.
  17. "I don't like him. He's coarse and irritating, and he gets everywhere." The Twi'lek girl in the cantina had been right- the Rodian gunrunner was splattered over his hideout, an arm the only thing recognisable as belonging to him. He'd tried to run from my guns, the irony. His goons had put up a fight, but no one gets away from Demos Khan, Scourge of the Outer Rim. Or something like that, I forget what they call me now. The only sounds I can hear are the moans of the dying mingling with hiss of the door as it opens and closes on the lone arm draped across it's threshold. And the soft crunch of my boots on the sand. Job done. The dead Rodian's arm: Demos Khan himself: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ So, I hope this is alright as a bounty hunter build! C+C welcome! Definitely got a lot more inspiration for SONE now.
  18. StarWars8Spoiler

    [WIP MOC] Slave 1

    I've started a large project, wish me luck. I'm using a Kenner model as a basis, and I will try to cram as much detail as possible into this creation. I'm working from the bottom up. Please offer any advice or criticisms as you see fit.
  19. woodnman412

    [MOC] Slave II

    Hey Eurobricks, Here is my Slave II build. I've seen other builds out there and they served as inspiration for this one. Here is my MOCPages for it, LDD file will be there. Here is my Rebrickable page for anyone who wants to build. Thanks much!
  20. Hey eurobricks, Here is my Mist Hunter in more detail. Please check out my MOCpages for more pics and LDD file. Gotta thank 3d_predator for his input on creating the minifigs. TYVM
  21. Reekardoo

    MOC: Clone Wars

    Inspired in the 2003 Tv Animated show Clone Wars. I much prefer these cartoons to the 3D stuf made afterwards but that is more popular or better known. What do you think? Cheers!
  22. Do minifigures dream of plastic sheep? This is the story of a man without a past because he has no memory. It's the story of a man with a unknowingly daring future because he is on the run. It's the story of a born again hero, the Bounty Hunter. Directed, Written, Animated, FX, and Music Composed by Tristan Kilmer Starring Neon Icy Wings as the Bounty Hunter Sean Polite as the Monarch Cody Wait as F-16 Pilot and Eye patched Soldier Bret Newton as Mutton Chopped Civilian This project is my film submission for the Cal-Arts 2015 application. I've been working on it since April. It required every skill I've learned from the films I've made this year. My favorite thing about this was creating the look of the environment for the city. I spent several weeks researching different art styles, drawing inspiration from such films as Blade Runner and Tron. My least favorite thing was the weeks spent rotoscoping, especially for the Helicopter. I had to keep the film under five minutes, which meant trimming the Helicopter and fight sequences. Thanks for looking and Happy Holidays!
  23. The Fondorian at the reception told us his employer was inspecting his mine. The officer I accompany just had to lower his eyebrows a bit to convey he was in a hurry. One of the mine’s hover platforms was assigned to us promptly. Your average platform. Average enough for me to pilot it. I was brought to make sure we didn’t need any unwanted guests. That would only complicate things. So now I’m flying this primitive platform around on this primitive facility. This place where they never end scraping the skin of the planet, to dump it in great piles, in search of whatever preciousness they may find. Because war’s hunger for construction materials is never satisfied. So they dig, dump and search. No need for fancy, clean equipment. The planet doesn’t charge tax for keeping it clean anyway… Between this chain of dusty mountains, inhabited by dirty excavators and with conveyors for trees, a bold white figure stands out. This vision of neatness in all of this toxic chaos. The officer has no doubt is the boss of this mine, inspecting the premises. We’re about in hearing range. [soNE Ep. VI] 2 - Worse than war by Bert.VR, on Flickr “The bounty hunter Boba Fett frequents this place” It wasn’t even a question. “Tell us what you know of him” “No one knows him. How could I help my friends of the Empire?” “Tell us everything, or we’ll make this official” The Fondorian seems the kind of businessman to understand what this implies. “Well, I don’t know him. Not beyond the point of his business. I can’t really say he works for me, but let me say I give him… inspiration. From time to time, when my sales aren’t increasing, I give him ideas what to do. War is great for business, you know. Because war brings fear, and fear brings the want for protection. And for that, you need materials. But war seems such a far-off thing for some people. The fear disappears. The money disappears. So we need to get war back to those people” “And that’s what you need the bounty hunter for” “He eliminates certain well-chosen targets. He destroyers certain facilities. But that’s something every bounty hunter can do. But to make the people believe it were the Rebels, you need the best. You need the best to frighten people with their own illusions, to make them feel unsafe, to make them long for protection, to make them buy, whether they really need it or not. There’s nothing wrong with a bit of terror. On the contrary. It’s good for commerce. And it keeps people awake, always on the lookout for the enemy. And it keeps people asleep, not complaining – this world is perfect, as long as they keep those Rebels outside. That’s why you Imperials let me do this off the books. You’ve known this for ages. But why this sudden interest?” “The bounty hunter was here recently. For a job of you” “People in the junkyards of Ord Mantell seem to think they have nothing to lose. They think everything there has been destroyed already. It was time to make them see that differently. And the loss of a concurrent won’t hurt business” These last words can only faintly be heard from the platform I’m steering back to our ship. But that doesn’t stop me of feeling a deep disgust. Of this man in whose mind resonates only the vocabulary of commerce. It’s not about the planet he is poisoning, it’s about the resources. It’s not about the fear people experience, it’s about what makes them hunger for those resources. Using war as a lucrative selling strategy. Using terror as marketing. There are no casualties, only losses of clients. I thought war was the worst thing imaginable. But people fighting a war are no villains. They want to end the war as soon as possible, in their favour. They are no villains compared to these… They don’t want the war to end. They want it to go on, to be everywhere, to destruct everything as long as it is profitable. This is not a human. This is not even a machine. But these villains could be stopped. If there was no cause, if there were no means to accomplish their goals. War gives them the ideas. And scum like bounty hunters, like Boba Fett, give them the opportunity. He doesn’t question what he’s doing. He can say he’s just the blaster in another’s hand. And he is right. The blaster never questions the actions of that hand. The killing is not his responsibility. But the blaster gave every one the opportunity to murder without having the need of the courage to look into the victims eyes. The blaster invites the user to use it, to kill. And so it is with the bounty hunter. The killer doesn’t even have to see his victim, he never has to touch a weapon. Boba Fett can say he hasn’t killed a soul in his life. But he offers the possibility. And should he who offers the opportunity be a bit less despicable than he who takes it? I never liked the bounty hunter, but now I’m utterly disgusted by him. _____________ LDD File to be found here. I really wanted to go for a different side of Fondor for this one, vast and dirty. I had a lot of fun with the bucket conveyor and the platforms, but the heap of dirt proved to be very difficult, both due to the shape and to the limited amount of bricks in dark orange. I hope you like the way it turned out (with a lot of studs!). It was quite impossible to contain it to the 16x16 base, so I hope the judges are okay with a one stud overhang of some plates. I also had to make the decorations for the torsos of the officer and the pilot. They can be found in this album, if anyone would want to use them for their renders. I hope you like this installment! Comments are always welcome!
  24. Here is my take on the Future of Star Wars: Star Wars - Episode VII 'Twilight Dawning' In this scene, Han Solo & Princess Leia Organa-Solo have chased down a new Bounty Hunter, Kal Durusk, into a small subsidary section of Bespin's Cloud City. Kal has the plans to a new weapon that will make life difficult for the Skywalkers...problem is Han and Leia are getting a little long in the tooth, and Kal looks to be escaping! Han pauses to catch his breath, and leans hard on his walking stick. He faces camera and breaking the fourth wall states,"We're Getting Too Old For This, Your Worshipfulness", while Leia attempts to focus her blaster rifle on the fleeing Bounty Hunter, only to have to pause to rearrange her glasses on her nose. Will the old Rebels manage to capture the Bounty Hunter? Or will they realise that their twilight years are upon them, and give it up in order to spend more time with the grandchildren... We're Getting Too Old For This, Your Worshipfulness 1 by mjfirefly, on Flickr This pic shows the vignette as first built, Kal's blaster can be seen poking out to one side! Please, also note the Clone Trooper helmet. Han has a walking stick in one hand and blaster in the other, while Leia is in her most comfortable robe. Notice that Han has gone grey, and both the old Rebels need spectacles now... We're Getting Too Old For This, Your Worshipfulness 2 by mjfirefly, on Flickr A closer look at the old Rebels, with Kal Durusk making a swift getaway. The clouds of Bespin can be seen out through the pressurised window. We're Getting Too Old For This - Close Up of Elderly Han & Leia by mjfirefly, on Flickr A closer look at Han and Leia, and the detail around the pressurised window. We're Getting Too Old For This - Close Up of Kal Durusk the Bounty Hunter by mjfirefly, on Flickr Kal Durusk, a new Yuuzhan Vong Bounty Hunter, expert with blaster and sword. We're Getting Too Old For This - Close Up of Interior by mjfirefly, on Flickr The interior of the vignette, the main centrepiece being the pressurised window, not unlike the one that Luke Skywalker shatters in his fight with Darth Vader in Cloud City. We're Getting Too Old For This - Close Up of Power Generator by mjfirefly, on Flickr A Power Generator, providing lighting. Notice the electrical wiring and interface couplers. We're Getting Too Old For This - Close Up of Window & Door by mjfirefly, on Flickr The door and exit for Kal Durusk, his ship waiting nearby amongst the swirling clouds of Bespin - notice the light indicating Exit... We're Getting Too Old For This - Close Up of Elderly Han & Leia 2 by mjfirefly, on Flickr A closer look at Han and Leia, a little vaseline over the lens to hide the wrinkles... Leia is dressed in her most comfortable robe (following the fashions of the over 70s on Coruscant) and has favoured her original 'bagel' buns hairstyle - for ease of tying her hair back in her older years. Han is in his favourite black trousers and comfortable shirt - an old Rebel 'Endor' jacket completing the ensemble. He holds tightly to his walking stick, this fashioned from the tree that his dear departed Wookiee friend Chewbacca lived in on Kashyyyk, to always keep him close. More pics here: