Brickminer lastest MOC

    By Jipay,

    Brickminer once again decided that TLC wild west line should continue to live. So he made a brand new MOC :


    Yes, it looks more real than the real things :-D

    Discuss it here

    Golden Tower and Aero Booster review

    By DoubleT,


    There are now new reviews the Exo-Force sets, the Golden Tower, and the Aero Booster

    Click Here to see, read and discuss

    Thanks to Hayatoson

    The Irish LUG wants you

    By Jipay,

    If you're Irish, that is.

    Our fellow Norro is trying to create a Lug for this part of the world. If you're Irish, and willing to help him, try to drop by this thread !

    7990 cement mixer review

    By Jipay,

    Our member Cabby got his hands on the new city cement mixer set


    Find the complete review of the set here.

    7092 Skeleton

    Mister Phes
    By Mister Phes,

    Tearing himself away from his Eiffel Tower review Yoda bring us:

    7092 Skeleton

    Market Street

    By Jipay,

    From Jan Beyer (Lego Group) :

    I can see that there are some discussions in the forum about the price of the market street:

    The right price is 89,99 USD or 89,99 Eur.

    Piece count 1248

    Measurements are 33cm High x 25.4cm Wide x 25.4cm Deep

    Market Street was designed by Eric Brok, an adult LEGO fan from the Netherlands.

    Eric Brok, the LEGO fan:

    Eric Brok has been a LEGO enthusiast for 10 years. He designed Market Street after

    he was inspired by another LEGO modular building set, "Caf

    Eiffel Tower (10181) Box Art

    By xwingyoda,

    Guys and Gals,

    I managed to buy the much anticipated Eiffel Tower today and I really think its just *wub* There are no proper words to describe that set, so


    You can view that beauty and comment on the pictures here !!

    French Pride On !!


    7997 Train Station Pic Review

    Mister Phes
    By Mister Phes,

    Our little green friend continues his review saga with...

    New Batman Pics

    By DoubleT,


    Many thanks to our members Steff & sam89 have found some new good pictures of the new Batman sets, that is comming soon.

    It should be the final pics, with more details.

    Click Here to see more pictures and tell us what you think..

    FreeLUG annual summer event 2007

    By brickerik,

    Hi every one,

    FreeLUG (the french LUG) organizes its fifth annual summer event.

    It will take place from the 13th to the 15th July 2007 in Auvergne near Clermont-Ferrand, center of France.

    You can find more informations about planned activities and location on the dedicated website : [en].

    You are welcome to attend and feel free to drop me a line if you need more informations.



    7694 MT-31 Trike & 7692 MX-71 Recon Dropship

    Mister Phes
    By Mister Phes,

    The force is strong in Yoda at the moment! He's been churning out pictorial reviews faster than the frontpage can handle them! Here's his latest space set reviews

    Castle Set Reviews

    Mister Phes
    By Mister Phes,

    Continuing his review frezy Yoda reviews three of the new Castle sets...

    7090 Crossbow Attack


    7009 The Final Joust


    7091 Knight's Catapult Defense


    View the 2007 Castle set reviews

    7994 Port & 7992 Transport Container Pic Reviews

    Mister Phes
    By Mister Phes,

    Our Yoda has been very busy lately building and reviewing the latest LEGO sets. So let us begin his extravaganza with reviews of the new Harbour sub-theme sets!

    Port 7994 Pic Review


    7992 Transport Container


    Episode I Star wars

    By DoubleT,

    The Trade Federation MTT

    "300" Lego Style

    By DoubleT,


    Our Admin Starwars4J found this amazing Lego version of the trailer to the movie "300"


    to see it, and Here to discuss it.

    If you know who made this great work, or if you are the one who made it,

    please write in forum or PM me or another admin, so we can credit you.

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