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  1. JaBaCaDaBra

    Raspberry Pi LEGO HAT

    Just add some kind of blanking. on switch of hat, stop all functions on current hat it's still all brainwaves.
  2. JaBaCaDaBra

    Raspberry Pi LEGO HAT

    How about bankselecting. One of the pins must be the selector. it shouldn't be too hard to add some selection hardware, or maybe even multiplex the hat. (thats btw the exact same as I did with the VIC since a 6502┬ÁP cant address more than FFFF adresses and 20K was allready taken bij kernelrom, charom and interpreter rom.)
  3. JaBaCaDaBra

    Raspberry Pi LEGO HAT

    Yep, understand that and it won't be easy.
  4. JaBaCaDaBra

    Raspberry Pi LEGO HAT

    I'm not familiair with Python (better say, I'm a noob) So this looked to me an easy way to make a start. learn from others, don't re-invent the wheel but improve it where you can.
  5. JaBaCaDaBra

    Raspberry Pi LEGO HAT

    But offcourse there's always ye good 'ol soldering iron. Once, back in 1978, they said you couln't add 64Kb RAM to a VIC-20, I proved that it was possible and it even still works fine in '21
  6. JaBaCaDaBra

    Technic 2022 Set Discussion

    I really prefer this one.. in UCS offcourse No more VAG products please
  7. JaBaCaDaBra

    Raspberry Pi LEGO HAT

    I hope to receive my hat this week and will try to figure out.
  8. JaBaCaDaBra

    Raspberry Pi LEGO HAT

    It might(?) even be possible to stack 5 of them Wich is 20 switch points Wich means you can claim the entire attic for your trains I have at this moment no idea if/how the LEGO hat has an ID pin and can be stacked but I suppose that it will be possible since the Pi has very few limits. Waiting for my hat now. https://www.sossolutions.nl/pimoroni-phat-stack-fully-assembled-kit
  9. JaBaCaDaBra

    Raspberry Pi hat

    Ha thats a scam LEGO price is 119 minus VIP is actually 113 I tried to order one...
  10. JaBaCaDaBra

    Raspberry Pi hat

    Oh wow I ordered it Now where to get that "Maker plate" ? Edit Allready found it and it's impossible to buy it
  11. At the end of book 2 I had one T shape 3x3 yellow beam short and one L shape 2x4 too much.
  12. JaBaCaDaBra

    making original Lego parts exactly the same

    You will have to start such a plan with obtaining the rights from TLG.
  13. JaBaCaDaBra

    45345 Spike Prime essentials now available

    Yes thanks for this highlight. It was however today in stock.