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  1. JaBaCaDaBra

    42114 VOLVO 6x6 Hauler Mods and Improvements

    numbers at wrong place 62 and 63 should be interchanged Ha just got mine working it didn't calibrate, made the most terrible clicking noises... studied the gears for hours and just found that I stuck the drive axle next to the axle connector at the joint between front and read. $^%$^&*^()*
  2. JaBaCaDaBra

    42114 VOLVO 6x6 Hauler Mods and Improvements

    Did anyone notice that LEGO removed the instructions from their website?
  3. JaBaCaDaBra


  4. JaBaCaDaBra

    [REVIEW] 21323 Grand Piano

    A real funny mistype But OT, the 42100 had this too so it not that special neither new.
  5. JaBaCaDaBra

    [REVIEW] 21323 Grand Piano

    What a GREAT review Really an AAA+++ About the set: Quite nice, not my thing but what I see is absolute a beautyfull design. Uhm, I wonder if it is possible to mod the set to an standup pianola. Honkytonk... western... including sign "don't shoot at the piano player"
  6. JaBaCaDaBra

    Control+ General Discussion

    I have the same problem and a converter to hdmi is..... to slow for a VIC (vic with 64K dynamic ram) BTW A beamer has often S-Video and that works with a VIC So we played GORF on a quite big screen.
  7. JaBaCaDaBra

    Control+ General Discussion

    + = You allready answered it. You may even send IR signals with a phone, or a learning TV remote.
  8. JaBaCaDaBra

    Control+ General Discussion

    He's however right. Where is serial gone? And Shugart, SASI, SCSI, PCI? and some now very obsolete wireless connections (lucky cause they worked often like megabricks) Some of these most here will never even have heard about but they disappeared really not so long ago. No problem at all, there is a perfect emulator of the SID 6581 that uses the original mapping of MOS. However the point you mean is that we can emulate almost everyting now and Androïd will also be emulated in the future. What do I say, you can allready emulate any androïd version on a Windows computer. Somewhere in the GBC topics you can find the details but you best first fetch yourself a handkerchief cause you won't keep it dry. MTBF 3 to 7 hours, depends a bit on load offcourse. 3 motors a day on a show is no exception too.
  9. JaBaCaDaBra

    Control+ General Discussion

    Some of the hardly used 9 volt components work 30yrs later. Most were allready thrown away cause they're worn out. All these kids toys have a very limited life. You may stock up some new motors but you know as well as everyone that FA a motor fully wears out on a show, actually you need several motors for one show when you're running GBC's etc.
  10. JaBaCaDaBra

    Star Trek USS Enterprise

    Yes.... *VERY* interested.
  11. JaBaCaDaBra

    Power Functions newbie help

    FYI Control+ is an app with wich you can control several Technic models. What you mean is the Powered Up line of motors etc. These are limited use with Control+ and free Programmable with the Powerd Up app. Buwizz and Sbrick are awesome controllers for Power Functions components but Power functions will end this year. Both systems are great but one has future and the other ends soon. Buwizz and Sbrick will probable come with an own new control brick
  12. JaBaCaDaBra

    Lego 2-Stroke motor

    Melt away to a blob you mean. And than catch fire. Anyway, you need a fire extuinguisher Please film it, we love to see your experiment.
  13. JaBaCaDaBra

    [REVIEW] 42114 - Volvo Articulated Hauler

    That not a servo motor but the Large Technic angular motor. Neither does there excist a Control+ hub Control+ is the name of the app. This hub is called the Technic hub.