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  1. Yes I found out... I was JUST in time to throw their damned lithium battery out the window where in burst in flames while still falling. JC... that was close. I have a topic somewhere else where I told all this before.
  2. Since certain criminal "brands" only are able to copy/steal ideas of others there is no competition at all. Not in "brickworld". Other technical toys like Fischertechnik, Knex etc are hardly able to match the wonderfull world of LEGO F.A. FT was much further in the 70 with their technical options but lost due to playability.
  3. It did not When they answered me that they would send new springs I allready knew that this was not the problem at all. But okay, 8 springs extra is no reason to complain
  4. So I did with a very special set that was only given away as a present on a show years back a very small set, mini mindstorms It even has an official LEGO number So I added it...never a reaction... Half a year later I realised I didn't get a reaction and it was neither added So I added it again, sometimes things go wrong.. This time I got an answer, extremely rude, mismannered. And a remark that it's not a LEGO set. WTF? I have the thing here, right now, physycally in my hands. I made a remark back that I could prove it No answer Oh well then i made a remark that communication is not their best skill They threatened me to ban me Bricklink volunteers? It's just a bunch of egocentric megablocks, nothing less
  5. I'm afraid that I fully endorse this. The most beautyfull designs pass here but there's always the never ending moaning. Even worse, there has never been one single set where there were no complaints. I just mailed support and received a new set of springs.
  6. Or Bricklink is wrong, as often happens. There are VERY much missing parts, sets and colors and they do nothing about it.
  7. JaBaCaDaBra

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    Why? they did this on 42100 and 42112 too. Probably Lepin is asking the same...
  8. JaBaCaDaBra

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    Renault 4 and Citro├źn 2CV were factory painted too. Although that didn't help eitherl
  9. JaBaCaDaBra

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    The driver on this machine is more or less a high skilled system controller and operator. These machines are almost fully computer controlled and can do many things automated. This goes nowadays for even the simpelst terrain leveling or agriculuture machine. No muscles needed but instead a lot of insight in operating. They level terrains on GPS base, they level terrains on mm's exact, everything goes automated under supervision from the "driver". Offcourse they can be manually operated and just push lots of cubic tons dirt around. Control plus offers some of these automated actions. FA leveling terrain and automated blade hight depending on terrain angle is possible.
  10. JaBaCaDaBra

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    ripper tilt? ow, you're right thats 6
  11. JaBaCaDaBra

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    What would be the sixt function? 1 & 2 for tracks (includes steering) 3 for raper lift 4 for tilting the blade* 5 for lifting the blade *I overlooked that one
  12. JaBaCaDaBra

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    Maybe bigger Having a look at the real machine (awesome, I want one to drive to work ) The raper will also have 2 actuators and the blade 4. If you look at the tracks you will find that they are quite small compared to this large dozer, so no new tracks needed. Oh and a new one-piece dozer blade might be the most interesting new part.
  13. JaBaCaDaBra

    [RUMORS] Flagship - CAT D11T

    It will have nothing special. Back to reality: 1 Technic hub, as usuall controlled by the C+ app 2 drive motors 1 motor for lifting the blade 1 motor for lifting the raper Lifting the blade will be with actuators, maybe the new long one, depends on size Same at the rear but only one. Some new colors may be involved. New parts? Only time will tell us. About all the mentioned new parts New larger tracks: Only if they're planning more very large machinery, new molds cost a lot. (D11 is a large monster, I wonder what scale it will be) 51515 Hub, Very unlikely, it's not ment for this kind of set but this is a personal guess. New motors: No, there's no need since the current motors can do everything. Pneumatics: That chapter is passed. Very complicated parts like electropneumatic valves would drive te price sky high. (But would be awesome to have) Oh well, I would love to see all those dreamt-of new parts too but to be realistic....
  14. JaBaCaDaBra

    TOS: USS Enterprise

    Very funny Scotty, now beam down my clothes too.
  15. JaBaCaDaBra

    Help with LEGO Volvo dump truck 42114

    Exactly the same over here