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  1. I only meant that Lego have done HP right so I trust they'll do the same with LOTR - the price of Rivendell makes me think they won't skimp if it comes to a full wave. HP also has a lot of single use minifig and accesaory molds, LOTR doesn't have too many in my opinion so more money for prints, dual molding and pieces hopefully.
  2. I think Uruk-Hai Army and the Mirkwood Elves sets from the last lot of sets were near enough battle packs. Both were sold to be massable (extra Helm's Deep/elf fortress walls, army building figs, army building animals, ballista/siege ladders) and so comparable to the Star Wars 501st set in terms of price and content. There are several types of figure packs available now from Lego over various themes, ranging from about £12-£30 which could be served by LOTR. I really hope this goes on to be a full line, but the fact they're starting with a huge set looks promising. I hope they hit the key locations and figures so we don't end up with huge holes like the last waves, but I think Harry Potter has been an indication about how well a revisited franchise can be done, hopefully LOTR and Indy fare the same.
  3. Rivendell is something of a double edged sword here - it does not have a consistent layout in the films so some structures could be dropped if needs be, or it could be set out like the Hogwarts sets, where you connect the various buildings together in whatever orientation you want. Most of the key locations can be seen here. The Council of Elrond is behind the big building on the left and Frodo's room is in a building off the left of the picture. The big building and gatehouse with the covered walkways either side are what I'd say are the most obvious buildingsto include, with the smaller hall on the right, bridges and gazebos being less important but still cool. As for figure possibilities, there are the nine members of the Fellowship, Elrond, Arwen, Gloin, Bilbo and various other Elves Men and Dwarves as well as statues from LOTR alone.
  4. Seaber

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    Has anyone else seen the 50 minute or so Hogwarts Legacy stream tonight? Really whets the appetite, and I felt so much more in the world of HP than even the Hogwarts scenes of the FB films. I doubt we'll get sets for it, but I reckon Lego will set a set or two more when fans get this game. More than from wizards unite anyway
  5. It's a shame that it's not just a new mold for bow without the gimmick - like the relatively new SW Bowcaster, it would have been better if it was just a molded weapon with no playfeature. Still, cool little piece.
  6. Seaber

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    I would love to see the Fountain completed one day, but doubt it would be this soon. All that would be required is a recolours of the centaur body and the correct head/hair pieces for the four figures. The centaur looks like it is holding a bow which could be made with existing gold pieces.
  7. Rings of Power didn't even get a LOTR books re-release with their branding on, so doubt Lego is anywhere near the horizon. Perhaps in a season or two they will make some of those horrible bobble head pop things as they seem to appear for so many franchises. As two of the main characters in Elrond and Galadriel are more familiar in the PJ films than the show, they probably won't have the same pull as trilogy characters. In terms of short and medium legs, Hobbits should remain with short legs, just with printed feet. Medium legs for some orcs and goblins may work, as they're likely to wear armour and helmets that will boost them up a bit. I still think Gimli looks good with short legs.
  8. There were LOTR sets in 2013, Hobbit sets in 2014 and LOTR character packs for Dimensions in 2015 Absolutely. I think we're all letting our imaginations run away with themselves,but let's look at the closes possible comparison theme - Harry Potter. In the 2010/11 waves, ten sets were released. Eight (possible nine) have been rereleased since the line started again in 2018.
  9. Seaber

    Wizarding World 2022 - Rumors & Discussion

    A really exciting thing about this Theme is new mold potential. With Merpeople and Grindylows coming, it's only Fang, the Troll and perhaps a unicorn which would need new molds for the HP creatures and animals, although Norbert and the Ironbelly may need new ones too. I also still have hope for a fluffy Crookshanks and bigger Grim. For minifig accessories thing like a proper quaffle and deluminator, and for minifigs themselves things like an exploded Marge appearing in sets doesn't seem a far out idea. Would love a proper 4-wide foor to fit with the gothic arches too.
  10. Although I'd love minifig scale Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith, I don't think they would serve as great standalone pieces if this D2C is the only set we get. The main reason is these sets would work well with additional packs to expand armies and heroes. Figures at Helm's Deep are Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, Theoden, Eomer, Eowyn, and Haldir as well as lots of Rohirrim, Elves and Uruks. For Minas Tirith there is Aragorn, Legolas, Gimli, Gandalf, Merry, Pippin, Theoden, Eomer, Eowyn, Faramir, Denethor, Gothmog, and the Witch King as well as lots of Gondorians, Rohirrim, Orcs, Haradrim, Mumakil, and Oath breakers. Frodo, Sam, Elrond, Arwen and Boromir also make small appearances here. The most minifigures ever in a set is 25. You may be able to make that work with Helm's Deep, but the armies would be quite small, almost impossible to get a satisfactory line up for Minas Tirith. They also miss out two of the key characters in Frodo and Sam. The most likely film the set is based on I would guess at FOTR, as Gandalf the Grey and Boromir seem more iconic than Gandalf the White and the Rohan/Gondor characters introduced in TTT and ROTK. Bag End, with the four main Hobbits, Bilbo and Gandalf would be lovely, but apart from a few other Hobbits (Rosie Cotton, the Proudfoots, Farmer Maggot etc) the minifigure line up isn't the most thrilling. Rivendell with the whole Fellowship, Elrond, Arwen and Bilbo would be amazing. Moria with the Fellowship, Goblins, Cave Troll and the Watcher/Balrog would be good, however its a much gloomier location and rather than being based on a small village its a whole country, so would probably be much more of an 'Assault on Hoth' layout.
  11. IMO we won't get a Microscale for this theme (similar to Hogwarts) unless it is Rivendell. One of the things that make the Hogwarts set so attractive is once you turn around the stunning exterior there are loads of interior scenes from the movies. This goes some way to justifying the value of the set, not only value for money, but value for space. I don't think there is a LOTR location like this, Rivendell would be interesting as it is very open, so would be the closest thing to Hogwarts in that sense. Helm's Deep or Minas Tirith would be a wonderful exterior and disappointing interior. Helm's Deep would have the Throne Room and Glittering Caves, Minas Tirith could have the Throne Room, Houses of Healing, Gandalf's Rooms, Pyre Room and Archives, but few of these are as recognisable as the Great Hall or Staircase in Hogwarts for example. Plus a micro horse figure would be needed. Maybe if the castles had micro figures for the exterior battle, but one or two rooms of interior with minifigures that would be one way around it. But not sure how popular that would be.
  12. Rakrondewl from way back had some good mocs which looked set-like, otherwise Jonas Kramm and lecomocloc are good ones on insta.
  13. For its first year back, and not including anything extra from the CMF, Harry Potter got about 13 new molds. Not bad. It used very little from earlier incarnations of the theme, but could reuse plenty of existing parts like rats and owls. LOTR could potentially be very lucky in that almost all parts used on the old sets hold up. Hobbit and elf hair, Gandalf's beards, Gimli's helmet and beard combo, rohan helmet and sheild, Sting, Gollum, the Ring, Orc hair pieces, the Cave Troll, eagles, wargs and all Uruk pieces except the halberd still look great. The new longsword pievmce looks great for Glamdring Aside from new printing like duel coloured arms, skirt pieces replaced the wizard's slopes, and printed feet for the Hobbits, there are only a few necessary pieces to update the old figures. A new dual molded hat for Gandalf and perhaps elf hair with inbuilt quiver for Legolas would just about be all that is required to update the old figures, though of course new swords, bows, axes, etc would be welcome too. tldr;if we ever were to get a new range of minifigure sets, there is good potential for new molds being used on figs and accessories as very little old stuff needs updating.
  14. One thing to consider with battle packs and army building is how many new molds would be needed. For example for that list above you'd need new helmets and shields for almost all, as well as weapons and armour for some. I count 13 new molds, allowing for the same existing armour piece on the Uruks to be reused for gondor and others. That doesn't include anything new for the existing Mordor Orcs, Uruks, Corsairs, Dead, and Rohirrim either. Battle packs normally make use of existing parts, so although I think if we were to get proper lines again battle packs of a sort would be likely (similar to Uruk-Hai Attack from 2012 or the recent SW 501st set which has substantial scenery or vehicle and both sides of the conflict). You've also got to think about how adaptable they are. For example the old Rohan helmet did for Theoden, Eomer and the Rohirrim Soldier. The new Viking Helmet will do for Viking figures as well as Eowyn and other Rohirrim. For factions like Numenor, Elendil, Isildur and the soldiers all have helmets too different to use the same mold. For Gondor, you may be able to get away with a shared one for the Gondorian Soldiers, Citadel Guards, Fountain Court Guards and Faramir, but then all normal Gondorian Soldiers would have to have the pin holes in their helmets for the wing pieces - another new mold! That's also why I think this D2C is unlikely to be something like Minas Tirith or Helm's Deep as there would be too many new molds required for such a new theme.
  15. I imagine Rings of Power coming out has brought LOTR to mind again, much like Indy 5 and Fantatic Beasts have done to classic IJ and Harry Potter. Big pinch of salt of course, there could be a mistake with the D2C being based on Tolkien and nothing more will happen apart from the Brickheads. Three things I think will happen if it is real though: 1. I think Bag End or Rivendell are most likely settings if it is based on locations from the movies. They are recognisable locations which appear in more than one film and feature lots of hero characters. Others like Helm's Deep and Minas Tirith are heavily skewed towards armies, and others like Orthanc feature very few major characters. Bag End and Rivendell also feature all five major Hobbits and Gandalf. 2. The Hobbit will probably get very little recognition, Rings of Power will get none at all. 3. Gandalf getting a new hat and hair mold, and possibly Narsil/Anduril will be the only new molds if it is Bag End/Rivendell. There are several LOTR minifigures and their accessories who are a bit out of date now (Legolas without a quiver, Gimli's axe, Gandalf's staff), but overall still fairly decent. If this is the start of new waves of LOTR sets to come, I will be delighted. I think it's silly to say wishlists of sets and things like that as it's still too early to know what this line will look like, but I think a 12 figure CMF alongside sets would be fantastic, and like Harry Potter could easily have a series 2. For example, Frodo and Sam in Orc Armour, Coronation Aragorn and Knight Faramir require new molds and are not featured too often so would be great additions to a CMF, as well as characters with many outfits like Arwen, Elrond and Eowyn. I may well buy my first ever brickheads to help support this fledgling theme. Hopefully the D2C isn't micro scale or items, but even so I would almost certainly get those too.