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  1. evancelt

    Classic Castle Parts?

    Thanks for your feedback @Follows Closely & @MAB - I agree people arrive at creativity and fun in different ways, and I think in this point my family falls into MAB's camp! My kids are recently graduated from Duplo castle and we aren't really a "set" family (the only sets I've bought in the past few years are some minecraft sets for my kids and the new santa's sleigh for my wife). Rather than buy pre-made sets my kids have pretty much always just made their own free form things with loose pieces. As for price, 31120 is $100 and the blacksmith is $150! I was able to pick up used panels in bulk on BrickLink for roughly $0.20 each, so when I got 36 corner panels that was $7.20! I think overall the pieces for this Xmas gift project have either been super cheap or donated (the raised baseplates) and it will come no where near the $350 that 2x 31120 and blacksmith would cost. In the end I'm looking forward to them using their creativity to come up with different castle layouts and heights, and to working with them to try out some of the more complex features found in some sets (from loose pieces!)
  2. evancelt

    [OL - FB] King's College, Breshaun

    Oh I know all about that one! Great job still going for it with the missing pieces - it works (I'm sure many fountains of the world are asymmetrical or have aged over time). I often get bogged down and change my architecture if I don't have enough pieces, good to see that didn't stop you.
  3. evancelt

    Port Wilks Waterwheel

    Stunning @Garmadon! I've been admiring this one on Flickr for a few weeks. I really like the use of the big 3x3 round pieces for the rocks and the upside down plates for the roof. What mechanism did you use to attach the upside down plates? Are they just sitting on top with the studs holding them in place?
  4. Thanks! The wall panels are light bley with dark bley decals applied to them (plain panels from Bricklink and then decals bought from the Brick Monarch store - highly recommend!). My castle sets from childhood are long gone, so when I started pulling together some castle pieces to gift to my kids for Xmas I decided light bley was going to be many times cheaper than the original light and dark grays. You can see the difference in color between the dark gray classic armor on the black knight versus the dark bley in the walls. Here's a pic of the decal application process: Yeah the border was fun! I recently ordered a few hundred various sized green slopes for an upcoming build and they happened to arrive at the same time as I was working on this one, so figured it would be an unusual way to set a "live edge" border. Thanks! The castle did end up looking way smaller in the pictures than I had intended (more like a tree house / club house haha), but I think the intention is there and it could plausibly be the end of a much larger house that continues off screen. Would be fun to see other renaissance faire type builds in BoBs. I'm always drawn to the idea of enlightenment-era people thinking about the past - vikings, knights, dinosaurs (dragons?!), cavemen, etc.
  5. evancelt

    [OL - FB] King's College, Breshaun

    Nice work on the columns and building colors! Looks great. I really like the monochrome statue Is the one studded end of the fountain border intentional?
  6. Nice build! This is a from me for GoC! Love the yellowed whites in the mix. The little touches of green around the base really pull the entire build together with some color. As @Professor Thaum said, great continuation of the semaphore tower idea. I like the stud look on the mast that you used here as opposed to my rectangular tile method in the Hussar's Isle build. What's your GIMP technique to remove backgrounds? The edges around the top arm are a little rough, but the outcome is good overall! Definitely richer colors this way - not as blown out. I shoot against a plainish background and then use remove.bg to get rid of most of the background. If it it removes too much, I then touch up the foreground layer to add back parts it may have removed by accident. I also use Camera Raw in photoshop to mess with lighting and shadows per Mark of Falworths guide on Youtube.
  7. Thanks! The roofs were hard to get working. I had originally intended to use 3x3 round dark red bricks or double-convex 75 deg slopes, but the dimensions of those castle panels didn't work out correctly for that. The castle parts are part of something I'm pulling together for my kids for xmas The guys from the skunk build are here - the others are close enough to them that I assume they've since bathed! I made sure to only include pirate-y hats and a few muskets to cement that either time travel had occurred or this was a renn faire type dealie
  8. evancelt

    Classic Castle Parts?

    Applied some dark bley decals from Brick Monarch to those light bley castle pieces - they add a lot of character! Also per your advice ordered some hinges, trapdoors, lots of extra bley bricks and plates, and had a generous donation of raised baseplates, minifigs, and bardings. It's coming together!
  9. The Montegros put on an Oktoberfest Joust in Punto Sur Licensed as a Medium Residence
  10. The Montegros put on an Oktoberfest Joust in Punto Sur Licensed as a Medium Residence
  11. Isabela Montegro had grown up in an Eslandolan castle surrounded by old suits of armor. Her family's history stretched back nearly a thousand years in that part of Eslandola. As a young girl she had loved listening to her father tell stories of chivalrous knights and proud kings. Now the proud wife of merchant Javier Montegro, Isabela lived in the Eslandolan settlement of Punto Sur. In order to bring a smile to her face, her husband had built their new home to look like a miniature castle. On gorgeous summer days they would sip brandy on the roof parapets. To celebrate Oktoberfest, the Montegros sponsored a local joust! Two stablehands volunteered to be the knights and the Montegros provided blunt wooden lances and suits of armor. The dragons were pitted against the lions, and much of the town came to cheer on the spectacle! --------------------- OOC: My submission to the Oktoberfest 621 competition. I may have mistaken 'Classic' in the competition description for Classic Castle To be licensed as a medium residence in Punto Sur
  12. Here's a pic of the trunk with extras removed
  13. The new 3x3 macaroni only comes in olive green so far and is part of some new 2021 Super Mario sets. I got a few in a recent Bricks and Pieces order. Rather than use hinges in this one, I stuck a 14L reddish brown flex tube in the middle. It runs through reddish brown travis bricks (SNOT bricks with studs on all sides). The rail plates are attached to those bricks. There are additional flex tubes on the outside of the trunk (hidden on the back) to force some flex on the leaves.
  14. This is fantabulous! So many great details and techniques. Well done!