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  1. evancelt

    Trade MRCA Deadline April 13

    Happy to chip in some programming time / hosting if you want some help. I make web apps for a living Enjoy your holiday!
  2. I'm sure @Bregir or @Ayrlego will get you added to the faction PM chat soon! Have you thought about where Killian will venture first in the Brick Seas @lmcpicture and an initial build in Port Woodhouse @Justsomebrix?
  3. evancelt

    [MOC] Redwall Abbey

    Thanks @Henjin_Quilones & @EVE!
  4. Welcome, @Justsomebrix! Great intro build and nice story!
  5. Thanks. As all of my builds are already broken down, I'd like to opt for the small bonus in score.
  6. evancelt

    Your First Pirate Set!

    Pretty sure my brother and I got these two for Christmas 1992 as kids: My older sister had the bluecoat sets before that
  7. evancelt

    [OL - CH IV - CAT B] Faith on the water

    Nice looking building! The siding really works in this setting
  8. Nice compact build with tons of vegetation!
  9. Neat concept with the connected rock outcrops! Looks good
  10. Interesting read I found here
  11. Thanks for signing up, @lmcpicture! Excited to see where Killian's adventure leads. You've posted in the old Era I thread - can you please repost your intro into the current thread found here?
  12. Absolutely love the colorful vines on the exterior! Nice work Like jtooker said, the lighting through the windows is spectacular.
  13. Today's Instagram blast seems like a microbuild feature - cool to see