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  1. evancelt

    [MOC] The Sea Rat

    Thanks @JintaiZ!
  2. I can probably do this if no one else is in a position to. I have a few other builds in progress, but could do a room-in-an-inn vignette this evening US time (so likely ready for you tomorrow EU time @Bregir). My Oldis isn't going to be perfect Anyone that can get it done sooner would be welcome!
  3. The Sea Rats are getting pretty fancy! Nice looking build, @NOD! How do the Sea Rats like their town government? I pictured pirate town administration more like a free-for-all
  4. evancelt

    Terraversa Peace Talk

    The delegation from Corrington travels across Terraversa... ... and arrives at Pamu
  5. Part One is here Part Two is here Captain Brickleton figured the group must have traveled 125 miles in their journey from one end of Terraversa to the other. Based on the maps he'd consulted before their trip, the distance was only 110 miles as a crow flies but they weren’t crows. The track they followed through the interior connected Atwi villages and thus wandered here and there. Lord Spud had to admit some grudging respect for Brickleton's ability to choose the correct path each time. The group's path was also circuitous because Consul Montoya's horse wandered off the single track quite often as he pondered a butterfly or giant centipede he'd caught in the corner of his eye. Brickleton was ever so grateful for Montoya's steady aide Baker, who would direct Montoya back to the group. Lord Spud and Brickleton were also grateful for the questions Baker asked around their nightly campfires. While none of the men were especially outgoing, Baker drew them out by innocently asking about their past adventures and current initiatives. Captain Brickleton showed them all the native constellations he'd learned in Elizabethville from the Onondaga. He also let them know of his hopes regarding the beautiful Elsabeth Stockton. Lord Spud described his grand plans for the nascent Spudkirk settlement, and Brickleton took note as he was also guiding Wullham as that settlement's new commander. Via a description of a particularly beautiful moth, Montoya recounted the adventurous tale of how he and Baker had arrived by raft on a deserted island. Brickleton and Lord Spud admired the resourcefulness of the pair. Brickleton didn’t like to be a stickler for appearances, but he reasoned that as a representative of Her Majesty's Armed Forces his refined appearance to Oldis at Pamu would be a sign of respect. Since he'd already exchanged his officer's uniform for a more travel-ready trooper's set at Westface, shaving was the least he could do. As they approached Pamu, he decided the benefits outweighed the risks and he paused the group to shave his mustache with a sharp dagger while looking at his reflection in a pool of fresh water. They were greeted by Pamu town guards and directed into the town. Brickleton couldn't help but notice the expressions of relief he saw on the faces of townsfolk when they saw his red uniform. Now for the reason they'd come...
  6. evancelt

    [OL-FB] HRS Helios

    Gorgeous ship @CapOnBOBS! Was it hard to get the three differently colored official bow pieces to align in the front? I've played with that with real bricks and it looks different from what you've designed here. Are they secured?
  7. evancelt

    [SR - FB]Scandal in Mesabi Landing

    I think this hilarious build would make a good FB post. Thoughts @kurigan @Mister Phes @PxChris?
  8. evancelt

    Oldis considers his reply

    Nice work! The table shadow masks that well
  9. It does take a whole ton of bricks to make a big base this way! I keep a large ziplock of 2x6 / 2x8 tan and bley bricks to use as filler for this type of build (those colors were cheapest on BL). Duplo can also work for the interior filler, though that means a taller build. I think the result is usually worth the effort!
  10. Wonderful build, @Bregir! I love the roof, assortment of brick-built birds, and the cool Ayrlego-style base. The water flowing through the middle is super cool, and the waterwheel is beautiful! The water falling effect is especially cool. Excited to see the journey continue!
  11. evancelt

    [COR-FB] Taking Notes

    Thanks @Mesabi @NOD @caiman0637! Thanks! They were in an ebay lot I picked up - will check later to see if they have TLG imprint or not! What makes you think these scenes are from Terraversa?
  12. Some fun bright-colored buildings! So many 1x1 light bley round tiles!