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  1. evancelt

    [MOC] The Desert Campaign

    The general staff gathers outside a dilapidated building before the column sets out for an oasis 40 miles to the south. -------------------- Just an excuse to display a bunch of imperial admirals together and build some brick boots
  2. evancelt

    [COR-FB] A New Chapter

    Thanks guys! Was a quick 1 hour build - could be fun to make a larger book with more details in the future
  3. evancelt

    Future Pirates Speculation

    Thanks for pointing out the animals guys! Looking forward to those showing up on Bricklink
  4. evancelt

    [OL - FB] Mercury Mine, Lavalette

    Fun story and nice extension on the original build to show more of the operation
  5. This is looking amazing guys! So many little details from many different perspectives
  6. evancelt

    [COR - FB] A Royal Proclamation

    Wanted to add that I also really like all of the details that make up the throne! Nice work @Ayrlego! I especially like the shape the wings create when the center is blocked from view like that.
  7. Nice build @Khorne! Good work with the (photoshopped?) signs and graffiti - they add a lot. Good textures and minifigs
  8. evancelt

    [COR - FB] A Royal Proclamation

    I figured I'd make a build in response! Thanks @Ayrlego and congrats to @Spud The Viking @Bregir @Brickwolf @Mesabi!
  9. Following Queen Annetta's proclamation in Belson, ships carried word east to Terra Nova. The first ship to reach Terraversa was a sloop with grayish sails. It made its way down the western coast and around the southern horn before making port in Westface. There, letters were dispatched to Colonel Allcock, Lord Spud, Don Montoya, and Captain Brickleton. Brickleton read the letter in disbelief. For his efforts in re-evaluating the defence of Elizabethville, establishing a settlement on the island of Panarium, participation in the Terraversan campaign and presence at the Pamu peace conference, the queen had made him a Knight Companion of the Order of the Compass Rose. From now on, he would be Sir Jonathan Brickleton. While his father had achieved great prestige and high rank within the Corlander armed forces, this was the first title bestowed upon their family. OOC: A quick build to celebrate all of the knighthoods granted in Queen Annetta's proclamation. Thanks @Ayrlego and @Bregir! OOC Update: Settled on the trans wine glasses for the path of the ship after trying a bunch of other small elements (minifig hands, red axles, bars with clips, antennas) - the others all looked too big/opaque for something this small
  10. Nice build @NOD - Poppy Port sure is growing quickly! Good mix of wood and stone elements in the build. Does stud.io let you build bent palm tree trunks (I've never used the software)?
  11. evancelt

    [MOC] Bay of Lost Tresures

    Great job! Lovely angles, textures, and techniques. The year of work you put into it shows!
  12. I really like the horizontal depth the SNOT-ted tiles on the wall create - it's comparable to using jumper plates to set a wall panel back. The dark orange also nicely complements the rb. Nice battle horn and table design! The one thing that sticks out for me in a ambivalent way is the lavender plant stem - seems like they let the plant die!
  13. Great job @CapOnBOBS! I love the rope machines (and the cupcakes on top of the spools). Buildings look great too - massive size!
  14. evancelt

    [COR - FB] Bakery, Jameston

    Great little compact build! Tons of good details for such a small footprint. The bright light orange looks good here and I can just barely tell it isn't regular yellow Good call with the outdoor oven!
  15. evancelt

    [COR-FB] A Toast To Corrington!

    This build has been licensed as a large artisan in Westface