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  1. Geoffrey "Fiddlesticks" Cooper was born to be a drummer. As a three year old, he banged wooden porridge spoons on his mother's hearth kettle until she felt she would go mad. As a six year old, he tap-tap-tapped on the neighbor's fence until it fell over. At age 13, his mother sent him to join the Corlander army as a drummer boy. By age 16, he could make his drumroll so smooth he could fool the uninitiated into thinking there was a wasp about. Now at age 22, Fiddlesticks is the best drummer in the 26th Foot and can keep a tempo during the fiercest fighting.
  2. evancelt

    New LEGO Pirate Emoji Ideas

    Would definitely get used! Thx!
  3. evancelt

    New LEGO Pirate Emoji Ideas

    Would the emoticons created here carry over into the BoBs sub-forum? If so, having bluecoat and redcoat specific ones like @Brickander Brickumnus suggested would be rad! Would be used for friendly taunting out the wazoo I imagine Otherwise, how about a crocodile or imperial flag (similar in size to the skull and crossbones one)? Thanks @Mister Phes
  4. Thanks @Ayrlego - Would be fun to have Captain Brickleton appear as well! If you don't have the toy soldier arms handy, normal red ones are of course fine and Brickwolf did a great job building brick-built boot pants in our recent collab if you don't have the boot pants. The head is the hard part, though - it's from the Series 5 detective minifig. The Merrymas builds are looking good so far! Good work guys!
  5. evancelt

    [MOC] The Return

    Thanks @Vilhelm22! The image above is one where I added 2 or 3 more tiles to the grass plates following JintaiZ's feedback - originally it had been a little too bland
  6. It's huge! I love the sloped walls - they'll make it hard for our righteous Corlander forces to breech... but nothing is impossible! It does look like if we can get close enough to shore and scale the rock face, we can just climb in the cannon hatches That's a lot of cannon to get past though. The half-roof/half-deck with cannons toward the rear is fun too Impressive build
  7. evancelt

    [ESL] Watermill, Otoño

    Simply spectacular! So cool to see so much vertical build on a regular-ish sized base - gorgeous tree and house facade. The 1x1 round plates on the roofline add some fun ornamentation
  8. Cool - got any pics? In the picture you shared it looks like both bluecoats and redcoats are fighting some pirates on board. Who'd you crew her with?
  9. Thanks all! Was fun to bust out the white tiles and curved slopes for a snow build. While I don't have many tan tiles (as evidenced from my dirt builds), I have a whole ton of the white ones! Because the classic LEGO Pirates focus on the Caribbean there isn't often a chance to mix w/ snow!
  10. Haha thanks @CapOnBOBS! I feel a little weird posting it myself as I'm pretty new to BOBS and so many others have been doing this much longer than me, but yes the Amazing Brick Network asked me to do an interview with them a few weeks ago and I definitely gave BOBS a shoutout as the Brick Seas definitely are an inspiration to keep making new builds! Thanks all
  11. A MOC where soldiers uncover mysterious bones while digging a latrine pit Mysterious Bones
  12. Cool build @Brickwolf! Thanks for the collab! I love Allister's legs - good work! I forgot to add the COR-FB tags to my snow build, so just added them - which changed the URL! Would you mind updating your link above when you have a chance? Thx!
  13. A MOC where soldiers stationed at Elizabethville collect firewood First Snow in Elizabethville
  14. The first snow of the season has arrived in Elizabethville. The soldiers of the 26th Foot take turns between standing watch with the militia at Fort di Legno and gathering firewood from the nearby forests. Lance Corporal Dryer has found a dry tree well where he sets up a chopping station on a stump. As he chops larger branches to manageable lengths, his comrades bring the wood back to camp to have close at hand. That night at camp, they stay warm around a half-dozen fires and speculate as to their role in the coming war with Oleon. OOC: Back in 2012 I got my PhD in forest snow hydrology studying how snow gets intercepted in tree canopies. I wanted to try out a snow build with a tree that intercepted some of the snow to create a well.