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  1. Clone OPatra

    Harry Potter 2020 - Rumors & discussion

    Please keep this to discussions of LEGO and not full-blown discussions of the original or new films. Thanks
  2. Clone OPatra

    DC Superheroes 2019 - Rumours & Discussion

    Well I'm not a DC diehard, nor much of a comics reader in general any more, so when I saw these I thought: - A random Green Lantern with a lantern mould, nice. - Why is Sinestro wearing a Captain Cold - looking outfit? - A random Two Face henchman crossed with like Sandman, the Spider-Man villain? - A generic USA outfit woman with a strange blade. Honestly, if the rest of the figures in the series are in this vein, I can't see it selling very well. Yes, kids might like anything colourful and fun, but I really don't think kids would care for a series of figures they can't recognise and don't look particularly cohesive. I bet a chunk of the series will be the big name heroes in outfits that adults will like, to mitigate that problem.
  3. 100% confirmed fake. It's Firestar Toys' custom Kyle Katarn:
  4. Neck prints have been appearing since the LEGO Movie 2 series, when the CMF stopped being produced exclusively in China and started coming in the larger bags that were introduced with Unikitty series. They do not correlate exactly with the inner plastic bag, but are always found on figures that do not have dual-moulded or printed arms, as far as I have seen. Sometimes they have also appeared on figures with arm prints, like the Tin Man, so there's no perfect pattern. The monkey king is one, for example, that has an inner bag in this series, but the torso has dual moulded arms and no neck print.
  5. What a great find! I have so many questions about these. Most of all, I wonder if this was something in actual active development, or if LEGO just commissioned ideas from people? These definitely look like a preliminary concept art stage of design. If these were taken further at the time, perhaps they would've been System/Slider hybrids? In a way, that is what we've gotten to today, with so many dragons, mechs, etc. combining LEGO system parts with Bionicle-type limbs and connections.
  6. Since discussion of 71044 Disney Train and Station has already been going on, I decided to just rename the topic to suit. Carry on! I think the train and station both look great and very highly detailed. The box art is really top notch too!
  7. Clone OPatra

    LEGO Ideas - Central Perk Coffee of Friends

    I potentially agree with both of you. It does appear that they perhaps designed the head with Phoebe in mind, but it's also too similar to be a coincidence to the Ellie head from Jurassic Park that was used for Fleur in the Clock Tower and Hungarian Horntail sets. They designed a head to use for Fleur and Phoebe which is reminiscent of a different Fleur head which also wasn't designed for her, and thus have a design that doesn't really look like either of them.
  8. Clone OPatra

    LEGO Ideas - Central Perk Coffee of Friends

    The detail and value of this set look great. Meanwhile, I'm still peeved that LEGO didn't do new, specific face prints for the women. Yes, the faces they chose kind of work when you just look at the LEGO set, but in real life the people who share the LEGO faces do not look alike. Courtney Cox for instance looks nothing like Katherine Waterson or Sally Ride (who also don't look much like each other, though it's closer). It cheapens the figures to me and makes them feel less like the characters they are supposed to represent. I definitely would have taken a tradeoff of new, exclusive faceprints for the women in exchange for less parts or detail in the set.
  9. Clone OPatra

    LEGO Store "Build a Minifigure"

    The bright yellow vet hair and brown Mad-Eye Moody hair have finally appeared at LEGO Certified Store in Sydney, though not a lot of the other awesome exclusive pieces reported here previously from the US. They did have dual-moulded blue/yellow and white/yellow legs which are nice, and this face which only appeared in one set. The one other interesting piece I found was dual molded dark grey/red legs, which are also not common.
  10. Swapping hands a lot isn't advisable and can lead to damaging of the arms, but doing so just once to your desired colour is easy and shouldn't cause a problem. Personally, the more I look at the high res pictures of the series, the more I like many of them. I totally get what people don't like, but since I myself am not a collector and don't rely on CMF for anything in particular, I judge every figure on a case by case basis and this series has a large quantity of highly detailed and fun heads, torsos, legs and accessories. I reckon I'll actually get a higher percentage of this series than I do of most.
  11. It is only 16. A person who initially leaked the pamphlet altered it to say "16 to collect 17 to collect 18 to collect" in the different language bubbles, which sent shockwaves of speculation into the thread. The real pamphlet says only 16. I hope that controller can be held in a hand like shown in the image! But I also wish the hoodie that the girl is wearing was a real piece, and I don't think it is.
  12. This topic is now reopen for discussion of CMF Series 19. Do not engage with previous posts that are part of the discussion had about gender representation in the series. We are not in the habit of hiding or deleting such posts that are deemed civil and mature, but this topic was locked for 24 hours as a result of the instruction to move on not being heeded. Anyone who continues that discussion in this topic will have their posting restricted and spoken to privately by staff in a less friendly manner. Let's all please have a friendly and considerate discussion about the series. Even when LEGO disappoints, ultimately we're all here for a hobby, and discussing a toy hobby should be fun and comfortable for everyone involved. Thank you
  13. Yes it is, and it apparently comes with two of them so the dog walker can be picking up poo while eating chocolate ice cream! However to some of the above posts, the staff (in this case me) already politely requested that this conversation be stopped. If it continues, I'll have to lock the topic for a day or two.
  14. The discussion over these past few pages has remained very civil and maturely articulated, for the most part. This is what a discussion on Eurobricks should be. Still, it's time to let this particular discussion rest, so that others who want to discuss the series on a more LEGO-centric level are given the opportunity to re-engage in the thread. Thank you