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  1. Clone OPatra

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    Yep, reportedly AUD $90 for the dinner scene and $80 for the dragon dance, available 1st January. It was covered by several Australian LEGO blogs; I generally check BrickingAround for my Aussie LEGO news. Here is the link to their post about it.
  2. Clone OPatra

    Chinese New Year’s sets -2019

    Apparently these will be available in Australia, which is pretty neat as usually there are no LEGO-related perks of being in Australia, only LEGO-negatives vs many other parts of the world. Still, the price tags are hefty so I'll probably choose just one, and I'm leaning towards the Dragon Dance because it looks very displayable and also has more parts in colours currently exclusive to that set. The dinner scene is tempting though, mainly for all the food prints. I feel for those who don't even have a choice since these won't be available in their markets, given that in Australia we just underwent that with the Bricktober sets which don't appear to ever be surfacing here.
  3. Clone OPatra

    Harry Potter 2019 - Rumors and discussion

    Cue 25 pages of wishlists, speculation, and random conversation before some real rumours/details surface I'll take this opportunity to remind anyone looking in this topic that there are to be no spoilers for Crimes of Grindelwald until at least a few weeks after it has opened everywhere in the world. Thank you.
  4. Ah, I had completely forgotten about those, thanks! Actually I don't think I ever knew that those came as one accessory pack, since I never got any of the sets that they came in. I only ever Bricklinked some of the guns.
  5. OK STOP - This got heated again for no reason. Enough with the meme posting now. I'll lock this thread down for a bit if I have to, which would be a dang shame as there's more real content to discuss in the Marvel line than there is in any other Licensed line at the moment. Thank you to everyone who is having a nice, normal civil discussion. It sucks when people sometimes come in and potentially spoil that.
  6. Clone OPatra

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    It's a custom.
  7. What the actual heck? I'm disappointed seeing language like this from you. Let this be a public warning that we don't tolerate this sort of thing on Eurobricks from anyone, new member and established member alike. This is not a platform just for praise of LEGO sets. It's A-OK to criticise sets and designs. Sometimes perhaps what somebody doesn't like about a design is the fault of the designer, and maybe other times it's more the fault of the brief they were given. Just because the LEGO designer job is highly competitive doesn't mean that the people who get the job are beyond human and incapable of making poor design choices from time to time. Similarly the people who approve the designs also surely make poor choices sometimes. Bottom line: everyone must post respectfully, whether in their opinions about sets or their responses to other people.
  8. We kind of did, across the two sets in the original JP3 line. There was a set that came with a plane, and another with raptors. So there you have it!
  9. Clone OPatra

    REVIEW: 41775 Unikitty Series 1

    Thanks for the review Fangy! It's nice to know that LEGO went the sensible route of including five full sets per box. Personally I like this series for what it is, and have never been into fully collecting anything, so it doesn't bother me that it's impossible to get the ones you want by feel. The impossibility of feeling them makes this series the "true" experience of blind bags for kids, who can get some and trade with friends. As I had no interest in getting many of these, I just felt a couple to be sure that I was going to get different ones (one with a slope and one with a tail), and was pleased with the dino suit and queasy kitties that I got. Ultimately these are super cute little mementos that make me smile when I see them, and I think I would've felt that way no matter which ones I got. I do want the camo Kitty as well, but I'm not going to try my luck and risk my money. I suppose they are a little pricey, but they have lots of exclusive prints and re-coloured parts, so they can't be compared to other LEGO items purely by how many pieces they contain. Regular CMF seem a bit pricey at this point too. Still, I do wonder if these will be a success for LEGO, and if we'll see another series like them. They came out at the same time as the Harry Potter CMF, and while the Harry Potter ones flew away like crazy (though stores here in Sydney, Aus have now got second batches in, which haven't disappeared quite as quickly), the Unikitty Series is still just largely sitting around. That's obviously just one data point, but it's quite conspicuous that they haven't been so popular around here. If they ever go on deep discount, I'd snatch up more at a dollar or two a piece.
  10. Clone OPatra

    [MOC/MOD] TLBM Joker Manor with Batcave

    Wow, that's lovely!! Just the grounds around the Manor alone really add a great effect to it, but then the whole hill puts it on a pedestal. Great work. Just a small detail I especially like is the Batman statue - great use of those grey and gunmetal parts.
  11. This discussion about a Bat Train is awfully fun, but it really has nothing to do with this topic - so let's get back to the actual topic please? And if there's nothing to discuss, we can return to this topic when there is.
  12. Clone OPatra

    Future Licensed Sets ?

    Here's our old ongoing topic: Rumour Mill. Feel free to continue in there.
  13. Clone OPatra

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I liked the old Basilisk as a LEGO creature and as a representation of a big snake, but it wasn't very effective at looking like the Basilisk depicted in the film. It had the same building style as most of the big creatures from that period like the dinos, elephants, a couple of Star Wars big animals, etc. and I liked it for that reason. Then again nothing about the Harry Potter sets from that era was very accurate to the films. Even being innaccurate, it was still worlds better than the new Basilisk in the Great Hall set.
  14. Clone OPatra

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    The rat was already released in the city line, but it could've been developed for HP. Don't forget the Niffler and Thestral moulds as well!
  15. Clone OPatra

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I'm just going to say here that we do take the posting of false information as real seriously, and don't tolerate it. It's not my aim to clamp down on information altogether, and I fully understand that people can't reveal their sources. We have a bunch of members who have built up their reputations over time and are reliable. But inevitably there are others who don't actually know anything and just want a bit of the spotlight. When it becomes obvious, those people aren't around here for long. Bottom-line: if you don't ACTUALLY know anything and can't verify anything, don't post it.