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  1. Clone OPatra

    Marvel Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Please try your best to use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. While I know English is far from everyone's first language here, we can all strive to write properly and not have EB descend into an unreadable mess. This is clear in our site guidelines. Thank you
  2. Clone OPatra

    DC Superheroes 2018 - Set Discussion

    Agreed, the sub looks like a great vehicle. The set as a whole looks a bit more like a $20 USD set than $30 which I believe it is, but it’s still a better actual set than the Justice League Aquaman one. I wonder if we’ll get another set with an Ocean Master minifigure, though, as he’s supposedly the main villain in the film.
  3. Clone OPatra

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    I believe their release date here in Australia is 1st August, so I doubt they’d be out anywhere yet. I find it hard to even find most sets on their supposed Australian release dates!
  4. Clone OPatra

    REVIEW: 21311 LEGO® IDEAS Voltron

    Thanks for this awesome, thorough, and very well-photographed review @Ecclesiastes! I have to say that your review really helped me appreciate all that LEGO has achieved with this model - great engineering using a wide variety of connection types to keep it strong, and just tons of interesting building. And yet in my mind they have achieved another feat, which is using so many amazing modern building techniques while still having the result of it looking like a very blocky, 90's kind of a model. Perhaps the aesthetic of the source material just wouldn't appeal to me (I wouldn't know as I've never watched it), but from the very first pictures all the way through seeing the set in your review I can't help but find it unappealing, ugly, choppy, and something I'd never want. There are lots of LEGO sets out there, the big ones especially, that I would never and will never get because my budget doesn't allow it. Still, in the case of lots or most of the big sets (the Helicarrier, Ninjago City, the Millenium Falcon, etc. etc.) I look at them and go "wow, I'll never get that, but nicely done". Somehow this Voltron set just really doesn't appeal to me at all and I think that's partly because, like I said, it looks so angular and blocky even though so many modern techniques and parts are used. It's puzzling to me.
  5. Our History Moderator @Ecclesiastes has published a review of 21311 Voltron, a Mech of historic proportions! (For an official LEGO set, anyway ) It's nearly as big as its massive box! Check out the review and leave your thoughts in the Licensed Forum!
  6. Clone OPatra

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    This doesn't really work out because for one thing what matters is how tall they were as 11 and 12-year-olds, and for another that's not how LEGO works - all adults get regular legs no matter the height of the character they represent, all kids/dwarves/Ewoks/etc get short legs no matter the actual height differences between the characters. Now there's a bit more grey area with the mid-legs which work for early teens. The "consistency" side in me thinks Neville should definitely have short legs to match the sets because he's from year 2 (just like Malfoy in the CMF is from year 2), but the minifigure-parts-lover in me is glad he has the mid legs because short black legs are easy enough to come by if you want to customise him and this way we get another set of plain black mid-legs.
  7. Clone OPatra

    Single Pane LEGO Licensed Theme Funnies

    The first and third are groaners of the best variety. The second does nicely point out the very slight flaw in Incredibles 2 that Underminer gets away with his plan and the movie never revisits him! I was amused by that after watching.
  8. Clone OPatra

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    I don’t think a separate thread will be necessary. One will come about naturally anyway when @WhiteFang writes his review
  9. Clone OPatra

    The Lego Movie 2 - The Second Part 2019 Set Discussion

    Agreed These sets look intriguing, just like some of the sets from the first film were intriguing. I love the huge UltraKitty, while the car and ship are so-so. The little brick-built Duplo monster is hilarious. Emmett came in a ton of sets the first time (nearly if not every one of the not-2-in-1s from the first wave, I believe), so it's understandable that Emmett and Lucy are in so many. I hate those way exaggerated hip indents on Lucy, but oh well. I'll get over it. I eagerly await pictures of the rest of the sets and full details for these to see if $70 is actually justified for the ship!
  10. Clone OPatra

    My Case Against Artificial Rarity

    To me personally, I don’t have a blanket issue with artificial rarity, exclusives, or the like. It all depends on what the character is and the inherit across-the-board value of that character. On the side of artificially rare figures that I think are just fine, I’d list the following and give the reason as to them being fine: -Chrome Gold C3PO: just a cool version of an available figure. -Mr Gold: not a very desirable figure apart from the fact that he’s rare. Just a kitschy design really. -Retro Police Officer: again not a very desirable figure in and of itself. Also the actual old version can be acquired for not too much money. -CW SDCC figures: these border on being desirable characters, and I get that they actually are for some people, but I’d argue that that group of people is fairly small and the appeal of these particular character designs even less so. On the other side, here are the ones I think are pretty unacceptable: -Con-exclusive minifigures of iconic characters like Phoenix, Shazam, Bizzaro: the fact that LEGO made so few X-Men sets (just 2 proper ones?) which BOTH included Wolverine and Magneto, and made an iconic character like Phoenix a con exclusive, is absolutely a slap in the face. Comic/Marvel/X-Men fans across the board are made unable to obtain an important character who would go beautifully along Wolverine, Cyclops, and Storm. Likewise with Shazam (who I know we might get now) and Bizzaro, and even the first Green Lantern fig when it was made. -Percival Graves: this is another character who has general appeal and desirability among kid and adult fans alike. If you’re trying to play out the first Fantastic Beasts film, you need him. He’s a generally desirable and important character/design, so making him ultra rare is in appropriate. My opinion boils down to the thought that artificial rarity is fine as long as the item is just an interesting variant (ex. chrome C3PO, black suit Spider-Man and Superman, etc), a total novelty item (ex. Mr Gold and the police officer), or something else with very narrow and limited appeal (ex. CW superheroes). The Harry Potter CMF rare fig could’ve been the invisibility cloak Harry but with trans-clear head and hair. That would’ve been cool and desirable to be sure, but ultimately just a variant.
  11. Clone OPatra

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    No worries, it looks like it was bumped down quite a bit. There’s so much going on with Licensed themes at the moment! Here’s the thread:
  12. Clone OPatra

    Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    This is cool speculation but please keep it in the Wizarding World speculation thread
  13. Clone OPatra

    Lego CMF Series 18 disappearance too early...

    I'm sure it completely depends on a combination of region and luck of the draw. Where I live in Australia I see plenty of Ninjago Movie and Batman Series 2 hanging around and some shops still have Series 17 even, yet I don't see very much Series 18. Perhaps it was just an extremely popular one because the idea of costumed figs appeals to a wide variety of people while in other series some of the figures look appealing while others are either very niche or unappealing, which minimizes the regular consumer's desire to buy a blind bag.
  14. Clone OPatra

    Star Wars

    You've got me there. I had honestly forgotten that Last Jedi picks up right after Force Awakens when I wrote that comment. That being the case it does make more sense for Lando to appear in Episode 9 (depending on how they handle it), but my other comments about there being no vision and keeping the OT characters apart still stand.
  15. Clone OPatra

    [MOC] Karak Kadrin

    This is simply spectacular! I love the level of detail that makes it look almost carved from marble and smoothly finished but then it’s got enough details to not look too plain or fake. You’ve struck a wonderful balance.