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  1. Disney Princesses 2018 - Rumors & Discussion

    They make a Mulan set with an accompanying video about how she becomes a warrior and proves 'girls can do anything': but the set is of course Disney Princess themed so she's in a dress with no alternate armour. Terrific It does seem like no Mushu or Little Brother or Cricket, just a standard pony () as 'Khan.' This theme turns out some really top notch desirable sets, but then they make small ones like this and the Jasmine set. This is actually very reminiscent to that.
  2. Harry Potter 2018 - Rumors and Discussion

    Oh my, all this news is too exciting. The only reason I'd be against a Harry Potter CMF is because I'd spend too much money on it Seriously, I hope they fill in missing characters. I know that as LEGO works, they'll have to make all the main characters because the current kids wouldn't have the old sets, but boy do I hope for a proper Sirius, Tonks, Kingsley, and Cho at the very least as far as new characters go.
  3. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I think our SDCC Exclusive Minifigure Guessing Game 2017 thread would be a better place for this nonsense *ahem* I mean discussion. Unless you were all talking about a different exclusive minifigure now? It's hard even for me to keep up sometimes.
  4. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    These little hint-sprinkling posts are all fun and games to the people that can keep up, but to anyone else it makes this thread an absolute nightmare to read. Someone might want to discuss the actual 2017 sets, and not these 2018-set puns. So please, if you know something you may of course share it, but everyone keep the super-oblique, wink wink hint hint posts to a minimum.
  5. LEGO Star Wars 2017 Pictures and Rumors

    I wouldn't put so much stock in a rendered image like that. The Rogue One promo image had recolored Han legs on Jyn and some other inaccuracies. No reason to get fired up until real images of the sets come out in any case.
  6. Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    I also found it odd that they show the samurai armor in what I would consider 'backwards' orientation. (Just put in an order for mostly hairpieces I don't have.) But, since LEGO has never made an armor piece like that with both sides closed, I figured it was the right one. Still strange that it shows up like that. I'll try and do a pic when my order arrives. This thread and Exetrius' picture gave me the hankering that led to my order in the first place!
  7. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    I don't speak Russian.... but what the heck did that guy have to say for so long? Personally I like bright colors and feel LEGO could use them in movie tie-in sets more often, so I like the color scheme of the arena. I still won't get the set because I'm not into buying builds that are a single wall..... A nice wall to me, but not one I need to get by any means. The ship set looks great though, and that wolf build is spectacular and quite large!
  8. What was the reason behind Lego Scooby Doo?

    The newest Scooby-Doo series (Be Cool, Scooby Doo) released in October 2015 from what I've read online. The LEGO line coincided with that, but was probably based on classic Scooby designs to interest an older nostalgia crowd.
  9. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    While I had a hunch all along that LEGO might not like those catalog images being out in the wild, they've now requested we remove them. I hope everybody who wanted them had them saved! Personally I'm not looking forward to the Flying Box or Batman's "Hingemobile with a cool Flash minifig," but the Atlantean set looks neat.
  10. Marvel Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Hi everyone! LEGO has requested that we remove the Thor pictures. Apparently they were a leak. Of course, they seemed to be hurting most people's eyes anyway I'm going to go through and edit them out of people's posts per LEGO's request. Carry on!
  11. 21309 Ideas Saturn V

    Launching to Outer Space!! LEGO recently unveiled the massive LEGO Ideas 21309 Nasa Apollo Saturn V! Check it out in Special Themes!
  12. DC Superheroes 2017 - Set Discussion

    Hey guys, you can rest assured that Captain Nemo, myself, and other staff have had discussions about the organization of the forums, the superhero themes, etc. Things are as we want them for now. Please carry on with the actual topic at hand and don't derail this thread further with your thoughts on forum organization. Thanks.
  13. Oof, the hidden insignia of the penguin loop is really rather unfortunate. Even done with four physical penguins, I imagine it will hold true.
  14. SDCC season continues as LEGO has unveiled two sets from the upcoming The LEGO Batman Movie line - The Batmobile and The Joker Notorious Lowrider! Just look at those gorgeous minifigures (and sets of course)! Click through to see all we know and swoop into the discussion!
  15. The LEGO Batman Movie Set/CMF Rumors & Discussion

    It's quite clearly a separate piece, as you can see the yellow band between torso and hips and it appears on Batgirl as well.