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    40567 - Forest Hideout & 10497 Galaxy Explorer


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  1. It could not be in full minifigure scale for "so few" pieces and price in today's LEGO standards.
  2. Khargeust

    LEGO Ideas Discussion

    It looks like everything is printed, am I right ?
  3. So what about continuing the Space theme with an upcoming new subtheme ? It's been 10 years since Galaxy Squad was released... Do you think that day will finally come or are the classic themes, like Castle and Pirates, definitely dead, and can only marginally return in the form of anniversary sets for example ? Yes I know, huge debate...
  4. Why using stickers LEGO, why ?!
  5. At this stage of production, are the boxes already printed with sets sealed inside or is it a bit too early ?
  6. I managed to have two copies for the moment, still in the box because I haven't taken the time or the space yet to take care of it with appropriate attention. I don't know how long the castle will be available. Some spoke about a window of one year, others five years... In any case I will make sure to get myself a third copy in order to create a huge personal version. Since I got back to LEGO a few years ago, I bought a lot of sets from various ranges but I ended up reselling everything to buy only the sets from the classic themes (currently in my possession: 21322, 21325, 40567 x5, 10497, 10305 x2), wjat I adore the most. I also keep all my childhood sets bought between 1999 and 2006 (mainly Star Wars). How do you proceed with your MOCs? In the case of a castle, do you make drawings on paper before looking for the appropriate pieces?
  7. I'm looking for MOCs made with one or more copies of the 10305, but I really can't find many. Maybe it's too soon, the set was released less than five months ago after all.
  8. We are sure it will be march the first ?
  9. Sticker sheet ? I hope everything is printed.
  10. I'm a little disappointed, in principle, if it's Rivendell. For me the ultimate set would be a staging of the confrontation with the Balrog. There is plenty to have a great setting between the bridge, the rock faces, a scaled Balrog and of course the fellowship of the ring and the goblins. My second choice would have been Bilbo's house complete and very detailed with all the dwarves in the company. There would be enough to make a great playset with detailed interiors that can be closed with a shutter system, and a magnificent exterior. However I trust LEGO to offer us a great set if Rivendell is confirmed.
  11. Khargeust

    LEGO IDEAS teams up with Dungeons And Dragons!

    Me too. It should be à must have for Castle fans. The choice was obvious, I didn't have to think. However, is it really possible for LEGO to choose Dragon's Keep model after "all" these recent Castle theme-inspired sets? Wouldn't it be redundant to release such a set after the references 10305, 40567, 31120, 21325? for Marketing reasons in order to diversify its offer, shouldn't they rather choose the model namely "The Monster Manual" which is just as emblematic of D&D?
  12. Wow, I have rarely wanted so many figurines on a series! I will look for the spaceman, the falconer, the orc warrior and Marie Antoinette!
  13. Khargeust

    Latest CMF series impact on Historic themes

    I don't have IG but someone shared a picture with me in PM. I find it would be a great addition to the Castle universe. I would definitely pick a few ones.
  14. Khargeust

    Latest CMF series impact on Historic themes

    Hello, I can't see anything anywhere from the usual places... Can you help me please ?
  15. The VIP points have been added to my account in the same time the order has been shipped. It never usually appears for me before they change the order status to "shipped".