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  1. Good old Lego builder

    [MOC] Reform Muli T10X

    Very nice build! Very well done.
  2. Good old Lego builder

    Caterpillar 797F Dump Truck

    It looks amazing Sariel. Great looks and impressive functionality. Thumbs up!
  3. Good old Lego builder

    Technics Roboriders Instructions

    I have used this site many times for instructions of very old sets from which I didn't have the instructions anymore. Roborides can be found there too:
  4. 7: 10 8: 6 3: 4 4: 3 2: 2 1: 1
  5. Good old Lego builder

    12V motor

    So recently I read this topic again, and downloaded an app for my phone. A stroboscope / rpm measurement thing. I tried it with my 12v motor. It measured around 7200 rpm. Is that even possible?
  6. Good old Lego builder

    Technic 2H2019 Video Reviews

    Great reviews, as allways Sariel! Very helpfull. Too bad about the outriggers of that crane, a real dealbreaker for me.
  7. Good old Lego builder

    [MOC] Rolls Royce Phantom (2018)

    It looks very promising. The front looks good as does the back. It is the picture from the side where it doesn't look that good. Maybe it is just the picture. I think it has something to do with te wheels. Either their size or the different shpa of the arches. But overall looks good!
  8. Good old Lego builder

    [MOC] RC Small Red Roadster

    A very nice design, especially at this scale. Great work!
  9. 1: 10 5: 6 4: 4 12: 3 6: 2 3: 1
  10. Good old Lego builder

    [MOC] Mercedes Zetros 2733 - 6x6 - Full RC

    What a great creation! A real celebration of 40 years of Technic.
  11. Good old Lego builder

    8858 set, second hand find

    Yeah, i noticed the chair. Also thos propellers are fun, but not for this set.
  12. Good old Lego builder

    8858 set, second hand find

    No it's a store in our village.
  13. Good old Lego builder

    8858 set, second hand find

    My wife found a set at the second hand store 'kringloopwinkel'.. She bought it for €10 for me and my son to build. It is a set from my dark age. I own sets from pre-1990 and after 2010. I liked the set from the pics on the box. image by Good old Lego Builder, on Flickr However when i opened the box it became apparent that the contents was a different set: 8858. Furtherr inspection showed that it is not complete. I have washed the parts as they were really dirty. image by Good old Lego Builder, on Flickr image by Good old Lego Builder, on Flickr The most crucial parts seem to be there. That what is missing I'm sure I have spares for from my or my sons collection. However, that was not all. The box also contained sone folders and booklets, which I added to my small collection of old catalogues. But also there were a few instruction books from quite a few sets. The books seem hardly used. The corresponding sets however were not at the store. image by Good old Lego Builder, on Flickr All in alll, we will try to build the set. And also it had some parts i didn't have, so we will have fun with it anyway.
  14. Good old Lego builder

    LEGO MOC: Themed roller coaster

    Fantastic build!
  15. Good old Lego builder

    Motorize classic pneumatic handpump

    Thanks all!! We will give it a try with those instructions.