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  1. Good old Lego builder

    [WIP] New Flyer XD60 Articulated Bus (NJ Transit)

    For example: a bus build by Den Oudsten, who by the way owned New Flyer. but also busses build by Van Hool, like
  2. Good old Lego builder

    10295 Porsche 911 Turbo/Targa [VIDEO REVIEW]

    Thanks for the review. Great as allways. This seems like a very nice set. Love the targa, could mod it into an dutch Rijkspolitie (former state police) patrol car. Like this one:
  3. Good old Lego builder

    42121 Heavy Duty Excavator [VIDEO REVIEW]

    This seems like a very good set. Nice solutions for its scale. Thanks for the review!
  4. Good old Lego builder

    42120 Rescue Hovercraft [VIDEO REVIEW]

    Thanks for the nice review. The set looks nice but thos propeller guards are a fail...
  5. Good old Lego builder

    [WIP] New Flyer XD60 Articulated Bus (NJ Transit)

    Looking forward to this project! We don’t get that many buses here.
  6. Good old Lego builder

    42124 Off-Road Buggy [VIDEO REVIEW]

    Excellent review, as allways! ?
  7. Good old Lego builder

    [REVIEW] 42116 Skid Steer Loader

    Thanks! Nice review!
  8. Good old Lego builder

    [MOC] RC/manual wrecker and car transport trailer

    I like them! They have a certain vibe. I leke how they fit within your theme!
  9. Good old Lego builder

    [MOC] PF Forklift

    This one looks very good! Nice blend of Technic en system.
  10. Good old Lego builder

    Toyota Land Cruiser 150 Prado

    Very impressive, very well done!
  11. Good old Lego builder

    [REVIEW] 42122 - Technic Jeep Wrangler

    Nice review, thanks!
  12. Good old Lego builder

    42122 Jeep Wrangler [VIDEO REVIEW]

    Insightfull review as always! For its price, it is an ok set.
  13. Nice design, well done at this scale!