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  1. Great build! Well done, Very, very, impressive C-model!! Love the details.
  2. Good old Lego builder

    [MOC] Unimog U406

    Very original! It looks really good. Had to look twice at your first picture to see it was the Lego model. Excellent!
  3. Good old Lego builder

    [MOD] 76240 Batman Tumbler - Motorized deluxe

    Nice job, these are some great improvements. Well done!
  4. Good old Lego builder

    Lego Venetian Gondola

    It looks nice! It is instantly recognizable. Like the details like the front and the blue and white pole. Well done, unusual subject around here.
  5. Good old Lego builder

    [MOC] 1:16 McLaren F1

    It looks nice. I like the front and back and roof! Not entirely sure about the side?
  6. Good old Lego builder

    Technic Clones

    I recently bought a clone brand set. Just because it was not expensive and I was curious about quality. As discribed above by others: I had 2 missing pieces, 2 very badly moulded (unusable). The pieces don’t fit very well together. I’m fine with the result for the price, but it is just not Lego. Lego is a premier product, which I all the more appreciated after this clone set. It comes with a price, but with Lego you get something good, with (in my experience) no quality issues and a better building experience.
  7. Good old Lego builder

    [YT Video] Driving simulator

    That is a really creative build! Very fun!
  8. Good old Lego builder

    Order parts for a MOC or set via bricklink

    Thank you all! Beautifull collection Berthil!
  9. Good old Lego builder

    Order parts for a MOC or set via bricklink

    Thanks, that’s also my era. The 640 wasn’t extremely succesfull, but such a beautifull design fot its time. Still love it.
  10. Good old Lego builder

    Order parts for a MOC or set via bricklink

    Thank you Seasider. How did you like his F1 cars?
  11. Good old Lego builder

    Order parts for a MOC or set via bricklink

    Thanks Jeroen, Gerrit. I didn’t know that. Hence why I have never done big orders yet. Gerrit, could you explain some more?
  12. I have a question: i would like to build a formula 1 car one day. Specifically: a Ferrari tipo 640. A lot of the parts I would need to order via Bricklink. But how do you guys do that? My experience is that I would need to shop at a lot of different sellers. Are there ways around that? Any tips for big sets like that?
  13. Good old Lego builder

    [WIP] Scania 140 Super

    Nice choice! I’ll keep following your progress!
  14. For example: a bus build by Den Oudsten, who by the way owned New Flyer. but also busses build by Van Hool, like