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  1. Good old Lego builder

    [MOC] The firsrt plane.

    Fun little MOC!
  2. Good old Lego builder

    Decreasing number of MOCs

    As Lasse mentioned, I also see the topics that get no reactions. Some very nice Mocs. That is not very rewarding to continue posting. I would also like to add that some great mocs ‘disappear’ in the scale modeling forum. Indon’t visit that one frequently since almost nothing happens there. I think Covid also had tomdo with it, for multiple reasons. (Time, money)
  3. Good old Lego builder

    [MOC] Volvo G970 Motor grader

    Impressive build! Very well done!
  4. Very well done! The Scania looks good, indeed better then the real set!
  5. Good old Lego builder

    [C-model] 42077 - Blue Shark

    Well, that is unexpected! Nicely done, creative!
  6. Good old Lego builder

    Axle Collection Thread

    Clever design!
  7. Good old Lego builder

    [REVIEW] 76161 - 1989 Batwing

    Great review! Very helpfull! I might comsider this set now. Thanks!
  8. There’s a ship with a story! Great build!
  9. Good old Lego builder

    [MOC] Scania P220 Skiploader

    Excellent build! It captures the looks very well. And I really like you didn’t use motors. A real Technic build! Well done! If it was for sale by Lego, I would buy it.
  10. Good old Lego builder

    76161 Batwing revealed!

    I’m an adult. What I mean: the batmobile has steering, the mechanism for the guns, the nicely moving roof. This one..... opening roof?
  11. Good old Lego builder

    76161 Batwing revealed!

    It does look nice, certainly cool to display on the wall. It doesn’t seem to have many functions, so I’m curious. Looking forward to a review. Is it more than a bat-shaped disc?
  12. Good old Lego builder

    Mechanical Obstacle Avoidance System

    Very nice build! Great thinking!
  13. Good old Lego builder

    42113 Osprey V-22 [VIDEO REVIEW]

    Great review, as allways! Thank you Sariel!
  14. 5: 10 57: 6 24: 4 31: 3 41: 2 43: 1
  15. Good old Lego builder

    Evolution or involution?

    Same here. My last set was the Arocs, or the Volvo EW150e, but the same feeling. Most technic sets are pretty much the of something that has been done these days. Where as I really enjoyed builder the 1989 Batmobile, the Saturn rocket or a modular house. The part use in those sets is really intresting and creative. I had the Porsche, but sold it. In the end that was just a car, with suspension a gearbox. Just like the Bugatti, the Landrover and probably the next Lambo..