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  1. Haslab projects have previous for being on the larger side. Video review of the Haslab Sentinal here. I imagine that they would have to cut the size of the ghost a bit, but it'll definitely be on the larger side.
  2. Thanks for sharing. I've been thinking about this build and the Nebulon B for a while.
  3. I think Lego said that they weren't going to make Fallen Order sets as the game is too violent?
  4. I've been pleasantly surprised by Bad Batch. Their appearance in Clone Wars made me think that the show would be aimed at five year olds, but I've really enjoyed it.
  5. I bought it a couple of weeks ago in the UK.
  6. Has anyone here built Jhae's Gunships? I'm considering getting the instructions and I'm interested in opinions on the build experience and how sturdy the finished product is.
  7. Csaba

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    This is the first time I've seen it next to another ship. The UCS Slave 1 is on the larger side so the Bomber is huge. I assume this is larger than minifig scale?
  8. Csaba

    NEBULON-B Escort Frigate, 81cm long, 2593 pieces

    @Rubblemaker How do you think this compares in size to the Brick Vault version? It looks like yours has around 25% of the pieces that the Brick Vault version has.
  9. Csaba

    ALL out Brick

    My completely uninformed, not a lawyer opinion is that there isn't a difference between All Out Brick and Brickvault. Hope I'm wrong but, it wouldn't surprise if Brickvault were also contacted by the Mouse's lawyers in due course.
  10. Csaba

    ALL out Brick

    These companies have always been on shaky legal ground. I've always assumed that they were small enough to fly under the radar. Hopefully, this is a one-off.
  11. Is the parts list available for this set or do you have to buy the instructions to get it? I aways like to see what I pieces I already have before committing to buying instructions. I've found that if you email Brick Vault, sometimes they send the piece list out and sometimes they respond with an estimate of how much it'll cost, which isn't much use when you're trying to work out if you already have some of the pieces.
  12. Found the dimensions for Renegade Clone's version in this thread. Comparing the values to those given on Brick Vault's website indicates that the BV version is larger.
  13. Any opinions on which Zeta Class shuttle MOC is best, Renegade Clone or Brick Vault? From what I can tell, the main difference is that the Brick Vault version uses power functions to raise and lower the wings. The legs look a bit better on the Brick Vault version but, that should be easy to modify. The Brick Vault version contains over 2,000 more pieces so I'm assuming it's bigger?
  14. Definite improvement on what we've seen before. However, I'm still not convinced by it.
  15. It's been cheaper than that!!! I would have taken the lot for parts at that price.