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  1. My initial thought is that they would want to release multiple sets with Kaminoans. I assume that the mould is unique to this figure so they'll want to get some use from it. Might be wrong, of course!
  2. Thanks for the suggestions. Recreating official sets is an obvious suggestion that I hadn't considered before.
  3. Csaba

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    Thanks. It's a lot closer than I expected.I thought 75218 was a lot longer.
  4. Csaba

    [MOC] The Return of The X-Wing

    Does anyone have photos of this next to 75218 and 75301? it would be interesting to compare the size differences.
  5. I've just started playing around with designing sets using Studio. So far, all I've managed is the Tantive IV hallway. Does anyone have any recommendations for simple builds that will help to develop my skill with the software? Could be a diorama, ship, or anything really.
  6. Csaba

    Tantive IV hallwall MOC

    Thanks for the suggestions and comments everyone
  7. Csaba

    Tantive IV hallwall MOC

    The MOC was designed in Studio. This is my first attempt at using any type of graphic design software. The design is completely studless. I wanted all of the top-level to be the same height but couldn't work out how to make the arches line up. Let me know if anyone has any feedback or tips on using the software.
  8. Csaba

    Brick Vault Minifig Scale Slave 1

    One of my friends thinks that some of the building techniques are similar to those used in the AAT, which was a "ball ache" to put together on a significantly smaller vehicle. It looks amazing but, I'll stick with my UCS version.
  9. Defense of Hoth is is a Lego store/website exclusive, Snowtrooper Battle Pack is at multiple retailers.
  10. Csaba

    Brick Vault Minifig Scale Slave 1

    It's more or less minifig scale. The cockpit is always bigger when we see inside the ship but, I get the impression they give the ship Tardis qualities when they make the sets. The Brick Vault version has more than double the number of pieces of the UCS version. From looking at the pictures, this might be due to replacing a few large pieces with lots of small pieces rather than increasing the size of the ship. The windscreen from the UCS ship goes for stupid amounts so I'm not sure how they'll get around that issue.
  11. I just had an email about Brick Vault's new set. The instructions are $50 and they estimate that the pieces cost $950 - $1100 so it isn't cheap. It looks smoother than the official UCS set so it would be interesting to see them next to each other.
  12. Csaba

    SB00301 B-PROJECT (MOC Resistance Bomber UCS)

    Is the price for the manual available? I can't see it in this thread or on StarBricks' website.