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  1. 100% agree. Absolute fantastic look 😊.
  2. Sounds good that it is not tied to a specific set. Do you know by any change if there will be also double VIP-points for Star Wars sets?
  3. That is just a picture from the today realised Designer Video of the Space Shuttle. The helmet is seen in the background. I don‘t think this will be a set in 2021.
  4. You are right, maybe a little bit too long but overall it fits.
  5. I need better pictures for Vader but the Scout Trooper looks really good. Is it just me or is the „mouth“ from the Trooper a little bit too long?
  6. TheScaryDoor

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    I really would like to have a re-release of the UCS Imperial Shuttle. An UCS U-Wing would be nice too. Furthermore, B-Wing and Darth Vaders Tie Advance as an UCS or Playscale Set. But I think the Imperial Shuttle is the most realistic realise in the next years.
  7. I‘m always ambivalent regarding leaks. On the one hand I am a very curious person and want to know everything now. On the other hand, like you said, getting almost every info early means almost no suspense for the rest of the year. A good compromise would be fine.
  8. Are we sure that the three shown figs are really included in the shuttle? The blue lightsaber, the glove on the wrong hand and an not up to date Vader fig are really odd for me.
  9. I think the set will be just released in February.
  10. Lego announced the Marvel Sets for February 2021 today. I guess we will see in the next days the new Star Wars Sets as well for February. Which means a better look for the new Mando-Set.
  11. Interesting news. The set (if the rumor is true) seems ok. Beskar Mando and the Child in a cheaper set is nice. The Tusken tent could be a great addition to the bantha from the micro fighter set. But I will wait for the second half of year and see if more sets are coming with Beskar Mando, which I might like more. Having almost all the major characters outside the Razor Crest available makes it harder to justify the purchase of this more expensive Set. On the other hand, why collect Mando-Sets without the Crest ??
  12. Very interesting. Maybe I need to buy the two sets after all :-). And I wonder how many minifigs the imperial shuttle will include.
  13. Could be but I think Lego plans far ahead with the production which means that there won‘t be any free production capacity in the near future.
  14. It could be that Lego has no free capacity in their production facilities. Lego wants to run the machines at 100% to make their Investment worthwile. Same goes with stocks, it is just not economical to block space for one year.
  15. I also red that the license last untit 2022. I think it will be renewed. As for now the new Star Wars Trilogy will start in 2023.