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  1. TheScaryDoor

    [MOC] - Thrawn's office

    Yeah, the fur and color fits but the expression is too much 😄.
  2. TheScaryDoor

    [MOC] - Thrawn's office

    Very great Vignette and a good mix of show and the books. The holographic works are a very nice idea and fit perfectly. Only a Noghri is missing but I have no idea how to build one of those little guys.
  3. Well you have besides the Fondor, Mon Mothmas Car and a small imperial vehicle at the end. Also you have a new droid, imperial officiers, character from Rogue One, several Rebels etc. You are not wrong but there is something but maybe Lego waits until S2.
  4. I think you and the others have a point. On the other hand Lego made a couple of sets for Rogue One which I also don't consider standard Star Wars for Kids. But also at that time there was not so much Star Wars to pick from like it is today.
  5. TheScaryDoor

    [MOC] One Way Out

    Looks great for a great scene and I think you capured all the important parts from one way out.
  6. TheScaryDoor


    Death Trooper from Rogue One.
  7. TheScaryDoor

    Return of the Jedi in LEGO

    As usual, great scenes 👍. I espacially like the picture when Luke is taken to Palpatine with all the background details.
  8. Great build for a (for me) very stange Tie-concept (Tie-Crawler). How you display the rocket launch is absolutely fantastic.
  9. TheScaryDoor


    I like it alot. Especially the tree with the detailed leaves.
  10. Yavin is on my list however with the leaked picture and to the current price it is not enough. But leaked pictures never give an overall impression of the upcoming set. Therefore it might be still good enough for me. Lets wait and see.
  11. I also have similar thoughts regarding Ferrix and Andor. If it is on sale I might buy it because I really like the figures but if I found most of them next year in a second set (hopefully there will be one or more) I might regret it to bought this one. But if this is my problem than I'm fine I guess 😉.
  12. I have to 100% agree with you not because you are the admin and can do funky stuff with mine account but because you are right 😊. Ahsoka Trailer was great and I'm looking forward for the series and hope it will be good. If this is the case I have to pick up some sets.
  13. 75371 is listed twice in the updated list.
  14. This might be as Andor S2 will likely start in 2024.
  15. One of the bigger sets could also be the Fondor Haulcraft from Andor.