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  1. I think Lego might do it because Return of the Jedi will be 40 years old in 2023.
  2. Stonewars mentioned today in an articel that Jabbas Palace will be part of the 2023 Diorama collection. With Jabba, Boushh and probably Bib. Would be so great 😁.
  3. TheScaryDoor

    Chicken Walker MOC

    Looks really great. I like the small details on the legs und on the base very much.
  4. Ah, yes that can be aswell.
  5. I feel the same but at the same time it seems a very compact build, like the Scythe Ship which is a good sign in my opinion. That Darth Vader from the Calendar looks great 😃. @R0Sch: Thanks for the pictures.
  6. Makes sense to combine the kitchen with Blue Milk Luke . GWP looks nice but not sure if I want to spent the money to get this.
  7. I will get the Trench Run and frame this with the helmets from Red Five, Vader and the Tie Fighter Pilot. Dagobah is fine as well but I allready have a similar MOC which I will keep.
  8. Promobricks also shows a picture of the Trench Run.
  9. For me this makes the most sense because I imagine that the size of the three sets fits best with the mentioned prices from promobricks.
  10. Wasn't Promobricks the source?
  11. On the other hand why would one store reveal new Star Wars sets? This is normally done by Lego itself followed by other stores but normally not by a store like JB Spielwaren alone. So I think the hype about a possible new set might set the expectations a little to high.
  12. Where did you saw this? Couldn`t find anything on the website.
  13. I also think so. All three series are running in 2022 and might be in competition regarding spots in the production line from Lego. Also Kenobi is just a Miniseries with six episodes which might have an further impact.
  14. TheScaryDoor

    Return of the Jedi in LEGO

    Really nice 👍.
  15. Or if Mando gets a new ship in S3. Maybe this opens the door for more helmets outside of the OT. I personally like the choice of a Darktrooper helmet. And I can understand that Lego is picking helmets besides the OT from an current, successful series.