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  1. I also think so. All three series are running in 2022 and might be in competition regarding spots in the production line from Lego. Also Kenobi is just a Miniseries with six episodes which might have an further impact.
  2. TheScaryDoor

    Return of the Jedi in LEGO

    Really nice 👍.
  3. Or if Mando gets a new ship in S3. Maybe this opens the door for more helmets outside of the OT. I personally like the choice of a Darktrooper helmet. And I can understand that Lego is picking helmets besides the OT from an current, successful series.
  4. Nice 😃. I find it interesting that already more than one (bigger) set isbased on a location (Yoda, Jabba and maybe Death Star) and not a vehicle or space ship. I think this is quite uncommen.
  5. Are all rumors for the winter/spring wave or is for instance Jabba‘s Palace part for August 2022?
  6. Maybe some Con related set?
  7. TheScaryDoor

    Wishlist: Future Star Wars Sets and Minifigures

    I would love a buildable Rancor similar to the Probe Druid. With a sign and a little platform.
  8. According to Promobricks there will be a Hoth-Battlepack coming in January 2022. Three Snowtrooper and one Scout Trooper with bike, E-Web Blaster and normal blasters instead of stud shooter
  9. Do you mean the image from the Skywalker Saga Trailer with the snow landscape? If yes, is it really a possible leak? I personally doubt that but maybe that kind of leaks happend in the past with other games?!?
  10. TheScaryDoor

    FINISHED: The Empire Strikes Back in LEGO

    Absolutlely amazing. Looking forward for ROTJ ( and have to check out ANH).
  11. 100% agree. Absolute fantastic look 😊.
  12. Sounds good that it is not tied to a specific set. Do you know by any change if there will be also double VIP-points for Star Wars sets?
  13. That is just a picture from the today realised Designer Video of the Space Shuttle. The helmet is seen in the background. I don‘t think this will be a set in 2021.
  14. You are right, maybe a little bit too long but overall it fits.
  15. I need better pictures for Vader but the Scout Trooper looks really good. Is it just me or is the „mouth“ from the Trooper a little bit too long?