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  1. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Look at the front of the rear wing and on the bottom of the car. It looks to be a triangular 1x2 wedge tile.
  2. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I think that's meant to be a Fiesta. That's their current WRC car. I believe the Focus competes in Rallycross. Good find though! Really looking forward to it! Can't wait to see the others when they eventually show up. Looks like it uses a new tile piece too!
  3. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    If it were to be in a set, it'd be the mid size playset as that seems to be absent from the rumored list.
  4. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I have a feeling the other Ford will be the Mustang RTR "Hoonicorn" I also think that the single Porsche will be the 911 GT2 RS as that is the latest hot 911 to be released. I understand that they've already done the 919 Hybrid but that was the 2014 car. The one i'm talking about has a different livery and a few other details that differ from the 2014 car. Also this year was the final year the 919 has competed in the WEC so it's inclusion in the next SC line could make a nice farewell. I have no idea what the biggest Ferrari set will be. But judging by your suggestion, it could be based on Ferrari's Corse Clienti department which involves some of their older F1 cars, Challenge cars and cars from the FXX programme. That's what i'd do.
  5. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    I'm willing to bet the Ford GT road car will be amongst the new range. If you look back in the first couple of pages, you'll find I shared a video from this year's Goodwood Festival Of Speed which shows a Lego model of a yellow and black GT with some new stickers and printing on the windshield piece. And I have a feeling that the 2 car Porsche set could include the 2017 919 Hybrid and another classic Le Mans winning Porsche: the 962. It's just a guess. I could be wrong but it could be a good idea for an SC set.
  6. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Still no news? I'm starting to think that there won't be any sets in 2018.
  7. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    Any news yet? The names are usually leaked by now.
  8. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    By that calculation. My predictions are that Single Cars 2x Fords 1 Ferrari 1 Porsche Playsets Porsche will have one with 2 cars Ferrari will have one with 3 cars. 3 cars in 1 set! Wow!
  9. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    This year's Lego Ferrari F1 car is the car that raced last year. The life sized model is this year's car so who knows? Maybe there will be another Ferrari F1 set next year. Although I'd rather they have another Ferrari road car instead if that's the case.
  10. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    <iframe src="https://www.facebook.com/plugins/video.php?href=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.facebook.com%2FLEGO%2Fvideos%2F10155022180458403%2F&show_text=1&width=560" width="560" height="459" style="border:none;overflow:hidden" scrolling="no" frameborder="0" allowTransparency="true" allowFullScreen="true"></iframe> Unfortunately not the MCL32. It's the Ferrari SF-78H..
  11. [MOC] Mercedes AMG W2030 (Rebrick Entry)

    Uploaded it to MOCpages with even more photos! http://www.moc-pages.com/moc.php/441833
  12. Batman #526 Batmobile

    I used to collect that magazine! I still have the models and the magazines. I might try my hand at building one or two of them one day.
  13. 2018 Speed Champions Sets - Rumours and Discussion

    ER0L's correct that we already had that 919 Hybrid in 75876. But if they were to release a set with that car again, it'd be in it's 2017 guise. As you can see, it looks a tad different than the 2015 car we got in 75876. As for the other Porsche set, I'm placing my bets on a 911 road car. I hope Sir Von Lego manages to get some set names soon.
  14. [MOC] Mercedes AMG W2030 (Rebrick Entry)

    The black wheel piece? That's the fan. This model was partly inspired by the Brabham BT46B which raced in F1 using this feature which made it so good it was banned.
  15. Here's my entry for Rebrick's "Racers of Tomorrow" contest. This is my vision of Mercedes AMG's 2030 F1 contender. This futuristic design features advanced aerodynamics, side mounted air intakes, the "Shield" windscreen and even a previously controversial fan on the back which sucks the car to the track, increasing downforce. It used to be banned from racing but by 2030 F1 cars had become so fast, that fans have become the only means of keeping the car stable. The windscreen also has AR technology that acts as a heads-up display for the driver. More photos can be found here: https://www.lego.com/en-us/rebrick/view-entry?c_id={4FA9C458-4653-4CF1-8622-FE8A6FA4CE22}&a_id=ce5e75ba-e84b-4f16-a924-3547e3609277 Please let me know what you think of the car. Thank you!