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  1. Are you talking about the teaser that McLaren shared on Twitter? I have a feeling that this wave will be officially revealed in January, i'm not sure they'll go on sale by that time. I'm pretty sure they'll be released in March like all the other waves.
  2. Instagram. It also shows the rear of the classic Mini is mostly stickered but I can understand why because they wanted to maintain the shaping and not risk making the tail-lights look too big.
  3. More images just got released giving us closer looks at the sets. I've noticed that the mudflaps on the classic Mini are black meat cleavers. Pretty clever. Also, the Camaro Nascar has an adjustable rollcage.
  4. It actually kinda works as I built an M8 GTE a few months ago over on Drivetribe. https://drivetribe.com/p/2018-bmw-m8-gte-KhM2FRPcQruFjCrtxZRTtw?iid=bD9FzleDRwemQEPvwB_6ZA
  5. I believe the most likely BMW to hit the SC line would have to be the M8 GTE. Speed Champions is more likely to include race cars. But the Merc AMG ONE and Valkyrie is one i'd really like to see.
  6. Just like the Porsche writing on the side of the 917K model from 2016. I did mention that Lego would never make a sticker that small. Far too fiddly.
  7. I've seen! I suggested earlier that we'd have to turn the Competizione into the road version ourselves but it looks like we won't have to. Plus, 4 different rim styles!! Obviously, you'd go for the broad 5 spoke ones.
  8. I honestly think that the '67 Mini Cooper may very well be the greatest design to grace the SC line. If you take a closer look at the car in the leaked image, it has a 4 wide middle with a 5 wide front and rear. It'll be very interesting to see how TLG have managed to make this sort of construction stable. I've tried my hand at this sort of construction before and let me tell you, it's a very fiddly, fragile job. Building that Mini is going to be fun as heck. The only real problem I see is that Lego hasn't released some of those pieces in a lot of colours. Like the rounded 3x4 roof piece or the Technic connectors where the headlights are. I really want to build the three Minis from The Italian Job but building the blue Mini is going to be impossible without custom painting.
  9. I thought that was the 911 Turbo from this year's wave.
  10. YES!! Nascar Camaro! And The Classic Mini is a 5 wide!!! Now all we need is the Dodge set. I'm praying for a Charger Daytona/Superbird!
  11. It's bound to be printed. Lego would never release a sticker that small.
  12. The F40 looks alright. It's also the "Competitzione" version which looks more like this: That said, I can see this easily being modified to be the road F40 when these come out.
  13. I think the Chevy is going to be a stand alone car. It could be either three cars: Mid Engined C8 Corvette, Corvette C7R or SS Nascar.
  14. One for each then eh? Still no Ford GT road car, though.