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  1. Thank you! Thanks! Yep, I will post better photos and will certainly try filming a video. When it is OK with this, there will be a proper description.
  2. Wow, thank you very much for the tip I think I am done with the LDD: 1506 parts (without the horns) I'm sorry if it looks messy but everything must be understandable for the build... And someone can try to put all the parts together if he/she wants LDD file
  3. Yes, thanks! Sadly, LDD crashes everytime on my computer. I cannot add a single 5x3 beam on the front (as another parts). I tried to reinstall LDD but nothing changed... I don't really understand because the last version of Solidworks runs very well on it... Thank you very much! Comming from a talented car builder like you, it means a lot. I hope to finish my supercar one day About the truck, I tried to be close to the real thing (pretty close to the blueprint I used). Thanks! I try my best in the instruction process. If the LDD isn't a success, i'll break the truck into sub assembly so that it will be easier to understand the build.
  4. So LDD is begun... and I have an issue. I don't know how I have created this angle between the frame and the "ground" but this brings me headhaches ... Can someone fix it? thank you LDD file
  5. The shape is wery cool indeed! But I would change the red 16t by the regular grey 16t... Because the red ones increase friction.
  6. It is amazing you manage to build a C model this big! And everything seems to work I particulary like the shape of the canopy.
  7. Anyway, I manage to take some photos. They are quite hard to take (and bad) due to low light exposition (bad weather here in France). Feel free to comment
  8. Thanks! Well, there are two L motors for driving (with 12t/20t - 8t/24t) and a servo motor for the steering. The rear suspension allows driving on not so flat surfacse so the playability is pretty good I think (the best RC model I made so far). There are a working steering wheel and a fake engine. The fifth wheel is from @efferman and allows for coupling a steerable trailer. There is also a rear coupling. As there isn't enough light, I will certainly add photos tomorrow. I am terrible at making videos so don't expect it to early
  9. Wow, it is very impressive! I never thought a pullback motor could power a clock and even less for 18 minutes
  10. Well, I have zero knowledge in making instruction... I will try the LDD file though (or publish photo sequence later if I do not succeed). I don't have any chrome parts . I don't plan to buy some because I am a student and don't have more money for that Nice solution! I will try it some day but not this time because I used the tamdem axles from my Volvo frame (inspired by @efferman): I used this setup because it is the best I have found at the moment. Btw, thank you for your comments! EDIT: Done
  11. Yep, this why I have chosen a non-suspended front axle!
  12. So the cabin is basically done... All the RC unit is in place, and I have 12 studs between the L motors and the rear wheel archs. I will try to put a simple gearbox. the rear tandem will be the same as the one on my Volvo FH16 project. Here are some pics:
  13. [WIP] Codename Silvestros

    As @Erik Leppen mentioned, having a 8 speed gearbox is not that necessary due to the steering mechanism. And I would say 4 speeds are better in comparison with 8 because the difference in gear ratios between the first and the last speed is smaller, causing less friction… The color scheme you have chosen will make the car even more special I look forward to seeing the end result!
  14. Well, the 8x4 was not what I planned at the begining. Nevertheless, if I manage to modify the Akermann linkage so that it uses current parts, maybe I will have a look on it Here is how it looks like in 6x4.
  15. Axle Collection Thread

    I am affraid it is not As already mentioned by @Technivor, it is not strong enough for high torque... Before going for Mack, i was working on a RC Volvo FH16 6x4. The frame worked like a charm. The rear tandem is from Efferman. Feel free to use it! Note: The front hubs a those from the 8070 supercar. And the lxf