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  1. You captured the lines very well! I love it. The wheel indeed fit better than the smaller ones. May I ask you if you have any pics of the paddle shifters?
  2. @Jeroen Ottens Even though I am not a fan of the original car (design wise), your model is very well done. Too bad they are already shipped. I would have liked to see how you managed to put a 8 speed sequential gearbox at this scale!
  3. This is not the car brand I like the most but you have already done an awesome job on it. I think I will never present my Porsche 911 when I finish it (one day hopefully) because there are so many awesome MOCs in here! For the curvature on the roof, have you considered using Bionicle teeth?
  4. So here are my attempts: SCANIA R Nextgen V8: A simple 4x2 tractor unit with a working V8 engine, adjustable rear height, and steering giving a rather small turning radius. A free 3D model (Stud.Io) is available on Rebrickable Mack Granite 6x4 dump truck: It has all the functions of the 42078 Mack Anthem tractor unit plus the dump bed lifted by a linear actuator: 6 inline fake engine, steering with a functioning steering wheel. Having these functions while keeping everything in scale was tricky but here is the result. Free PDF instructions on Rebrickable Mack Anthem day cab: I wasn't very satisfied with the proportions of the 42078 Mack Anthem set, especially regarding the curves and length of the hood and cabin. This turned out to be a day cab. it still has the functions of the original set. I am quite satisfied with this one. Again, free PDF instructions are available on Rebrickable
  5. This is an amazing tow truck Effe. it is very accurate while staying functional. I'd say go for the Firefighter version. It breaks the all red face of the truck
  6. This wasn't won at the beginning because of the poor perspectives given by the set 42083, especially the two tones color. But you succeeded. The R8 lines are here, there is a d├ętailled interior, working sequential gearbox and foldable roof. Honestly, I would have build it if didn't sell my Chiron.
  7. Please explain how you managed to have working paddles ? I think I am not the only one interested. Regarding the manual version of the 488, do you have the link for the PDF of book 1?
  8. I have built my copy. Wow, what a car... There are crazy connections everywhere. But the Cada quality has an impact as the servo for the steering died in less than 5 minutes... Did anyone experienced this? If so, is there a way to fix it?
  9. It is a very well designed MOC. As it was mentioned earlier, the studful parts blend nicely with the studless parts. I like a lot how you managed to stick the 6 speed gearbox so close to the rear axle. And the free instructions are more than welcome, especially in this period when you have to pay for most of them. Your gearbox will certainly end up in my Porsche Carrera S
  10. Little update: the 3D model is done The only concern I am facing is that I didn't find a way to connect the cab to the chassis (everything is OK in reality). I also didn't succeed in connecting the 2 U-joints inside the chassis... Can someone who knows Stud.Io help me? Thanks
  11. Looks really nice Effe, I'd like to have one of these on my shelf! Can't wait to see the result with real bricks
  12. Thanks guys! @I_Igor, what is it exactly? An ampliroll like truck with a rear steered lifting axle or a tandem lift axle (like Volvo)? Putting more details was easier with no part limitation ;) and this time, I think I succeeded in not overdoing things. I tend to prefer yours though!
  13. As I have more time for building these days, I decided to replicate the new Scania R650 on 1/22 scale (Mack Anthem #42078 set scale). The goal was very simple: have a recognizable shape and manual functions. It is in a very basic 4x2 configuration. It has a V8 and a HOG steering. For this one, I decided to abandon the working steering wheel because it gave poor results on my Volvo FH16. The cab can be tilted and the rear axle can be raised to give a nice rake (inspired by @mpj). This tractor unit can be used with any trailer compatible with the Mack Anthem. I plan to make a 3D model for this. I'd like to build something more complex with it (crane truck, timber truck, etc.) but I have no idea what. Ideas are more than welcome!
  14. Great looking replica! It looks robust and quite powerful. You came up with a very interesting solution regarding the front leaf spring suspension with the rubber beams. Also, the battery box location is just right, finishing the internal parts on the seats.