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  1. grego18f

    Technic Model Comparison

    Sorry for the bad quality pics, but here you go. The sizes are roughtly the same.
  2. Regarding the two versions, I think it could be simplier to leave the slewing. Actually, your crane will be manual and, in my opinion, it gives more playability when slewing by hand (see the 42009...). You could then have another motorized function. Have you ever considered using a cable actuator instead of pneumatics?? From my experience, they teend to be very powerful. Here is an example from Pipasseyoyo Great progress anyway, following this closely!
  3. grego18f

    Finished MOC Fairplay IX tugboat in scale 1:50

    Hi Edwin, I love the level of details of your models Your customers must be very proud! Will you build bigger tugboats, I mean, those towing oil platforms for example? I saw the ALP Defender (or Striker) on YT earlier and think it is awesome:
  4. grego18f

    A new Mini-Moc: 6WD-Offroad-Truck

    This a really cool creation indeed. I wish you best of luck for the contest
  5. You have already done some serious progress . About your issue with the drive axle, why not removing it and put in AWS with different steering mods? Or maybe use some linkages for the steering, as on the #42043? I was working on a LTM too (is it the season? ), but ran out of time. Nevertheless, I came with a compact gearbox for the superstructure that might interest you. Link to the .lxf The boom attachement is just 2 studs too much forward compared to the scaled LTM 1300 6.2. The motor (a L seems to be a good compromise) can be placed on the left side of the superstructure. The bottom winch is for a cable actuator but it can be replaced by gearing for some LAs... It sure needs to be reinforced but I am pretty sure it will not be a hard task. Btw, I am a huge fan of your cranes!
  6. grego18f

    Effe's MOC Corner

    Wow, I absolutely love it @efferman! Definitely one of the best looking Sciana in the Web (if not the best) Is it a commission model?
  7. grego18f

    [MOD] 42036 "Speeder Bike"

    Wow, I like it And swaping the color with the brown makes it match perfectly with the stormtrooper. Like those in the episode 6 with the speeder bikes...
  8. May I suggest to place the taillights (behind the wheels) higher?
  9. You have again done a fantastic job. It is outstanding to see how close you are compared to the real one, at this scale. Really loving your trucks too.
  10. This is very nice indeed
  11. It turn slowly because I use the 7 speed remote controller. Other than that, it works pretty well!
  12. And another C model... I like it very much! It is very difficult to build new with the same parts and you do it perfectly . Keep it up.
  13. So, it is time for the review! A while back, after seeing Ingmar Mack Granite, I thought it could be interesting to try it into TECHNIC. Sadly, I failed miserably…until this year because I succeeded in obtaining a bonnet good enough. The model taken for inspiration is an axle back Granite, the GU813: Of course, I could have done an axle forward one, but it would have been more difficult to put the LED lights and I think the axle back is more representative (from what I saw in Quebec). This truck has a classic configuration but this was intended. Some specifications: - 1/17 scale model - Steering by a Servo motor - Drive by 2 L motors - Working steering wheel - Working fake 6 cylinders engine - Lockable fifth wheel allowing steered trailers - Rear coupling for oversize transport - And obviously opening doors and bonnet Here are some photos taken between two rains: I have not decided to fully detail the functions here as the video looks sufficient to me. But if you want more, let me know There is a digital file. I am sorry if it looks messy but did not figure out how to put some parts together … Nevertheless, I hope you enjoy this model! Any advice or comment are welcome
  14. Thank you! Thanks! Yep, I will post better photos and will certainly try filming a video. When it is OK with this, there will be a proper description.
  15. Wow, thank you very much for the tip I think I am done with the LDD: 1506 parts (without the horns) I'm sorry if it looks messy but everything must be understandable for the build... And someone can try to put all the parts together if he/she wants LDD file