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  1. Nice trailers as well. One question though: will you build the new Scania S?
  2. grego18f

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    I immediately thought the same when I saw the picture...
  3. grego18f

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Looking really nice overall. With this color, I would have hopped for an Aventador SVJ but never mind. I am quite excited to know more about the transmission and how it is operated (paddles or central stick). Regarding the next colors, definitely red or white in my opinion.
  4. Very nice replica of an iconic car There are nice details everywhere! Can we have a closer look at the Wankel engine? As others said, I do not often praise the mix with non-Lego parts. But I am fine in this case, as this color is the one that matches the best in my opinion. And there are not visible blue pins... I tend to think that it is better to use counterfeit parts in the right color than ruining an actual lego part (not that there are not skilled people for painting)...
  5. I have always been amazed by your trucks. The DAF is really cool too. There are so much details in there, even the exhaust...
  6. grego18f

    [B Model] 991 Carrera from 42056

    Here it is : As I said in Rebrickable: While building, I was surprised by some techniques used to give an angle to some parts. I was saying to myself: "there is no way it works". I was so wrong. No extra force is needed to hold the parts together. Regarding the improvements, I think the engine does not spin fast enough (even in 1st gear). The rear suspension is pretty weak too (but no choice given the inventory). I modified this by slightly modifying the setup and adding a soft spring for each wheel. I can provide pics to who built the car. Also, following the instructions, I was unable to find the correct attachment points of the front spoiler. Finally, on the aesthetics side, I would remove a 9L black beam so that the rear diffuser is more inward. Very good model
  7. grego18f

    [MOC] Lola Aston Martin B09/60 LMP1

    It is great that you are doing building instructions because this MOC really deserves it. Good luck!
  8. grego18f

    [B Model] 991 Carrera from 42056

    All has already been said! Cleaner look, correct proportions, less parts... Amazing
  9. Interesting setup! It is true there are not so many manual transmissions nowadays. But I see one major reason to this : most of the people out there base their car on real recent supercars, and almost all of them have sequential gearbox. I myself plan on doing a manual Porsche 992 with rear wheel steering (the rws depends on the position of the selector). I just can't figure out a way to build a reliable shifter for a 7+R gearbox.. I'll give a try with your solution.
  10. grego18f

    42115 - Lamborghini Sian FKP 37

    Saw this earlier today... I agree MK is not known for developing their own models. A spy at LEGO's Chinese factory is possible but I don't think Lego will produce 3 pairs of new molds only for this car. And there is a lot of studful involved (trunk and doors). These aspects make me think that this is not the Lego model. Regarding the color, I like this one but it would not be that distinctive compared to the Chiron. But what a coincidence though...
  11. Hi T Lego, I saw your model some time ago on Insta. It is amazing. Two things have particularly caught my attention. The first one is the placement of the gearbox which allows to put the shifter right under the engine, leaving all the space into the monocoque. The second is the wide use of 9x5 beams (combined with frames) on the structure. They efficiently stiffen the chassis in the 3 directions. And that paneling is amazing, especially when considering the part availability in this color. This inspired me for the project I am currently working on (the rework of the Bugatti Chiron with corrected proportions and hopefully the use of less parts). The rear part is done with a different suspension set-up and a different shifter organization, avoiding the use of a chain. At the moment it is paused because I didn't find a rigid enough solution to connect the rear to the monocoque (engine is bigger). I will upload pics to my Bricksafe if you are interested in seeing it! Keep up the good work!
  12. grego18f

    [MOC] Ford Mustang 1964

    This is an amazing replica, even more considering it is mainly studless. Awesome work
  13. Some time ago, I looked if this could be possible. With the very limited part availability in this color, I am afraid that huge MODs on the aesthetics will be needed.
  14. grego18f

    grego18f's MOCs and ideas

    Just finished the 3D model so here are the comparison shots