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  1. BrickMatit

    Updating Your Harry Potter Minifigures

    Nice to see people posting on this topic their creations Good your Charity Burbage @dyl-and. @drewdotexe I appreciate particulartly your Bill and how many friendly faces in your Slytherin Quidditch team .
  2. BrickMatit

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I didn't know this. But this is an interesting point that sometimes we tend to forget: LEGO is an enterprise. And not always sets we dream about are profitable sets (or what LEGO think that would be profitable ) or fit in the strategy LEGO has (cause they have a strategy, haven't they? ).
  3. BrickMatit

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Finally some spare time to write down my 2 cents about new info 1) Moments Set: non really interested in. Nice that new collectors can obtain two rare charachters like Moody and Trelawney. Strange, in my opinion, the choose of Moody... I think Remus is more appreciate than Alastor, but maybe this is just my idea Who knows, maybe LEGO did this choise cause Remus will appear in the next summer wave (Shrieking Shack + Whomping Willow wolf variant?)... Not so good, but I know there wasn't a real choise, students selection: too much Gryffindor torsos! Already having Moody and Trelawney, this two sets won't be a day-one-full-price buy. My heart tears, not so much my wallet 2) Hospital Wing: finally Pomfrey my personal Hogwarts staff will be almost done, so I hope they'll give us a very good minifigure. And I hope also in a good set too, to be added to my New Style Hogwarts. 3) Hogwarts Suitcase: I'm really curious about it, but cannot say anything more till January. Maybe a must-buy, maybe not. So 2022 will start with 2 PoA sets (Divination class and Hospital Wings), 1 GoF set (DADA class) and 1 generic set (Hogwarts suitcase). Considering that this year Lego explored from PS to PoA, I won't be suprised seeing PoA and GoF sets the next summer (and we already said what sets we wann see ). Who knows, maybe 2023 we will finally see one or two DH set... And about the "too dark" LEGO argument against DH... I think that, yes, as a whole, Harry Potter serie become darker with the last books and movies... in my opinion, from PS to PoA everything is more "childish". GoF is on the edge, cause for the first time we and Harry see live "good and fair" characthers suffering and dieing (Cedric, his parents...) and no, there isn't a Dumbledore that save you and bring you in the Hospital Wing (PS), no mandragor juice or phoenix tears that save everyone (cats, ghosts, humans) (CoS), no time turner (PoA). Everyone knows OoP and HBP and how they end. Harry and the entire serie with him grow and became adult. And adult world, even for an AFOL, is not kid world: not everything can be adjust with a Reparo, evil does exist and there's no black&white, you cannot hide and being protected by James, Lily, Sirius, Dumbledore... you take decisions, with consequences, and you have to take responsibilities. And movies, particularly DH, in my opinion, well represents this evolution. I share what @Seaber write before me: "There is far less wonder in them [DH films] than the other films and very few light hearted moments" and "I'm sure we will get DH sets at some point, but not in the numbers of the earlier films". And trying to see the future with my blurred crystal sphere and through my closed inner eye I say: Harry and Hagrid on the motorbike, Tent, Gringotts and Final Battle. Ok, that's all. And I've written really a lot!
  4. BrickMatit

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    What kind of information can we reasonably expect? Prices, codes, piece number, names...?
  5. BrickMatit

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I suppose that someone, at this point, should say Dobby's socks
  6. BrickMatit

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yes, I know. And I understand that making a new mold, maybe just for a set, wouldn't have been a good idea. But there's nothing I can do to convince my eyes that 2x4 tiles work fine
  7. BrickMatit

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    In the past days I built 76392_Hogwarts Wizard's Chess. I really enjoyed building this set. What I like most was finding out how LEGO designers tried to realise a brick built version of a Wizard's Chess... and they managed to, in my opinion. Building could be a bit repetitive, but having divided it with my brother, I didn't suffer so much Nice having Harry, Ron and Hermione in this variant outfits Not so good when putting Ron on the horse, basically it seems like he's standing over the horse's back, not riding. And he's not simmetrycal over the horse. But putting Ron with just torso and head and adding a 1x2 black plate under him work fine for me to solve this And I would have prefered 4x4 black and white tile for the chessboard, instead of 2x4 .
  8. BrickMatit

    [MOC] Two Vipers' Brewery

    I've passed long minutes, front of my screen, with open mouth... What a beauty! Fantastic!
  9. Fantastic buildings! I can almost hear people chatting, laughing, haggling... feel the chaos of the crowd! The story is icing on the cake!
  10. I find the new station a good improvement of the older one. Gray, and not black, roofs look really better, in my opinion. And I like the new idea for the clock on the track side. A pity having to wait "someday" to see your project in real bricks... ... but, hey, your other buildings look good too!
  11. BrickMatit

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    On the contrary I'd like a set with both Leaky Cauldron and Borgin and Burke's. Plus Gringotts. Waiting for LEGO , I'll try to design Leaky Cauldron on my own. And maybe, depending on the results, I'll build it in the future.
  12. BrickMatit

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    I've just posted it in the "Harry Potter custom builds and moc's" topic . Let me know what you think !
  13. BrickMatit

    Harry Potter custom builds and moc's

    QQS & DP MOD One of the few criticisms that I've read and share about 75978_Diagon Alley set is about Quality Quidditch Supplies & Daily Prophet section. Particularly, I'm talking about two aspects: 1) The general appearence of the outside upper part; 2) The lazy, really lazy, realitation of Daily Prophet inside upper part; This is what I've obtained. I'm fully satisfied about it, but let me know what you think! Cheers DP MOD_1 by Brick Matit, su Flickr DP MOD_5 by Brick Matit, su Flickr DP MOD_6 by Brick Matit, su Flickr * For the outside part I remember being inspirated by someone else MOD, but I remember neither who made it nore where I saw it. ** More images in my FlickR collection.
  14. BrickMatit

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    So, in the end, we have finally seen what the "Hogwarts Icons" is. Mixed feelings for me. At the beginning I thought that LEGO would have simply continue the past pattern, closing the cycle with set taken from 6th and 7th movies. And I hoped so. And I used to dream about a Gringott set with a dragon over the top (oh, well, I'm dreaming even now about it ). After knowing that we wouldn't had Gringott but a collection of icon I oriented my mind towards other projects and my budget towards BrickLink. Said that, I'm a bit sad for not having Gringott, but aniway I'm quite satisfied by this year wave and fully satisfied by my new projects (one of them is a QQS and DP MOD I will share soon ). About Hogwarts Icons set, I find it really good. I will not buy it at all, but I appreciate it and I think it well represents, in a iconic way, Harry Potter and Hogwarts. Not my cup of tea but, I imagine, the cup of tea of a lot of other people. Talking about the future, I think that LEGO, next year, will continue this year pattern and building style (in my opinion the anniversary celebration main purpose was to start a new cycle) . And I hope they will follow the soft reboot idea, trying to satisfied both old kids and collectors like me, that started their collection in 2018, and new kids and collectors, whose collection started this year. Putting all of that on the table, some ideas for the next year (current ideas, cause I will surely change them reading you , like @BrickBob Studpants. No objections to your list ) are: Hogwarts Express with Hogmseade station; Durmstrang Ship and Second Task; Shrieking Shack and Whomping Willow; 1st or 2nd movie Hagrid's Hut; completion of Fluffy set from Winged Key Room to Final Challenge with Quirrell; third minifigures serie with juicy characters like Pomfrey (and a lot of other ideas I've imagined while writing this list ). In any case, I hope they will finally produce also interesting set (in my opinion) from 5th to 7th movies, like Grimmauld Place, Ministry Battle, Gringott, Tent... I don't know the Fantastic Beasts universe, so I can't imagine whether they will produce sets or not and what.
  15. BrickMatit

    Harry Potter 2021 - Rumors & Discussion

    @Ravenclawed wow, that's a fantastic building. I find that your Bell Towers match really well with the rest of Hogwarts. Changing topic, two days ago I finally managed to put my hands on the Founders minifigures. I'm so satisfied.