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  1. Aris

    [TC10] Volvo Handler

    Perfect! The file seems ok now!
  2. Dumb = rechargeable?
  3. Aris

    42113 Bell Boeing V-22 Osprey

    Brilliant model! Is on my wish list!
  4. Oh my goodness. Without a Control+ rechargeable box I will return back to power functions.
  5. Impressive! Very complicated
  6. Nice and lightweight! Try to gear down with different gear combinations and try to use thicker wheels for the ground friction.
  7. Aris

    [TC10] Volvo Handler

    Great work! Is there a problem with ldd link? Cannot reach the site, says error.
  8. Aris

    Demag H135

    Excellent work! Is the air source external?
  9. Guys, one is the ultimate technic set! A remake of the Space shuttle 8480 using control+, pneumatics and LAs! Something different! I already recommended this to Lego.
  10. Aris

    Problem with Studio / Technic part

    Hi everyone, is there any topic for studio general discussion?
  11. I like this design. Is it compatible with a L motor for easier mounting on structures? Very compact design!
  12. Excellent work. Nice gripper!
  13. Nice work mate! How is the down pneumatic movement of the crane? Is it smooth?