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    <p> Star Wars but the last lego I bought was a Batwoman minifig </p>

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  1. Thank the maker! Saved from the boring 'boo the sequels' debate. Diorama is strong. Called it on the quote.
  2. Maybe the podrace diorama quote?
  3. That would be an amazing troll from lego.
  4. There's no real evidence its skad at all really. I'm finding the arguments for saw or ezra more convincing. Hoping for saw personally.
  5. Why disappointing? I get not enjoying something, or not being interested or excited in something, but why disappointed? Don't watch it.
  6. Exactly my feelings. I've never personally understood what people were after with the arena. It's certainly iconic, but not an interesting or reasonable build in my opinion.
  7. It's a damaged ISD 1.
  8. The ghost is bigger than the falcon in all dimensions. And very much thicker. I doubt lego would risk a minifig scale version, the size, piece count and therefore cost would be prohibitive. I'd guess it'd cost a couple of hundred more than the falcon.
  9. You could feasibly do both in one set. A slight change of figs to swap out and a alternative quote included.
  10. I've seen it done. How I don't know. But I wouldn't do it.
  11. Agreed. But, though I appreciate lego taking a swing and trying new things, there I the tangible sense this could have been something different. Why this and not something else? Even in reality it's likely more that if it wasn't this it would be an empty slot. We all disagree over what should or shouldn't be a set. Or the value of any given set. But its rare that a set is so universally disliked, and that seems to be a growing thing when you look at recent marvel d2c sets.
  12. Oh I agree, I would love a larger fleshed out ghost, I was just going on the fact that usually lego either does minifig scale or oversized ucs sets (except capital ships obvs), and I'm never sure how many people realise how big the ghost is.