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  1. Not the same thing at all. With Carano, you have someone who said some pretty terrible stuff repeatedly and unapologetically, and the company didn't want to be associated with that. Especially as a supposedly family friendly for everyone company. So parted ways with the actress. With Marie Tran, you have a load of pricks attacking a person, and being racist because they didn't like a character she played. In some cases because they didn't want women in in their wizards in space film. Not the same thing in the slightest.
  2. But thats happened plenty of time enough to expect it though? We've had arm printing on gredo to never be repeated, arm printing on zev senesca never to be repeated. Dual molding on hans legs never to be repeated. An advance in one iteration of a fig doesn't mean that that then becomes standard for a fig, no matter how much we may want it to be.
  3. The spoilers were not related to the mandalorian at all, though you were right to be wary. The poster was actually being super considerate about rumours for future shows. But everything you said I agree with.
  4. Overall I'm pleasantly surprised with what they managed at the price point. And I have to say I really welcome this move and if it is a soft reboot of sorts, I'm hoping that the future sets will focus on scale. The a wing and snowspeeders in particular are always over sized in my opinion. Xwing- though I appreciate the improvements, the engines sticking out from the wings for instance, am I the only one that finds it kinda ugly? Maybe it will grow on me. But I'm not a fan and much prefer the 2018 version. Which is not to say it isn't a fantastic set at a great price point. The tie. Anyone feel the missed the ball on this. Its almost a perfect recreation of the ties in rebels. They could have made that explicit, and the design choices would have been perfect.
  5. With all the leaks, when do you reckon the official reveal will be considering we have all the main details?
  6. The At-at s are never minifig scale and neither, really are the snowspeeders. The At-at is undersized and the snowspeeder is oversized (though to a lesser degree)
  7. I think comparisons with older sets is unfair. The cantina is a pretty simple set up, i don't really see what else they could do. The thing is you can always use the other cantinas, and even obi wans hut to extend mos eisley, which is how I'm going to display it.
  8. Loving luke just laying about on the floor.
  9. Looking again at the piece I think people saying its a crystal are likely correct. I just saw it first time and thought it was a hologram, which makes more sense haha
  10. I dont buy that, I think it doesn't look like a crystal but a micro fig. My guess is vader from when the troopers are looking for the droids.
  11. Ah cool! Thanks for the reassurance
  12. Apparently it was on back order in Canada? I have a comrade getting me one to ship to the UK. Does anyone knkw what back order would mean with such a limited set?
  13. Additionally, I feel they likely haven't produced enough sets for wide distribution. Massively disappointing, but totally to be expected.
  14. Though I totally agree, you dropped a hint about this months ago.