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  1. Well as far as I've seen ahsoka has never been in stock, which was on my list to get. I reckon the tank, the dark troopers, the clones and the hoth sets will sell out quick as they are massable.
  2. People pre-emptively talking about 'woke twitter mobs' are so desperately projecting. It's kinda sad, really.
  3. Everyone got there before me. But they were working class youth who spent their spare cash on expensive suits and modified vespas with loads of lights and wing mirrors. So you can see how the gang are super blatant. Apart from the leader, whose styling is more like the rockers who had street fights with the mods. It was a whole thing, but you can see how the gang fit that. I assume the emo comment was from that one rock chick.
  4. I think you have your subcultures mixed up. They were clearly based on mods. Almost too obviously so.
  5. Doubt they'd do it on the at-at though. The falcon has been excluded before.
  6. I mean. Yes that will suck for you. But she'll get a sweet lego set out of it. So, either way you'll be making her happy in the end.
  7. Wookieepedia 'With the end of the Republic Era, the 501st transitioned from clone troopers to stormtroopers[51] and continued to utilize several variant units, including the elite Storm Commandos[34] and cold weather assault stormtroopers.[1] With the Republic's transformation into the Empire,[42] the Kaminoan cloning production was shut down[52] and the Imperial Military replaced clones with human conscripts.[51] Such changes applied to the 501st as well. By 0 BBY,[43] human[53] Soldiers such as TK-7624, TK-8332, and Commander TK-9091 served in the 501st.[5]' And the existence of veers kinda shows they weren't clones.
  8. That's all true (and a fact I love) but the aesthetics were definitely nazi Germany. But with the mainly British actors, comparisons have been made with the British empire. So in essence they become an general stand in for imperialism. But anyway. The subject should be dropped.
  9. That's insane. I didn't even realise that. I'm even madder now.
  10. That's not the point people are getting at. It's the exchange between different countries prices. The falcon and this cost $800. But the UK price for this has leapt £100. This is a shock to me and is now putting me off a fair bit.
  11. I'm hoping for a more accurate snowspeeder too. They have always been oversized, and with the wrong cockpit. They've stuck with the same basic design for the better part of a decade now. The minifig scale at-at is the perfect opportunity to have a minifig scale Snowspeeder.
  12. Not massively. But. Dusty and smoking household. I just wish it was perfectly new. Its my own fault and I know it and know I'll be judged for it.
  13. I queued midnight Leicester Square and built it over the next week or so. Wish I had waited as it took me 2 years to get a case, and so its dirty and stained and not perfect anymore. Was seriously tempted to buy a replacement. But I'm not that stupid.
  14. Do we have a confirmed UK release date? I know the rumour was black Friday. I just want to book the day off to queue.