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  1. On the one hand, the figure exists in production already, so it would make sense. But its already available in a cheap set. So I'm calling that either: it's old skool boba. Or it's a variant of the new boba, maybe with a fixed helmet?
  2. The 212 magazine hasn't made its way to the UK yet. Its still bo katan
  3. Agreed. They are yet to get the shaping right. Even in the 2013 one the nose is wrong and the fuselage lacks the correct shape.
  4. We don't know who the pilots are. Likely they are new/not ones we see often.
  5. ginja

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    All of this discussion could well be redundant by this time tomorrow. But: It could be the same set from a different angle - seems plausible to me. It could be that after the preliminary design was made, they changed it. It could be that it is modular and you can reconfigure using pins and/or expand and contract it using hinges. Or the preliminary picture is Ana amazing hoax.
  6. ginja

    Lord of the Rings 2023

    I mean.... they are clearly based on LOTR. Like them or not, they aren't based any other media. I'm not a fan of the star ward +4 sets, but there's no denying they are based on star wars. And the balrog is cute.
  7. I would take any and all amidala/padme figures. You could have a cmf series just of here. Easily the most neglected character in my opinion.
  8. For me it depends on the helmet and the execution. Lego models have a certain charm to them, and the building experience adds to it. This isn't true for me for the nes and atari sets and they don't seem interesting in anyway, despite being very accurate reproductions. I, myself don't get the call for an attack of the clones arena, as though iconic, its not very interesting as a set. Just a wide open space. Whereas I'd love a yavin 4 conference room despite there not being much in the way of play or story features. It's all horses for courses.
  9. I think its great, but with people wishing for a ucs ghost... that ship is bigger than the falcon and in my mind ucs sets only work for me if minifig scale or massive display kits. So in that case I would feel a little uneasy about it for some reason.
  10. I think the talk of a dedra minifig is a bit too optimistic. Personally I feel that she was making a joke about lego making sets for things that aren't particularly kid oriented. Love to be proved wrong though.
  11. The empire was notoriously human supremacist. Its quite possible that non humans would be elsewhere suffering worse fates.
  12. Well as far as I've seen ahsoka has never been in stock, which was on my list to get. I reckon the tank, the dark troopers, the clones and the hoth sets will sell out quick as they are massable.
  13. People pre-emptively talking about 'woke twitter mobs' are so desperately projecting. It's kinda sad, really.
  14. Everyone got there before me. But they were working class youth who spent their spare cash on expensive suits and modified vespas with loads of lights and wing mirrors. So you can see how the gang are super blatant. Apart from the leader, whose styling is more like the rockers who had street fights with the mods. It was a whole thing, but you can see how the gang fit that. I assume the emo comment was from that one rock chick.
  15. I think you have your subcultures mixed up. They were clearly based on mods. Almost too obviously so.