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  1. Black Falcon

    21348 Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons and D&D CMF

    Looks very nice, especially like the dragon compared to the older leak, looks much better now. Overall quite a difference between those, from image quality and better colours alone.
  2. Black Falcon

    Wizarding World 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    What would Grindlewald do there? ;) I guess you meant Voldemort? Anyways, Lucius and Draco would likely be included because it is the Malfoys Mansion, though Luna and Griphook are likely more important Storywise. Anyways, has been a while since I last saw the movies, so the memorie about the whole scene isn´t that fresh anymore.
  3. Black Falcon

    Wizarding World 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Yeah, I would guess for a smaller version of the Manor, though probably a bigger one would be the better choice, similar to the ministery Set. If they do the manor, they would have to include the trio, Narcissa, Belatrix and Greyback at least. I guess depending on the size of the set, that probably will be it, though ofc it would be kinda strange to not get Lucius and Draco also.
  4. Black Falcon

    21348 Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons and D&D CMF

    Not until new Infos show up I guess. But anyways, if they were not true, I am pretty sure we would have heard about that already.
  5. Black Falcon

    Wizarding World 2024 - Rumors & Discussion

    Is there any info on when those are supposed to be released? Malfoy Manor is something I would certainly expect to be well above 100€. More something I would expect for the summer wave than the march (or january) one.
  6. Black Falcon

    LEGO City 2025 SETS - Leaks, rumours, discussion. (Animals too)

    Brick Tab is a Discord Channel related to the Legoleaks-Subreddid (and run by it´s mods). They posted the DC and Marvel Super Heroes Sets before Brickclicker did (not all of them and without prices, but so far those infos were correct). So far I would say they are reliable, though just as Brick Clickers leaks there can of course also be some wrong informations. For instance, I would almost bet that it will be no Formula 1 Subtheme, but rather a Racing one with F1-Style cars. Doesn´t BrickClicker usually do the same though ;).
  7. Black Falcon

    Latest news about Lego animal moulds

    Sold out for days actually. You can let PAB show pieces that are not avaiable right now, then you will still see her.
  8. Black Falcon

    21348 Lego Ideas Dungeons & Dragons and D&D CMF

    It is indeed semi exclusive, and already avaiable from other retailers ;). Anyways, Artanis´ point is still valid, that the CMFs aren´t exclusive at all and I could see them having the Set on display there - still possible the CMF figures will be there too, else it would be a missed chance IMO. What would be really fun, if they also had the D&D table there Lego made for the D&D game they played in Billund.
  9. Black Falcon

    Lego Creator 3-in-1 2024

    All Sets we had infos to come this year are out, so very likely, January will be next, yeah.
  10. Black Falcon

    2025 Castle Theme [wishlist/speculation]

    Well there are quite some criteria the team will consider when they decide which sets they will take, like votes, piececount, themes. And hontestly, I am not going to say that they look bad or anything but none of the Wolfpack-entrys for BDP really is a must have to me. So let´s say another medieval set gets more votes than any of the wolfpack sets, then I could see them taking that one and sets from other themes - also possible they will take the other set and the wolfpack-set when they are not to similar ofc. Eitherway there are enough rounds of BDP that they don´t need to accept a certain theme, because they can still do so the next one.
  11. Would work, if both helmets would have the same colour, but as they don´t, I don´t belive this is going to happen as there would just be to many bricks that would only be included in one build.
  12. Black Falcon

    LEGO City 2025 SETS - Leaks, rumours, discussion. (Animals too)

    As far as I heard they are already avaiable in Legoland in Germany.
  13. Black Falcon

    2025 Castle Theme [wishlist/speculation]

    I think he meant that brickhammer submitted the same tower he submitted to Ideas also to BDP and that one was pulled from BDP because already beeing at ideas. That doesn´t have an impact on other wolfpack sets ofc.
  14. Black Falcon

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    You never know when they will reuse some of the parts in a cheaper set, so it is always possible that the prices will drop below the PAB prices. However if they stay exclusive to the Medieval Town Square, I doubt they would drop below the Pick a Brick prices, since that one will be the cheapest source for them. And obviously people will also have to make some money with it, so they will sell it above the price they bought them for. That beeing said, I would say head and hair will have a good chance to be avaiable cheaper but the other parts likely won´t, as they aren´t really something usefull for City or any other smaller set that would come to mind. Oversuppply sounds kinda unlikely to me. I mean they wouldn´t produce so many of them, if they know they wouldn´t use them, however I could still imagine overproduction to be a possible thing - but given how long it was avaiable and that people bought a lot of it apparently, that can´t all be from overproduction.
  15. Black Falcon

    Lego Licensed Parts available from Bricks & Pieces

    You mean the orange Spacemen? Interesting. Especially since the torso was exclusive to the small books back then, and those parts surely shouldn´t end up on PaB, well same as the licensed I guess, ;)